Dreamcloud Mattress Reviews, Awards And Discounts UK 2021

The Dreamcloud mattress brand has a bed in a box. Consumers cannot seem to unpack it fast enough and we wanted to know why. It might have something to do with the sumptuousness of the bed. Or perhaps the promise of a lifetime guarantee is the boss here. To find out, we scrutinized the brand and discovered more than just two reasons as to why people hug this hammock.

Do you want to meet their box?

Dreamcloud Mattress

You can do that by catching a ride with our Dreamcloud mattress review. Should you decide to try the brand, then you can look forward to our discount section with all the best deals.

You can also look at other brands that offer the best value for money. We found all the cheapest mattresses. We picked the highest-quality beds from the most respected brands.

What Type Of Mattresses Does Dreamcloud Make?

Inside the box, you will find the Dreamcloud Luxury Hybrid Mattress. The Luxury Hybrid combines pocket springs with memory foam. But this description only scrapes the surface of a high-quality design. In order to truly appreciate this mattress, one must look closer at each layer. They all bring something special to the table but together they make a really great bed.

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The Big Five

  1. The top layer is a must-have for anyone who relishes a quilted surface. But Dreamcloud designed the top layer to feel good and to regulate those Celsius points. This ensures that you sleep at the right temperature during all hours of the night while snuggling against a luxury surface.
  2. The next layer is memory foam. Just like the top layer, it also breathes to optimize the temperature. Additionally, the high quality of the memory foam helps with pressure relief, eliminates motion transfer and also provides support. Side sleepers might particularly appreciate those qualities.
  3. To make things better for others too (not just side sleepers), this next memory foam layer brings even more solid support. (See the best beds for heavy sleepers).
  4. The fourth layer contains pocket springs 15 cm high. They provide exceptional support across the entire mattress, also reduce motion transfer, and keep the surface of the mattress strong (including excellent edge support).
  5. The base of the mattress is a sturdy foam layer. One job is to reduce motion transfer. It also offers enough support to stabilize the rest of the Luxury Hybrid stable. This foot, if you will, keeps everything in top shape.
  6. An excellent choice for side sleepers.

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A Coily Word, If You Please…

Dreamcloud Mattress Types

We want to move the spotlight to the springs for a minute. Their length is a premium size in the mattress industry but we would like to mention other benefits in our review. Dreamcloud coils are also spaced apart to support the movement of air throughout the mattress. This keeps the sizzle out of those summer nights.

The coil system is more flexible than most other mattresses. Working together with each memory foam layer, the individually wrapped springs support a moving body by eliminating pressure points – and keep their partner happy by erasing motion transfer. Dreamcloud is so confident that their coils will never croak that they slapped the industry’s best guarantee on their Luxury Hybrid mattress (see our guarantee and sleep trial section!).

You can also read our review on the best pocket sprung mattresses.

What Is The Firmness Scale?

Dreamcloud offers only one density. On the average firmness scale, mattresses that rank “1” are too soft and those that are “10” are too firm (imagine trying to sleep on top of a brick and you’ll get the idea). Mattresses that fall in the middle range, roughly between 5.5 and 7.5, are considered to be the most suitable type for most sleepers. Dreamcloud rates the Hybrid mattress as 6.5 or “luxury firm.” This places the bed smack in the middle of the sweet spot.

If you would like different firmness choices, why not head over to our reviews on the best soft beds, medium-firm mattresses or firm mattresses?

What Sizes Can I Snooze On?

Do not worry, there is more than one size mattress. Phew. We have listed them below and also attached their price tags. Please note that all the prices were correct at the time of writing.

  • The single Hybrid mattress (190 x 90 x 28 cm). Price: £599.
  • The double Hybrid mattress (190 x 135 x 28 cm). Price: £699.
  • The king Hybrid mattress (200 x 150 x 28 cm). Price: £799.
  • The super king Hybrid mattress (200 x 180 x 28cm). Price: £899.

Read our comprehensive guide that explains everything about different bed sizes. You will soon be an expert on the name and dimensions of each mattress size!

Dreamcloud Mattress Snooze On

Which Awards Have Dreamcloud Mattress Won?

At the time of our review, Dreamcloud’s Luxury Hybrid has not won any major awards. This does not deter their fan base, though. As we will see in our review section next, the opinion of consumers is very clear – they love their Dreamcloud mattress. Okay, no awards. That being said, Dreamcloud is CertiPUR® certified.

This means:

  1. CertiPUR® approved memory foam does not contain heavy metals like mercury or lead (no heavy metals at all, in fact).
  2. The memory foam does not contain carcinogenic chemicals.
  3. The memory foam contains no harmful phthalates.
  4. The mattress also emits low levels of VOC (Volatile Organic Compound). This is crucial for good quality air in the bedroom.

If you want to find out more about the health effects of air circulation in the home, the American Lung Association has a good article. It explains the direct link between air circulation and better health.

What Reviews Do Customers Give Dreamcloud Mattresses?

Do people like this brand? Our Dreamcloud mattress review has dropped a few hints already. You know, that nobody hates their new mattress from Dreamcloud so much that they buy petrol and strike a match. But let’s look at real reviews. Before you run away, this won’t get boring – just a quick overview.

Over at Trustpilot, we hovered our magnifying glass over the Dreamcloud mattress UK page. At the time of writing, around 744 people had written a review. Dreamcloud fans collectively bestowed a rating of 4.2 upon the brand, which basically means, “Hey, this is great stuff.”

Around 69 percent of all reviews rated Dreamcloud as “Excellent.” They gave 5 stars for things like the wonderful pressure relief, edge support, and medium firmness. However, we do believe in looking at both sides of every mattress brand and no product is the perfect fit for all customers.

Around 9 percent of reviews only gave the mattress one star. Eek. The major tiff they had with Dreamcloud was a slow response to queries and that the mattress is advertised as being 29 cm deep but some arrive as 25 cm, which Dreamcloud deems as acceptable (but which is not stated on their web site).

What Guarantee And Home Trial Period Does Dreamcloud Offer?

Dreamcloud Home Trial

The strongest in the business. Thus claims the brand. The statement is not entirely correct – nor wrong. Confused? Here’s what we mean by that. Yes, both the guarantee and home trial has the top spot in the industry. However, one other brand, Nectar Sleep, also has the same offer. Alright, pedantic ponderings aside, what can you expect from Dreamcloud?

When you purchase a new mattress from Dreamcloud, it comes with a lifetime guarantee. If Dreamcloud acknowledges a factory fault, then they will replace the mattress at no cost to you. Make sure to read their rules and the regulations that are required to keep the warranty intact. This is important, otherwise you might lose the cover and a bed replacement.

Dreamcloud only carries full responsibility during the first 10 years. Afterwards, if something goes wrong with your mattress, Dreamcloud will attempt to repair it. If this fails, then they will, at their own discretion, replace the bed with a new mattress.

What about the trial period? You can get snuggly for a full year before making up your mind. The 365-night trial kicks into action 30 days after your Dreamcloud mattress has been delivered. Apparently, studies have shown that the body needs a month to adapt to a new mattress. For this reason, Dreamcloud wants the test period to start when you are already comfy with the bed. Technically, then, you can test the Dreamcloud mattress for 13 months. One can say that Dreamcloud beats Nectar’s home trial, which is only 365 days long.

But what happens if you do not like the mattress? Dreamcloud will collect the bed, have it cleaned, and then donate it to a charity. Not only does this kindness help the community but it also means that you will never be given a mattress that somebody else has tested and rejected. Every bed delivered to a customer is a brand new one.
Get the brands with the best free trials.

Where Can I Buy Dreamcloud Mattresses?

You can buy a Dreamcloud mattress directly from the brand. The process is very user-friendly. Just go to the product page of the mattress. Dreamcloud then needs you to select a size and how many beds you want. Then you check out your purchase quickly and easily. A word of caution. When you buy a Dreamcloud mattress, the best option might be to buy it directly from the brand’s web site. Other retailers like Next and Amazon also offer the top-selling bed but not always the full home trial period.

Dreamcloud Mattresses Buying Guide

Where Can I Get A Discount Code For The Dreamcloud Mattress?

Dreamcloud is already among the more affordable bed brands. But we love giving away deals. For this reason, our Dreamcloud mattress review also includes the top discounts for the mattress. We always recommend that bed-hunters visit a brand’s website to look for offers. Indeed, Dreamcloud often gives discounts and sales.

But what if there are no special deals on Dreamcloud when you check? That is not a problem. If you have your heart set on a Dreamcloud mattress, then you can also consider the discounts from other sites. For your convenience, we have gathered them below. Enjoy!

Will They Take My Old Mattress Away If I Buy The Dreamcloud Mattress?

Yes, Dreamcloud will remove your old mattress when you buy a new bed from them. Just keep in mind that, while other mattress companies sometimes offer a free bed removal service, this is not the case with Dreamcloud. They charge a £35 fee. There are no hassles to arrange the removal service. Dreamcloud allows consumers to select the service when they purchase another mattress online. The fee will then be added automatically to the cart’s total sum.

You can read more about this and Dreamcloud’s policy on bed deliveries. This is very important if you purchase something from the brand. Their delivery rules are subject to change at a moment’s notice. For instance, during normal times, their guys will take a newly-delivered mattress to the room that you want. But at the time of writing, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the option to have your mattress installed is not available. Instead, it will be delivered to your front door. You can find all the details on the FAQ page.

You can also read our article on how to dispose of an old mattress. We did the homework for you and gathered tips that are easy, practical, and also safe to the environment.

What Are The Alternatives To The Dreamcloud Mattress?

The Dreamcloud mattress is an excellent product. But as much as some people love the edge support, pressure relief, and the remarkable trial period, Dreamcloud might lack the necessary details for other consumers. Maybe they hate pocket springs or a one-mattress range. Others might want more densities than just a “firm” mattress. If you want to look elsewhere, then take heart.

We have scoured all the best brands. They share positive traits with Dreamcloud. But each is different in a way that should please everyone. If you liked our Dreamcloud mattress review, then you are welcome to look at the reports we wrote on the replacement brands. They could reveal which ones are more suitable for you and your family. We always include those discounts in case you want to acquire a mattress or two! Without any further waffle, here are the best alternatives to the Dreamcloud mattress.

The Verdict On Dreamcloud

When they created their Hybrid mattress, Dreamcloud poured all their expertise and knowledge into the design. The foam is superb and safety-certified. The pocket springs are individually wrapped and among the tallest in the mattress industry. Together, the hybrid layers offer such support and luxury that Dreamcloud has countless fans. But besides great support, prices, and incredibly stylish looks, what else do we like about the Dreamcloud Luxury Hybrid Mattress?

Our Dreamcloud mattress review would not be worthy of the name if we do not mention the guarantee and sleeping trial. The lifetime guarantee is a rare thing to see with a mattress. Dreamcloud claims that they can do this because they have that a lot of faith in the quality of their mattress. The sleeping trial is advertised as being a year long but is technically a 13-month affair, making it the longest “Try Me” offer in the mattress industry. We feel like sticking a gold star on somebody’s forehead for being so generous. We also appreciated the company’s mattress removal service, the user-friendly web site, and their FAQ page which is clear, informative and easy to navigate.

Does the mattress have any ouch-points? A couple but let’s make something clear first. In our opinion, these are minor issues. They do not subtract anything from the physical quality of the Dreamcloud mattress. That being said, consumers love being able to choose. It does not really matter what the product is. Buyers are happier to look at different options (in this case more than one mattress) before settling on a decision. Some consumers also mentioned that customer care moved at a snail’s pace when they had a question or a problem to sort out.

But in the end, we opened that box and loved what was inside. For this reason we also hope that many more customers will find the same satisfaction as hundreds of others had already done. The brand is solid, the bed is amazing. Except for the snail-mail thingy, the other services cannot be faulted. Dreamcloud’s vision revolves around affordability and a consumer-friendly experience. They succeeded. If you want a luxury bed that is backed up by the industry’s best warranty, then Dreamcloud is a wise choice.

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