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Otty is the brainchild of a frustrated martial artist who wanted a better bed. True story. Michal Szlas launched Otty in 2016 to revolutionize the mattress industry. The young company aims to reduce prices and create beds that are comfy enough to energize everyone. We took up the challenge to scrutinize Otty’s claims. So without further ado, let’s meet the 4-year-old brand that is already standing as good competition against the established names in the business.

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otty mattress

What Type Of Mattresses Does Otty Make?

When the founder of Otty gazed at his drawing board, he decided that hybrid mattresses are the future. So he combined as many as 2,000 pocket springs with the best reflex foam. The result? Three hybrid mattresses that put Otty on the map. Each one has a layer of memory foam infused with Cool Blue Gel technology, which, according to their Our Story page, is unique to Otty. This feature deals with a common problem. Very often, a foam mattress gets too warm when body heat collects but cannot disperse. The Cool Blue Gel invites airflow and this circulation keeps things cosy throughout the night.

Here is a quick overview of Otty’s beds. Please note that any prices were correct at the time of writing.

Our Otty Hybrid Mattress Review

The Otty Hybrid mattress has the following sweet spots:

  • It has won several awards (see the awards section of our Otty review).
  • Lined with up to 2,000 pocket springs.
  • The memory foam offers great support and temperature control.
  • Available in 9 sizes, from single to Emperor mattresses.
  • Prices range between £324.99 and £674.99.
  • Removable and washable cover.
  • A medium-firm mattress.

Are you looking for a mattress with the perfect density for you? If you already have an idea of which firmness puts the sparkle back in your morning, then flip through our articles on soft beds, medium-firm and firm mattresses.

The Otty Pure Hybrid also has up to 2,000 coils. Interesting fact – these coils are 16 cm high. This makes them the biggest springs on the market. But what is the purpose of giant spirals? Well, Otty managed to create a layer of coils that gives amazing support – and keeps the movements of your partner on their side of the bed. Yay to that. But this mattress also brings its own delicious stuff to the table. Here are the best bits to look forward to.

Otty Hybrid Mattress Review
  • The embroidered cover is infused with charcoal. This feature removes moisture.
  • The bed contains the UK’s first bamboo memory foam. This layer also contains charcoal to keep you at the right temperature.
  • The Otty mattress is anti-bacterial.
  • It eliminates odours.
  • Hypoallergenic and thus a great choice for those who suffer from allergies.
  • The bed is also suitable for those with skin conditions.
  • It prevents night sweats.
  • Size-wise, the mattress has four choices available (single, double, king, and super king-size).
  • Prices range between £499.99 and £899.99.
  • Medium-firm.

The Otty Essential Hybrid mattress is the little sister in the family. To Otty, sleep should be a quality experience that is easily available to everyone. For this reason, the brand designed a budget-friendly version of their award-winning Original Otty hybrid mattress. It contains all the best parts, including medium-firm support, a removable cover, and temperature-regulating memory foam. But there are a few differences.

  • The pocket springs are the same size (16 cm each) but they are reduced to 1,000 coils.
  • Both the previous Otty mattresses are 25 cm thick. This bed has a depth of 23 cm.
  • There are five beds to choose from, starting with a single size and ending with super king size.
  • The prices range swings between £243.75 and £524.99.

We compiled a list of the best beds for each size mattress. If you are looking for single beds, you can find them here. The best double beds are here and you can peek at the king and super king sizes. Or if you love the ultimate bed, why not have a look at our top picks for Emperor beds?

Which Awards Have Otty Mattress Won?

For such a young brand, Otty’s chest is impressively full of ribbons. Some of these accolades and awards have also been given to older expert manufacturers. This proves that, while Otty is still the new kid on the block, they are on the right track with their mattresses.

What Reviews Do Customers Give Otty Mattresses?

Our visit to Trustpilot looked, in particular, at Otty mattress UK reviews. So we headed over to the brand’s page and riffled through hundreds of Otty mattress reviews. Every product has its share of negative reviews and the Otty mattress is no different. But that is the joy of Trustpilot’s rating system. The more people rate a product, the more its worth becomes obvious. At the end of the day, nearly 6,000 Otty hybrid reviews produced an average rating of 4.6 or “Excellent.”

What Guarantee And Home Trial Period Does Otto Offer?

Otty mattress home trial

No Otty mattress review will be complete without mentioning the Wonder Twins. That is right, the guarantee and trial period. What can you expect? The mattresses are covered with a 10-year guarantee, which is pretty standard in the industry. Nobody is complaining, though. A decade is a good run.

The Otty 100-night-trial is also something that we have seen with most other brands. However, something we do not regularly see with manufacturers is a testing period for their bed frames. Otty allows this. Should this interest you, just be aware that the 100-night deal is only for beds. The longest you can adore your new Otty bed frame is 30 days.

If you like the brand’s other products, make sure to visit their trial page to see what is available for testing. Once a trial period is done and you decide that the Otty mattress is not for you, they will collect the bed for free.

Just in case you are wondering, you will never be sold a used bed. When a mattress is returned, Otty cleans and donates it to charities and schools. Each bed that Otty delivers to a paying customer is brand new.

Looking for more free mattress trials? Here are the best of the bunch.

Where Can I Buy Otty Mattresses?

You can buy Otty mattresses directly from the brand via their user-friendly web site. Just pick the hybrid mattress you want, choose the size, any extras, and add them to your cart. Then it is as simple as checking your order out securely with Otty. If you like a more hands-on approach and do not really want the whole night-trial thing, then you also have the option to visit Otty’s showroom (by appointment). You can get the details here.

Other Otty mattress stockists also include Amazon and Beds Are Uzzz.

The brand also offers a Price Match Promise. You can compare mattress prices with their competitors (for example, Otty vs Simba), and should you find a price elsewhere that is lower then Otty will match it.

Otty mattresses buying guide

Where Can I Get A Discount Code For The Otty Mattress?

If you are looking for a great Otty mattress discount, then this is the place. One of your first stops should definitely be the Otty home page. They often have a sale going and also provide discounts to those working in the military and blue light services. If you want to make use of this special deal, skedaddle over to our contact page and we will send you the necessary link.

We have also compiled a list of more mattress deals and vouchers below.

Will They Take My Old Mattress Away If I Buy The Otty Mattress?

Yes, Otty will remove your old mattress. However, the service is not free. At the moment, the fee ranges between £40 and £50. You can select this option when you purchase a mattress from Otty. Otherwise, you can also contact their customer service for more help and information.

The Otty mattress delivery guys will not just bring your new mattress and take away the old one. For an extra fee (£10), they can also carry the new bed to the room of your choice. Be sure to check out their Coronavirus Update page to stay informed about their current rules regarding close contact and delivery.

Grab our tips on how to dispose of an old bed. If you love recycling, then perhaps you might also appreciate knowing why it is critical to keep dumpsters free of old mattresses. CollectYourOldBed has a good article here.

What Are The Alternatives To The Otty Mattress?

The best alternatives to the Otty mattress are other top hybrid mattresses. Our Otty mattress review did the homework to find the best brands that rely on memory foam and pocket springs. One can understand why hybrid mattresses have such a huge following. Regardless of size, they offer near-perfect support and luxurious sleep, backed up by technology to regulate temperature, allergies, and hygiene.

But we are straying. Which beds and brands are the best alternatives to the Otty hybrid mattress? You can read an entire article that we wrote about the best individual mattresses. Anyone looking for beds can find the article here. But as far as brands are concerned, we prefer Hypnos, Dunlopillo, and Eve Sleep.

We reviewed each of the three mattress brands. You can read all about them below:

The Verdict On Otty

Our Otty mattress review was fun for several reasons. It’s refreshing to see a mattress brand that really tries to keep prices low without sacrificing quality or customer support services. To be honest, it is still early days for the company, which is not even five years old. But the awards, praises, and accolades speak for themselves. The Otty hybrid mattress range is well received by both the public and experts alike.

As for our own investigation, Otty underperformed slightly against other brands by not offering a free mattress removal service. But this is certainly not a dealbreaker and while some companies do this for free, many other mattress brands also charge a small fee to take away an old bed.

On the plus side, they have a mattress range that is well-designed and easy to maintain. They also offer a great sleeping trial period and a long mattress guarantee. Otty also gives special discounts and will match any price on the market (if you can find it and prove it to their customer service, of course). Overall, we were impressed by Otty’s vision, consumer care, and the thousands of positive reviews on the Trustpilot UK page.

Our verdict? This young mattress brand will probably grow into one of the best bed companies out there. Heck, they seem to be part of that crowd already. But at the end of the day, we give Otty a well-deserved nod of approval.

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