Sleepeezee Mattress Reviews, Awards And Discounts UK 2021

Sleepeezee handcrafts beds for both people and pooches. This unusual combination makes the brand a favourite among pet lovers. But we also wanted to turn over the rocks that claimed quality, sweet dreams, a Royal Warrant, and more. The company that also claims to be a multi-award winner and a forest-friendly factory. What a mouthful

sleepeezee mattress

We turned those rocks over and found things that appealed to our finer tastes. Our Sleepeezee mattress review invites you to meet the brand’s bespoke beds, their comfy canine cushions, and also the awards and nature-nurturing initiatives. If you decide that you love Sleepeezee’s customer reviews, stylish mattresses (and all the other great stuff too), then why pay the full price? We also included the top vouchers to get you the best bed at a reduced expense.

Please note that all Sleepeezee mattress prices were correct at the time of writing. Legal babble aside, let’s start asking those all-important questions!

What Type Of Mattresses Does Sleepeezee Make?

Sleepeezee mainly makes two kinds of mattresses. One includes their bed collections and the other is designed for our pawsome furry friend (cats and dogs). Both types of Sleepeezee mattresses have won accolades and awards – but we will admire them in the next section. Right now, let’s look at the best of both worlds.

Gather Over Here Humans – These Mattresses Are Meant For You

The Jessica mattress is not a part of a collection. But this prize-winning bed is noteworthy for its style and design. Besides looking good, the mattress is also hypoallergenic and comfortable. Named for the British track athlete Jessica Ennis-Hill, the mattress is infused with Staycool gel to prevent overheating, has 1,800 pocket springs, and edge-to-edge supportive memory foam. There are five sizes available and prices start at £749.

Their Travelodge Dreamer mattress is found in over 570 Travelodge hotels and used by millions of travellers every year. The medium-firm mattresses contain spring counts of up to 950 coils. The springs intuitively follow the body’s movements for ultimate comfort and support. Sleepeezee mattress reviews from all over the world rate this bed as a 5-star experience. Prices start at £429.

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The G-Memory collection is named for the unique Graphite memory foam used in these Sleepeezee mattresses. This material leads heat away from the body, ensuring a restful night. The entire range is also handmade from the best British materials, including sensitive pocket springs, to create a luxurious comfort level at all hours of the night. With prices starting roughly around £1079, you can choose between several sizes starting with a single bed to the Sleepeezee king size mattress (super). Some of the best pocket sprung offers in these collections include the G3 bed and the G4 bed.

The Perfectly British collection is also handmade with the best British materials. In this case, each Sleepeezee pocket sprung mattress is notably filled with the finest local wool that is chemical-free. Additionally, some of the beds contain silk for added comfort and support and they are also easy to care for. Thanks to the woolly filling, the beds are naturally cooling and provide a quality sleeping environment. The premium choices in this collection include the Regent 2600 bed and Strand 1400 bed. Prices for each mattress start at £660.

You can also read our article on the best wool mattresses. We handpicked each mattress for quality, trusted brands, and authentic mattress reviews.

Cooler Supreme Mattress

The Cooler range is infused with Staycool gel foam. You guessed it – this speciality feature keeps your Sleepeezee mattress comfy even during the warmest summer days. The memory foam mattresses are also extra-responsive. It provides sleepers with the best experience by giving support where and when they change position. Some of the beds, like the Cooler Ortho bed, is specifically designed for individuals who need an extra bit of support. The Cooler Supreme bed, on the other hand, fights the hotter months with features that can both comfort and cool sleepers down. Prices start at £689.

The PocketGel range reflects many traits that are found in the other collections. All materials are proudly sourced from suppliers in Britain. The Sleepeezee mattresses also contain the finest pocket sprung design and layers of cooling gel and reflexive memory foam.

Needless to say, this combination banishes heat, discomfort, and even insomnia. Indeed, one bed, the Balance 1200 mattress, has such a delightful pillow top feel that it provides sleepers with a floating feeling. So, if you hate pressure points that nag you throughout the night, then this could be the best mattress to try out. The prices start at £679.

Back ouchies? Then the Royal Backcare collection might be a better choice. This range has a firmness that is rated as, well, firm. The hardness offers little to no sinking when it encounters weight. The sturdy surface is good at providing comfort to those who need back support. The range is also designed for people who love to kip on their front or back. Besides giving maximum pressure relief, Sleepeezee mattresses like the Royal Backcare 2000 bed is also hypoallergenic, stuffed with natural materials, and offers a luxurious sleeping experience. Even the surface is delightfully comfortable with soft knitted fabric. Prices start at £679.

If you are looking for more options, you can read our full reviews below:

The Pure collection is a proud display of traditional craftmanship and pure materials. The Grand Luxe 3000 bed, for example, which starts at £1,369, is made with 3,000 coils and quality memory foam. Both features support all body types – and can do so for a long time without losing its shape. The side-stitched mattress is handmade to ensure the longevity of firmness and comfort for years. It’s also dual-sided. This means that you can turn it over once in a while to get the same benefits from the “bottom” as you first enjoyed from the other side. All the Sleepeezee mattresses in this range are also chemical-free and hand-tufted to ensure that the fillings are at their most snug (each mattress contains British wool and luxury cashmere).

The final collection is the Campaign for Wool range. Campaign for Wool is an initiative that is Patroned by HRH The Prince of Wales and it encourages manufacturers to use UK wool. This mattress collection is accredited with the Platinum Wool label. FarmingUK has a good article on this rating system but at the heart of the matter, a Platinum label means that the product in question uses 100 percent British wool. These beds are also designed to keep sleepers cool, well-supported, and to keep its shape for years. For instance, the Wool Superb 2800 bed has three layers of coils, totalling some 2800 springs to provide pressure relief and a resilient bed. Prices start roughly at £719.

Not sure how to pick a bed? Read our guide on how to choose a mattress.

Mattresses For Mutts

The pet market is huge and owners are always on the lookout for quality bedding. What’s better than to purchase a product from a manufacturer specializing in good sleep? When we discovered that Sleepeezee has a dog bed range, we were impressed. Not only is this a good business move (more clients) but it also upped the ante for dog bedding. Indeed, flimsy pet products are rampant and most owners have had a bad experience with poorly-made beds.

You can expect the same quality that is stitched into Sleepeezee mattresses for people. There are dog beds that look like mattresses and others resemble plush baskets. The range is truly beautiful and stylish. Besides being good-looking, the beds also contain memory foam that adequately provides pressure relief for their joints and a stable sleeping environment during hot nights.

Mattresses for mutts

Even better, for this type of quality, the products are affordable (beds start at £20). They are also handmade and attention is given to every detail. If you want to personalize your mattress, Sleepeezee will even embroider your dog’s name on its new bed. Sleepeezee dog baskets are also the only ones on the market that can be washed at 60 degrees Celsius. As a bonus, delivery is also free. Do we see some tails wagging?

If you are not sure what size to buy, Sleepeezy has a handy mattress size guide to help you pick the perfect bed for your pet. If you want to learn more about the sizes of human beds, then you can grab our full guide that explains all the names and dimensions of the different mattress sizes.

Which Awards Have Sleepeezee Mattress Won?

Both ranges (for human and pets) have won accolades, including a Royal Warrant. Here is a short summary.

Most of these accolades come from controlled environments, like laboratories, or after years of excellent service (in the case of the Royal Warrant). But what about homes, where life is hectic and on the move? At the end of the day, controlled spaces have their purpose but real life is where products must prove their reliability. The quickest way for us to determine how the beds performed in real situations is to look at consumer Sleepeezee mattresses reviews.

What Reviews Do Customers Give Sleepeezee Mattresses?

Sleepeezee mattress reviews at Trustpilot currently rate the brand 4.4 which is “Excellent.” An average of 79 percent of users gave it 5 stars and they mostly loved the quality, great sleeping experience, and the quick delivery. Around 7 percent of the reviews gave one star. The most common complaints were customer service (either with Sleepeezee or retailers), too-soft mattresses, and slow delivery. But overall, most customers are happy with both their Sleepeezee mattresses and the dog beds.

What Guarantee And Home Trial Period Does Sleepeezee Offer?

Sleepeezee mattress trial

Sleepeezee offers different guarantees. All their dog mattresses are covered by a 2-year warranty. When we thumbed through the reviews at Trustpilot, we noticed that owners complained of not receiving a replacement bed when their toothy pup chewed the bed. This is something to keep in mind. Sleepeezee does not consider dog-related damage as a reason to switch the old bed for a new one. They will, however, replace any mattresses that have factory faults. Unfortunately, there is no free night sleep trial for dog beds. Sad face.

You can also have a look at Sleepeezee’s terms and conditions to see what the brand covers and under what conditions the warranty is considered no longer active.

Sleepeezee mattresses are covered by either a 7-year or a 5-year guarantee. You can read all about their human-beds’ rules and regulations regarding the warranties.

For your convenience, the same warranty page also covers other Sleepeezee products and their guarantees. Should you purchase something, the same page also offers a doorway to register your guarantee and to familiarize yourself with the conditions.

Dug as we might, we could not find anything on the Sleepeezee web site about a home trial. That being said, several retailers offer a 60-day home test. One example is Leeks. If you are interested, then you can read their terms and conditions before taking the next step.

You can also read more about what brands offer the best free home trials.

Where Can I Buy Sleepeezee Mattresses?

On the Sleepeezee web site, you can buy mattresses directly from them or search for a store. Their Find A Retailer page allows you to track down a retailer near you. National retailers include Dreams, Furniture Village, and Next. You can also buy a Sleepeezee mattress from online retailers like Land of Beds. If you are hunting specifically for the Sleepeezee Regency Stately mattress, you can find it at Bedsava.

Sleepeezee mattresses buying guide

Where Can I Get A Discount Code For The Sleepeezee Mattress?

We hunted down the best quality deals for you. Look below to find all the best vouchers for Sleepeezee mattress products.

Will They Take My Old Mattress Away If I Buy The Sleepeezee Mattress?

Yes, Sleepeezee will remove your old mattress on the day of delivery. The service is not free. Should you desire the removal of your old mattress, you can click the option when you check out – and this will automatically add the £30 fee. A consultant will arrange a suitable date for the delivery of your new bed and the removal of the one you no longer want. Once removed, the old mattress will then be recycled (yay!). You can read more about their removal service.

Want more options? We wrote a special article on how to dispose of an unwanted mattress. Our tips are easy and practical. If you are wondering if it’s time to get rid of your old mattress but you’re not entirely sure, then our guide on how often mattresses should be changed might help to clear up the confusion.

What Are The Alternatives To The Sleepeezee Mattress?

A suitable alternative must reflect the same quality mattresses, perhaps a Royal Warrant or two, and great consumer reviews. We took our time and riffled through all the top brands. After much consideration, we found several worthy alternatives. Most have Royal Warrants, are handcrafted, contain British materials, and have won amazing awards for their sterling mattress designs. If you loved reading Sleepeezee mattress reviews to find out more about the brand, then you are welcome to dive into our reports of the best replacements. Here they are.

The Verdict On Sleepeezee

Honestly? The first thing that hit us was their focus on furry friends. This is such an unusual inclusion for a mattress manufacturer – but we nodded in agreement that our pets deserve the same quality sleep. But what about their bed collections and services? Undeniably, the awards given to Sleepeezee reflects the industry’s trust in the brand. In the consumer sector, most Sleepeezee mattress reviews are also very positive – and that makes us tipsy happy (without the alcohol, of course).

Although the guarantees and sleeping trial are not the longest that we’ve seen, this does not seem to be a major complaint among customers. But at the end of the day, Sleepeezee is an environmentally-friendly brand with quality and stylish beds. If you are looking for all that and a proudly British company, then this could be the best choice for you (and your Border Collie).

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