Emma Mattress Reviews, Awards And Discounts UK 2021

Emma is a small gem. Small in the sense that the brand makes no more than three types of mattresses. Just like a tiny diamond, the worth of Emma cannot be denied. Perhaps you have already heard of the brand’s reputation for durable beds and quality comfort. Maybe you’ve also heard the rumour that Emma’s warehouse is where the UK’s best-selling mattress lives (it’s true).

Emma beds contain the best foams, gels, and pocket springs. Sure enough, Emma’s goal was to create the perfect bed for everyone. They dreamed of designing beds that look fantastic and feel even better. The company deeply researched everything related to their mission – the result? Their drawing board produced innovative technology that combines the best foam layers with coils and a special type of gel. Called Airgocell foam, it comes with hearty benefits:

Emma Mattress
  • The feel of the bed’s surface is more velvety and luxurious.
  • The material keeps the bed at a comfortable temperature throughout the night.
  • It promotes good air circulation.
  • As a memory foam, the gel rarely loses its shape.
  • Airgocell also adds years to a bed’s life-span.
  • It cradles pressure points like an expert. (What are pressure points? This quick read has all the answers).

Adding a toe-curling, luxury gel is one thing. But a stellar brand must also sparkle in other areas. So we put on our Sherlock hats and followed the clues, looking for quality, the best vouchers, and authentic consumer reviews. Here’s what we found.

Please note that all prices were correct at the time of writing.

What Types Of Mattresses Does Emma Make?

As we mentioned a little earlier, the brand only sells three mattresses. There are two options for adults and older children and one for infants and toddlers. The beds are called the Emma Original mattress, the Emma Hybrid mattress, and the Emma Cot mattress for children. Without any further waffle, let’s tick off their best points.

The Emma Original Mattress Review

This comfy creature is the UK’s best-selling mattress. The Emma Original mattress took that honour in 2019 and shows no sign of slowing down. Needless to say, this makes it one of the best beds in the UK (and definitely the favourite!). But enough said. Here are the highlights of our Emma Original mattress review.

The Foam Layers Is A Triple Threat

The Emma Original has three foam layers. The bottom layer is a solid slab of HRX foam. This serious-sounding stuff is actually very human-friendly. In what sense, you ask? Well, for one, it stops any motion transfer. That is just a grand way of saying that your partner’s tossing and turning cannot disturb your side of the mattress. Or if your dog jumps on the bed at 3 ‘o clock in the morning, you won’t feel it (unfortunately the mattress cannot prevent the dog’s tongue from wiping your nose). Of the three foam layers, the HRX material forms the biggest and hardest slab. This was done for two reasons. The thick size and bottom placement supports the entire mattress, making the bed more durable.

Emma Original Mattresses

It also places HRX at the root of a soothing benefit. Anyone who suffers from a cranky back knows that a bad mattress can aggravate their condition. But sleeping on a solid (yet comfy) HRX base means that the spine will stay straight and supported for years. In other words, this Emma mattress offers relief that lasts.

But what about the other two layers? Looking inviting, if we must say.

Underneath the silver-laced quilt, the first layer consists of Airgocell foam. You might recall shaking hands with this gel at the beginning of our Emma mattress review. Sandwiched between the gel and the HRX is a layer of visco-elastic memory foam. This middle pad adds extra body support for everyone, regardless of how they curl up or sprawl during their sleep. Restless sleepers will definitely benefit from this feature.

Multi-position support is great. But what if you want a bed that is more specific to your sleeping habits? You are welcome to read our free reviews on the best mattresses for different sleeping positions. Side sleepers can browse these beds, tummy snoozers can have a look here and these are the best beds for back sleepers.

The Extras We Liked

  • The Emma Original mattress keeps you cool even on the hottest nights.
  • The Emma Original mattress has five sizes, ranging from a single bed to the Emma super king mattress.
  • Prices start at £299.00.
  • A non-slip bottom prevents the mattress from sliding around on the bed’s base.
  • The memory foam has a superb medium firmness. (See our review on the best medium-firm mattresses).

The Hybrid Emma Mattress Review

The Emma Original mattress is the brand’s superstar. No doubt about it. But it is worth noting that their hybrid bed is also a bestselling and award-winning mattress. If layers of coils and foam are more your territory, then let’s have a look at why this softy could be your new mattress.

There Is A Fourth Layer

The hybrid bed is similar to the previous mattress. Indeed, it has all the memory foam layers listed in the Emma Original mattress review. Plus a little extra. When Emma added a fourth layer of mini coils, it gave a decent amount of benefits to their hybrid bed.

Hybrid Emma Mattresses

The coils keep the spine straight, regardless of sleeping position. But this is not a spine-only deal. This Emma mattress cradles the entire body. Being supported from the tips of your hair to the tips of your toes is the best way to catch up on quality Z’s. Full-body comfort is also a must for those suffering from chronic conditions like arthritis and insomnia. (See our review on the best mattresses for arthritis). Additionally, together with the Airgocell layer, the coils also act as a heat barrier. This is great news if you hate hot bedding. How does this work? Simple.

The coils prevents heat from building up inside the mattress and at the same time, the foam layer also invites air circulation.

At the very least, you can look forward to fewer moments of interrupted sleep (to kick off those sweaty sheets).

The Extras We Liked

  • From the Emma single mattress to the Emma mattress king size (super large), you can choose between five sizes.
  • The memory foam adapts to the sleeper’s movements.
  • The bottom cover is made with temperature-regulating mesh.
  • Mattress prices begin at £499.00.
  • A great choice if you desire medium firmness in a bed.

The Emma Memory Foam Mattress For Kids

Emma Cot Mattresses

There is quite a lot to say about Emma’s attempt to create a snug bed for Junior. In a nutshell, we think that they nailed it. But don’t just take our word for it. If you trust statistics, then how about this gem? When parents over at Mumsnet participated in a review of Emma mattress products, a whopping 97 percent said they would recommend the mattress to friends and family. When it comes to the well-being of their children, parents can be a tough crowd. This near-perfect score is therefore quite impressive.

The bed is a smash hit with parents because of the following two reasons.

The Emma Mattress For Infants Is Safe

When it comes to our kids the most important thing is safety. This bed certainly ticks all the right boxes. During safety reviews, Emma mattress testers came up with an impressive list of protective features and qualifications.

  1. The Emma mattress consists of a memory foam layer that is breathable. This prevents overheating. Do you want more tips about how to keep your child’s room at a safe temperature (16° – 20° C)? The Lullaby Trust offers excellent advice.
  2. The zipper is hidden in a pocket. This safeguards inquisitive kids from hurting themselves.
  3. The Emma mattress contains no antimony or other bleaching ingredients.
  4. The cot bed meets all the regulations of BS EN 16890 and BS 7177. Are you interested in these serious-sounding digits? Consumer And Retail Services lists the BS EN 16890 requirements here.
  5. Two more regulators approved the Emma mattress: UK law and OEKO-Tex both certified it as a safe choice for children.

The Emma Mattress For Infants Is Healthy

A baby’s health is equally important. The cot bed was created with that in mind. Here are the top health features of the Emma baby mattress.

  1. With this Emma mattress, firmness was specifically designed to support growing kids. The memory foam layer supports their heads, bodies, and developing bones. You can also get free charts from the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health to learn more about normal baby growth rates (newborn to 4 years).
  2. The Emma foam mattress also prevents overheating and sweating.
  3. The mattress is also very hygienic. It has a dual Emma mattress protector system. The top layer is easy to wash and the second inner layer prevents liquids and moisture from entering the mattress.

The Extras We Liked

  • The cot bed is made with high-quality memory foam.
  • The bed is exceptionally supportive and durable.
  • There are two sizes available, costing £159.00 and £179.00 respectively.
  • The mattress stays bacteria-free.

Are you looking for more options, our guide features all the best foam mattresses for babies and toddlers.

Which Awards Have The Emma Mattress Won?

Good reviews of Emma mattress products always mention the brand’s impressive list of awards. Our review is no different. In all honestly, when we compiled the list below we could not help but feel impressed. Here they are.

  • In 2020, Which? Best Buy claimed that the mattress Emma Original was “One of the highest-scoring mattresses we’ve tested in years”. They were impressed by the reduced motion transfer and exceptional durability of the mattress. Here is the full article.
  • Ideal Home, in 2020, approved the mattress Emma Original as the best bed for all sleeping positions.
  • Real Homes praised the Emma Original for its pressure point relieving ability. You can read their full review here. (See our review of the best mattresses for bad backs here).
  • T3 gave the Platinum Award to the Original Emma mattress in 2020. Among the things that caught their eye was the fact that the mattress supports all body shapes. (This guide is full of information to help anyone who is looking for the best bed for heavier individuals).
  • T3, in 2019, also awarded their Best Mattress Award to the Original mattress.
  • When the national newspaper, i News, tested Emma foam mattresses it gave the brand a Which? Best Buy recommendation in 2019.
  • In 2020, The Independent showcased the Emma mattress as the best bed for all sleeping positions. The volunteers also mentioned that, of all the mattresses they tested, the Emma brand was the easiest to turn.
  • In 2020, The Good Housekeeping Institute approved the Emma mattress for air circulation, comfort, and support. You can read their great article.
  • In 2020, The Mattress Guide tested the Original Emma mattress. Impressively, during their review, they gave it a near-perfect score in all nine categories. The judges were most impressed by the foam mattress’s ability to keep sleepers cool. They also called it “The UK’s leading mattress.”
  • The Original Emma mattress won the Best Mattress Overall prize in the BMUK Awards 2020. The judges felt that the mattress, which is delivered as a bed in a box, sets the gold standard for box mattresses.
  • In 2020, Expert Reviews also recommended the Original Emma mattress as one of of the top bed in a box mattresses. (See our complete guide to find the best bed in a box mattress).
  • The Mattress Guide also named the Original Emma as the Best Mattress Reviewed winner during the 2020 TMG Awards.

What Reviews Do Customers Give Emma Mattresses?

When we had a look at Emma’s mattress reviews, the brand did not disappoint. Customers generally rank their new mattress from Emma very highly. Considering how many awards Emma has won, this came as no surprise. Indeed, at Trustpilot, the Emma Mattress UK page shows the results of more than 11,000 consumers who purchased and used the brand’s various beds. The average rating for the Emma beds reviews is 4.4, which squarely places the brand in the “Excellent” category.

What Guarantee And Home Trial Period Does Emma Offer?

Emma offers two guarantees for their mattresses. Both the Original and Hybrid mattresses come with a 10-year guarantee. This 10-year protection begins the moment your bed in a box arrives at your home (Emma mattress delivery time runs between 1 and 3 days). The warranty fails when damage results from improper use. But when a mattress is well cared for, the policy will cover any dents, cracks, and tears. The Emma cot mattress has a 5-year guarantee that also promises a replacement should something go wrong.

The home trial period also differs for adult and children’s mattresses. The cot mattress allows your kid to snooze on it for 45 nights and if they love it, then all’s well. However, if for some reason the night trial failed, then Emma will accept the return without any hassles. The two adult mattresses used to come with a decent 100-night trial. But Emma is so confident that there will be no returns that they have extended this 100-night trial to 200 nights.

Where Can I Buy Emma Mattresses?

You can buy your Emma bed in a box directly from the brand’s website. But in case you want to jump straight to the sales page of each mattress, here are the links:

Emma mattress stockists also include Amazon and John Lewis.

Emma Best Mattress

Where Can I Get A Discount Code For The Emma Mattress?

The Emma home page often offer discounts. It’s worth keeping an eye on them. The brand also has a very thoughtful discount for key workers during Covid-19. Those who work in essential services, including the Armed Forces, Emergency Service, or teachers (just to name a few), can get a 35 percent discount on all Emma memory foam beds. You can look at the qualifying instructions here or jump directly to the page that caters to your specific employment field:

You can also grab more discount vouchers from HotUKdeals and Latest Deals.

Will They Take My Old Mattress Away If I Buy The Emma Mattress?

Yes, Emma will remove your old mattress. However, the service is not free and there are a few things to keep in mind to ensure that the process runs smoothly. It costs £35 extra and the request must happen at the moment of purchase. Unfortunately, Emma won’t remove an old bed if a client asks at a later stage. Once the service is booked, the courier will establish a suitable time for collection, usually on the same day your new mattress will be delivered. This removal service is also not available on weekends or public holidays.

During these trying times, Emma operates under a no-contact policy. This is to protect both the courier guys and of course, their customers. In order to avoid the risk of Covid-19 infection, the bed company requires buyers to behave in a certain way during delivery and the removal of the old mattress. The latter must be brought to the first door of the house where the courier can reach it (they are not allowed to enter your home). The homeowner must also keep a distance of at least 2 meters. Don’t worry about signing for the removal as this is a no-contact service.

The CDC has great prevention tips to safeguard yourself and others.

What Are The Alternatives To The Emma Mattress?

Emma is known for its high-quality foam layers and that amazing 200-night trial. The good news is that plenty of other bed brands rely on the same kind of integrity; designing each layer with care and expertise. While few other manufacturers can match Emma’s epic home trial, several excellent brands offer as many as 100 nights to help you make up your mind. Some of the best brands include Dunlopillo, Eve, Brook and Wilde, and Nectar. The latter offers the longest night trial in the industry – a full year.

Our Conclusion – Emma Mattress Review UK

When we looked at all the other Emma mattress reviews, UK consumers had mostly only good things to say. Our own Emma mattress review did not stray far from this satisfied crowd.

Sure, Emma is a 3-bed deal. But that does not mean that the brand is a small fish. On the contrary, Emma consistently performs with excellence in the mattress industry. This is due to their dedication to safety, comfort, high-quality materials, and the professional design of their beds. It is hard to argue with Emma’s reputation as a reputable and successful brand. Countless sales, awards, and reviews all point to happy mattress owners.

Emma is also the proud producer of the best-selling mattress in the UK. Across the board, Emma Original mattress reviews earned most of the brand’s awards – and continues to do so. Their Hybrid bed and mattress for young children are also top performers. At the end of the day, Emma focuses on quality and not quantity. This strategy not only made the brand an expert in their field but it also made elite mattresses more affordable to consumers.

For intense quality, their mountain of awards, and focus on happy customers, Emma is hands down one of the greatest brands we ever had the pleasure of reviewing. Well done, Emma. Top marks.

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