What Mattress Does Premier Inn Use?

Premier Inn hotels are well-known. There are 800 of these hotels in the UK alone. Today, we are going to talk about the mattress in Premier Inn rooms. Cou ntless tourists snooze on the beds and love them so much that they end up buying their own hotel mattress.

If you want to find out more – like who makes the Premier Inn mattress, why do people adore them, and how you can get your own – then this article is for you.

Hypnos mattress products

Who Makes The Premier Inn Bed?

A delightful mattress brand called Hypnos. There are several reasons why this is good news. Hypnos was started in Edwardian times and centuries later, the company is still going strong. In fact, the same family that started Hypnos is still managing the business. 

Hypnos is also a multi-award winning brand.

Hypnos is a truly interesting company. If you are interested in finding out more about its pocket sprung or wool ranges, the brand’s awards, and special deals, then you can read our complete Hypnos brand review for more information.

What Makes The Hypnos Beds From Premier Inn So Great?

Premier Inn Mattress

Well, the short answer is that at Premier Inn, Hypnos mattress products are all a part of a luxury line. 

The Premier Inn mattress itself contains a thousand pocket springs. The vast number of coils is one reason why these beds are so comfortable. Having a thousand coils means that your Premier Inn mattress is very adept at cradling your body, even when you move, to remove pressure points instantly. 

This is crucial if you suffer from painful conditions like arthritis or a bad back. As a bonus, the pocket springs are also wrapped with hypoallergenic fabric. This makes the Premier Inn Hypnos mattress a great choice for those who want a luxury bed that won’t aggravate their allergies or asthma.

A Premier Inn Hypnos mattress is not just a pocket sprung delight. On top of this forest of coils, the mattress has wool-filled topper that makes the hotel bed incredibly soft and sumptuous. 

The Hypnos bed is also available in different sizes, including the single, double, king, and super king size.

What Is The Price Of The Premier Inn Hypnos Mattress?

Here is a list of what it costs to purchase a Premier Inn mattress. Please note that all prices were correct at the time of writing.

  • A single Premier Inn Hypnos mattress – £360.
  • A double Premier Inn bed – £465.
  • A king-size Premier Inn mattress – £525.
  • A super king-size Premier Inn mattress – £630.

Can I Test The Premier Inn Mattress At Home?

Regrettably, no. It seems to be a pretty standard rule with the brand. It does not matter which Hypnos mattress catches your eye, whether it is the Premier Inn mattress or something else, the brand does not allow potential customers to take a mattress home for a sleep trial before they buy. This might seem a little off-putting but this is also something that you see a lot when a brand relies on wool and other natural fillings.

If you would rather shop for a mattress that comes with a free home trial, then buckle up. We scoured all the best brands and their top offers. We found fantastic free trials and here’s a taste – two of the beds come with a 365-night home trial.

Tests The Premier Inn Mattress At Home

Does The Premier Inn Mattress Come With A Guarantee?

Yes, the Hypnos mattress from Premier Inn is covered by a 5-year guarantee. Admittingly, this is not the longest that we have ever seen. The industry standard is usually a 10-year guarantee. But if you are happy with this, then there is no reason not to get your own mattress. Premier Inn visitors speak highly of this mattress after all.

How Do I Order My Premier Inn Mattress?

Kudos to Premier Inn. They make ordering your own mattress very user-friendly. Trust us, we have seen brands that make the buying process unnecessarily hard but this is not the case with Premier Inn. The hotel brand allows customers to order their mattress (and related accessories) directly from their web site. Customers who are interested can visit the mattress order page to select the size and quantity of the mattress they would like to purchase. You can also use this form to add things like pillows and protector.

What Happens After I Order My Premier Inn Mattress?

Test The Premier Inn Mattress

Once your order is received, your mattress is handmade from scratch. From the pocket springs to the final sewing and finishing touches, master craftsmen create your Hypnos mattress with the same quality that has already won the brand several prestigious awards. You can rest assured that your mattress will not be a lower-quality product. 

The Premier Inn team will contact you to arrange for a delivery date that suits your schedule. Delivery is free to mainland UK addresses and there is also no extra charge if you want the delivery guys to install your new mattress. They will do so even if it means carrying the mattress up three flights of stairs. They will also help to install the mattress on any bed frame. 

Overall, you can expect customer assistance from the moment that you order to the moment that your bed is installed in your bedroom.

Looking for more natural beds? We have reviewed the top wool mattresses as well as the best latex mattresses.

What Accessories Can I Order To Use With My Premier Inn Mattress?

Premier Inn offers several accessories to make your snooze time as relaxing as possible. In this case, you can order two different types of Premier Inn pillows and two types of divans.

Premier Inn Pillows

Once you use a hotel pillow, you will never look back. Most hotels offer luxury pillows that are plush, supportive and they just feel heavenly. This is also the case with Premier Inn pillows – but they also offer other benefits.

  • The pillows are filled with hypoallergenic fibres. Not only does this give the pillows a lofty feel but it is also necessary if you suffer from allergies or asthma. These hypoallergenic pillows will help a great deal when it comes to reducing the sniffles or breathing difficulties.
  • You can choose between two tensions – soft or firm. If you want more support, the firm pillows are better.
  • When you purchase pillows, you get pillow protectors for each one at no extra cost.
  • The protectors have a beautiful quilted appearance and can be zipped open, removed, and washed.
  • Pillows are sold in pairs.

What Do Premier Inn Pillows Cost?

A pair of soft pillows (with protectors) costs about £25. If you would rather get two firm pillows but do not want to pay a higher price, here is the good news. The firmer pillows cost exactly the same.

What Divans Are Available?

You can pick between two divan bases – one with a pair of drawers and the other one with none. The upside is that you know your new mattress will fit on this divan but this does not make buying the frame a necessity. It is purely something you might like to add if you feel that your current bed frame has seen better days or you do not have one. 

The only downside (or upside, depending on how you look at it) is that you cannot purchase a divan on its own. If you want one, you must go for a package deal that includes the hotel mattress.

What Are The Prices Of The Divan-Mattress Packages?

  • A single bed set. A mattress and divan are £570. If you choose the divan with drawers, the price is £650. The single mattress measures 90 cm by 190 cm.
  • A double bed set. A normal divan and mattress are £790 and the drawer option will push the price up to £870. The double mattress measures 135 cm by 190 cm.
  • A king-size set. The normal divan and mattress are £900. If you choose the drawer version you can expect to pay £980. The king-size mattress measures 15o cm by 200 cm.
  • A super king-size set. The normal divan and mattress cost about £1,050 while the divan with drawers will up the price to £1,130. In this case, the mattress measures 180 cm by 200 cm.

Is This The Best Deal For You?

This might be the best deal for you if you love mattresses with natural fillings (in this case, wool). The bed is also great for those who like the benefits and feel of a mattress with pocket springs or a bed that is handmade. It might also suit you if buying sets makes you happy. Then you can get your mattress, divan, and pillows all at once. Needless to say, it is also a good match if you are already a fan of the Hypnos brand.

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