Hypnos Mattress Review, Awards And Discounts UK 2021

Hypnos comes straight out of Edwardian times. Currently run by the fifth generation of the same family that started the luxury business in 1904, Hypnos continues to churn out special beds. Special how? Here’s how.

  • Each bed is handmade by master craftsmen.
  • They only use sustainable and natural materials.
  • The beds are 100 percent recyclable.
  • Hypnos mattresses are chemical-free.
  • Quality reviews, awards and acknowledgements, including a Royal Warrant from Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.
  • Their customers include royalty, hotels, and VIPs.
Hypnos Mattress

But Hypnos mattresses are for everyone. That being said, the brand pleases one particular crowd the most – those who love handcrafted, Earth-friendly products that add style to the home and energy to their mornings. If you want one of these Edwardian clouds in your bedroom, then this review is for you. We will introduce you to the brand’s high-quality beds and record-smashing awards. There are also plenty of discount vouchers to get the best deal on a new bed. Please note that all mattress prices were correct at the time of writing.

What Type Of Mattresses Does Hypnos Make?

Hypnos is a hybrid creature. All the brand’s mattresses are pocket sprung beds with layers of natural stuffing. The latter include good quality wool and cotton. But at the end of the day, the Hypnos mattress range is magnificent. Many of the designs draw on their Royal archive and over a century of expertise. But before you can decide which mattresses are the best fit for your lifestyle, one must first meet the family. Uhm, the beds, not the human clan running the show (but let’s give them a well-deserved hat tip).

Here is a quick list of their top mattress collections:

  1. The Origins Collection (£1,100 – £1,800).
  2. The Pillow Top Collection (£799 – £1399).
  3. The Luxury No Turn Collection (£499- £1,099).
  4. The Royal Comfort Collection (£699 – £1,399).
  5. The Regal Collection (£599 – £1,299).
  6. The Regency Collection (£1,299 – £2,599).
  7. The Natural Comfort Collection (£999 – £1,649).
  8. The Orthos Support Collection (£899 – £2, 199).
  9. The E-Motion Collection (£1029 – £2,860).

Edwardian survivors are cool. But in case you’re searching for the best coils of our times, you can read all about the greatest sprung mattresses right here.

The Origins Collection Is A Green Thing

Never fear. There is not a frog-coloured mattress in sight. The only green thing here is how environmentally friendly this range is.

Hypnos is very serious about leaving no carbon footprint behind. Thus far, they are doing a great job (the brand is currently rated as a neutral carbon company). Additionally, any materials that go into a Hypnos mattress is ethically sourced and traceable. No dodgy fiddles here. Indeed, to ensure that suppliers meet their eco-friendly policies, Hypnos only works with Red Tractor certified farms.

Frog coloured mattress

But let’s have a closer look at this range. At the heart of each mattress, the finest cotton and British wool are hand-layered for ultimate comfort. Both materials share the same ethical origins, which inspired the name of the collection. But while these natural materials give the mattress a sense of luxury and high quality, let’s not forget the pocket springs. The coils are expertly engineered and hand-sewn into individual pockets. Together, the stuffing, coils, and attention to the handcrafted details make each bed a rejuvenating experience.

If you are interested in why Hypnos insists on green materials and habits, the Guardian has an interesting (and scary) article about the negative world of dumped mattresses.

Banish Allergies With The Pillow Top Range

The Pillow Top collection could be the answer to your question, “What’s the best mattress to cure my sniffles?” That’s right. Each of the four pillow top mattresses in this range is hypo-allergenic. But that is not all. While you enjoy a life with reduced allergies, you can also look forward to one less chore – these beds never need to be turned over.

To encourage better sleep, the designers stitched a pair of special features into this range. Both promote deep relaxation. Firstly, the soft pillow top offers support wherever the body needs it. Each mattress is also engineered with 37.5 technology. This design helps keeps your body temperature steady in the best comfort zone. This top mattress range also includes the best blends of wool, latex, and cotton. AllergyUK has a great article about zapping allergies by reducing mites in your mattress. You can read about it here.

Pillow Top collection

Looking for more pillow top options? You can find your perfect mattress here – or if you prefer separate bedding, then here are the best mattress toppers.

Still In No Mood To Flip Anything? Try The Luxury No Turn Beds

Luxury No Turn Beds

Let’s be honest. Turning a bed over is one chore loved by none. King size (or heaven help you, super king-size) beds can especially be problematic for those with back problems. To save time and spines, Hypnos developed a range of luxury mattresses that need no turning. But this is not a single-wonder deal. The range has other features that are worth mentioning.

The three beds, which are available in different sizes, are lined with intelligent pocket springs. Okay, they cannot solve your kid’s homework. But these coils are smart enough to sense your movements.

When you turn over, for instance, the mattress adjusts to spread your weight out evenly (so you won’t sink into a woolly abyss). The intuitive adjustment also provides perfect posture support when you settle down.

Do you hate how customers must accept products meant for everybody? It can be really annoying at times. But here is a pleasing fact to smooth the feathers we just ruffled. This Hypnos bed range makes beds that are bespoke to you. It can be tailor-made with materials and the tension of your choice to support your own unique tastes (and comforts!).

The Royal Comfort Collection

A little earlier, we mentioned that Hypnos has a Royal archive. The designs and Royal commissions from this archive inspired two of their greatest mattresses. The Eminence and the Sovereign combine lambswool, latex, and hand-teased wool with hourglass-shaped pocket springs. This blend ensures that the elegant beds are exquisite, both in function and appearance. The collection can also be tailor-made to your needs. Not sure what those needs are? When it comes to the appearance of your new mattress, you can look for inspiration with Hypnos itself. The brand offers special pages to trigger ideas, including room decor and headboards. If you need help with the entire room, Real Homes has a plan to create your dream bedroom from scratch. Grab their article here.

The Regal Collection (And Some Camel Stuff)

Our Hypnos mattress review already pointed out features that are unique to this brand. But when it comes to exotic bits and bobs, this range is the clear winner. The Signature mattress is upholstered with layers of pashmina wool, cashmere, bamboo, British wool, and silk. With the Elegance mattress, you can look forward to sleeping on a bed filled with camel hair, mohair, and cashmere. These materials make the mattresses more breathable and hygienic. As a bonus, they also create the luxurious sensations that the best Hypnos mattresses are famous for.

The Regency Collection and the Natural Comfort Collection are pretty similar. The exotic materials and quality features we have just mentioned are included in most of their beds. But we also liked the following about this range.

Hypnos mattress review
  1. The wool is sourced from New Zealand farms that support animal welfare and good land management.
  2. Intelligent pocket springs.
  3. Each mattress gives full-body support.
  4. They also regulate your temperature throughout the night.
  5. A client can choose their own finishing touches.
  6. Generous layers of alpaca, horsetail, and fleece wool.

The Orthos Support Mattress Collection

Hypnos also created a mattress collection with a strong focus on support. Each mattress is designed to be firm but is also matched with a firm divan base. Together they provide extra support for those who need it. If that sounds like a worrying amount of firmness, don’t worry – you won’t feel like you are clinging to a row of bricks. On the contrary, the mattresses were designed to stay comfortable, no matter what. If you are wondering which best mattress features to expect from this range, here is a good highlight reel.

The Orthos Elite Alpaca mattress relies on materials like alpaca, wool, and cotton to keep you comfy and cool. The Cashmere mattress has 9-turn pocket springs that are exceptionally intuitive, while the Elite Silk mattress offers firmness and luxurious upholstery made from the finest silk and wool. Last, but not least, the Elite Wool mattress provides firm to extra firm pocket sprung beds with all the breathability of wool.

The Uber-Comfy Collection

Alright, we changed the name. We plead guilty. But looking into the E-Motion Collection counted among the favourite moments of our Hypnos mattress review. The collection, which consists of two beds, is comfortable in an unusual way. Sure, you can look forward to all the quality, coils, materials, and handcraft. But the E-Motion mattress and the E-Motion Plus mattress are also adjustable. A handset is used to tilt – and save – the most comfortable positions for sleeping and reading.

Given, it looks a bit like a hospital bed when the mattress sits upright – but let’s not be morbid. The Uber-Comfy collection (fine, the E-motion mattresses), will certainly add a dash of luxury to any bedroom. Here is our guide to find the best mattress for adjustable beds.

Which Awards Have Hypnos Mattress Won?

Hypnos mattresses are a Royal favourite. This becomes obvious when you look at all the awards that Hypnos has earned over the years. True, the list of accolades is not the highest number that has ever been given to a bed brand. But they are certainly of the highest calibre.

  1. Hypnos is the only bed company with three “Bed Manufacturer of the Year” awards from the National Bed Federation.
  2. In 2017, Hypnos won the Queen’s Award for Enterprise for International Trade.
  3. In 2020, Hypnos also won the Queen’s Award for Sustainable Development.

What Reviews Do Customers Give Hypnos Mattresses?

Thus far, it is pretty clear that we are impressed by Hypnos mattresses. But since one can sometimes get carried away by the lovely things you review, we always check in with other mattress reviews as a kind of sounding board. Among the most trusted is Trustpilot, To be honest, we arrived with happy expectations – only to find that the Hypnos mattress reviews page grades the brand as “Average.” Sad face.

To understand the low-ish score of 3.2, we read through most of the reviews. As it turns out, Hypnos mattresses are not a wholesale failure due to bad quality. Sure, there was the odd defective mattress that received complaints (understandably). But the main reason why Hypnos mattress reviews on Trustpilot tanked was because of customer service. According to several unsatisfied consumers, Hypnos is slow to communicate and even slower to deliver (the company extended the normal delivery time during Covid-19).

Earlier we mentioned that Hypnos holds a Royal Warrant. Although it does not come with stars and ratings, this prestigious recognition is the result of scrutiny that rivals the best review sites. The only way to win the award is to provide an excellent household service, for at least five years, to HM The Queen, HRH The Duke of Edinburgh and HRH The Prince of Wales. Hypnos mattresses have received Royal Warrants – yes, plural – since 1929!

What Guarantee And Home Trial Period Does Hypnos Offer?

Hypnos used to have the perfect guarantee. The mattress company covered each Hypnos mattress with a 10-year guarantee. If a mattress failed or had a faulty design, it was replaced at no cost to the consumer. However, after November 2014 this policy changed. You can find the full details here.

Basically, it boils down to a reduced warranty. You still get a 10-year guarantee. But the full coverage only lasts for the first five years. After that, the delivery of your new Hypnos mattress remains free. The reduction part means that Hypnos bears partial costs and the rest must be paid by the client. The longer the 10-year guarantee runs, the more financial responsibility will shift over to the client. By the final two years, Hypnos only covers 10 percent of the costs involved.

Hypnos itself does not offer a home trial. If you want to test a mattress for a few nights, then you’ll have to find the right retailer. Some, like John Lewis, does not seem to have a test period. Others allow a decent amount of time to test their beds at home. One example is Reading Bedding. They are one of the biggest sellers of Hypnos beds, from the excellent pillow top mattress, Hypnos cushions, to those heavenly Hypnos king size mattresses. They have it all. Alright, we’re straying. Back to the home trial, you say? You can read all about Reading Bedding’s 100-night home trial here.

Where Can I Buy Hypnos Mattresses?

Let’s say you love the Hypnos pillow top range as much as we do. Where can you find a reputable seller? Well, look no further. We do not just scrutinize mattress reviews for the truth. We also comb through all the sales information to remove the fluff and fakes.

Hypnos does not sell directly through the public. Their mattresses are sold through different retailers (both online and real-world). The Hypnos web site has a list of retailers here.

We already mentioned John Lewis and Reading Bedding. Other places include Amazon and Premier Inn. The hotel is famous for using this brand. Indeed, over 76,000 rooms contain a Hypnos Premier Inn mattress. Lined with pocket springs and a pillow top, these beds turn out refreshed guests every morning. You can buy your own hotel-grade mattress right here.

If you want to read more about the mattresses used by Premier Inn, we wrote a special article just about that. You can read it here.

Buy Hypnos Mattresses Buying Guide

Where Can I Get A Discount Code For The Hypnos Mattress?

At the beginning of our mattress review, we lured you in with the promise of great discounts. You made it this far, so you probably like the idea of snoozing on your own Hypnos mattress. But why pay the full price? Indeed, most Hypnos mattress reviews agree on the same thing – the beds are dreamy.

However, the brand also floats around in the upper tiers of the high price spectrum. That’s understandable, considering what goes into making a Hypnos mattress but a great discount never hurt anyone. You can find the best mattress vouchers below:

  1. Promopro has plenty of mattress vouchers here.
  2. Groupon has some more at this page.
  3. HotUKDeals sometimes has offers here.

Will They Take My Old Mattress Away If I Buy The Hypnos Mattress?

Yes and no. Since Hypnos mattresses are sold through different stores, it depends on a retailer’s own rules about what’s best (mattress removal during Covid-19 is not considered safe by all). But some stores will deliver your new mattress and remove the old one. For example, Big Brand Beds will take away your older mattress if you buy a new Hypnos bed from them. They do have a few conditions, so be sure to check them out here.

Read our guide to learn more about how to dispose of a mattress.

What Are The Alternatives To The Hypnos Mattress?

This mattress brand is rather unique. You’d have to search high and low to find something exactly like it. In fact, we did and found none. But that does not mean there are no alternatives. What makes Hypnos so great is the attention given to each mattress, using natural materials, and their stunning collections.

Maybe you want the style and the eco-friendly habits of Hypnos. But perhaps memory foam is more appealing to you than wool. The great news is that many other brands reflect the same kind of quality with different materials, mattress collections, and decent guarantees.

Our top picks are Eve Sleep, Emma, Dunlopillo, Nectar, and Dormeo mattresses. You can read our reviews of each brand below:

Read our guide to find the best memory foam mattress for you.

The Verdict On Hypnos

Well, we tried to keep our satisfied tone in check but failed miserably. This mattress brand impressed us from the start. All their mattresses are carefully handcrafted, using materials that are exclusively sourced from responsible farms. The mattresses are also 100 percent recyclable and made to order (upon special request). Of course, all Hypnos mattress reviews love those prestigious Royal Warrants.

The only hiccup appeared in consumer reviews. While most people were happy with their new mattress, a few complained about a ridge in the middle of the bed (this is apparently solved by turning the mattress often), while others felt that the delay in delivery (caused by Covid-19 precautions) were too long. Without downplaying consumer frustrations, neither issue is something we felt crossed the line enough to ruin the entire brand. So we will give Hypnos the benefit of a doubt.

At the end of the day, Hypnos mattresses are used in Royal Households, hotels, and countless happy homes. This alone makes Hypnos a great choice if you are looking to change your mattress. To ensure a happy experience, it might be best to read the mattress care section and FAQ section provided by Hypnos. Also, check to see which retailer caters to your desire for a free home trial and mattress removals. A Hypnos mattress is different than most modern beds but if you know how to care for one and work with the right retailer, then this could be the best mattress you ever buy.

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