Harrison Spinks Mattress Reviews, Awards And Discounts UK 2021

Harrison Spinks beds start their lives on a farm owned by the family that has been running the award-winning brand for five generations. The 300-acre patch in North Yorkshire raises wool, alpaca fleece, hemp, and flax, all of which are added to their mattresses by hand. The brand is also one of the most nature-friendly companies you are bound to encounter.

So if supporting a family business with die-hard green policies makes you buzz with expectation, then this review is for you.

Harrison Spinks Mattress

We asked all the tough questions to determine what benefits you can expect as a buyer. What’s more, you will also learn all about their handcrafted mattresses, impressive awards, and discounts. Please note that at the time of writing all prices were correct.

Ready? Let’s go hug their adorable sheep and test those pocket springs.

What Type Of Mattresses Does Harrison Spinks Make?

Woolly pocket-sprung wonders. If you need more detail than a cute four-word phrase, then dive into our overview of the Harrison Spinks bed collections. Their trade mark is to use only the finest natural materials and craftsmanship. This is not just sales fluff. The products of each range show the brand’s dedication to quality and sustainable materials.

If you want to purchase a wool-based bed but don’t know where to look, then you can read our review on the best fleecy beds.

Our Mini Velocity Collection Review

The Velocity mattress range is the younger of the two major collections (Somnus being the other one). The products include convenient options like the Harrison no-turn mattress to luxury dual-sided beds. Besides their individual treats, all Velocity mattresses share a range of features that are worth mentioning. Let’s have a look at those for a moment.

  • Each bed is handcrafted by master artisans in the United Kingdom.
  • Each one is also packed with only the best and sustainably sourced natural fillings.
  • The mattresses are 100 percent foam-free.
  • No glue is used by the bed manufacturer.
  • Each bed is FR chemical-free. (WebMD has a good article that explains more about the possible health dangers of flame retardant chemicals in mattresses).
  • The manufacturing methods are zero to landfill.
  • The mattresses are boxed for easy delivery and handling.
  • The pocket sprung beds contain 100 per cent recyclable coils.
  • The beds are comfortable and supportive for individuals with back problems.
  • Your new mattress is suitable for any sleeping position.

Our Mini Somnus Bed Review

Mini Somnus Beds

The first Somnus mattress was made in 1840. The products in this range form the cornerstone of the brand. Indeed, the quality bed manufacturing methods have kept Harrison Spinks alive for five generations.

The collection also includes a world first. Back in 1924, it prompted the invention of the first double-tiered pocket sprung design. Added as extra comfort layers, the pocket springs can support back pain, other sensitive back problems, and all sleeping positions.

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Besides an amazing spring count, what else can you expect from the Harrison Spinks beds that make up the Somnus collection? Let’s peek at the highlights.

  • Each bed is also handmade by the best UK experts.
  • The comfort layers include natural wool and alpaca fleece.
  • The springs are designed to be intuitive to movements and weight. This enables the coils to expertly remove any pressure pushing against your movements and body weight.
  • The entire bed is recyclable, including the springs.
  • Only the finest quality weaving is chosen for materials (all weaving is done by Harrison Spinks).
  • Your new bed will be big enough. Whether you need a king-size or something custom made, the Harrison Spinks artisans will make it.
  • The tension of most of the beds rates between regular and firm. There are selected Harrison Spinks beds that are extra firm for orthopaedic reasons. (Get the best orthopaedic mattresses from different brands).
  • Every one of their beds is lined with border rows. Numbering between two and five repeats, the stitching acts as a strengthener for the mattress and provides bed edge-to-edge support.
  • The range is also a great choice for those who suffer from allergies. That king size new mattress (or any other, really) has an ACTIPRO™ finish. This probiotic solution gives textiles anti-allergen and anti-dustmite properties.
  • The mattress can breathe thanks to nickel-plated ventilators, keeping you cool during those hot nights.
  • The customer can choose between luxury fabrics which the artisans will then use to make a custom bed.
  • The collection also includes double mattresses that can be zipped together into one large bed. (You can find more of the best zip-and-link beds from different brands if you want more mattresses that have been handpicked for quality and functionality).

Our Mini Harrison Spinks Collection Review

  • You can order a bespoke bed from this range. You can choose between a wide variety of luxury materials and fillings to design the mattress of your dreams.
  • Lighter and stronger titanium pocket coils.
  • Easy to turn.
  • Each mattress has a warm side for winter and a cool side for summer.
  • 100 percent natural fillings, including Egyptian cotton and cashmere.

Why is Egyptian cotton such a hot item in the furniture and luxury business? Contrado has a great article that explains Egyptian cotton’s wonderful benefits.

Our Mini HerdySleep Collection Review

  • This HerdySleep mattress range is packed with natural materials, like Herdwick wool, and the finest craftsmanship.
  • Each mattress is handmade in the UK.
  • The range is a good choice for consumers who do not want pocket springs.
  • The fillings consist of cotton, wool, and cashmere.

Our Mini Adam Henson Collection Review

  • The collection is the result of a collaboration between Harrison Spinks and the Adam Henson brand.
  • The mattress range includes wool from rare sheep breeds, including Romney, Cotswold, and Whiteface Dartmoor.
  • Each bed is handmade by expert artisans.
  • They are also topped with a 100 percent mix of wool and cotton.
  • Different spring systems for great support and comfort.

Did you know that Harrison Spinks beds are also used in hotels? If you like the idea of sleeping on a bed trusted by hotels, you can also read our review on the mattress used by Premier Inn Hotels. Find out more about its materials, reviews and how to get your own Premier Inn mattress.

Mini Adam Henson Collection

Which Awards Have Harrison Spinks Mattress Won?

Harrison mattresses reviews cannot be complete if they do not mention the impressive list of awards and accreditations that the brand has won. In all honesty, we have seen longer lists. But we prefer quality over quantity and each item on this list is anything but fluff.

  • The brand has won several Queen’s Awards for Enterprise. As Britain’s most prestigious nod, the Queen’s Awards honour British businesses that deliver excellent services and products. In the case of Harrison Spinks, the brand won Queen’s Awards in the categories Sustainable Development, Innovation, and International Trade.
  • Harrison Spinks became the first business – of any kind – to win both the Innovation and Sustainable Development awards in the same year (2013).
  • The brand is a member of the National Bed Federation, an authority that diligently upholds the bed industry’s standards. The NBF ensures that all its members produce ethical, safe, and quality products.
  • The company was awarded the Bed Manufacturer of the Year Award for 2018-1019 by the National Bed Federation.
  • They are also an affiliate to the British Wool Marketing Board (BWMB).
  • The company also supports The Campaign For Wool initiative.
  • Harrison Spinks is a member of the Furniture Makers Company, an organisation dedicated to the craft and business of furniture manufacturers.
  • The Furniture Makers Company awarded Harrison Spinks the Manufacturing Guild Mark for showing excellence in their craft.
  • The brand is also ISO 9001:2015 certified for consumer safety and peace of mind.

That is a pretty authoritative list! But as much as we appreciate the experts and their awards, we also want to know if consumers enjoy their new mattress. Our next stop? Those authentic Harrison Spinks mattresses reviews.

What Reviews Do Customers Give Harrison Spinks Mattresses?

We decided to look at two popular reviews sites. Over at Trustpilot, we found just under 100 Harrison Spinks reviews. Together, they gave the brand a rating of 3.0 or “Average.” Roughly 45 percent of the Harrison mattress reviews gave “Excellent” status (or 5 stars) when they wrote about their experience with the company. What they loved was the fact that it was homegrown in the UK, the comfort, and waking up and feeling refreshed again for the first time in years.

About 43 percent only gave the mattress brand one star. What upset these consumers were a lacklustre customer service (from both Harrison Spinks and John Lewis), receiving a mattress that was somehow different from the ones they chose in the showroom, and uncomfortable firmness issues. (The best tension for most sleepers is said to be a medium-firm surface. We searched for, found, and reviewed the best medium-firm mattresses that are available on the market today).

Harrison Spinks reviews fared a little better at Feefo. At the time of writing, 225 people left Harrison Spinks reviews. Together, the average rating of the 225 reviews gave the brand 4.5 out of 5. For some reason, the Feefo crowd swore by great customer service (as opposed to the poor quality assistance issues that were raised by Trustpilot’s Harrison Spinks reviews).

What Guarantee And Home Trial Period Does Harrison Spinks Offer?

Ergoflex Mattress Home Trial

There is no clear answer on the brand’s web site other than providing a page where you can register your warranty – and saying that your mattress is automatically guaranteed once purchased (see their FAQ page). This is not really usual. Most mattress brands that sell directly to consumers make their policies very clear and easy to find.

Those, like Harrison Spinks, who sell exclusively through independent retailers do not always make things so user-friendly. Why? It’s a bit annoying, we will admit. But since a brand could have many retailers, with different guarantees and home trial policies (which tend to change every now and again), it would require a lot of effort to keep a related page updated on the brand’s web site.

That being said, the Velocity collection’s home trial was easy to find. Should you choose something from this range, the brand allows you to test it at home for 60 nights.

But if you are interested in one of their other beds, no worries. In the next section, we will look at some of these retailers and also mention their guarantees and home trial periods for a Harrison Spinks mattress.

Are you looking for sleep trials that are both lengthy and free? You can read our review that looked at the best free home trials from different brands. Spoiler: Two brands offer a year-long home trial to their customers.

Where Can I Buy Harrison Spinks Mattresses?

One user-friendly feature on their web site is the Find A Retailer tool. You can find it on the product page of any of the mattress collections (look near the bottom of the page). Here is that registration doorway again for the Velocity range. How does the search tool work? You simply enter your area code into the search bar and the nearest available stores in your area will be displayed.

Choosing a new mattress is a big deal, considering that you invest a lot of your time and finances. You can review our top article on how to identify and pick the best mattress for your needs. Read it here.

Two of the stores that sell the brand’s products are Furniture Village and of course, John Lewis. So what are they offering the consumer in regards to a home trial and guarantee for Harrison mattresses?

  • John Lewis: According to their guarantees page, John Lewis offers a warranty of seven years for any mattress regardless of brand or size. The guarantee covers things like zips that break, loose side stitching, and pocket springs that fail. The store does not appear to offer a home trial to test a mattress.
  • Furniture Village: This retailer also does not allow customers to review a bed in the comfort of their own home. But there is good news if you love mattress guarantees that go beyond the usual 5-year or 10-year warranties. The store gives a 20-year guarantee with all their beds, Harrison Spinks included.
Harrison Spinks Mattresses Buying Guide

Where Can I Get A Discount Code For The Harrison Spinks Mattress?

Alrighty, let’s talk prices. Depending on where you shop – and what type of mattress you buy – one can expect to shell out between £900 and sometimes even over £6,000 for a Harrison Spinks bed. Needless to say, a handsome discount makes this upper-tier brand more affordable. We also want everyone to own the mattress of their choice, regardless of brand and that is why we always hunt down the best deals for you. So sit back and riffle through all the discounts for Harrison Spinks beds below.

Do not forget to check the web site of Harrison Spinks as well. At the time of writing, there were no discount offers on their beds. But that could (hopefully) change in the future.

You can also have a look at the most affordable beds on the market today. Our review lists the best quality mattresses from different manufacturers. We highlight their best features, provide an honest look at their home trials and warranties, and also give authentic customer reviews for the beds.

Will They Take My Old Mattress Away If I Buy The Harrison Spinks Mattress?

We looked at their FAQ page but there was no information about a mattress removal service. The only mention we could find was on the product page for the Velocity collection. In short, Harrison Spinks wrote that when they deliver any beds from this range (which is delivered the next day after you place an order), they will also remove your old mattress. However, there is no information about whether this is a paid or free service.

If you would rather use an independent mattress removal service, we might have the best option for you. Nope, we do not get any coins for mentioning this company, we mention them purely because they have excellent reviews on Trustpilot and customers cannot get enough of their services. Anyjunk removes anything you no longer want or need. However, the good news is that they are mattress specialists. Their staff will take care of everything, from getting that slab of sponge or coils out the front door to loading it onto their vehicle.

But do they recycle? Old mattresses continue to contribute to the landfill crisis, so this is a legitimate concern and question. Nobody who is nature-conscious want to throw a big thing away that can harm the environment for a long period of time. The good news is that Anyjunk recycles the entire mattress. Literally, nothing goes to waste. If you want to find out more about this highly popular removal company and read a review or two, then you can discover more details about their removal services.

Alternatively, you can also visit our article for the best tips on how to get rid of an old mattress. We offer advice that is easy, practical, and environmentally safe.

What Are The Alternatives To The Harrison Spinks Mattress?

When looking for alternatives, the best place to start is to find brands with the same positive qualities you appreciated in Harrison Spinks. For example, you want something that won’t fall apart after 6 months, good reviews, plenty of collections, mattress sizes that goes up to king size and beyond, and natural fillings. But since no brand is 100 percent suitable to everybody’s taste, there might be a few things about Harrison Spinks that does not jangle those happy feelings for you. Perhaps you do not like wool inside a bed. Others might want to buy directly from the brand or enjoy a home trial that is also free.

There are many brands that could hit the sweet spot for you. We compared the best companies to find alternative brands and compiled them into a list. If you enjoyed reading through all the Harrison Spinks reviews online, or maybe just ours, then why not read the reviews that we wrote for each of the alternative choices? Every review highlights the brand’s ups and downs, the collections, and also include vouchers and discounts.

The Verdict On Harrison Spinks

From the family farm to Harrison Spinks’ Leeds-based factory, the company is focused on one thing – to make quality bed products. This is not a fluffy claim to rake in more sales. Excellent customer reviews show that the beds are performing well in everyday life while several prestigious awards have recognized Harrison Spinks as a sustainable, environmentally-friendly, professional and luxury mattress brand.

Our Harrison mattress review also looked at the other side. The company offers amazing stuff, we won’t lie. Several times, we found ourselves deeply impressed – by their partnerships, designs, and homegrown ingredients. But while we looked around and got to know Harrison Spinks better, one thing turned more prickly pear than sugar plum. Earlier we pointed out the lack of easy-to-access information. To be fair, Harrison Spinks has a beautiful web site full of information but we found important small print stuff (like a mattress removal service, guarantees, and home trials) way too hard to find or lacking enough details.

Most user-friendly brands display these bits and bobs on their FAQ page. This particular page at Harrison Spinks is actually good. While, for some reason, it does not include the above issues, it is informative about other things, including why some beds feel different to showroom mattresses (something that was mentioned in the more negative reviews).

Our review could not fault the brand on other major points. Remember to look at those alternative brands if you decide that Harrison Spinks is not for you! But in case you like the company, then you might agree that their beds are an investment in one’s health, comfort, and pocket.

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