Tempur Mattress Review, Awards And Discounts UK 2021

Tempur has a secret. According to their web site, only about ten souls know how to make the brand’s iconic memory foam. Called TEMPUR® Material, it was born as NASA memory foam but improvements led to Tempur creating its own foam and making it available to the public. NASA is far from offended. Tempur is the only bed manufacturer that is officially recognized by the space agency for improving the quality of life through better sleep.

Tempur mattress

So strap on your astronaut boots and grab your favourite blankie. Our Tempur mattress review will bring you the best beds and authentic reviews from Earthlings. You can even grab our vouchers to avoid paying full price for your space foam. Alright, we’ll stop our galactic clowning now. Let’s have a closer look at Tempur to make sure that this is the right brand for you.

Please note that all Tempur mattresses prices were correct at the time of writing.

What Type Of Mattresses does Tempur Make?

Tempur has four collections. All of them contain the signature TEMPUR® Material that provides a weightless feeling and great support. But each range also brings special gems to the table. To find the right collection to pamper your body, we have listed the highlights below.

The Tempur Cloud Mattress Collection

  • The Tempur Cloud mattress range is known for great support and comfort.
  • The range might appeal to those who love simplistic, modern-looking mattresses.
  • The mattresses do not need to be turned around.
  • The covers are easily removable with a zip feature.
  • The three memory foam layers are designed for luxury and stability.
  • Perfect for back problems or back pain.
  • The foam redistributes body weight and eliminates pressure.
  • The Tempur Cloud mattress is available in 3 depths and 10 sizes.
  • The price range starts at £1,379.

Speaking of zippers, if you are looking for the best mattress that can zip and link, then we have a great guide available. You can get that article over here.

The Tempur Original Mattress Collection

  • The Original Tempur mattresses rate as a medium-firm range.
  • Each memory foam mattress gives the body perfect comfort and support.
  • They are no-turn mattresses.
  • The covers are zip-off and machine washable.
  • The Tempur mattresses look very stylish.
  • A triple-layer design of memory foam reduces the need for tossing and turning.
  • Responds to the body’s shape and temperature.
  • The Original mattress is available in 3 depths and 10 sizes.
  • The price range starts at £1,379.

If you are looking for medium-firm Tempur mattress alternatives, then you can have a look at our top choices on this page.

The Tempur Hybrid Mattress Collection

  • The Tempur Hybrid mattress range is rated as medium-firm.
  • There are three layers of memory foam for the best body support and comfort.
  • The mattresses have an extra layer of micro coils (the micro coils deepen the foam’s benefits).
  • The beds also do not need to be flipped or turned.
  • Each Tempur Hybrid mattress is attractive and quilted.
  • The covers are zip-off and machine washable as well.
  • The Tempur Hybrid is available in 3 depths and 10 sizes.
  • Relieves pressure.
  • The price range starts at £1,379.

The Tempur Sensation Mattress Collection

  • These Tempur mattresses are among the firmest beds the brand has to offer.
  • A very neat and stylish appearance.
  • Perfect for people who want extra comfort and support but no springs.
  • Easy to maintain with no turning.
  • The cover can also be zipped open, removed, and washed in a machine.
  • The mattresses are comfortable for those who need pressure-relief.
  • Each memory foam mattress has four layers.
  • Just like the other ranges, the mattresses also have 3 depths to choose from and 10 sizes.
  • The price range starts at £1,379.

You can also find the best firm Tempur mattress alternatives here.

What Are The Depths And Sizes?

At the time of writing, each purchase of a Tempur bed also includes a free mattress protector. Tempur seems to be full of tiny perks like that. But in case you are wondering about those mattress depths and sizes, here they are. The depths are Supreme (21 cm deep ), Elite (25 cm deep), and Luxe (30 cm deep). The 10 mattress sizes and their dimensions are also listed below.

  1. Small single mattress (75 cm x 200 cm).
  2. Single mattress (90 cm x 190 cm).
  3. Long single mattress (90 x 200 cm).
  4. The double Tempur mattress (134 cm x 190 cm).
  5. The Tempur king size mattress (150 cm x 200 cm).
  6. The super king mattress (180 cm x 200 cm).
  7. Special size (120 cm x 190 cm).
  8. Special size (120 cm x 200 cm).
  9. Special size (135 cm x 200 cm).
  10. Special size (160 cm x 200 cm).

Which Awards Have Tempur Mattress Won?

Tempur Sensation Mattress

As we mentioned a little earlier, Tempur is the only mattress company that is recognized by NASA for its quality products. The space agency certified both Tempur mattresses and pillows and gave the brand an award in 2018. If you are as fascinated by this relationship as we are, then you might want to read more about the beginnings of Tempur foam. The Space Foundation has a short but really interesting article about the history of how it all began. You can find it here.

When a brand receives awards, it is always a good sign of quality and reliability. But no matter what accolades we find, we also consider a brand’s performance in the real world. You know, where there are bouncy kids, dogs, and years of tossing and turning.

Since we cannot stare through people’s windows (that’s stalker territory), we can always rely on mattress reviews to provide the big picture. Curious about what real consumers had to say about the products they bought? Visit our next section to view a summary of authentic Tempur mattresses reviews that we gleaned from Trustpilot as well as the Tempur home page.

What Reviews Do Customers Give Tempur Mattresses?

On the brand’s own site, each collection can be rated by consumers via the Trustpilot system. At the time of writing, the ratings looked excellent. For those unfamiliar with Trustpilot, it allows customers to award a brand with 1 to 5 stars with 5 being the best (it counts as a 5-star experience, if you will). Here is what consumers thought of the Tempur ranges.

  • The Tempur Cloud collection – 4.5.
  • The Tempur Original collection – 4.3.
  • The Tempur Hybrid collection – 5.
  • The Temper Sensation collection – 4.7.

After seeing these healthy-looking Tempur mattress reviews, we headed over to Trustpilot to note the brand’s rating as a whole. Admittingly, the Tempur review page held a surprising rating of 3.3 or “Average.” Needless to say, we thought it might be a little higher.

Around 42 percent of customers did rate Tempur as “Excellent” and gave it 5 stars. The things they loved the most were the great delivery services, the comfort, body support, and the quality of Tempur’s accessories which included pillows and stuffed toys. The same percentage of consumers (42 percent) also rated their experience with the mattress brand as “Bad.” The things that they disliked the most included poor customer service, their complaints not being dealt with in a satisfactory manner, and mattress problems.

The 3.3 mattress review rating was also influenced by the fact that more people rated the brand as either “Average” or “Poor” than the 5 percent who rated it as 4-star or “Good.”

What Guarantee And Home Trial Period Does Tempur Offer?

How long does a Tempur mattress last? At least 10 years, if we can take the guarantee as a measurement. It does not really matter if you choose a spring mattress or a bed from their foam collections. You can look forward to a 10-year warranty.

If you are interested in other Tempur products, you can view their different guarantees on the warranty page. The latter will also reveal what the guarantee covers. But if you want a sneak peek on that coverage, it boils down to this. Tempur only recognizes factory faults in their products. They might replace your bed with a new mattress if shoddy workmanship caused an issue. But not if the problem is something like mould or a defect caused by an event that happened outside of their factory.

The Good Housekeeping Institute has a great article if you want to get rid of both mould and mildew.

Tempur offers a 100-night sleep trial. This counts for both Tempur mattresses and mattress toppers. This is a decent bracket. So if something, for example, caught your eye in the Tempur Hybrid range, then you have enough time to make sure that the bed is indeed body candy.

But no matter what you pick, Tempur insists that you try the mattress for at least 60 days before rejecting it. One must also agree to use a mattress protector at all times. The trial is also not a free deal. The full purchase price must be paid upfront. Should something about the mattress make you unhappy, their customer service will first attempt to resolve the issue and if all else fails, Tempur will collect the mattress and give a refund.

Where Can I Buy Tempur Mattresses?

You can buy a new mattress directly from the Tempur web site. Things are as simple as choosing a mattress, specifying the depth of the bed and the size – then proceeding to the check out section. If you are looking for a retailer, Tempur has a handy Find A Stockist page. It is well laid out, with the names of the stores, their addresses, and what Tempur products can be viewed in the showroom. Most of these stockists also sell Tempur mattresses and accessories online, which is more convenient for some consumers. Do you want to jump directly to a retailer? Here is a shortlist of the top Tempur mattress stockists.

Are you considering to test a Temper mattress at one of their showrooms? The National Bed Federation explains what to check for and what questions to ask. You can get their article right here.

Tempur mattresses buying guide

Where Can I Get A Discount Code For The Tempur Mattress?

All Tempur’s mattresses (memory foam and hybrid) start with £1,379. We believe that every home should have quality beds and that is why we are passionate about discounts and deals. Luckily, the mattress industry is littered with them. This brand also has specials and we would like to share them with you. To start with, you might want to check the Tempur home page. They sometimes offer discounts on the main page and when you check out. Looking for more? Here are the best Tempur mattress deals.

Are you looking for more affordable alternatives to a Tempur mattress (but with all the quality)? We wrote an article about the best choices right here.

Will They Take My Old Mattress Away If I Buy The Tempur Mattress?

In our experience, when a mattress brand offers this service, they make the option clearly visible somewhere on their web site. We burrowed everywhere on Tempur’s site and could not find any reference to a mattress removal service. This is not a train smash, however. Carting away old beds is big business and there are several companies that will gladly take your unwanted mattress away.

Since discarded beds are a growing environmental issue, it is important to choose a company that will recycle your mattress. Many businesses do that nowadays so there are plenty of options out there. But if you do not feel like digging around online to find the best one, then no worries. We can suggest Anyjunk. This company removes just about anything and is a hot favourite on Trustpilot for excellent services and their habit of recycling trash. They specifically recycle any old mattress they get their hands on. If you want to get rid of your old bed and protect the environment too, then feel free to read more about Anyjunk on this page.

Should you have gotten rid of that mattress years ago? Check our guide to see how often a mattress should be changed.

What Are The Alternatives To The Tempur Mattress?

A suitable alternative to a Tempur mattress must show the same quality, body comfort, style, and variety. Perhaps you love all these things about Tempur but prefer to look at other brands (with the same offerings) that also have lower prices, clearer policies on mattress removals, and perhaps different materials like wool and latex. We put on our thinking caps and recalled all the best brands with these qualities and came up with a list of the best alternatives. If you liked our Tempur mattress review, you can also read the reports we compiled on each of the top replacements for Tempur.

Read our guide on how to choose a mattress.

The Verdict On Tempur

Having NASA as a pillar in your brand is impressive. Tempur took the original space foam technology and turned it into a secret ingredient (ooh, we like the intrigue). The resulting TEMPUR® Material is a dreamy thing that supports the body in such a way that it feels weightless. The Tempur brand also has a wide variety of beds to choose from. What we liked about their collections included the stylish appearance (very downplayed and yet modern), the different depths, and the rare choice to pick between 10 different mattress sizes.

The only bump we hit during our Tempur mattress review was the consumer ratings. To be fair, we only looked at Trustpilot and plenty of people who have purchased a Tempur mattress also praised the brand. But at the end of the day, it is wise to look closely at any purchase before deciding to buy, whether it’s a Tempur or a Nectar Sleep mattress. We also would have liked the mattress removal option to be more clearly displayed, even if the service is not available.

So, what is our final verdict? The Tempur mattress brand is a good deal. The technology is sound and the products are well-made. Tempur went out of its way to create the ideal bed for everyone, hence the different depths and sizes. For each mattress, Tempur also performs 67 quality checks to ensure that only the best beds leave the factory. Taken all together, the brand remains an attractive choice if you desire a mattress that is body-friendly and made with elite materials.

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