Vispring Mattress Review, Awards And Discounts UK 2021

At Vispring, master craftsmen create every bed by hand. The knowledge has been passed down for over 100 years, blending old-school comfort and modern quality to give sleepers an amazing experience. If you love such a personal touch, stylish collections, and beds filled with the finest natural materials, then sit closer. Seriously, sit closer or we will tell your mom that you are not paying attention.


Vispring Mattress

Our review holds the best Vispring mattress nuggets. Indeed, you can look forward to meeting their finest beds. We also looked at the brand’s services (you know, are they worth it?), including mattress guarantees, the removal of old beds, and those all-important sleeping trials. Should you decide to get your own bed from Vispring, then you are welcome to visit our voucher section to get yourself the best deal.

Please note that the Vispring mattress price range was correct at the time of writing. (Looking for those extra-affordable bed specials? Get our report on the best cheap mattresses of the year).

What Type Of Mattresses Does Vispring Make?

Vispring mattresses reflect the brand’s signature design and that is to blend pocket springs with natural materials. Sure enough, Vispring is a coil pioneer and has been using pocket springs ever since the creation of their first bed in 1901.

Each coil is made of tough vanadium steel. Once they are twirled into spirals, they are individually wrapped in pockets that are made from natural calico. In case you are wondering about calico, a company called Calico Laine has a short but very interesting explanation about the nature of this material, the fabric’s properties, and what calico is used for.

But back to our brand of the moment.

There are three collections of Vispring mattresses. We know a long read can be boring, so we brought together the highlights of each collection and the most superb mattress from every group.

The Original Collection Is The Perfect Place To Start

Sometimes, it is better to try out the simplest product from a new brand before moving on to something more complex (and perhaps more expensive). The Original bed collection offers that opportunity to curious newcomers. But let us put your mind at ease first. Simplicity in this case does not mean that the company shaved the quality off in spades. As a Vispring mattress, you can expect all the handcrafted excellence that they are known for in their starter range. So, what can you look forward to with these pocket sprung wonders? Let’s have a look.

  • Speaking of springs, each mattress has a single layer of steel coils.
  • British fleece wool is hand-teased and tufted to provide a cloud-like sleeping experience.
  • The fillings also include top Turkish cotton, chosen for its durability and breathability.
Vispring mattress original collection

Our Top Choice – The Baronet Superb Mattress

The Baronet mattress is a shining example of luxury and simplicity. Therefore, we picked this bed as our top choice for the Original collection. But what makes it so special, you ask? Well, the attention given to this mattress during construction can only be described as loving and masterful. Each calico-wrapped spring is arranged inside the mattress by hand to ensure that the bed remains extra supportive. That is a lot of work, considering that there are about 1326 springs. Together, they allow any sleeping position to stay comfortable, no matter if your family are all side sleepers or include a few back sprawlers.

Are you a clan of side sleepers? Then have a look at our mattress report to find all the best beds for this sleeping position. You can grab our guide to see all the best mattresses for side sleepers.

Vispring also allows customers to choose their favourite firmness. Each mattress can be purchased with the following tensions: soft, medium, firm, and extra firm. The best natural materials are also chosen and used. Every spring mattress contains high-grade British fleece wool, cotton, as some sections contain a blend of the two materials. The Baronet also includes horsehair in the upholstery. Most of the fillings are also hand-tufted. This is just another way Vispring ensures that the standard of quality stays high. (Get the best wool beds here).

The borders are also stabilized with two rows of hand side-stitching. The sides are also lined with air vents to make the mattress more breathable. You can also use the bed’s handles to help you to move the bed more easily.

Looking For A Little Extra? Move On To The Classic Collection

Vispring mattress classic collection

The next step in Vispring luxury is the Classic mattress collection. This group has something that is unique to Vispring mattresses and that is Shetland wool. But this is not the only ingredient that makes the collection suitable for anyone who wants support without sacrificing their comfort. What else is in there? The beds are either a single or double-layer spring mattress (so, lots of support). They are also packed with fine horsehair, cashmere, and Mulberry silk for that extra luxurious touch (yep, comfy).

Of course, each coil is also wrapped, one by one, and arranged inside the bed with care. This creates a quality support foundation for side sleepers (or any other preferred position, really). As a bonus, the medium tension to firm mattress options is also great for back pain and cooler nights alike.

If you are looking for the best medium tension beds, we have researched the top brands and compiled a list of the best medium-firm mattresses.

Our Top Choice – The Dartington Mattress

The Dartington mattress is popular for its incredible deep sleeping surface. But that does not mean you will disappear into a cloud of British wool and cotton and disappear forever. The Vispring mattresses are available in different firmness categories, ranging from soft, medium tension, or firm. If you are looking for an extra firm mattress, then you will get that too. With over a thousand springs, one can look forward to great support, no matter if you sleep on your side, back, or tummy.

Each side of this bed is also hand-stitched for durability. This fine craftsmanship ensures that the hand-tufted fillings stay in place and thus protected, they provide support for years. You can also expect the finest quality ticking, side handles for easy rotation and lifting, and a breathable design. At the end of the day, this mattress encourages deep sleep that is interrupted less often. Hold that last thought.

If you suffer from interrupted sleep, the Sleeping Foundation has a great article to deal with this energy-draining issue. They explain the symptoms, why the condition must be treated, and also offer plenty of helpful tips to correct the problem at home.

Looking For The Best? Then The Luxe Collection Is Your Next Stop

The mattresses in the Luxe mattress colletion contain either two or three layers of coils. This gives sleepers the fun feeling of weightless comfort but the range has more perks. Luxury fillings like Shetland wool and precious vicuña wool make this one of the most popular choices on the market. Indeed, these mattresses are Vispring’s finest. Each bed’s design centres around the fluffiest, the softest, and the most luxurious ingredients that the brand could find.

Our Top Choice – The Diamond Majesty Mattress

The Diamond Majesty mattress is a stylish bed, no matter which side you admire it from. With three layers of springs, one can rest in ultra-weightlessness which is perfect for those who suffer from back pain. Side sleepers who often experience sleep-disturbing pressure points can also find relief thanks to the intuitive springs. The latter’s tension is available in several classes, including soft, medium, firm, and extra-firm.

Of course, one of the best features is the inclusion of the sought-after vicuña wool. The bed is also filled with padding made from horsehair (the tail, in case you are wondering!) and Shetland wool. The mattress also contains organic cotton and bamboo. Each side of the bed is upholstered and finished with British Merino wool and coir.

Vispring mattress lux collection

The mattresses in the other two collections have two rows of hand side-stitching but this bed has six trimmings. It also has side handles, quality ticking, and air vents.

There Is A Fourth Option

Should none of the Vispring collections appeals to you – or you would like something a little different than one of the beds you fancy – then Vispring will make a bespoke mattress just for you. Their bed experts will craft a bed according to the elements that you choose. These include size, fabrics, finishing touches, things like a split tension mattress, and plenty more.

Here is an interesting fact. Did you know that bespoke Vispring mattresses were used on both the Titanic and Olympic liners?

Which Awards Have Vispring Mattress Won?

In 2012, Vispring won a prestigious recognition. The mattress brand was awarded the Queen’s Award for Enterprise. This honour acknowledges any business that does sterling work in several fields, including innovation, sustainable habits, and international trade.

That is an impressive accolade. But we are also interested in Vispring mattress reviews. How did the mattresses perform in real homes?

What Reviews Do Customers Give Vispring Mattresses?

There is good news and bad news. Let’s tackle the latter first. Since we are particularly interested in UK customer experiences, we visited the Vispring reviews UK page at Trustpilot. At the time of writing, around 29 people left mattress reviews. While 28 percent of users gave 5-star or “Excellent” reviews, others felt differently. As a result, the overall score for Vispring at Trustpilot is 2.5 or “Poor.”

While we do not discard the unhappy comments, one must remember that 29 comments are still early days. Most mattress brands have hundreds or thousands of reviews, which ultimately gives a more balanced view. One can only hope that, with time, and a few hundred more views, that it will become more clear whether Vispring just hit an unlucky amount of poor comments in the beginning or whether the brand should be avoided.

The good news is that Vispring mattresses received good ratings at Feefo, another review site. For example, at the time of writing, the Vispring Elite mattress received one 5-star rating. The Devonshire mattress also earned a rating of 4. Clearly, there are too few comments on each mattress here as well. Things can still swing either way for Vispring (good or bad) once more consumers have added their thoughts and reviews to either site.

What Guarantee And Home Trial Period Does Vispring Offer?

Great stuff. You chose that Vispring super king size mattress you have always wanted. What kind of protection can you expect from Vispring’s side? We must admit, the brand offers one of the better warranties that we have seen in the bed industry. Vispring gives a 30-year guarantee on each mattress, no matter the model or size. This hearty offer puts Vispring leagues ahead of other brands that offer a 10 or 5-year guarantee (which is the norm).

That being said, all mattresses that are purchased must be registered before their warranty can be activated. Should something go wrong, Vispring also expects the consumer to approach the retailer first to try and resolve the problem. If the store rules that there is a fault that was not caused by the consumer then Vispring will either repair or replace the mattress. You can view their warranty registration page to read more about their rules and regulations.

But what about a home trial period? Vispring itself does not offer a home test for their mattress collections. They mainly sell their products through retailers. For this reason, Vispring mattresses might have different “try me” offers depending on the retailer’s own policies. It does not appear that too many Vispring retailers offer home trials and this could be due to the fact that a Vispring mattress often costs thousands of pounds. However, stores like John Lewis allow customers to arrange for a visit to a John Lewis shop to test the mattresses on site.

Here are the best free home trials being offered by top mattress brands.

Where Can I Buy Vispring Mattresses?

Let’s say you want a king-size bed from Vispring. If there is no John Lewis store in your area, you can find other stores that also sell the mattresses. Vispring has a feature on their site called the Find Your Nearest Vispring Store. In order to find a retailer, you enter into the search bar something related to your location. It can be your city, state or postcode. A list of nearby shops will then be displayed on a map.

Just to give examples of what other stores offer Vispring mattresses, you can always try Amazon, Jones And Tomlin, or go over to Lenleys. Any of them should have that lovely king size mattress and more.

Vispring Mattresses Buying Guide

Where Can I Get A Discount Code For The Vispring Mattress?

Once you start looking at the brand’s beds, one thing becomes clear. Vispring’s price range bobs around in the upper tiers and seldom drops below £1,000. That certainly makes a Vispring mattress sale very inviting! We want everyone to own the mattress of their dreams, whether it is a Vispring bed or another brand. In each review, we bring you the best deals in case you want to purchase a mattress (really, why pay the full price?). Without any further waffle, here are the best discounts and vouchers that are available for Vispring mattresses today.

Will They Take My Old Mattress Away If I Buy The Vispring Mattress?


In our experience, when a mattress brand sells directly to the public, they tend to offer a removal service. But most brands that only sell through independent retailers and stores do not. Once again, some of these shops might have ties to a mattress removal company, so you can always look at the policies of the retailer of your choice. However, if you want a quick answer – or perhaps you have an old bed right now that you want to get rid of – no worries. We have already found one of the best mattress movers for you.

Anyjunk is a removal company that takes everything away (except the tax man. That guy is here to stay). But they specialize in picking up mattresses. Any size. Any model. It truly does not matter. As a bonus, Anyjunk does not waste anything. From the springs to the foam, everything is recycled. This is another reason why we like this company – and we are certainly not the only ones. On Trustpilot, they are highly rated for efficiency, friendly staff, and their recycling policies. Interested? Then read all about their mattress removal service.

You can also read our comprehensive guide on how to dispose of an old mattress. Our tips are very easy and practical. Since old beds are also becoming a growing environmental concern, our guide is geared towards nature-friendly mattress disposal.

What Are The Alternatives To The Vispring Mattress?

Finding a good alternative to any company means hanging onto the great qualities you like – but adding the things that the original brand might not offer. For instance, Vispring is not big on memory foam. This might not sit well with consumers today. True, in the past memory foam was close to useless and horrible. But these days, the material is cutting edge. It provides coolness throughout the summer, hypoallergenic sleeping environments, and exceptional support and comfort. If you love foam but also want the quality, style, and strong springs of Vispring, then it might be best to look at alternative mattress brands.

Find the best memory foam beds from different brands.

If comparing bed brands sound like too much work, here is some hope. We did that already. Not only did we find the top replacements but we also wrote a comprehensive review about each one. If you are serious about finding an alternative, then they can provide the best perspective for an informed choice.

  • Our complete Hypnos mattress review.
  • Our complete Tempur mattress review.
  • Our complete Nectar Sleep mattress review.
  • Our complete Emma mattress review.
  • Our complete Otty mattress review.
  • Our complete Dreamcloud mattress review.

The Verdict On Vispring

Alright, this is the fun part. We squish the entire review into a few paragraphs. So, what did we really think about the Vispring brand? Here are the things that we liked about the brand. To start with, Vispring is a true pocket sprung pioneer. They kept that heritage as the primary part of their mattress designs. These designs focus on body support, which eliminates problems like back pain, insomnia, and interrupted sleep that can happen due to physical discomfort. We also liked the impressive 30-year warranty that covers each Vispring mattress. Other strong points include the use of natural materials, the ultra-stylish collections, and winning the Queen’s Award for Enterprise.

In all our articles, we strive to showcase a brand at its best – but we always look at the things that fall short. These hiccups do not always necessarily mean that a mattress company is terrible. But we believe in informed choices and thus won’t hide something negative.

In this case, as we have already mentioned, the main concern with Vispring is the manufacturer’s low score on Trustpilot. On the other hand, the brand also has a high score at Feefo. The number of reviews on both sites are exceptionally low, so one can only hope that Vispring’s public reputation might even out and become more positive on Trustpilot and even stronger on Feefo. Only time will tell.

We do recommend the brand. Vispring has plenty of positive points. Indeed, their mattress collections are beautifully handcrafted and made to last. But in case you want to look at a bed company with an established positive rating born of thousands of reviews (such a big number tend to give a more balanced view of any product), then feel free to look at those alternatives that we suggested in the previous section.

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