Dunlopillo Mattress Review, Awards And Discounts UK 2021

Dunlopillo is noteworthy for two things. The brand specializes in natural latex mattresses and according to their web site, Dunlopillo is the only mattress manufacturer with three Which? Best Buy awards. We checked. There is indeed a trio of this coveted prize hanging around their best bed collection.

Additionally, each Dunlop mattress is not only sourced from sustainable rubber plantations but they are also hypoallergenic. (Here’s our review on the best latex mattresses). If you are looking for environmentally-friendly latex mattresses that won’t aggravate your family’s allergies, then this guide can help you to decide whether a Dunlopillo mattress is a good choice for you.

Dunlopilo mattress

Need some more information on how to reduce allergens in the home? This article from the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America has great advice.

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What Types Of Mattresses Does Dunlopillo Make?

Dunlopillo mattresses fall into two categories. In the one corner, there are pure latex beds. This is the brand’s Signature Range and it includes the three Dunlopillo beds that each won a Which? Best Buy award. We will have a look at this special trio in a moment.

In the other corner, the Go Range consists of hybrids that are basically latex mattresses with pocket springs. All the mattresses have seven comfort zones to remove pressure from the body. Such support zones make a latex Dunlopillo mattress a good choice for back pain and to keep the spine aligned no matter what type of sleeper you are. However, if you are hunting for something more specific to your sleeping habits, then perhaps a small detour down three of our reviews can be of assistance.

If you are a side sleeper, here is our top article to help you find the best side sleeper mattress. If you are a stomach sleeper or a back sleeper, do not worry. We have not forgotten your particular slumber needs. Here is the best mattress guide for stomach sleepers and this one is for the back sleepers.

Whatever your favourite sleeping position might be, you can spoil yourself with eight helpful bedtime stretches to encourage better snoozing.

The Best Of The Signature Mattress Dunlopillo Range

  • Our Dunlopillo Millennium Mattress review agrees with the Which? Best Buy award judges. This is an amazing and good-looking mattress. Made from 100 percent pure latex, the mattress is interwoven with technologies that keep it well-ventilated and hypoallergenic. It is also available in five sizes, from single to the super Dunlopillo king size mattress. The price range for these memory foam mattresses ranges between £789.00 and £1,673.00.
  • The Dunlopillo Royal Sovereign Mattress. Similar to the previous bed, the Dunlopillo Royal Sovereign Mattress is pure latex and offers five sizes, from single Dunlop mattresses to king-size (£789.00 to £1,394.00). But each to their own. This mattress has a layer of memory foam that expertly cradles the body for pressure relief and easy movements. As a bonus, it is also one of the more noiseless mattresses available on the market today. (See this article by the Sleep Foundation to learn more about how noise can affect the quality of your sleep).
  • The Dunlopillo Orchid Mattress has seven comfort zones, which, among other areas, support the spine. But besides helping with back pain, this feature also makes it one of the best Dunlopillo side sleeper latex mattresses. Just like the previous two Dunlopillo mattresses reviews, the Orchid latex mattress has five sizes. Ranging from single to super king-size, one can expect to pay between £839 and £1,781.

Are you still in the dark about mattress sizes? No problem. From baby cots to the biggest beds, see our best guide for all the measurements.

The Best Go Range Hybrid Mattresses

This collection holds three latex mattresses supported by an advanced foundation of pocket springs. Due to their similar design, the mattresses share several benefits:

  • The latex layer relieves pressure.
  • Hypoallergenic.
  • Anti-bacterial and antimicrobial.
  • Each mattress has edge-to-edge firmness thanks to the Smart Edge Support System.
  • No need to flip or rotate the mattress..
  • They are available in the same five sizes as the Signature Range beds.

The finer differences are worth mentioning. The Go Excel latex mattress is more suitable for those who prefer their beds to have great air circulation and consistent temperature, whereas the Go Energise encourages blood circulation for better energy. Finally, the Go Exceed excels at banishing those sinus sniffles and microscopic bugs.

The beds from both collections are so stylish and comfortable that you’d be forgiven for struggling to make up your mind. But if you want to buy a bed from Dunlopillo (or any other brand, really) and need advice to pick the perfect mattress, then our comprehensive guide can show you how.

Dunlopillo Hybrid Mattresses

Which Awards Have Dunlopillo Mattresses Won?

Dunlopillo Best Awards

As far as numbers go, Dunlopillo has not taken as many awards as other brands. However, its three-time Which? Best Buy award is a bed industry first. You can take the long road and read about the history-making moment here. But we’ll shorten it for the speed readers below.

Only top products in any field are given the Best Buy nod, which makes Dunlopillo’s achievement something truly special. As you might remember, one of the prize-winning mattresses is the Royal Sovereign Mattress. Not only did the Royal Sovereign take the prize but it also kept the crown for three consecutive years.

What Reviews Do Customers Give Dunlopillo Mattresses?

Dunlopillo mattress reviews are looking great. Over at Trustpilot, the Dunlopillo review page holds just over 600 consumer opinions about the brand’s mattresses. Their collective reviews gave the manufacturer an excellent rating of 4.7. This is a thumbs up for anyone who needs convincing that Dunlopillo latex mattress products are top-notch creations.

What Guarantee And Home Trial Period Does Dunlopillo Offer?

Every Dunlop latex mattress is guaranteed for eight years. However, the manufacturer has the rights reserved to deny the replacement of any mattresses that show signs of mistreatment after delivery. In other words, they’ll take responsibility if there is a manufacturing fault or poor workmanship – but not if the owner’s Great Dane burrowed through the foam to bury a bone. Be sure to read the other reasons why Dunlopillo might cancel the guarantee.

The warranty is also a two-stage affair. The first stage covers the initial twelve months, during which a faulty mattress will be replaced by a brand new one. But once that window closes, the remaining seven years turns into a repair guarantee. If Dunlopillo cannot fix the problem, they might replace the mattress at their own discretion.

What about Dunlopillo’s home trial period? What you get depends on the brand’s various sellers. Some do not offer a home trial, while others give a 100-day grace period. Before purchasing a latex mattress, it might be a good idea to first check with your chosen seller to see if they allow this benefit.

Where Can I Buy Dunlopillo Mattresses?

Dunlopillo has a helpful feature in this regard. If you want a real-world furniture shop, their Find A Retailer page shows all the stores in the UK that offer their products. You can search for a retailer by name or use the nifty interactive map. The page will also provide you with a physical address and show which mattresses are available at each store.

For online sales, you can go to Dunlopillo’s home page. Browse the Signature Range and the Go Range and click on the image of a mattress you fancy, which will take you to the product’s own page. There you will find a “Buy Online” tab. After we pressed that button a few times, we discovered that all the mattresses are sold through either Land Of Beds or Reading Bedding. Both will deliver straight to your door.

You can also find Dunlopillo latex beds at Amazon.

Hybrid Latex Mattress

Where Can I Get A Discount Code For The Dunlopillo Mattress?

You can find several discount codes for a Dunlopillo latex mattress. Here is a list of places to watch as they often update their product pages on a monthly basis.

Will They Take My Old Mattress Away If I Buy The Dunlopillo Mattress?

We have already mentioned that Dunlopillo’s Find A Retailer page leads to real-world stores that sell their products. Some of these retailers, like John Lewis, will indeed wrangle your old mattress into the back of their delivery van and dispose of it responsibly. If you want to use this service, always look at the store’s delivery details to see if the removal is free – or what the fee might be. For instance, the John Lewis services page mentions a removal fee of £29.95.

But what about Dunlopillo’s online sellers? Land Of Beds will remove and recycle your old mattress but at the extra cost of £45. The second store, Reading Bedding, offers this service for free. As you can see, there is no set standard followed by all the sellers.

In case you are looking for in-depth information or more options to get rid of your old mattress, we’ve got you covered. Read our full guide about mattress disposal.

What Are The Alternatives To The Dunlopillo Mattress?

If you are interested in the Dunlopillo brand, then we assume that you might also like other brands that rely, to some extent, on Dunlopillo’s main trait. That is, of course, to make superb beds from natural latex. The good news is that latex is huge in the mattress industry. Even a single layer can add more quality, hygiene, and luxury to any mattress. For this reason, there are plenty of other bed manufacturers that use natural latex in their products.

Some of the best brands are Silent Night, Hypnos Beds, Harrison Spinks, and Happy Beds, So, if you would rather look elsewhere, despite Dunlopillo’s great mattresses, you can rest assured that these alternative brands can and will provide you with fantastic choices. You don’t have to trust them blindly, either. We had a good look at Dunlopillo’s main competitors and put them through their paces. When you have a moment, why not read our reviews? Here they are.

Are you are fascinated by the thought of sleeping on tree sap? Here’s your chance to learn more about the harvesting process and how latex mattresses are made. It’s a quick but interesting read.

The Verdict On Dunlopillo

Dunlopillo is an excellent brand. The bed manufacturer makes high-quality pillows, headboards, and mattresses. Their main material is natural latex and after looking at Dunlopillo’s sources, we could not find a reason to complain. The company only collects latex from rubber tree plantations that follow sustainable practices. That is a big plus-point for anyone who wants to support an environmentally-friendly brand.

Dunlopillo also made history in the bed industry after winning three Which? Best Buy awards within the same range (the Signature Range). One of these mattresses, the Royal Sovereign Mattress, kept this honour for three years in a row. That’s quality overkill – and we love it.

To wrap this up, Dunlopillo does not have the highest number of mattresses on the market. But they deliver the goods where it matters – and that is to create and offer elite mattresses to suit everyone’s needs. From sleepers who like their own single-sized beds to those who want something bigger, families can now enjoy long-lasting, hypoallergenic mattresses that never needs to be turned over.

The final say? Perhaps the term “green light” is a little corny but we think that it suits this natural-based brand just fine.

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