Silent Night Mattress Reviews, Awards And Discounts UK 2021

Silentnight is an award-winning wonderland, a superbrand, and environmentally greener than Greenpeace. Nice, no? Hold that thought…

Our Silent Night mattress review will bring you the good and the bad (if any). We asked the important questions to bring you an authentic insight into the brand’s quality, collections, and services. Should you decide to get a bed from what some call the “Uk’s most trusted brand,” then you can visit our voucher section for the best discounts and deals.

Silent Night Mattress

You can also discover our top picks for the cheapest beds. Consisting of different brands, we also looked for quality and comfort before settling on the final list.

What Types Of Mattresses Does Silentnight Make?

Silent Night mattresses move in herds. Sorry, we have hippos on the brain. You can also say hello to the brand’s adorable hippo-and-duck mascots. Alright, there are no herds. Just several stylish collections. Some are speciality beds, like the cooling mattress range designed to help hot sleepers. We also unfolded their rolled and boxed beds, and you will also learn more about their Eco-friendly mattress collections and memory foam mattresses. Ready? Here they are.

If you are looking for the best memory foam beds to keep you cool at night, then we have found the best mattresses for you.

Come Hither Hot Snoozers – You Can Now Look Forward To Cooler Sleep

One thing can totally ruin a new mattress. When too much heat accumulates, sleep becomes impossible. The sheets turn sticky and the mattress starts feeling like an oven tray and you’re the cookie. If you are really down on your luck, there might even be a mosquito or two. While Silentnight cannot solve your bug problem, their mattresses in the cooling mattress range are the best choice for the summer, those who are prone to night sweats or sleepers sensitive to temperature.

The three beds in this collection fight the nighttime fizzles with breathable materials. The most noteworthy one is called the Eco comfort layer – and we have never seen anything like it. Silentnight takes plastic bottles and recycles them.

Eco comfort mattress

These containers are chopped up, melted, and forged into micro-fibres. To make one Eco layer (which is really comfortable) takes 150 plastic bottles. Thus far, the brand had recycled 150 million bottles that otherwise could have ended up in the ocean or landfills.

All three beds rank among the best Silentnight pocket sprung mattresses. Here they are – along with their highlights and prices. Please note that all pounds and pennies were correct at the time of writing.

Silentnight Eco Comfort Pocket 1200 Mattress

Are you looking for more beds designed to support the way you curl or sprawl? We wrote three articles about the best mattresses for side sleepers, the best beds for back sleepers, and mattresses for stomach sleepers.

Silentnight Eco Comfort Breathe Pocket 2000 Medium Mattress

Speaking of firmness, you can also view our wisest scrolls to find the best soft beds, the best medium-firm mattresses, and firm beds.

Silentnight Natural Pocket 1400 Mattress

  • The Natural Pocket 1400 Mattress is a firm bed.
  • Perfect for bigger individuals.
  • Also suitable for back and side sleepers.
  • Contains good quality silk, wool, and cashmere.
  • A Damask cover for extra luxury.
  • Premium Mirapocket spring system that is scientifically proven to improve spinal alignment.
  • Prices start at £519.

This section reminded us of two useful articles that we recently wrote. Here is a full guide on the best beds for heavier folks. Additionally, if you adore falling into a wool-stuffed bed, then you can grab our article on the best woolly mattresses.

Let’s Unroll And Unbox Some Beds

Cooling Mattress

Silent night has two ranges that they squeeze into easy-to-handle packages. The Studio and Mattress-Now Collections also have different firmness options and sizes. There is also good news about the delivery charge when you order their boxy beds. How much can you expect to pay? A big zero. That’s right, the delivery service for both collections is free. All Mattress-Now products can even be dropped off on your doorstep the day after you place your order. Now that is customer service (and convenient if you need a new mattress in a hurry!). These beds are also among the brands most favourite memory foam mattresses.

Quality and quick delivery hallmark the Mattress-Now range but you can also expect delightful perks with the Studio collection. Nearly every bed has a specific purpose.

The range caters to anyone who is looking for a cooling mattress, a foam mattress that is chemical-free, beds that give snug relief against pressure points, or a mattress that offers a satisfying comfort level by regulating moisture and ventilation.

The price range for the Studio collection is between £329 and £399. The Mattress-Now products cost between £129 and £219.

There are also two more deals (the rolled-mattress type) that do not fall into either collection. The Silentnight Cool Gel Rolled Mattress (£425) reduces motion transfer, pressure points, and overheating. The Silentnight Responsive Memory Foam Rolled Mattress (£375) is an ultra-comfortable foam mattress that is approved by the British Allergy Foundation for reducing allergens.

You are welcome to riffle through another article of ours – this one contains the best boxed beds that are available on the market today.

Their Green Range Is For The Whole Family

Eco friendly mattress for family

These days, consumers are not just looking for good quality mattress brands. They also want environmentally-friendly products and beds for the whole family. Silentnight hits both birds with its green bed collections. Every bed contains the Eco layer that we mentioned a little bit earlier. If you need a quick reminder – each mattress contains a luxurious layer that is made with 150 recycled plastic bottles. All the mattresses are also naturally flame-retardant, so you do not have to worry about chemical treatments and their harmful traces. The beds are also fully recyclable.

The Eco Comfort Breathe collection focuses on the following memory foam mattress type:

  • Gives great support and air circulation.
  • The pocket sprung mattresses have between 1200 and 2000 coils.
  • Beds that encourage quicker sleep with fewer “wake up moments” during the night.
  • The materials prevent overheating.
  • The sizes range from single to super king.
  • The price range is roughly between £409 and £880.

Not sure about bed sizes? No biggie. Our clear and easy-to-read article that explains everything about mattress sizes.

The Eco Comfort Signature Range contains products with the following focus:

  • High-quality pocket sprung design and breathable memory foam.
  • Mattresses with 1200 to 2000 coils.
  • Sizes that range from single to super king.
  • Hypoallergenic products.
  • Great support.
  • Designed to suit a Silentnight bed frame.
  • The price range is roughly between £429 and £909.

Silentnight’s Cot Bed Mattresses offer the following benefits:

  • Chemical-free materials.
  • The Silentnight baby bed range has won a series of awards from consumer review sites (check our awards section to find out more).
  • The mattresses are flame retardant.
  • Tested in SATRA accredited labs to comply with the best industry standards.
  • The beds are BS EN 16890 2017 compliant (they passed the latest safety standards). The Consumer And Retail Services lists the BS EN 16890 requirements in case you are interested.
  • Approved by the British Allergy Foundation.
  • The cotton mattress topper is machine washable.
  • Prevents overheating.
  • There are two bed sizes. One is the cot (60 cm x 120 cm) and the other is the cot bed (70 cm x 140 cm).
  • Silentnight offers accessories like baby pillows, duvets, and sleeping bags.
  • The price range is roughly between £79 and £169.

Curious about coils? Our article has all the best pocket sprung mattresses gathered together in one place.

Silentnight Memory Foam Mattresses Are Dreamy

Silentnight Memory Foam Mattresses

These Silentnight mattresses will also keep you cool during the hottest nights. The memory foam’s borders are specifically designed to breathe by encouraging airflow through the mattress. This prevents heat from blooming and making you miserable.

Each bed also designed to bring quality sleep with memory foam that offers support and a luxurious-feeling mattress. You can also choose different firmness and sizes until you find the right Silentnight mattress for you. Starting with a single-size mattress, their prices swing between £169 and £469.

Which Awards Have Silentnight Mattress Won?

Silentnight mattresses have scooped their fair share of awards and accolades. In all honesty, their list of acknowledgements and achievements is among the best we’ve seen during our time of writing mattress reviews. The awards are not limited to quality products. They also honour environmental and job creation practices. Too much suspense? Our apologies. Here they are.

If this list does not prove that the brand is a healthy bunny, then nothing will. However, during our own reviews, we always treat accolades as the first half of the test to determine a brand’s quality. The other half? How good or bad Silentnight mattress reviews are doing in the public sphere. It does not matter if the product is fruit juice or Silentnight mattresses, reviews from consumers who bought and used the item is the real acid test.

Speaking of which, you can also shake hands with the best mattresses on the market.

What Reviews Do Customers Give Silentnight Mattresses?

For the best Silentnight mattress reviews, we visited Trustpilot. Since we are geared towards UK readers, we had a look at the UK page for Silentnight mattress reviews. We were happy to see that a large number of people had given reviews. There is a reason for our bliss. A few ratings do not always show the true worth of products. But thousands of reviews narrow things down and give a clear picture. In this case, over 4,000 consumers went to sleep on their new bed before they rated their experience. Their collective average is 4.2, meaning that Silentnight is considered a “Great” brand.

A closer look also showed that 71 percent of these Silentnight mattress reviews rated the company as “Excellent.” Many customers were exceptionally happy with the comfort, support, and good sleep. About 9 percent voted the brand as “Bad” and their chief concerns were poor deliver arrangements from the store they bought the products from, unsatisfying communication with customer service, and manufacturing faults.

What Guarantee And Home Trial Period Does Silentnight Offer?

Silentnight has two different guarantees for their beds. Depending on which new mattress you bought, you are either looking at a 5-year or 3-year warranty. In all honesty, we have seen much longer guarantees for other brands but if you are set on getting a Silentnight mattress, then head on over to their Guarantee & Warranty page to learn more about which beds are covered by the 3-year and 2-year deals. The page also explains the conditions and terms to qualify for a replacement mattress should something go wrong.

The brand offers an unusual sleep trial. You can sleep on a Silentnight mattress for 60 nights. But if, for some reason, you do not like the model, size, or whatnot, then you can exchange it for another bed to test at home. However, this shift can only happen within the first 28 days of the sleep trial. Unlike the offers one might see from other bed brands, Silentnight’s sleeping trial is not free. The full price of the bed must be paid. If you exchange a trial mattress for a more expensive one, then the difference must be settled. According to their site, there is also no full refund should you decide to return both beds.

Where Can I Buy Silentnight Mattresses?

This brand is widely available. There is no need to send a camel to Timbaktu. Instead, you can steer yourself over to Silentnight’s web site. Their Find A Retailer page makes it really easy to locate online and real-world stores that stock their products. If you want to go from our page to a retailer, here are the best online options:

Silentnight mattresses buying guide

Where Can I Get A Discount Code For The Silentnight Mattress?

Besides hunting for authentic Silentnight mattress reviews, we also hunt for the best vouchers. At the time of writing, there were no discounts being offered at the Silentnight web site. Since most brands hold sales on their own sites, feel free to check Silentnight for new offers. If you find none, no worries. There is no shortage of vouchers out there. We did the homework and listed some of the best offers below.

  1. The Dailymail has a page for vouchers.
  2. Vouchercloud has some more discount offers available.
  3. You can go view more vouchers at Dontpayfull.
  4. NetVoucherCodes also has a few discount offers.
  5. Groupon always has great vouchers for Silentnight.
  6. MyVoucherCodes also has discount codes.

Will They Take My Old Mattress Away If I Buy The Silentnight Mattress?

Yes, the bed company will gladly remove your old stuff. By “stuff” we mean any end-of-life mattresses, headboards, and divan bases. Is the service free? Is there a fee? We could not find any information on their web site (none that is easy to find, anyway). But a quick chat with one of their friendly agents provided an answer. The service comes with a £30 fee. If the removal service is active in your area, then you will get the opportunity to add it to your basket while checking out your purchase.

Need an alternative? See our tips on mattress disposal.

What Are The Alternatives To The Silentnight Mattress?

Most Silentnight mattress reviews will not include alternatives to the brand. But we believe in choice. Perhaps you loved the quality, variety, and awards. However, maybe you want something else regarding materials, size variety, or you desire a longer guarantee.

We searched the top brands and found fantastic warranties, products, and much more. These are certain to satisfy consumers who like Silentnight but want something a little different. If you loved reading Silentnight mattress reviews, then you might also enjoy the reviews that we wrote for the best alternative brands. You can find them below.

The Verdict On Silentnight

We hope this was among the most helpful Silentnight mattress reviews that you have come across. But let’s squeeze everything into a nutshell. Did we like the brand? Do we think that you should hug one of their boxed specials? We cannot force you to buy stuff but we do like the brand. Their footprint in the mattress industry is remarkable – a fact that is backed up by an impressive list of accolades. The bed company also continues to do well with both consumer reviews and sites that do more in-depth product reviews.

As always, we strive to keep our own reviews as balanced as possible. That means giving any negative bumps we encountered a nod here too. The good news is that Silentnight does not have any flaws that are so horrible that people run away screaming. But here is the thing. When we compared the brand to several other mattress reviews that we have done in the past, Silentnight lagged behind in a few areas. Consumers might like the brand’s quality but turn elsewhere to find longer guarantees for a new mattress, a free mattress removal service, and perhaps a night trial that is both longer than 60 nights and also free.

That being said, Silentnight has our approval and we would certainly recommend their collections. Sure, their policies are stricter compared to other mattress companies but you can still look forward to amazing things. Great beds, deep sleep, hygienic and hypoallergenic mattresses, and truly stylish products. What we also loved about Silentnight goes beyond what they do in the factory and retail sectors. It was heartening to see their dedication to nature (especially to remove plastic from the environment), recycling beds, running a no-waste company, and supporting wildlife initiatives (you can read more about their partnership with the Marine Conservation Society here). For also being passionate about job creation and preventing modern slavery, we feel that the brand’s positive points certainly outshine the hiccups.

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