Brook And Wilde Mattress Review, Awards And Discounts UK 2021

We love the fact that the Brook and Wilde mattress brand plants a tree for every mattress that they sell. But what else makes them worth trusting with your finances and spine?

Our Brook and Wilde mattress review dug up everything that you need to know. From luxury beds to amazing awards, you will get enough insight to help you decide whether this is the brand for you.

Brook wilde mattress

We also aim to help with the next step. Should you decide to spoil yourself with a Brook & Wilde mattress, then this article also talks about what services you can expect, including sleeping trials, guarantees, and mattress removal options. We also searched for the best Brook & Wilde discounts and you can find those in our voucher section. You can also read our top choices for this year’s best affordable beds from prize-winning brands.

Please note that all prices were correct at the time of writing.

What Type Of Mattresses Do Brook And Wilde Make?

This bed company is having huge success with only two mattresses. There is the Brook and Wilde Lux Mattress and the Elite Mattress. If you want to jump directly on them… Uhm, we mean, jump directly to their product pages, then you can view the Lux mattress and the Elite Mattress. If you just want the highlights, keep reading!

Our Mini Brook & Wilde Lux Mattress Review

Looking for a six-layer wonderland? The Brook and Wilde lux mattress is just that. Here is a quick overview of each layer.

  1. The uppermost layer is a breathable mattress cover (it’s also super-soft).
  2. The next layer is cooling memory foam. It hugs the body and stops your partner’s fidgeting from reaching your side of the bed. It also keeps the temperature in a comfortable range during the hot summer months.
  3. Around 2,000 mini pocket springs make up the third layer. One purpose is to greatly reduce bothersome pressure points. (Find the best pocket sprung mattress for you from the best brands).
  4. The brand’s unique wave-technology memory foam helps to align your spine.
  5. The fifth layer consists of 1,000 bigger pocket springs for intuitive comfort and support.
  6. This final layer is made from support foam and it forms the base of the mattress.

What else can you look forward to with this mattress? There are four sizes to choose from (single, double, king, and super king). In case you are wondering, “How deep is the Brook & Wilde mattress?” all the sizes have a luscious depth of 28 centimetres. The mattresses are also available according to different surface tensions. You can pick your favourite, whether it is soft, medium, or firm. The mattress will also be delivered as a convenient bed-in-a-box at no charge to you. The prices for the beds themselves, however, start at £549. Once installed in your room, you do not have to mourn the arrival of another chore – because the Brook and Wilde Lux needs no turning or rotating.

Read our guide on how to care for a mattress so that it will last for years. Our tips are easy, practical, and effective.

Brook & Wilde Lux Mattress Review

Our Brook & Wilde Lux mattress review in a nutshell – This best-selling hybrid mattress is one of the top choices if you are looking for a high-quality bed that is also easy to transport (being in a box) and low-maintenance.

The Elite Mattress Has Two Extra Layers

This Brook & Wilde mattress holds a noteworthy honour. It has more memory foam and pocket springs than any other bed-in-a-box in the UK. Pop that champagne! But before we get sozzled, let’s admire the bed’s eight layers first.

  1. Removable top cover that is quick and easy to wash.
  2. Memory foam protector safeguards the next sheet.
  3. One layer of thermo-regulating memory foam for coolness and comfort.
  4. A layer of 2,500 mini pocket coils intuitively removes pressure when you move.
  5. Wave-technology memory foam supports the shoulders and spine.
  6. One layer of 1,000 larger pocket springs.
  7. This support layer protects the coils and stabilizes the mattress.
  8. The final layer is a non-slip cradle (to ensure that your bed won’t skid around on the base).

You might already have noticed similarities from the Brook & Wilde Lux mattress review. Two more things that the Elite share with the Lux mattress is a depth of 28 centimetres deep and beds that range between soft, medium, and firm. However, the Elite always offers a little extra and for that reason, you can also choose an extra-firm mattress if you like something with more support. The prices also start at £799.

Our nutshell take on the Elite – This award-winning mattress is perfect for anyone who desires one of the best beds on the market today. Nope, we are not throwing sales fluff at you. Check our awards section next to see all the ribbons this guy had earned.

If you are looking for the best mattress, we have scoured different brands and came up with a great list for you to choose from.

Which Awards Have Brook And Wilde Mattress Won?

You can look at more award-winning hybrid beds. But if you would rather thumb through the best bed-in-a-box candidates, guide is full of the best choices on the market today. Each mattress was chosen for its quality, respected brand, and benefits for sleepers.

What Reviews Do Customers Give Brook And Wilde Mattresses?

Brook And Wilde Mattresses Review

Without a doubt, those are some excellent accolades. But to get a more balanced view, we also wanted to know how the beds withstood the rigours of real life. For this reason, our Brook and Wilde mattress review turned to consumers to hear what they had to say. We chose the UK page at Trustpilot. At the time of writing, 346 people had left reviews. Their combined rating scored Brook & Wilde mattresses as 4.3 or “Excellent.” Pour that champagne! No, wait. Let’s first have a look at what consumers loved about their new beds (and what the bad reviews did not appreciate about the brand).

Roughly 81 percent of all reviews gave the brand a 5-star or “Excellent” rating. Both the Elite and Brook & Wilde Lux mattress review ratings were top-notch.

But other reasons for high ratings also included outstanding comfort, the smooth delivery process, and excellent accessories like bedding and pillows. Around 8 percent went “meh” and gave Brook & Wilde just one star. Their main complaints revolved around manufacturing faults and slow progress with customer service when there was a problem (although many of the same one-star reviews admitted that the staff was friendly and professional).

What Guarantee And Home Trial Period Does Brook And Wilde Offer?

Prestigious awards. Check. Fantastic reviews. Check. But what about a home trial and how long is the guarantee? As far as the warranty is concerned, you can rest assured that Brook & Wilde has your back for a decade. That is right. Each mattress comes with a 10-year guarantee. As always, it is wise to familiarize yourself with any bed company’s warranty rules to avoid assumptions and later disappointments. Read all about their terms and conditions.

Let’s say that you were totally sucked in by our Brook & Wilde Lux Mattress review (okay, maybe just a little). But you are also a cautious cat (which is always a good thing). Instead of impulsively buying a king-size Lux, you decide to try the mattress for a few nights first. The good news is that the brand offers a 100-night sleeping trial.

If, after a week or two, you decide that this is not the mattress for you, then no worries. Brook & Wilde has two solutions. One option is to exchange the bed for another, perhaps try the Elite this time for a 100-night trial? This exchange will be free of charge. The second choice involves your decision not to go ahead with closing the deal in any way. The brand will then remove the mattress and give you a full refund. That is the one snag. This is not a free trial. One must pay the full price of the chosen mattress beforehand.

If you would rather opt for brands that offer a free trial, then listen up. We searched all the best mattress companies on the market today and had a look at their offers. Here are the top brands with the greatest free home trials. Heads up, two brands offer a year-long trial!

Where Can I Buy Brook And Wilde Mattresses?

You can buy Brook & Wilde mattresses directly from the brand. You simply go to each bed’s product page, choose your size and firmness and check out. In case you want those pages again, you can click here to visit the Brook and Wilde Lux Mattress and here for the Elite bed. We must say, kudos to the brand. They made the process very user-friendly. But where else can you go? For example, some people prefer a local store with a showroom instead of buying a bed online.

We let loose the Bloodhounds. Unfortunately, they found nothing. Indeed, at the time of writing, it would appear that Brook & Wild mattresses are not being sold through any other online retailer (except themselves) or real-world stores.

Read our comprehensive guide on how to pick the perfect mattress. Our tips will make mattress hunting an adventure (and not a chore).

Brook And Wilde Mattresses Buying Guide.jpg

Where Can I Get A Discount Code For The Brook And Wilde Mattress?

There is no reason why you should pay full price on your next Brook & Wilde mattress. If you had already read our other mattress reviews, then you probably know that we aim to help families to achieve both quality sleep and get the best beds into every home. To support our goal, we only offer the best deals and discounts for every brand that we review.

The first place you can visit is the Brook & Wilde home page. A banner there often shows a countdown to the end of their current discount deal on their own products. Our Bloodhounds also snuffled around the Internet and came up with the top vouchers for Brook & Wilde. Here they are.

Will They Take My Old Mattress Away If I Buy The Brook And Wilde Mattress?

Most people face two problems when they buy a new mattress. They need to get rid of the old mattress to make space for the new one. Secondly, a mattress is an unwieldy object to load onto a car and take to the landfill. Most consumers these days are also more concerned about the environment and want their old beds to be recycled instead of contributing to the pollution problem.

The good news is that Brook & Wilde continues to remove old beds, even when times are limited by restrictions and lockdowns. At the moment, their policy is not entirely as it was before the Covid-19 pandemic but the important thing is that it remains active. Instead of just adding it to your checkout basket, one must now contact their customer service team to find out what options are available at that moment. Interested? You can find more information from their Help Center.

Brook & Wild is also very serious about the environment. Once they remove your old mattress, they strip it down and use everything. From materials, memory foam to the coils, everything is either reused, recycled, or repurposed. Not one fluff or string from your mattress will go into landfill. You can read more about their collection and recycling policies on their FAQ page.

You can also get our full guide on how to remove and recycle an old bed.

What Are The Alternatives To The Brook And Wilde Mattress?

Finding an alternative does not necessarily mean you must discard a brand entirely. You can keep the things you found appealing about Brook & Wilde. Then search for brands that offer something extra to find the perfect mattress for you. For example, perhaps you love the price, award-winning beds, and the bed-in-a-box thing. But you also prefer a free home trial and perhaps a wider range than just a couple of beds.

We thought hard about the best alternative brands and compiled a list. In case you enjoyed our Brook & Wilde mattress review – or perhaps it gave you more clarity on the brand to make an informed decision – then why not read our reviews on each of the replacement brands? We covered each one in-depth, looked at the highs and lows, prices, services, and of course included all the best discount deals and vouchers as well.

  • Our complete Eve Sleep mattress review.
  • Our complete Emma mattress review.
  • Our complete Nectar Sleep mattress review.
  • Our complete Ergoflex mattress review.
  • Our complete Mammoth mattress review.
  • Our complete Simba mattress review.

The Verdict On Brook And Wilde

Well, our Brook and Wilde mattress review is coming to an end. This is the moment when we say what we really thought of the brand, give the highlights and lows (if any), and say if we would recommend this or not.

What did we love about Brook & Wilde? Let’s start there. It is hard not to be impressed with all the awards that this brand has won with just two beds. We also liked the intricate layers and designs of each hybrid mattress, which truly merged comfort, support and style as we have rarely seen in the mattress industry. The brand’s review page at Trustpilot is also a strong point since most consumers showed exceptional trust in Brook & Wilde and could not be more satisfied with their beds. Another great point is their 100-night sleeping trial.

The lows? There were, of course, negative reviews but without sounding biased, these constituted a tiny minority. While we do not doubt that their frustrations and experiences were real, the “guilty events” are certainly not the norm with Brook & Wilde products. Another thing is the 10-year warranty, which is quite acceptable but we have seen longer guarantees. But like we said – a decade is a great cover.

So, would we recommend Brook & Wilde? Yes. At the end of the day, it remains the choice of the consumer to pick a brand. That being said, we do feel that Brook & Wilde is a premium mattress brand. They truly made an effort to design great beds, to keep the quality high and the price low, and also to provide normal services during these difficult times. Overall, we recommend this company to anyone who is looking for all that and a really comfortable bed!

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