Mammoth Mattress Reviews, Awards And Discounts UK 2021

According to Mammoth, a proper snooze is one of the cornerstones of good health. Since they promise great beds designed to protect your Zzz-time, we decided to look closely at the brand which was originally designed for elite athletes and Olympians. Most of us are only interested in speedwalking to the fridge but we agree with Mammoth. Quality sleep is important. So if you want to find out more about their mattresses, services, and perhaps get a voucher or two, then this article is for you.

Please note that any reference to price was correct at the time of writing.

Mammoth mattress

What Type Of Mattresses Does Mammoth Make?

At the heart of what makes Mammoth mattresses so special is one of their own innovations called Medical Grade™ Foam. What the heck is this stuff? Well, it is not memory foam. This material overtook memory foam about a decade ago in the healthcare world, primarily because it provides better support and also does not retain body heat. Here is the great news. Every bed that Mammoth makes contains their Medical Grade™ Foam. Speaking of which, let’s meet the brand’s three mattress collections (cutely called the Rise, Shine, and Move. Get it?).

The Rise Mammoth Mattresses

The Rise collection has four models to choose from. The one strength that they share is the Medical Grade™ Foam. So no matter which mattress catches your eye, they will all ease aches and pains with scientifically-proven support. The beds also provide coolness and comfort with their quilted covers. Here are the main differences between the mattresses.

  • The depth of Medical Grade™ Foam ranges between 35 mm and 50 mm.
  • The tensions include soft, medium, and firm.
  • Some of the beds have up to 1,200 pocket springs. (See all the year’s best pocket sprung beds).
  • Some of the beds have memory foam instead.

The Mammoth Shine Collection

The Mammoth Shine beds also banish those annoying aches and pains. But they come with an extra perk. This collection is designed to specifically kick back pain out the door. Each bed also boosts your energy by ensuring a good night’s rest with fewer interruptions.

The range consists of three Mammoth mattresses. What they have in common include quality fillings, trimmings, pressure relief, and of course, the unique Medical Grade™ Foam. However, each mattress is also designed to support sleep in a special way. Healthline has a good article about 10 scary things that happen to your body when you do not get enough sleep.

Mammoth Shine Mattress Collection
  • The Mammoth Shine Essential has Tencel fibres for more comfort and intuitive pocket springs to keep your partner’s fidgeting on their own side!
  • The Mammoth Shine Plus is the same as the Essential but deeper. This means that you get an extra dollop of Medical Grade™ Foam.
  • The Mammoth Shine Advanced is the most luxurious mattress in the collection. It has a hearty depth of 300 mm, which includes even more Medical Grade™ Foam and two additional support zones for aches and pains.

Plenty of other brands offer a special mattress for back ouchies. If you want to see our top choices for better spine health, you can grab our list of the best beds.

The Move Mammoth Mattresses

Mammoth Mattress Move

This collection is a little different. The mattresses are partnered with adjustable divans. The latter can be tweaked in a sitting position to provide the best support for someone who is ill or watching TV (and yes, the divans can massage your back while you binge-watch Netflix). Adjusting yourself into a new position is effortless. Just pick up the bed’s remote and pick a new angle. But what about the mattresses? Here are the main traits of the three beds.

  • The depth ranges between 17 cm and 22 cm.
  • The amount of Medical Grade™ Foam varies between 14 m and 20 cm.
  • The layers of pocket springs have support zones that range between 3 and 7.
  • The firmness levels range between medium and soft.
  • Some beds include supportive memory foam.
  • Provides pressure relief for back pain.

Which Awards Have Mammoth Mattress Won?

In 2016, the Mammoth mattress brand won a Bright Ideas In Health Award. This recognition honours individuals and companies who work with the NHS and related fields to improve the lives of patients. The Medical Grade™ Foam undoubtedly played a role when Mammoth scooped this trophy.

See the best orthopaedic mattress choices here.

What Reviews Do Customers Give Mammoth Mattresses?

On the Mammoth website, there is a customer review page (the overall rating is based on Feefo reviews). At the time of writing, 19 verified consumers gave Mammoth a combined rating of 4.9 out of 5. We also peeked at the brand’s page at Trustpilot. Around 279 people rated the company’s mattresses and other products. At the moment, Mammoth has a rating of 3.5 or “Average.”

About 68 percent of all consumers at Trustpilot gave Mammoth a 5-star (Excellent) report. What they appreciated the most was the supportive beds, experiencing less interrupted sleep, and that the mattresses kept them warm in winter and cool during the summer. However, roughly 17 percent felt Mammoth was worth only a single star (Poor). Their main concerns included a lack of customer service when dealing with complaints, not getting the best sleep due to mattress faults, and having to pay for an inspector when they wished to document the faults (in order to use the guarantee).

Speaking of which, let’s see what kind of guarantee Mammoth offers.

What Guarantee And Home Trial Period Does Mammoth Offer?

Let’s say that you’re eyeballing that king-size Shine mattress. Can you test it at home and what kind of warranty does Mammoth give to their customers? If you do nothing, the warranty only covers your new mattress for a year (yikes!). But the moment you register your guarantee with Mammoth, the company will change that to 10 years.

The warranty only covers factory faults and also shrinks over the years. In other words, as time goes by, the customer must shoulder a growing percentage of the replacement or repair costs. By year 9 and 10, you are looking at shelling out 80 percent of the purchase price. But there is some good news. Should a factory fault disturb your sleep during the first 5 years, then Mammoth will take full responsibility for the costs involved.

You can read more about their guarantee on their FAQ page.

Mammoth itself does not offer a sleeping trial. They sell their beds through other retailers, like Furniture Village and Reading Bedding. For this reason, you can only get a trial should the store offer one. Let’s say you choose Reading Bedding – a good choice if you want to test a mattress first. This retailer offers a 100-night sleeping trial regardless if you choose a Mammoth mattress or a bed from another brand.

Bummed out by the sleeping trial? No worries. We searched the top mattress brands for free home trials. You can find them here.

Where Can I Buy Mammoth Mattresses?

Give Mammoth credit where it is due. The brand has many stockists, which makes their Mammoth mattress collections widely available. If you want something from the Rise mattress range, the top stores to visit are Furniture Village, AHF, Argos, and Next. The Mammoth Shine mattress range is also at Furniture Village and AHF but it can also be found at Bensons For Beds. Should you want to spoil yourself with one of the adjustable Move beds, then you might want to use the Find A Stockist feature on the Mammoth website. You can find it at the bottom of the Move mattress range’s page.

Learn how to pick the perfect mattress to suit your needs. You can read our article on this page.

Mammoth Mattresses Buying Guide

Where Can I Get A Discount Code For The Mammoth Mattress?

The medical-grade beds are sold from roughly £400 to over £1,200. There is no reason to shell out the full amount. A good deal or discount is always welcome, no matter the product! But if the product involves a mattress brand, always visit their home page first for specials. At the time of writing, Mammoth had no discounts but they gifted two free pillows with every double, king size or super king mattress.

We also dragged our net around the Internet to bring you more discount codes.

Find the most affordable mattresses in our special report.

Will They Take My Old Mattress Away If I Buy The Mammoth Mattress?

Unfortunately, this service is not available from Mammoth. This is usually the case when mattress brands sell their products exclusively through retailers. One of these stores might offer a mattress removal service but this is not the norm. Should you buy a Mammoth mattress, chances are that you must get rid of the old bed to make space for the new mattress. There is an easy solution – an independent mattress removal service.

After doing a quick Internet search, you’ll probably realize that you are spoilt for choice. Collecting old beds is a flourishing business. In the old days, it was just to take them to landfills but today, most companies also recycle unwanted beds. If you love nature, then that is good news. Foam mattresses, in particular, contribute to serious bed pollution (that’s a real thing).

Do we recommend any particular company? We sure do. And we love them so much that we admit to not getting a kickback from them for mentioning their awesomeness. Anyjunk is aptly named. From that rusted Ford behind the house to broken furniture, they will cart off anything and everything. The business maintains an excellent rating on Trustpilot thanks to countless happy customers. A huge part of their appeal is that Anyjunk will remove any size mattress and recycle the entire thing. Not a coil or thread is wasted. You can read all about their mattress removal service at this page.

Do you want to learn more about mattress disposal and what your options are? We wrote an article to assist you with every step of the way.

What Are The Alternatives To The Mammoth Mattress?

An alternative mattress brand to Mammoth must, at least, reflect some of its greater points. For example, the inclusion of sleep technology like Medical Grade™ Foam, stylish collections, and wide availability. But there are popular things that Mammoth does not offer. Perhaps you want more latex memory foam mattresses, a free home trial, and being able to buy online from the brand.

We found alternative options to Mammoth that includes this and more. If you enjoyed our Mammoth mattress review, then you can dive into the list of replacements below. We grilled each of the brands with the same questions, looked at their performance in the home, and whether they are worth buying. Ready? Dive.

  • Our complete Dunlopillo mattress review.
  • Our complete Eve Sleep mattress review.
  • Our complete Nectar Sleep mattress review.
  • Our complete Simba mattress review.
  • Our complete Brook and Wilde mattress review.

The Verdict On Mammoth

The story behind Mammoth is interesting. The brand was born when founder John Tuton was injured in a Rugby game and needed a better bed. He designed the first Mammoth mattress prototype and the rest is history. The unique innovation Medical Grade™ Foam won the brand a prestigious award. Included in all Mammoth beds, its main purpose is to improve sleep by eliminating back pain and body aches. Mammoth’s other strong points include the stylish mattress collections, adjustable beds, and the 10-year guarantee.

There were lows, however. There is no free home trial (unless a Mammoth retailer offers one). There are also no options for customers who love buying online ( and directly from a brand) or those who want to include a mattress removal service in the purchase of their product. None of these goobers, however, affect the quality that we have seen with the beds themselves.

Mammoth might not be for everyone (no brand pleases everyone). But the Mammoth mattress collections remain a great choice if you love luxury and support in the same package.

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