Dormeo Mattress Reviews, Awards And Discounts UK 2021

Dormeo Mattress Reviews

Dormeo has 15 years of top dog status as a memory foam mattress brand. This award-winning brand has made great customer service, affordability, and a luxurious snooze its top priority. Indeed, they claim to want to put a wonderful bed in every home and their actions and numbers back that up. The memory foam mattresses are sourced from Italy to ensure quality and lower costs. Additionally, millions of happy customers worldwide have a Dormeo memory foam mattress in their bedroom.

In case you are new to the soft word of memory foam, here is a quick overview of what it is and why quality memory foam is a good choice. The Sleep Foundation sums it up nicely in this article. We can thank NASA for creating the material way back in the 1960s to be used in, you know, space chairs. Today, there are different types of memory foam but as a rule, the polymer yields to weight and then resumes its original form once the weight is removed.

A foam mattress is a better choice for some individuals, especially anyone who does not like a mattress with metal pocket springs. While there are fantastic mattresses with pocket springs, let us have a look at the benefits of memory foam for a moment. According to the wise folks over at the American Sleep Association, memory foam mattresses are guilty of the following.

  • A memory foam layer reduces the body’s pressure points.
  • It keeps the spine of both side sleepers and back sleepers in a neutral position. See our best guide to mattresses for side sleepers.
  • The comfortable feeling of a memory foam mattress supports better sleep (Are you sleep-deprived? The Sleep Council offers excellent advice to sleep better).
  • Memory foam layers are also hypoallergenic. This makes these kinds of mattresses a great choice for babies, children, and adults who suffer from allergies.

Well, that sounds brilliant. But being the investigative mattress review creatures that we are, we have dug a little deeper and came up with the important questions. In this complete Dormeo mattress review, we will cover Dormeo’s credibility by looking at their awards. You can also look forward to an overview of their bed collections and price ranges. Of course, we will also reveal how well the brand performs with consumer mattress reviews.

Please note that the price of every mattress was correct at the time of writing.

What Types Of Mattresses Does Dormeo Make?

As we have mentioned earlier, Dormeo is best known for mattresses made of the best Italian memory foam. However, they also manufacture the following mattresses that are not just pure slabs of foam. You can look forward to hybrids, pockets, rolled up stuff, and your traditional memory foam offers. Here they are.

Hybrid Dormeo Memory Foam Mattresses

Octasmart Hybrid Plus Mattress

As the name suggests, the hybrid Dormeo mattress is a mix of different mattress technologies. This luxury material is a blend of pocket springs, Octaspring, and Ecocell foam. If you are wondering what the heck Ecocell is, you can find out more about this unique memory foam layer from Dormeo’s FAQs. It could be well worth your time to read all about this nifty feature – if you like that sort of thing.

At the time of writing, nearly all of the hybrid mattresses have a price tag that ranges between £499.00 and £1,999.99 on average. To sweeten the pot a little more, Dormeo offers free delivery, one free pillow, and 60 nights to make up your mind.

The sleep surface of their hybrid foam mattress range from soft, medium, to firm. Besides king size, you can also pick between single, double, and super king-size mattresses. That last one sounds like something we should try…

If you are looking for the exact measurements of different mattresses, then BlitzResults has a pretty good mattress chart and a conversion table if you want to compare inches and centimeters. If you want some extra reading on different bed sizes then you can always have a look at our wonderfully fantastic (cough, cough) article to become an expert on the topic.

Two choice picks in this range are:

  • Dormeo Memory Plus Options Hybrid Mattress. It is noteworthy for having next-generation memory foam and traditional pocket coils. How many pockets, you ask? As many as 1224. As you will see a bit later on, the more coils in a mattress, the better. The mattress also never needs to be turned over, making it a perfect purchase for those who hate flipping beds or suffer from back problems.
  • Dormeo Memory Plus Select Hybrid Mattress. Also offering over 1,000 coils, this mattress has six layers of different materials to bring you the best of all worlds, including traditional coils, latex, and memory foam. You also never need to flip this one like a pancake.

Octaspring Foam Mattresses

This one was mentioned earlier, so you might also be wondering what Octaspring is. This mattress technology and range are packed with patented foam coils to provide up to eight times more breathability than traditional memory foam. As you will see in the awards section in a moment or so, Octaspring is one of Dormeo’s flagships – if not the flagship. It is so good that the aviation industry copped it and gave the brand a prestigious prize. Flight passengers are now a great deal comfier in their seats.

But let’s get back to hugging Octaspring in the shape of a mattress.

You will get the same deal here; one free pillow, 60 nights to test the mattress and a delivery guy that won’t charge you. You can also look forward to the same mattress sizes and a price range of £299.99 to £1,449.99 on average.

Octasmart Hybrid Plus Mattress

As we just pointed out, several Octaspring mattresses have won their fair share of awards. We will have a complete look at all the top spots awarded to Dormeo but if you are wanting a quick peek…

Rolled Foam Mattresses

Rolled Foam Mattresses

Sometimes, you need a memory foam mattress that can be rolled up or vacuum-packed without losing any of the pressure relief or value for money. Dormeo has a range of rolled-up foam mattresses. It offers a wide selection of quality, easy-to-transport and easy-to-carry mattresses. Seriously, just tuck your new bed under your arm and take it upstairs.

In this category, on average, you can pick a new Dormeo foam mattress for anything between £159.99 and £1,199.00. This puts the rolled-up foam range among the more affordable price estimates. If you are happy with the idea of a portable mattress but also want to know which one (or two) received good consumer reviews and endorsements, then no worries. Here is a couple that received top marks during Dormeo mattress reviews.

  • The Dormeo Memory Plus Memory Foam Mattress received the royal nod from Which? for pressure relief and being a great all-rounder for any body size. The Dormeo Memory Plus Mattress also has 50 percent more memory foam than normal for added comfort and luxury.
  • The Dormeo Memory Classic Mattress became one of Dormeo’s best sellers after being featured on TV. Due to its low price (starting roughly at £159.99), carbon fibres cover, and stable memory foam, this Dormeo mattress has already sold millions of units across the world.

Latex Mattresses

The latex range combines the best mattress technologies with the most luxurious textures. We think that is a dreamy combo. These memory foam mattresses are available in four sizes and their sleep surface firmness rank as medium or medium/firm. Their average price falls between £499.99 and £1,999.99. But at the end of the day, whichever one you pick, the delivery guy will also hand you a free pillow with certain deals and that wonderful 60-night trial period.

If you like the idea of a dreamy-combo foam mattress – and you suffer from allergies, then have a look at this hypoallergenic foam latex Dormeo mattress or this one. Here’s another guide to the best latex mattresses.

Latex Mattresses

Pocket Sprung Mattresses

Pocket Sprung Mattresses

According to the Better Sleep Council, a mattress with plenty of pocket springs can and do offer great support. The higher the number of springs, the better the mattress can contour around a person’s unique shape. Dormeo offers a wide pocket sprung mattress range. Since it is their policy to provide quality snoozing, it is not hard to understand why they have also included this particular type of mattress in their catalogue. Pocket springs relieve pressure, offers support to all body shapes, and also prevent a restless partner’s movements from disturbing their significant other.

As far as money matters are concerned, the mattress prices range between £99.99 and £1,199.00. Yup, you can also enjoy free delivery on all the offers and a free trial and cushion with selected beds. If one of the latter tickles your fancy, then here is a solid pair that offers excellent value for money.

  • The Octasmart Hybrid Plus Mattress includes the award-winning Octaspring technology, coil pockets, and memory foam. It was even the top pick of sleep experts in the spring of 2020.
  • Dormeo calls the Octasmart Hybrid Deluxe Mattress the “smartest hybrid mattress we have ever created.” You can rest assured, literally in this case, that quality and comfort are worked into every centimetre of this memory foam mattress.

Memory Foam Mattresses

The memory foam range includes fascinating creations like the Aloe Vera collection. But besides this range, which offers natural antibacterial, antimicrobial and antiseptic protection, another noteworthy memory foam mattress collection is the Dormeo S Plus mattress. The mattress was named after the natural curve of the spine, which most of us are already aware must retain its dignity during sleep.

When the spine has a crooked night, we often wake up with aches and stiffness. If you want to learn more about how different sleeping positions affect your spine, then this article from Coastal Orthopedics has all the cute drawings and advice that you need.

Memory Foam Mattresses

But the Dormeo S Plus is also named for its design. This foam mattress has an adjustable S-shaped core. That means that your Dormeo S Plus can be adjusted to choose between different levels of comfort until you find the one that is perfect for you. The only mattress that is available from this range, at the time of writing, is this one.

Which Awards Have Dormeo Mattresses Won?

The trophy case at Dormeo is rather full. But hey, that is a good thing. Here is a list of all the awards given to either individual mattress models or a particular range.

What Reviews Do Customers Give Dormeo Mattresses?

We love customer reviews. Indeed, after you wade through enough gripes and compliments, the marshlands of customer reviews can provide a good (or bad) picture of almost any product. Not only does it help other consumers to navigate the often nerve-wracking process of shelling out money for something that they have only seen on the Internet, but reviews can also help companies to make more sales. If you have a spare moment and you are fascinated by the science of reviews, then, by all means, this article by Social Media Week explains the power of reviews.

But since this is a Dormeo mattress review, what do customer reviews have to say about Dormeo’s memory foam mattress ranges? Well, when we turned to the reviews giant called Trustpilot, the results were clear. Over 10,000 consumers commented on Dormeo products and the company’s rating is standing steady at 4.5 which translates to “excellent.”

What Guarantee And Home Trial Period Does Dormeo Offer?

Dormeo seriously does not appear to want to fleece its customers. First off, it offers a decent 60-nights home trial. This grace period offers more than enough time to make up your mind without any pressure. If, however, you decide that the mattress is not right for you, then Dormeo won’t charge for the delivery. It will reimburse the purchase price or offer to have the mattress exchanged for another mattress that is more to your taste. Whatever happens, if you chose one of their deals that include a free pillow, you can keep the pillow even when you no longer want the mattress.

The 60-night home trial is only valid with selected mattresses. But each memory foam mattress is clearly marked to show its inclusion or exclusion, so you will never be in the dark about which beds can be returned after two months. But what about the guarantee, if any?

There are selected foam mattresses that are covered by a warranty of up to 20 years. It is best to read the particular warranty connected to your chosen mattress and also the warranty registration. For your convenience, we’ve gathered all the relevant pages below.

Where Can I Buy Dormeo Mattresses?

Dormeo sells mattresses internationally. For this reason, they have a page where buyers can pick their country and find sellers or more information. UK citizens will be taken to a Dormeo UK home page designed to showcase foam mattresses and to deliver orders to their doorstep. But the brand is also sold by stores like Argos and major online retailers like Amazon. However, if you want something more precise, then the Dormeo UK page has a way to help you. This page allows anyone to find a stockist that is close to them.

Dormeo Mattress Buying Guide

Where Can I Get A Discount Code For The Dormeo Mattress?

If you want a discount code for a Dormeo foam mattress, there are several active offers at the time of writing. This one from Groupon showcase several deals. The page shows all the expiry dates, clear information on each coupon and seems to update their offers on a monthly basis. So, it might be worth checking the Dormeo page with Groupon regularly in the future to stay in touch with their discounts.

Other places to follow is this page at the Daily Mail, this one at DealsDaddy and this one at HotUKDeals.

Will They Take My Old Mattress Away If I Buy The Dormeo Mattress?

Yes. But. Here comes a string attached. Dormeo will gladly remove your old mattress for free. However, this service only counts if you purchased something from their Octaspring foam mattresses range. This is a fantastic foam mattress range, so it is not all that bad. But wait, this string comes with perks. Not only will Dormeo deliver the mattress to your doorstep for free but their delivery guys will also set up your new foam mattress at no additional costs to you. One final thing. You should be aware that any arrangements to remove the old mattress must be made with their customer service team within 24 hours of placing your order.

Tip – keep your order reference number handy when you contact them.

Personal safety is always something to keep in mind when dealing with strangers. The CDC has great tips to safeguard yourself and others during the Covid-19 pandemic. But don’t forget to protect yourself from potential criminals too. CareWatch explains in a straightforward and comprehensive way how to answer the door safely and how to decide who you let into your home.

What Are The Alternatives To The Dormeo Mattress?

If you have your heart set on a fantastic memory foam mattress, then you will be glad to know that there are several brands besides Dormeo that offer great deals. Some of the most popular foam mattresses are manufactured by Nectar, Sealy, Eve, and Dreamland to name just a few. If you want to read our reviews of these brands, you’re more than welcome to visit their review pages as well as all the other mattress brands that we have given the stern eye.

  • Nectar brand review.
  • Sealy brand review.
  • Eve brand review.
  • Dreamland review.

The Verdict On Dormeo

Dormeo is a healthy brand. In other words, every step of the process is hallmarked by quality and clear information. The foam is sourced only from Italy and thanks to this, Dormeo can provide affordable mattresses that are also among the best on the market today.

Their mattresses and technology have won several awards, most notably the Crystal Cabin Award in 2017. The aviation industry gave Dormeo the award after it chose to use the same technology for aeroplane seats that Dormeo uses for its Octaspring mattress range.

At the end of the day, Dormeo is a trustworthy brand with something for everyone. They offer a great selection of different types of mattresses and different sizes to suit everyone – from singles to those who want a super king-sized bed. Their customer service extends far beyond a sale. Delivery is often free and with selected items, their staff will even install the new bed in your home.

Our verdict? Thumbs up.

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