Ergoflex Mattress Reviews, Awards And Discounts UK 2021

About 14 years ago, the Ergoflex mattress brand was born. To compete with the established brands (some of them over a century old), one would say that the new kid might have to copy their successful strategies to survive.

Instead, the company did something amazing. Ergoflex trailblazed important firsts (and semi-firsts) in the industry – and others copied them.

Ergoflex Mattress
  1. Ergoflex became the first affordable rival to the market leader TEMPUR.
  2. They were one of the first to offer vacuum-sealed boxed beds.
  3. The brand pioneered being a successful one-bed manufacturer.
  4. Ergoflex is the first to sell everything online and directly to the consumer, cutting out the middle man.

Interested in their one-bed show? Our Ergoflex review has all the information you need.

What Type Of Mattresses Does Ergoflex Make?

The memory foam mattress (Ergoflex 5G) is the only bed in their range, which includes pillows and mattress protectors. But as much as we love protective gear and stuff that cradle our heads, let’s talk shop about that mattress.

The Design Is Harmonious

Ergoflex Mattress Types

The Ergoflex memory foam mattress has 5 layers. Each one adds something to help you sleep better. But they also work in harmony to create one of the best beds for all body types. Cutting out the middle man is not the only way that Ergoflex saves costs and ups the quality of their products. They also create the memory foam themselves to avoid a blunder that many other bed brands make and that is to use generic foam from mass-production retailers. Indeed, the Ergoflex mattress is stuffed with memory foam the company is truly proud of.

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Meet The Five Layers

  • The outer cover is a Tencel creation that offers the perfect surface. It feels lovely and also breathes, meaning that you can look forward to cooler sleep.
  • The next layer is an inner cover. The sheet covers the entire mattress, protecting everything from the memory foam to the core.
  • The first sheet consists of 3 cm high-density memory foam. This memory foam provides support for the body, fights back pain, and eliminates motion transfer from your partner.
  • The next layer is a pointy affair. But the peaks and ripples of this memory foam have a purpose. Roughly 5 cm deep, it promotes the Cool-Sleep™ airflow system. The Cool-Sleep™ airflow system keeps your body at the perfect temperature.
  • The high-resilience foam base is the final and bottom layer. Measuring 9 cm high, it was designed to have a high resilience in order to support the entire mattress. It is also impact resistant to ensure that the entire mattress stays supported and enjoys longevity.

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What Sizes Can I Choose With The Ergoflex Memory Foam Mattress?

The Ergoflex mattress is available in 6 sizes. For your convenience, we have listed each size and its price below. Please note that at the time of writing all the prices were correct.

  1. The single mattress measures 90cm x 190cm x 23cm. Price: £300.
  2. The double mattress measures 135cm x 190cm x 23cm. Price: £444.
  3. The Euro double mattress measures 140cm x 200cm x 23cm. Price: £450.
  4. The king mattress measures 150cm x 200cm x 23cm. Price: £533.
  5. The Euro king mattress measures 160cm x 200cm x 23cm. Price: £552.
  6. The super king mattress measures 180cm x 200cm x 23cm. Price: £658.
Ergoflex Memory Foam Mattress

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Which Awards Have Ergoflex Mattress Won?

Ergoflex has won two prestigious accolades. The Ergoflex mattress was given a Which? Best Buy award in 2020. For those of you who are not familiar with the site, they intensively review a product, test it and only put their Best Buy seal on products that are, in their view, value for money. Another popular review site, Feefo, gave Ergoflex the Gold Trusted Merchant Award in 2016.

What Reviews Do Customers Give Ergoflex Mattresses?

Reviews can make or break a mattress. In the case of Ergoflex, we looked at several review sites and the results speak for themselves.

  1. At Feefo, the mattress brand has a 5-star status which is fantastic. Around 1767 reviews praised the Ergoflex mattress for better sleep among other things.
  2. At Yotpo, Ergoflex is also highly rated with over 1424 reviews.
  3. At Review Center, the brand is also highly considered (the product was rated 4.8) thanks to the input of 1996 reviewers.
  4. At Trustpilot, Ergoflex received a rating of 4.7, which is “Excellent.” Of the 304 reviews, 91 percent of people gave the brand a 5-star rating.

What Did People Love The Best About The Ergoflex Mattress?

We rooted through Trustpilot to discover what the happy crowd loved about their new mattress. Some adored how the memory foam mattress removed the feeling of weight. Pressure points and body aches disappeared and so did their back pain. Some even claimed that they now “sleep on air.” Customers also appreciated not having to struggle with motion transfer between partners and many people liked the high density of the firmer mattresses.

What Did People Not Like About The Ergoflex Mattress?

Some consumers did not like the “new car” smell that lingered after they unrolled the mattress. The smell, however, is normal (and temporary). Others were not turned off so much by the Ergo mattress as the fact that some information was not made clear before the purchase. A reviewer deducted a star from what would’ve been a 5-star review. She never realized that the slats on her bed base were unsuitable for the mattress. She only discovered this after the purchase when she read the care leaflet. Had she known about this beforehand, she might have made a different decision or first improved her base.

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What Guarantee And Home Trial Period Does Ergoflex Offer?

Ergoflex Mattress Home Trial

It’s clear that consumers love their Ergoflex mattress. But one would say that a seller must also offer a decent guarantee and trial period. So, what can you expect from Ergoflex in regards to this?

We are not going to moan. The 10-year guarantee is a good one. Ergoflex will cover any workmanship or materials issues that rear their ugly head during that time. They will either repair the faults or replace the bed with a new mattress. However, there are some things that they do not cover. If you are considering to get an Ergoflex mattress, then perhaps it is best to read their guarantee page to stay on top of their policies. This will avoid later assumptions and inevitable disappointments.

But what about the trial period? Ergoflex has a pretty detailed FAQ page. There, you can read all about their home test and their terms and conditions. But at the end of the day, it boils down to this. Ergoflex offers a 30-day trial period. This is certainly one of the shorter mattress trials that we have seen – but after a month it should be clear whether you like a product or not. So no biggie. Ergoflex also wants consumers to stick with the trial for at least 21 days. Their reason? Many people are used to pocket sprung mattresses. Since the feeling is very different, it might take a while for them to get used to the high-density memory foam of the Ergoflex mattress.

These brands offer the best free home trials. You can find them all listed in our special article that handpicked the highest quality mattresses with great trials. How great? Well, you can look forward to two different bed brands that each offer a year-long home trial.

Where Can I Buy Ergoflex Mattresses?

Cannot wait to get that super king mattress? Great stuff. But where can you go to buy your new Ergoflex mattress? The good news is that Ergoflex said goodbye to the middleman. The brand sells directly to the public via their website. This means that their mattresses are more affordable and can be purchased from the comfort of your own home.

You simply go to the product page of their memory foam mattress. Once there, you must choose a size for your new bed. During the next step, you will also be given a choice to add an Ergoflex pillow or mattress protector to your basket. After that, you check out your purchase. Their free delivery service will drop your box off the next day – or frankly any other day that suits you better.

Please note that Ergoflex sometimes has a popular discount running live on their website. Whenever that happens, their mattresses are often sold out. But don’t worry. You can pre-order your mattress. Ergoflex will work hard to whip up a new batch of mattresses as soon as possible and dispatch your order in no time.

Ergoflex Mattresses Buying Guide

Where Can I Get A Discount Code For The Ergoflex Mattress?

Looking to sleep on an Ergoflex mattress without paying the full price? Then this is the section for you. The brand’s website often hosts a discount. These prove to be so popular that the mattresses fly off the shelves. However, you can also get discounts from other vouchers sites to use at Ergoflex. There is no need to track them down. We have done all the homework and gathered the best deals on this wonderful memory foam mattress.

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Will They Take My Old Mattress Away If I Buy The Ergoflex Mattress?

Well, the quick answer is “no.”

There are two reasons why Ergoflex does not offer a mattress removal service. The first reason they gave has to do with saving costs. Ergoflex snips expenses where they can to make things better for the consumer. By not charging a fee for a removal service, they can keep prices low. But that also means that they cannot take away that old bed when your new Ergoflex mattress is delivered.

The second reason is the fact that they use an independent contractor to deliver your mattress. This is an expense already. So to recap, they are trying to reduce costs as much as they can and delivery guys are necessary – a mattress removal service is not. It might be a little inconvenient at first, but you must admit, their mattresses are very affordable (nobody wants that to change).

But let’s say you choose Ergoflex as the brand to buy your next mattress from – and you absolutely need a removal service. Most people need to get rid of their old bed to make space for the new arrival. That is perfectly understandable. The only recourse is to use an independent company that collects old beds. You can always do your own research. But if you want a quick answer and you are interested in a reliable company that also recycles the entire mattress, then read on. We have the best option for you right here. Just to clear the air – we do not get any rewards for mentioning this company. They rate among the most popular choices on Trustpilot, which means that they have a large following of satisfied customers.

Let’s shake hands with Anyjunk. Just like the name suggests, they will rid your home and garden of any unwanted stuff (regrettably they cannot remove that annoying neighbour). But Anyjunk accepts any mattress, no matter how big or small. Their staff will remove the bed, so you do not have to worry about jostling an unwieldy object out the front door! If you are interested in Anyjunk, then you can read about their services, prices, and what happy customers had to say about them. Here is also all the details that you need about their mattress removal service.

What Are The Alternatives To The Ergoflex Mattress?

There are plenty of things to like about Ergoflex. But no brand is loved by all. Sometimes, you might find yourself in the middle – loving some of Ergoflex’s features but hating others. Maybe you approve of the fact that the bed eliminates motion transfer and has dreamy memory foam. But maybe you are a hardcore fan of hybrid mattresses and you want some more coils with that foam. Maybe you also want a longer trial period or a sales package that includes mattress removal. Let’s look at the top alternatives that include all these positive points and more.

We scoured all the best mattress brands. After picking through their highlights and offers, we decided on the top alternatives and squished them into a short list. If you liked this mattress review, then do not hesitate to read the reports that we wrote on each replacement brand. We looked at their strengths and weaknesses, their prices, awards, and of course, included those vouchers in case you pick one of them instead.

The Verdict On Ergoflex

Yay! Nutshell time. Let’s bring the entire article together, hugging the highlights and despairing over the lows (if any, of course).

The Ergoflex mattress changed the game. When Ergoflex cut costs and still produced a quality memory foam mattress, others were forced to follow suit or lose business. The entire bed industry is now more price-competitive and consumers get more value for money thanks to this brand’s marketing strategy.

What else do we like about Ergoflex?

Their website is user-friendly and the information about their brand, products, and services are clear and easily available. The 10-year guarantee is also a strong feature. It is also not overly restrictive like other mattress warranties that we have seen. The Ergoflex mattress itself is something that we could not fault. Everything, from the memory foam to the stylish looks, was meticulously designed and put together. Ergoflex might only have a single mattress but they have achieved excellence.

Were there any sour apples on this gorgeous tree? Sure. But none are so vinegar-grade that they should eliminate Ergoflex from your list. But let’s peek at those green apples. The home sleep-trial period is a bit short. To be fair, as we have mentioned earlier, a month provides enough time to know whether you are going to be friends with a bed or not. However, most other mattress brands offer a 3-month period and some go as far as allowing their mattresses to be tested for a full year. Another thing is variety. Despite the fantastic bed, a lot of consumers might prefer more product choices from a brand. At the end of the day, neither issue is a deal-breaker.

Our verdict? Ergoflex is a massively popular brand and rightly so. They earned their spot through quality and luxury. We can truly say that this is one of the best brands that we have ever reviewed. Apples and all.

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