Happy Beds Mattress Reviews, Awards And Discounts UK 2021

Happy Beds is the fastest-growing mattress store in the UK. Their strategy of combining good quality with a good price is why this brand is blossoming like mad. They also lure people closer with sweeties (in a non-creepy way). Indeed, what they have to offer is an immense variety of beds, great customer service, and accessories.

But how good is Happy Beds really? We decided to pepper the brand with the most important questions asked by bed hunters. Our Happy Beds review gathered all the answers (sneak preview: most of them look very satisfying). You can also learn more about their bed collections and grab our sweet treats, which are the best discount codes and deals on Happy Beds mattresses that are available today.

You can also read our top choices from different brands that offer the most affordable beds.

What Type Of Mattresses Do Happy Beds Make?

Happy Beds offer a dizzying array of mattress choices. On their main page , the bed categories are sorted into six groups. Each group is made with good quality materials sourced in the UK – and if you fail to find your darling in any of these groups, then the brand will create a bespoke bed just for you. For your convenience, we have listed all six groups below and their finer divisions in a quick-to-read format. Enjoy!

Mattress Type

  • People with back problems might love the brand’s popular orthopaedic mattresses.
  • Need something for your offspring (or two)? Happy Beds also has a lovely kids range available.
  • You can also choose a trundle or bunk bed mattress for that guest room.
  • If you want a good quality mattress that is easy to carry, why not look at their rolled mattresses?

You can also read our reviews on the market’s best cot beds and orthopaedic mattresses.

This Group Is For Foam People

If you love foam beds more than anything, then there are three sorties to choose from at Happy Beds.

  • Happy Beds have good quality memory foam mattresses.
  • There are also plenty of plush latex and reflex foam beds to choose from.

Are you looking for more foamy fun? Indulge in our reviews on the top latex beds and memory foam beds.

Coils Or No Coils?

When it comes to spring structure, Happy Beds offer three mattress ranges.

  • There is a pocket sprung collection for great support and comfort.
  • If you want something a little different, why not have a look at their open coil mattresses?
  • Hate coils but love intuitive body support? They also have comfortable no spring beds.

Get the inside look at the favourite pocket sprung beds on the market today.

How Firm Is That Bed In The Window?

Happy beds kids foam

If you would rather choose your next bed primarily by firmness, this Happy Beds group caters specifically to that desire. You can choose between five levels of bounce (sorry, firmness).

Do you also want to look at the best beds on the market in each firmness category? You can read all about soft beds, those all-time favourite medium-firm beds, and for great posture support, you can meet all the top firm beds.

I Want To Choose A Size…

No problem. Remember when we said that the brand loves variety? You might notice that here! How so? There are eleven bed sizes at Happy Beds (Happy Beds will also create a bed if none of theirs turns out to suit your needs).

Once again, if you want to meet the top beds in the most popular size categories, we’ve got you covered. Read all about today’s best single beds, those double wonders, consider a king-size bed, or that ultra-luxurious Emperor mattress.

But What About Special Features?

Happy Beds will smother you with variety here too. From tops to tufts, sides to fillings, you will find all the best features in this collection.

Please note that at the time of writing, all prices were correct. Depending on what you choose, their products range swing between £69 and £705.

Which Awards Have Happy Beds Mattress Won?

What great accolades have people hurled at Happy Beds? A few impressive ones, actually. We feel that they carry extra authority since all of them have their roots in genuine customers and their positive reviews. In this case, Feefo did the hurling.

What Reviews Do Customers Give Happy Beds Mattresses?

Clearly, the Feefo crowd is pretty satisfied. But to see how the brand performed as a whole, we trotted over to Trustpilot too. We specifically look at the Happybeds reviews from UK customers. At the time of writing, their rating stood at 3.1 or “Average.” Around 1,836 opinions were given and of those, around 62 percent did give Happy Beds 5-star reviews or “Excellent.” What they appreciated the most were the friendly customer service, comfortable materials, and back pain relief from the orthopaedic collection.

About 31 percent gave Happy Beds a “Bad” single star. What removed the happy for them were confusing customer service, courier issues (in fact, delivery seemed chaotic at times for some people), and unexpected order cancellation fees. Without meaning to sound unfairly in favour of the brand, we must mention that Happy Beds do not hide the fact that they charge return costs when a client cancels and the product is already dispatched.

Happy beds mattress buying guide

More specifically, the cancellation fees are mentioned on the Returns & Refunds page. You can read the short but informative section to see if you agree with their policies.

What Guarantee And Home Trial Period Does Happy Beds Offer?

Le’ts say you want to purchase a mattress from this brand. How long can you test it and what guarantee covers those oopsies? Well, after the delivery guys drop off your new bed, it comes with a 5-year warranty. It might be wise, also, to look at Happy Beds’ guarantee page. It stipulates the conditions and what might cancel the warranty.

If you are interested but do not feel like hopping over to the brand’s page, do not worry. We squished the most important details into a nutshell for you. Basically, when it comes to their guarantee, Happy Beds is not all that different from other brands. They cover factory mishaps but not damage that occurred at the homes of customers.

But what about a sleep trial? Unfortunately, the delivery men cannot bring a test mattress to your doorstep. At least, at the time of writing, Happy Beds did not offer any period during which consumers can test their mattresses or other products, like a bed frame, headboard or divan.
Get the best free sleeping trials from the best brands.

Where Can I Buy Happy Beds Mattresses?

You can grab your next bed frame or mattress directly from the brand’s web site. Let’s say you fancy that Happy Beds Majestic 1000 Pocket Sprung Mattress. The ordering process is very simple. You choose the size mattress you want and there is also an option to choose more than one, in case you want to purchase beds for several members of your family. The next step is to choose a delivery slot during the checkout process. If you do not use this option, then the courier company will contact you and arrange a date and time that best suit your needs.

You can also shop for Happy Beds products at Amazon.

How to choose between two great beds? Our article on how to pick the best mattress can solve that riddle.

Happy Beds Orthopaedic Mattress

Where Can I Get A Discount Code For The Happy Beds Mattress?

Is there such a thing as a great Happy Beds discount? Several in fact. We love a good price and that is why all our reviews contain the best deals for each brand. At the time of writing, there was no sign of any discounts being offered to the general public by Happy Beds but it’s always worth checking every now and again. Most mattress brands have offers at their web sites every now and again. That being said, Happy Beds do offer discounts for anyone with a career in the Armed Forces, NHS, Emergency Services, and Social Care. You can read all about their Blue Light Card Scheme here.

You can also find plenty of deals from the following discount sites.

Will They Take My Old Mattress Away If I Buy The Happy Beds Mattress?

Oh, wonderful day. You picked a new mattress, it’s a perfect match and you are a happy bed owner. But what to do with that old bed? Will Happy Beds remove it? In a way. Their site has a handy Recycle Your Mattress tool. To use it, you merely enter your postal code. Within a few seconds, it will show a list of local removal services that also recycle each mattress, no matter if it’s a pocket sprung or memory foam bed. You can rest assured that your bed will not harm the environment.

If you are interested in how beds are stripped down and recycled, then Happy Beds has a fascinating article. You can also grab our article for more tips on how to dispose of an old mattress.

What Are The Alternatives To The Happy Beds Mattress?

The best alternative mattress brand should show the same core qualities as Happy Beds. They should offer a good price, authentic reviews, mattresses that show some variety, a good customer service, and accessories like duvets or a bed frame collection.

We dug through the top brands that offer most of these perks. If you are also interested in other brands because you want a free sleep trial or a longer guarantee, then you will also find these (and more) from the list of alternatives. If you enjoy reading our reviews, then you are more than welcome to thumb through the reports that we wrote on each of the replacement brands. You can find them below.

The Verdict On Happy Beds

The thing we noticed almost immediately is that Happy Beds ranks among the more affordable bed brands. They make this possible by cutting out the middle man. Then there is the fact that they are the fastest-growing store (in their field) in the UK. We always appreciate a brand that is affordable and clearly supported by a lot of consumers. Happy Beds also offers plenty of other bed products and accessories to provide a complete experience. A one-stop-shop, if you will.

But. And this is a surprising one. It is unusual not to include a sleep trial. This is a pretty standard thing that bed brands offer to consumers. Some manufacturers do not make the trial free but it’s still available. This testing period is considered to be a part of good customer service. However, that being said, not having a sleep trial should not write Happy Beds off for potential clients. But what about those “Average” reviews? Well, to be honest, it’s hard to say. At Trustpilot, there was a lot of satisfied and dissatisfied buyers. But at Feefo, consumers gave such rave reviews that the brand won prestigious awards for several consecutive years.

At the end of the day, we feel that Happy Beds is a great choice. They cater to all budgets. The variety of beds is another strong feature of this brand. Indeed, the pickings between materials, size, and firmness are rich. If you also like brands that do the right thing (recycle old beds) and offer discounts to our Blue Light staff, then Happy Beds could be the next stop in your bed-bouncing spree.

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