Your Guide On How To Return A Nectar Mattress

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Did your Nectar experience fall short? No worries. Here’s everything you need to know about returning a Nectar bed.

Nectar mattresses come with amazing quality deals and it is rare to return one. However, if you want to send your bed back, the process is simple and user-friendly. 

Have you decided to send back your Nectar mattress? Don’t know where to start? We explain the whole process from start to finish. 

How To Return A Nectar Mattress

Nectar Sleep has a wonderful attitude towards its customers. When they designed their policies, the company kept customer satisfaction in mind. Indeed, they are only one of two bed manufacturers that offer a year-long home trial and a lifetime guarantee on all of their mattresses. Few people return their Nectar beds but the brand kept its user-friendly policies ready for those who decide that the mattress is not for them. 

Here are the basics of what you can expect. 

  1. Gather your receipts or other proof of purchase.
  2. Contact customer service.
  3. Customer service will confirm your purchase.
  4. Scheduling a pickup date that suits you.
  5. The mattress is returned to Nectar’s facilities.
  6. Your refund is processed.

Gather Your Proof Of Purchase

order number and other info

After you bought your new Nectar mattress, the brand will give you some sort of identifying number. This will most likely be your order number. However, gather everything you can that is related to your purchase like communications, delivery receipts, any serial number you can find on your order – you get the idea. 

Also, keep your personal information handy including your name, personal identity number, address and phone number because Nectar’s customer care might need some or all of your information. 

One thing you do not have to worry about is the packaging. Very often, with items such as electrical appliances, one must keep the box as part of the guarantee but Nectar does not require you to keep the packaging and will do a return without the box.

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Contact Customer Service

Once you have gathered all your personal and purchase information, it is time to contact Nectar’s customer service. This sector deals with returns. At the time of writing, Nectar’s customer care has a phone number and an email address. As per their website, should anyone wish to return an item the person must contact Nectar via this email –

You also have the option to fill out an online form to kickstart the process and you can do so by visiting the Nectar Resident Home Return form.

You can also use their chat feature by simply visiting visit their site and keep an eye out for a box that will pop up near the bottom right corner of your screen. This box offers you the chance to have a live chat with a Nectar staff member. 

Customer Service Will Confirm Your Purchase

Once you have contacted customer service and they become aware of the fact that you want to return the mattress, the first thing they need to do is to confirm that you did purchase the bed. They will ask you for information like the order number, your name, address, and possibly some of the other information you gathered beforehand. 

If they need additional information that you have not provided, Nectar will let you know and allow you the chance to gather and submit the details that they need. It is hard to say how long this confirmation process might last but if you have the basic details of your purchase, there is nothing to worry about. 

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Scheduling A Pick-Up Date

delivery van collecting bed

Oh, happy day. Nectar’s customer service has confirmed your purchase and move things along to the next step – picking a day that suits you and Nectar will come to your house and collect the mattress. You do not have to mail the bed anywhere. The customer service staff will contact you and arrange for a date and time to collect the mattress. 

The collection date might be affected by the severity of the Covid-19 pandemic, so don’t be too concerned if customer service delays the collection to safeguard you and the delivery men from possible infection. That being said, Nectar follows a strict no-contact policy when they deliver mattresses to new buyers. The chances are that they will set a date in the near future and collect your mattress with their staff operating under no-contact orders.

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The Mattress Is Returned To Nectar’s Facilities

Once the mattress is collected at your home, it will be packaged for safe transportation and the mattress will then enjoy a ride back to Nectar’s factory or another facility. 

What about fees? Will Nectar charge you to collect the mattress? At the time of writing, Nectar asks for a fee for delivering a bed to new customers. However, when they collect mattresses that are being returned, the service remains free. 

Your Refund Is Processed

After your Nectar mattress arrives back at the factory, Nectar will start the process of returning your money. The good news is that they will not add dodgy fees or whatnot. Nectar promises a full refund to anyone who is not satisfied with their mattresses, beds or dog beds. 

How long will it take for Nectar to pay the refund? It’s really hard to say. But once you are past the point where they collected the mattress, there is no reason to worry that Nectar will not pay. It depends on how many refunds they are processing and whether the mattress was damaged in any way. 

If they find that the mattress was damaged, they will enter into a discussion to see what can be done. 

Nectar has a great year-long home trial that is free but if you want to try other brands with similar offers, then here are the best mattress free trials.

Can I Exchange My Mattress For Another Nectar Mattress?

Nectar does allow exchanges. However, this service seems to be at the mercy of their customer service and if you would rather exchange your Nectar mattress for another one of their mattresses, you can contact their customer service and see what your options are. As we mentioned earlier, Nectar’s staff is quite willing to talk things through and help their customers. So take a chance and maybe you will find the best Nectar mattress the second time around. 

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A Quick Summary On How To Return A Nectar Mattress

  • Nectar is a very user-friendly brand and something that also reflects in their easy return policy.
  • Start by gathering your order number and personal details.
  • Contact Nectar’s customer service to start the process.
  • Customer service will verify your purchase and set a collection date.
  • They will collect the mattress at your home free of charge. 
  • The mattress is returned to Nectar and your refund is processed.
  • You can also exchange your Nectar mattress for another one.

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