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Born in Texas, Sealy is now the largest bed brand on Earth. Thanks to the manufacturer’s love of quality and a vast mattress range, countless people on every continent are enjoying a good night’s sleep on a Sealy. But our review will mostly focus on Sealy UK, which is roughly 40 years old and works its magic from Northern Cumbria. At the moment, they employ about 330 hard-working elves (sorry, employees) who churn out 3,500 mattresses a week.

Sealy Mattress

This Sealy mattress review is not just a history lesson. That part is over. We tip our hat to the Texan guy who stuffed the first mattress with cotton late in the 1900s. But right now, we are going to turn our attention to what you can get from Sealy today. Stay with us and you will meet the mattresses that dominate the world (not as evil as it sounds). You also get to chance to go home with the best deals and vouchers (definitely as good as it sounds). Ready? Let’s go bounce on some beds.

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What Type Of Mattresses Does Sealy Make?

We have written plenty of mattress reviews. During that time, we encountered companies that do great – really great. However, they only offer a few products. As wonderful as their beds may be, who does not love choice? Enter one of Sealy’s most appealing sides. The brand offers a wide spectrum of mattresses. They are clumped together into different collections and lines. If you want to learn more about each mattress range, we will cover them shortly. However, if you cannot wait to meet them and want to jump straight to a collection right now, here they are.

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The Activsleep Mattress Range

This mattress range has 9 beds. If we discuss all of them, we would be here all day. But this collection has great features that are worth mentioning. It combines memory foam, gel technology, and pocket springs. All beds from Sealy are also available in four sizes (at least) – single, double, king, and super-king.

Some of the mattresses are good for specific things. The Sealy Advantage 1550 Gel Pillowtop Mattress soothes back issues, has edge-to-edge support, and is also laced with Sealy Purotex. This natural solution to dust mites and allergens is endorsed by the British Allergy Foundation. Just to boomerang back for a moment – Purotex is a fascinating probiotics-based textile. You can read all about these good-natured bugs here.

Sealy storage bed

But at the end of the day, this range is designed to give you refreshing sleep so that you can enjoy an active lifestyle.

Price range: £259 to £999. Please note that all Sealy mattresses prices were correct at the time of writing.

The Memory Foam Mattress Range

At first blush, the name is misleading. The correct term would be a “hybrid line” collection, or something like that. The beds are not pure memory foam mattresses. Instead, the layers of foam (which add soft support and comfort) are combined with high-quality pocket springs. The coils adjust to the body’s pressure points in an intuitive manner. This keeps things cloud-like when you move or settle down. Each of the hybrid line beds is also infused with Purotex to support allergy management.

Price range: £369 to £449.

The Geltex Mattress Collection

Geltex Mattress Collection

Geltex sounds good enough to slap on a spaceship. But what is this modern-sounding stuff? Well, this nifty material is a mix of gel (a very elastic kind) and airy foam. Here are the benefits of Geltex.

  • It fosters the best temperature for sleep, no matter the season.
  • It brings comfort and support to every part of the body.
  • Very hygienic.
  • Creates a floating sensation without the squeeze of pressure points.

These are also hybrid mattresses. Indeed, they are stuffed with high-quality memory foam and pocket coils. There is a bit of a crossover here. The three beds in this collection are also a part of the Activsleep mattress range. So you can expect the same top mattress features, including durability, the luxury feel, and a soft mattress with support in all the right places.

Price range: £489 to £639.

The Pocket Sprung Mattress Range

This range of foam mattresses will bring a great night’s sleep if you love comfort and support. Some of the beds have won awards (but we will get into that in a moment). The coils are twice-tempered for long-lasting durability and to be extra responsive to your movements. The latter is a crucial feature since it removes the pressure to provide a soft mattress with support in all the right places. You can also look forward to features such as Geltex and Purotex.

Price range: £259 to £639.

The Posturepedic Mattress Sealy Ranges

As one of their best-known products, Sealy Posturepedic mattresses are designed to create a comfortable sleeping environment. They support the body, help people to fall asleep quicker and also to wake up less during the night. Due to the popularity of this type of bed, Sealy has several collections available.

The Posturepedic Performance Range is stunningly stylish. Besides having handles for easy manipulation, each bed also has great memory foam features to keep you comfortable, dry, and allergen-free. The Posturepedic Premium mattresses offer the brand’s latest cutting edge technologies for posture support. They are also stuffed with the best bits, like responsive coils, Geltex, Purotex, and smart fibres. The Ortho Sealy Mattress Posturepedic range is the best mattress choice for those who like a firmer bed – or anyone who is above average length and needs that little bit of extra space.

Sealy Posturepedic Mattress

Sealy Posturepedic also draws on the marketing potential of other businesses. More specifically, these partnerships allow customers to buy the same bed model that they recently slept on (and loved) at hotels or during a cruise. Here is a quick overview of Sealy’s friends.

Guest Partners Sealy Posturepedic Review

Sealy’s top mattress partners include Center Parcs, Cunard, Village Hotels, and P & O Cruises.

  • Center Parcs only uses the Sealy Forest Dreams Collection. The price range is £329 to £799.
  • Cunard Sealy mattresses were designed in co-operation with some of the world’s best orthopaedic surgeons. The products in this range provide support to an exceptional degree. The price range is £399 to £999.
  • The Village Hotel range is manufactured exclusively for the hotel chain. It was also designed by top surgeons and relies on a unique design called the Sealy Posture Tech Spring system. The price range is £359 to £799.
  • Sealy also created an exclusive range of mattresses for pleasure fleets. They are used by P & O Cruises and Cunard liners. The price range is £299 to £799.

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Which Awards Have Sealy Mattress Won?

Sealy is the proud recipient of several awards and acknowledgements. Let’s start with an unbroken streak from Which? Best Buy.

  • In 2015, the Teramo 1400 was given a Which? Best Buy award. This mattress from Sealy has kept the trophy ever since.
  • In 2018, Sealy won the Best Bed Manufacturer of 2018 from Interiors Monthly for an unprecedented seventh year.
  • As we mentioned a little earlier, Sealy mattresses hold Allergy UK’s Seal of Approval. This means that each mattress from Sealy can help to reduce the allergens in your sleeping environment.
  • In 1986, Sealy became the first bed manufacturer in the UK to be BSI certified. The British Standard for Quality Management, later adopted by several global institutions, upholds rules and regulations for the quality management of a business.
  • The Sealy mattress company is also a Carbon Neutral Organisation. If you want more clarity on what it means, then Sealy has a short – but good – explanation right here.

Now that we have been dazzled by this impressive list, let’s head over to our Sealy mattresses reviews section to see if consumers hugged or hated their new bed.

What Reviews Do Customers Give Sealy Mattresses?

Sealy Mattresses Review

At Trustpilot, we headed over to the page reserved for UK Sealy bed reviews. At the time of writing, only 240 people had left a review of Sealy mattresses. We have seen thousands of reviews written for other bed companies (often smaller brands), so this was surprising – given that Sealy is an established name and a global favourite. Even more unexpected was the rating of 3.3. This places the brand in the “Average” category.

After reading through most of the reviews, we found extremely happy customers. Those who had a complaint seemed to struggle with faulty mattresses, delivery delays, and less-than-stellar customer support from stores where they purchased their new mattress.

The statistics look positive. While all the ratings combined produced an “average” score, 54 percent of consumers rated Sealy mattresses as “Excellent.” About 33 percent gave “Bad” scores at the lowest end of the rating system. The rest were sprinkled in between and gave their opinion as either “Great,” “Average,” or “Poor.” If you are interested in reading both the positive and negative feedback then you can go directly to Sealy’s UK page. Here is the link again.

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What Guarantee And Home Trial Period Does Sealy Offer?

One of the most common guarantees in the mattress industry is the 10-year warranty. Sealy used to have a 10-year deal but it only covered certain mattresses (Sealy Posturepedic and Pocket divan sets). But once April 2019 rolled by, Sealy shortened the service to a 5-year warranty. During this time, Sealy will replace or repair a disappointing mattress.

As with most warranties, one must stay aware of legal pains. Sealy is very specific about customer behaviour when you want to activate the warranty. Let’s say your mattress has suddenly developed a support or comfort issue. One must first approach the retailer from which the bed was bought and attempt to sort out the problem. Once Sealy has a retailer’s inspection report, only then will they enter into a discussion about your options. The guarantee is also void if a consumer cannot produce proof of delivery or purchase. You can read the details about their current warranty here.

Okay, that is a pretty stiff-lipped warranty. But what about a home trial? You know, to find out if any so-called “best Sealy mattress” is not just advertisement fluff? This is the beauty of testing a mattress at home. One can gauge the true functionality and durability of a product. But when it comes to Sealy, napping on their beds for free is a matter of location.

In the United States, Sealy offers a 100-night trial while Sealy in the UK makes no mention of this service on their web site. UK customers can, however, choose a night trial if retailers offer a deal. For example, Bensons For Beds allows you to snuggle up to a Sealy hybrid mattress for 40 nights.

We know that most customers prefer a free night trial. Should you rather prefer a brand that offers something like this, then this article is for you. We have gathered the best free mattress trials on the market today and you can grab them right here.

Where Can I Buy Sealy Mattresses?

You do not have to employ bloodhounds to find a Sealy mattress. Besides being sold directly from the Sealy online store, plenty of other retailers also sell the brand. In fact, Sealy mattress sales happen in major furniture shops across the world. If you are looking for a mattress retailer in the UK, the brand’s home page has a Find A Retailer feature. It provides doorways to local independent stores, national retailers, and online sellers approved by Sealy. The best mattress retailers that hold Sealy Posturepedic mattresses also include Amazon, John Lewis and Beds Are Uzzz.

While Sealy has a panoramic distribution, some of their ranges are not yet available in the UK. Just two examples are the Response Line and Conform Line. The latter is a collection of body-hugging memory foam mattresses while the Response beds are known for their exceptional support and comfort. Both the Sealy Response Line and Conform Line are available in the United States at the moment. Perhaps, in the future, they will also be available in the UK. Curious about them? You can peek at the Response Line here and the best Sealy Conform mattresses here.

If you are craving the hug-like comfort of a memory foam mattress, then we have already found the best beds for you. Take a moment and read the article here.

Sealy mattresses buying guide

Where Can I Get A Discount Code For The Sealy Mattress?

As the biggest mattress brand in the world, you can look forward to Sealy promotions and sales everywhere. Indeed, we have found too many vouchers and discount codes to list here. We did compile a starter list for you and it should be enough to get deals on several mattresses.

Are you hunting for more bargains? Our article covers the best mattress brands that offer budget-friendly beds without sacrificing their quality.

Will They Take My Old Mattress Away If I Buy The Sealy Mattress?

To answer this question, we burrowed up and down Sealy’s web site. The answer here? No, they will not.

It appears that they offered this service in the past. They wrote a good article on when and how to get rid of an unwanted mattress. It was written sometime in October 2018. The same article mentions that Sealy offers a removal service when delivering a new mattress. But the link to that option is one of those “Oops, this page no longer exists” moments. Well, at least at the time of writing. Most mattress brands offer a removal service but it would seem that, for the time being, Sealy only delivers products.

If you do have an old mattress that needs to go, why not support a removal company? Some of these guys are truly excellent and most companies will even recycle the mattress for you. That is great news for anyone who cares about the environment. One of our favourite mattress removal and recycling companies is Anyjunk. We are not their only fans. Thousands of Trustpilot reviews rate Anyjunk as “Excellent.” If you still doubt them, then how about this? Other top mattress brands, like Nectar Sleep, use them to collect old mattresses when customers buy a Nectar mattress. You can find out more about Anyjunk’s mattress removal services here.

Read our complete guide on how to get rid of an old mattress.

What Are The Alternatives To The Sealy Mattress?

If you are looking for an alternative to the best Sealy beds, then we assume that these brands should show the same quality mattresses, support, comfort, high-grade materials like memory foam and coils, and of course, the latest gels, fibres, and a decent choice when it comes to the right size mattress. The Sealy mattress brand also has many collections, lines, and mattresses.

There is rarely an alternative that exactly matches a given brand. Sealy is no different. That being said, we did find a couple of manufacturers that might soothe the itch. Most offer the same great support, comfort, memory foam and also swat allergies with a baseball bat. Our top alternative mattress brands include Otty, Dunlopillo, Eve, Emma, Nectar, and Happy Beds.

If you want to read our reviews of these alternative choices, then you can find them below.

The Verdict On Sealy

We strive to bring you honest mattress reviews at all times. As we conclude this review, Sealy mattresses turned out to be a bit of a double-edged sword. Let’s look at the positive side first. There is a host of things that Sealy is doing right. Several prestigious awards and accolades prove that the brand is a big crumb in the upper crust. We also liked their wide variety of hybrid mattresses. The innovative memory foam technology also brings support and comfort while banishing allergens, night sweats, and restless sleep.

But Sealy is not the most user-friendly brand that we have ever seen. They also shortened their 10-year warranty and do not offer clear information on night trials or a removal service for mattresses (at the time of writing, that is. This might change in the future).

If you are a Sealy fan, take comfort in this. The negative points that we just raised do not affect the quality of their mattresses. Sure, these things can be annoying but if you are fine with a shorter-than-usual warranty and self-organizing the removal of your old mattress (remember there are easy options like Anyjunk!), then Sealy is still a fantastic choice. As we mentioned a little earlier, their sheer options ensure that there is a perfect bed for everyone.

Well done, Guy Who Stuffed The First Sealy In Texas. Nearly a century later, Sealy is still going strong as one of the most successful mattress brands today. Thumbs up.

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