Eve Mattress Reviews, Awards And Discounts UK 2021

Eve is a sunny brand (seriously, they love the colour yellow). Their mission in life is to put the sparkle back into everyone’s mornings. We liked the sound of that, so we decided to see what Eve is all about. Our ninjas left no pillow unturned. At the end of the day, their lovely-looking beds did just fine. No surprise, really – considering that some of them have already won Which? Best Buy awards.

If you have burning questions like “Why are these beds so darn amazing?” or “How much is an Eve mattress?” then we’ve got you covered. Stick around and we will even ply you with great discount vouchers. Please note that any prices we mention were correct at the time of writing. Alright, serious disclaimers aside, let’s dive into the Daisy-coloured world of Eve.

Eve Sleep Mattress

What Type Of Mattresses Does Eve Make?

When not sewing yellow lines into their pillows or crafting a beautiful wooden bed frame for a lucky customer, Eve makes two types of mattresses. In the one corner, you will find beds stuffed to the gills with premium foams. In the other corner stands a beautiful collection of hybrid mattresses that blend memory foam with pocket springs. Sounds delightful enough to bounce on, but to narrow the answer; Eve currently offers six kinds of mattresses. The highlights of each will appear shortly but if you want to jump straight to their pages over at Eve, here is your chance

The Premium Mattress Has Real Silver

We kid you not. Why? Because the precious metal has natural antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. Woven into the top cover of the mattress, this silver lining (apologies, we could not resist the pun) keeps the bed exceptionally clean.

If you want to learn more about how silver zaps bacteria, Science Daily has a good article.

Evesleep premium mattresses

The Premium mattress has four memory foam layers. Here they are, from top to bottom.

  1. The top layer is one of Eve’s own inventions. Aptly called Floatfoam, the airy comfort and pressure relief promotes better sleep.
  2. The next layer contains graphite which keeps the mattress cool.
  3. Support foam makes up the third layer and keeps your spine straight.
  4. The bottom slab cradles the entire body and also acts as a durable bed base.

Starting at £899, the bed has three sizes. It starts big with the Eve double mattress and finishes strong with the king and super king size. This Eve mattress review also awarded Snug Points for:

  • Maintaining the perfect temperature.
  • Giving TLC to all sleeping positions.
  • Nipping motion transfer in the bud.

Read more about the industry’s best memory foam beds.

The Premium Hybrid Mattress Has 1500 Springs

We, know, it’s crazy. But it makes the Eve hybrid mattress a magical destination after a hard day. The coils keep the bed cool and seamlessly adjust when you change position. Besides uber-comfort and intuitive springs, you can also expect the same quality that is baked into all of Eve’s products.

As the hybrid version of the previous mattress, the design is pretty similar. That’s right, you can tell your friends that you sleep on silver. The top three layers are identical as well, adding pressure relief and temperature control while, at the same time, also removing motion transfer. Hello, peaceful nights.

Eve Premium Hybrid

The bottom layer is lined with springs. Sandwiched between the coils and the rest of the bed is a foam casing. This double-layer sheet also pulls double-duty. First and foremost, it protects the pocket coils. It also gives more edge support to the mattress (so hurrah, you can say goodbye to that hideous feeling of “rolling off” near the sides of your bed).

Finally, similar to the Eve beds from the Premium version, the price range starts at £899 and you also get the same sizes.

Our Eve Original Mattress Review (AKA That Cute Buttercup)

This yellow beauty was designed in the UK by some of the best minds in the industry. The Eve Original might lack the twinkle of silver but it’s filled to the rafters with other goodies. Indeed, the three layers of memory foam and unique contour zones made the original mattress the Official Sleep Partner for British Rowing.

If you cut this mattress in half, this is what you’d see:

  1. A top cover that never turns hot or clammy.
  2. The top layer is pure Evecomfort foam. This support foam is so breathable, it practically hyperventilates (it is 30 times airier than traditional memory foam).
  3. A soft layer to add more support and comfort during sleep.
  4. A bed base made of firm foam and seven contour zones.
Eve Original Mattress Review

Our Eve Original mattress review also loved the stability of the mattress. The support is perfect for back pain and sleeping in any position. Additionally, if you hate waking up in a sweat and fighting off sticky sheets – the cool Evecomfort will take care of that. The mattress also isolates movements. In other words, those days of losing sleep because of a fidgety partner are over.

The size range also offers more variety. Starting at £279, families can choose between six Eve Original sizes. The biggest is the Emperor bed and if this size is your idea of heaven, why not read our complete article on the best Emperor-sized mattresses?

The Eve Original Hybrid Is No Copycat

Tiny correction. The mattress grabbed all the best stuff from the Eve Original mattress review – and then added its own fantastic features. Near the bottom of the bed, 800 pocket coils support sleep in any position and might even reduce back pain. If you have a cranky spine, then take a small detour and read all about the best beds for bad backs and body aches.

The coils of this hybrid bed are also topped with memory foam. This extra layer was added to the bed’s design to protect the pockets and strengthen the mattress with edge support. On the one side, there is nothing wrong with this bed’s quality, looks, or luxurious feel. But a big difference, when compared to the Original, is the number of mattresses in this range. There are only four beds available to consumers, ranging from single to super king size. This is not a deal-breaker but the variety is perhaps not ideal for anyone who was hoping for an Emperor bed in this class.

The price tag for the hybrid starts at £499.

The Lighter Eve Mattress – The Snoozefest With Only Two Layers

A complex bed does not always deliver a good night’s sleep. Sometimes all it takes is a simple Eve memory foam mattress. Eve did not cut corners when they designed this two-layer bed. They call it a good choice for “foam first-timers” and we agree. Not just because the mattress is simple, either. The bed is very affordable. This makes it perfect for those who do not want to spend a hefty package on a brand that they have never tried before.

Thanks to the reduced materials (but not reduced quality), the prices start at £279. This is truly the best range if you are looking for an inexpensive way to introduce yourself to Eve. If you want some more choices and brands, see our guide on the most affordable mattresses.

The lighter mattress

From single to super king, all four sizes of the Lighter Eve Mattress has the same design:

  1. The top layer is a bed cover. Hugging the entire mattress, its job is to ensure that you never experience another clammy or hot night.
  2. The first memory foam layer is a sheet of Evecomfort. To jog your memory, this is Eve’s own patented material (that ultra-breathable stuff which gives the foam mattress a cloud-like feeling).
  3. The thick base supports the bed and contour zones provide pressure relief for better sleep.

Want Some Coils With That? Try The Hybrid

The Lighter Hybrid mattress is the same as the previous bed but comes with two extra layers. You guessed it, the edge-support sheet and pocket coils. While this Eve mattress has the lowest number of coils for adult beds (around 600), the design is perfect. It nourishes sleep, removes pressure, keeps hot evenings at bay and offers the usual four sizes, starting at £399. Are you shopping for the best hybrid beds? This article lists all the top choices available today.

We Fibbed, There Is One More Comfy Bed…

That’s right. There is a seventh Eve mattress – but this one is for the kids. The cot mattress comes in two sizes (£149 and £169) and can be used from birth until the age of six. During this time, children grow rapidly. Not having to replace the bed saves more than a handful of coins. Even better, the mattress scored highly during Eve Sleep reviews on Trustpilot, which we will look at shortly. In the meantime, here are the highlights if you’re a mom or a dad and baby needs a new bed!

If you are looking for alternative brands that also offer quality cot beds, read our article.

  • With this Eve mattress, memory foam is supportive and durable.
  • An antibacterial mattress cover.
  • The mattress cover is removable and easy to wash.
  • The individual pocket springs support growing bodies and different sleep positions.
  • The springs and memory foam are covered by a waterproof protector.
  • The foam mattress is hypoallergenic.
  • Ultra-hygienic.

Which Awards Have Eve Mattresses Won?

Any Eve mattresses review that is worth its salt will mention that the brand has already won four Which? Best Buy awards. The competition for this honour is tough. Therefore, having four prize-winning mattresses, Eve can proudly claim its place among the best memory foam mattress brands. If you love to pick a winner, here they are.

What Reviews Do Customers Give Eve Mattresses?

The consumer reviews for Eve mattress ranges are looking great. Over at Trustpilot, the Eve mattress review page collects opinions about all of their products and not just the beds. Thousands of refreshed sleepers continue to rate the brand as “excellent” with an average score of 4.6. But what if you are interested in one of the beds that we mentioned earlier? Then the related mattress reviews on Trustpilot and other reviews sites might be the numbers to look at. Please note that the scores below without a site name represents the bed’s Trustpilot rating.

As you can see, the brand performs with excellence – both as a whole and with each mattress.

What Guarantee And Home Trial Period Does Eve Offer?

Eve has two different guarantees. The cot mattress has its own warranty that remains valid for 5 years. During this time the company will replace any faulty or damaged beds with a spanking new mattress. However, Eve attached conditions to both guarantees, so it’s worth checking out the small print on their warranty page. The rest of the beds are covered by a guarantee of 10 years. The protection kicks in the day your new bed is delivered to your door.

What about the testing period? You can sleep on an Eve mattress for 100 nights. The reason for this lengthy 100-night home trial is that Eve has real trust in its mattresses. The brand is convinced that their beds provide such perfect sleep, support, and pressure relief that few people might want to let go of that luxurious top layer of memory foam.

However, what counts as a perfect bed for one person might not please another. Eve understands that even after 100 nights on their best bed, not everyone will be happy. When that is the case, the return process is hassle-free. Eve always gives a full refund and never charges hidden fees with the return. They’ll even collect the mattress for free. In other words, you can enjoy a home trial without strings.

This detour is especially for those of you who are interested in Eve’s other products. The following items can also be tested at home (although not as long as the 100-night deal for adult beds).

  • The Eve mattress for infants – 30 nights.
  • Bed toppers – 30 nights. (Have a look at our complete article on the best mattress toppers for you).
  • Pillows – 14 nights.

Check out our article which covers more of the best free trials for beds.

Where Can I Buy Eve Mattresses?

You can buy a new Eve mattress directly from the brand. Their home page is very user-friendly and easy to navigate. Simply go to the mattress section, select the bed you love and add it to your cart. Eve sells both their memory foam and hybrid beds online and will also deliver anything straight to your door. That’s very convenient, to say the least. If you love beautiful packaging, then Eve deliveries will tug at your heartstrings. Just to add that special touch, everything they mail is sent in a craft box.

Read all about the best bed-in-a-box mattresses here.

Eve’s website also has a handy Store Locator page. Here you can find the names, location, and details of physical stores that sell Eve products. Some people trust online reviews and prefer to put a mattress through a home trial before they buy. However, others like to visit a showroom before they make a decision. If you like to visit a mattress in person, then go to the locator page and find a store near you.

Other Eve mattress retailers include Argos and Amazon.

Evesleep Premium hybrid mattress

Where Can I Get A Discount Code For The Eve Mattress?

At the beginning of this Eve mattress review, we promised you a fistful of vouchers. Well, here they are!

Will They Take My Old Mattress Away If I Buy The Eve Mattress?

Sadly, the answer is no. According to their FAQ page, they will deliver your new mattress but not remove the old one. Eve does not give a specific reason for this. The FAQ page claims that Eve cannot remove old mattresses “at this time,” which suggests that they could change their customer service policy in the future. Perhaps there is an internal issue or maybe Eve is minimizing contact during the Covid-19 scare. We just don’t know. But you do not have to worry about deliveries. Eve continues to support better sleep all over the UK and will deliver your new mattress without any fuss.

But let’s say that you want to get rid of your old bed. We have done the research and found the best company in the UK to remove Old Stuffy. Just Clear has a stellar record at Trustpilot. They collect and recycle each and every mattress, no matter its condition. You are also welcome to read our free guide on how to dispose of a mattress.

What Are The Alternatives To The Eve Mattress?

Eve is a stylish brand known for its yellow lines, tags, and bed bases. Of course, they are famous for quality beds too! But maybe you hate all things lemon-coloured. Hey, that’s fine. But surely, the great support, innovative memory foam, and durability of Eve’s beds struck a chord. Don’t worry. You don’t have to rocket to the Moon to find a brand with all the same benefits. There are other companies with the same type of beds to take your sleep to the next level. Some of the top brands are Simba, Nectar, Mammoth, Sealy, and Otty.

Rather unimpressed by all the reviews of Eve mattress products on the web? Perhaps you would rather learn more about Eve’s main competitors. Feel free to browse our in-depth reviews of each brand.

The Verdict On Eve Memory Foam Beds

Eve definitely sits with the cool kids. The brand crafts high-quality bed rests, cushions, duvets, and mattresses. They stitch great support into everything – from their memory foam to their customer service. No wonder Eve is one of the best choices for thousands of souls looking for a better way to sleep. Zzzz.

Sorry, we nodded off there for a moment – but certainly not from boredom. The bed range is ultra-comfy, littered with Which? Best Buy awards, and blends a hearty crowd of features to provide a sleeping environment that is both healthy and hygienic. We spotted no rip-offs, either. On the contrary, to make their beds more available to everyone Eve is always handing out vouchers and holding great sales. The brand’s guarantees and sleep trials also have the consumer’s best interest at heart.

Alright. It’s crunch time. What do we really think of Eve’s memory foam and coils? Do we love the fact that people sleep well and their backs are less achy? What about the honourable policies, the quick service, and napping on real silver (we can’t get over that…)?

You bet. Eve is a superstar. It’s as yellow and simple as that.

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