Best Wool Mattress – Reviews And Awards 2021 UK

Sure. Sleeping on wool might sound old-fashioned. But there are surprising benefits to those sheep curls. According to a leading wool brand, Vispring, natural wool mattresses are hypoallergenic, great to maintain a cosy body temperature, they are durable and naturally flame-retardant. Wool beds are also sustainable and UK bed brands also use British wool to help the local economy. The beds are also an excellent choice for those who do not like memory foam.

We chose the best woolly wonders that are available today. Each hails from a top brand. You will also find out more about their home trials, guarantees, and of course, meet the best features of each mattress. Please note that we showcase the “double” size and that the prices were correct at the time of writing.

Best Wool Mattress

Let’s go count some sheep.

1. The Platinum 2000 Pocket Sprung Double Mattress By Bedmaster – Medium/Firm (£319)

The Bedmaster bed company created this plush creature. It is available in several sizes, including the super king if you like things big. But today we are looking at the Platinum 2000 Pocket Sprung Mattress double.

If you like lots of wool and other luxuries in your new mattress, then this bed could be the one for you. Here are the benefits and materials of the Platinum Mattress.

Platinum 2000 Pocket Sprung Double Mattress By Bedmaster

Meet The Mattress

As the name implies, the mattress is lined with 2,000 pocket springs. They provide medium/firm support and also spread your weight evenly across the bed. This helps to banish those pesky pressure points. Pocket sprung mattresses also include the following benefits. They eliminate motion transfer, allow fresh air to circulate throughout the bed, and they add comfort too.

See the best pocket sprung mattresses from different brands.

The mattress also contains natural wool, which is hand-tufted for the best results. The best mattresses on the market today are hypoallergenic. Those who like wool are already ahead since it naturally fights allergens. But this mattress offers something extra to those who suffer from allergies. One of the fillings is hypoallergenic polyester stuffing.

This bed is also sturdy and stylish. Two rows of side-stitching strengthen the borders and the cover is quality Damask material. One drawback with some wool mattresses is that they are rather heavy. This could make flipping a mattress a seriously hateful chore. But this bed only needs to be rotated and this is easy because the mattress comes with easy-to-grip and strong handles.

The Home Trial And Guarantee

The mattress seems really great. But its home trial and guarantee are not the best that we have seen. For some reason, it is rather common not to give a free home test for wool mattresses and Bedmaster appears to follow this trend. Should you decide to purchase the pocket spring mattress, then you only get a 1-year warranty.

Disappointed by the home trial? We feel you. That is why we searched for the best free mattress trials on offer today.

Awards And Reviews

While there are no awards for this mattress and reviews seem scarce, one thing counts in its favour. The mattress is produced by a brand that is a member of the National Bed Federation. This organization uses independent auditors to make sure that all of its members sell products that are safe, ethical, and created using only the best craftsmanship.

If you are curious about the brand, you can get more information from the Bedmaster web site.

2. The Wensleydale Wool Pocket Spring Mattress By John Lewis – A Firm Bed (£1,699)

The John Lewis Natural Collection is a festival for those who love natural fillings in wool mattresses. This particular mattress, the Wensleydale Wool Bed, is full of fleece and other wonderful stuffing. The mattress is also eco-friendly.

Thanks to its glue-free design, one can rest assured that when the time comes and the mattress is past its prime, that it is fully recyclable. Grab our guide on how to get rid of an old bed.

Wensleydale Wool Pocket Spring Mattress

Meet The Mattress

When they created this pocket sprung mattress, John Lewis only used the finest fillings. These include hemp, cotton, and British wool. The mattress is rated as firm but the comfort is soft enough to provide one with a luxurious sleeping experience. Besides being natural and keeping sleepers comfortable, these fillings are also very hygienic, absorbent, while the wool is also anti-bacterial. Even dust mites are likely to pack their bags and leave.

The top hybrid mattresses have a lot of springs. But even with all our experience with wool mattresses reviews, the sheer number of coils in this bed was a surprise. The Wensleydale Wool Mattress contains 11,600 pocket springs. No, that is not a typo. But you can be forgiven for doing a double-take. Eleven thousand (and then some) is an amazing amount of pocket springs for one mattress. Needless to say, the benefits are great. Imagine the incredibly sensitive support, pressure relief, and comfort that one can expect from so many pocket springs. This hybrid wool mattress is perfect for any sleeping position and also hot sleepers due to the great ventilation.

Be sure to read the care instructions for this wool mattress. Like most other mattresses stuffed with sheep curls, it needs to air a bit before you use it. John Lewis also suggests that you use a mattress protector made of cotton and to air it frequently after you start sleeping on the bed.

Are you looking for more care tips besides using a mattress protector? You can keep your mattress fresh and crips by reading our guide on how to clean a bed.

The Home Trial And Mattress Guarantee

The brand does not offer a home trial. However, you are more than welcome to contact the store to try the mattress in the showroom and also to talk to their experts. While it might be a drag for some who do not like to sprawl on a mattress in public (hey, we get it), this is still better than buying a mattress without trying it first. The guarantee is also good. You get a 7-year warranty.

Awards And Reviews

At the time of writing, this sumptuous pocket spring wonder has not yet won any awards. Customers can also leave their own wool mattress review at John Lewis but there are currently none.

If you want to find out more about the store, you can visit the John Lewis web page to see their other goodies for your home.

3. The Andante Pillow Top Mattress By Hypnos – A Medium Tension Bed (£799)

The Hypnos bed brand achieved fame after it became known as the mattress manufacturer that supplies the British Royal household with mattresses. The brand is also a multiple Royal Warrant winner. Another noteworthy fact about this mattress brand is that it creates the best handmade beds (they employ expert craftsmen). Hypnos is also a business that was started in Edwardian times and is currently run by the fifth generation of the same family who proudly stared at the first Hypnos wool mattress in 1901.

Andante Pillow Top Mattress

Meet The Mattress

The Andante Pillow Top Mattress is available in several sizes up to super king size. The mattress rates as medium and has, as the name suggests, a lovely pillow top for extra comfort. But why is this one of the best mattresses for customers who prefer wool to other materials like memory foam? Well, let’s have a look at the benefits that you can expect from this wool creation.

Are you looking for the best and the biggest? We reviewed all the top super king size mattresses from elite brands.

For starters, the pillow top is stuffed with British wool that has a soft medium feel. Want some more fleece? The mattress also contains a layer of wool. The benefits include comfort, support, absorbing moisture, and keeping your body at the right temperature even as the seasons change.

The best wool mattresses also have other quality materials and perks. Since this is also a hybrid bed, you can look forward to all the goodies that come with pocket springs. But wait, there is something special about these pocket springs. Each has six swirls from top to bottom, making them more sensitive to your movements to provide excellent support and comfort. The pocket springs also act as a giant bellow. It pushes hot air out and circulates fresh air, keeping the mattress hygienic and cool.

Other perks include a soft Damask cover, two rows of hand-side stitching, cushioning fibres, handles, and no need to flip this mattress around. But Hypnos claims that the wool mattress will last longer if you rotate it once in a while.

The Home Trial And Mattress Guarantee

As we have mentioned before, most brands who make wool mattresses do not offer a home trial. Unfortunately, Hypnos also does not allow customers to try their mattresses at home either. But there is some good news. The brand covers all their beds with a 10-year guarantee.

Awards And Reviews

Thus far, the Andante Pillow Top Mattress has not won any awards. This does not seem to bother customers. On the sales page over at Land of Beds, customers can leave remarks about their experience with this particular bed. At the time of writing, there were only nine wool mattress reviews. UK customers rated it as 4.7 out of 5 and complimented the wool mattress for great back support and comfort.

If you have back issues, then we have two special articles for you. We reviewed the best orthopaedic mattresses and the best mattresses for a bad back.

You can also find out more about the brand’s record-breaking awards and other great mattress ranges. Read our complete Hypnos mattress review.

4. The Perfectly British Strand 1400 By Sleepeezee – A Medium Tension Mattress (£900)

Sleepeezee is another mattress brand that handcrafts beds for people and dogs. Their pet range even won approval from The Good Housekeeping Institute.

Today, we look at the Perfectly British Strand 1400 Mattress and why this could be the best wool bed for you.

Perfectly British Strand 1400 By Sleepeezee

Meet The Mattress

If you like something a little bit bigger than the “double,” take heart. This mattress is available in king size and super king. The name of this bed also gives away a few things. That is right. This mattress is a proudly British product, made in the UK, and it is also stuffed with two sumptuous layers of British Wool. There are also 1,400 pocket springs.

This could be the best wool mattress for you if memory foam is not your thing. As mentioned above, there is not a single speck of memory foam in this beauty. Although memory foam has its place and purpose, it is not a feature that is commonly found in wool mattresses. Why? The wool and other natural fillings are sufficient to provide sleepers with all the comfort and support that they need. But in case you love memory foam and has decided that a wool mattress might not be the best choice, then hop on over to our memory foam beds review where we discuss the best mattresses of this kind.

But back to the woolly star of the moment. Here are more benefits that you can expect with this mattress. It regulates your temperature. You also do not have to turn it over (just rotate every now and again and the mattress will be fine). While the wool adds comfort, the pocket springs also contour to your body to give you tailor-made support. The mattress also has a luxurious Damask cover that is chemical-free. Talk about a soft and safe sleeping surface!

The Home Trial And Mattress Guarantee

The Sleepeezee bed brand also sells most of its mattresses through retailers and stores. Usually, when this happens, customers are at the mercy of the policies of that particular shop. Thankfully, Sleepeezee has a universal 60-night home trial, no matter which retailer you choose. If you want to read more about this offer, Leeks has all the information about the home trial. All Sleepeezee mattresses are covered by a 5-year guarantee.

Awards And Reviews

The mattress has not yet received any accolades. But at least it’s the kid of a champion. You know the brand. Bad jokes aside, Sleepeezee’s awards do not stop with its prize-winning pet range. In 2018, the brand received the Harvey Norman Bedding Product of the Year award. Sleepeezee is also a multiple Royal Warrant holder.

You can get more information about the awards from this brand (and their pooch baskets). Read our complete Sleepeezee mattress review.

5. The Quilted Bamboo & Wool Hybrid Mattress By Happy Beds – A Medium/Firm Bed (£184.99)

The Happy Beds mattress brand is big on variety. They have different types of mattress, materials, and sizes up to the super king size. This could be among the reasons why this is the fastest-growing bedroom store in the UK.

From their treasure chest of different beds, we plucked an unusual wool mattress. Let’s go hug its bamboo strings and quilted circles.

Quilted Bamboo & Wool Hybrid Mattress

Meet The Mattress

Another trademark of the brand is to create budget-friendly mattresses and as you can see, this is indeed the most affordable bed on our wonderful list (wink wink). But there are other benefits here too. Let’s start with the bamboo. The mattress is handcrafted using bamboo-yarn. This material is naturally hypoallergenic and eco-friendly. The fibres are also absorbent and make a mattress last for years. The mattress can also firmly support sleepers thanks to a steady network of open coil springs, while the fillings consist of wool and cashmere. Both the top and bottom of this mattress are quilted for a plush touch. The sides are also stitched for extra durability.

While this is among the most natural mattresses out there, it might not be too favourable for those who despise flipping or rotating mattresses. The one drawback here, if we can call it that, is that the wool mattress must be flipped and rotated every six weeks. Happy Beds claim that this will make the mattress last for years.

The Home Trial And Mattress Guarantee

Happy Beds does not sell through retailers. Usually, when a brand sells its own mattresses, you can expect a home trial. But Happy Beds is one of the rare expectations. They are very user-friendly with their products, services, and variety. But for some reason, they do not offer a free home trial. But since they are the fastest-growing store that sells mattresses in the UK, we really do not see customers complaining. But what about the guarantee? Should you decide that this wool mattress is the best choice, then Happy Beds will give you a 5-year warranty.

Awards And Reviews

The Bamboo And Wool mattress is yet to win any awards. However, over at the reviews site Feefo, thinks are looking hunky-dory. At the time of writing, about 30 people who bought this wool mattress have left reviews and together they rated the bed as 4.7 out of 5 stars.

You can find out more about the brand’s incredible variety of mattresses and bedding. Read our complete Happy Beds mattress review.

6. The Flaxby Collection Dual Season Mattress By Harrison Spinks – A Medium/Firm Mattress (£1,399)

Hypnos is not the only brand with five generations of the same family behind it. Harrison Spinks uses their own wool, hemp, flax, and alpaca that they have been raising on a farm since the brand was born.

The materials are also added by hand to ensure that the mattresses are supportive and made with great attention to detail. From Harrison Spinks, we chose the Flaxby Collection Dual Season Mattress.

Flaxby Collection Dual Season Mattress

Meet The Mattress

This bed is suitable if you like your wool mixed with other wonderful natural fillings. If the latter makes you buzz with excitement, then get ready. This wool mattress also contains Egyptian cotton, hemp, and mohair. But while Harrison Spinks is known for creating some of the best wool mattresses on the market, they also have a fine touch with springs. This time, they incorporated a hearty amount of 8,400 pocket springs into this bed.

That is a lot of bouncy fillings and coils. But like all the other wool mattresses on this list, you can look forward to more perks and features than great wool, luxury mohair, and a truckload of springs. Just like the best mattresses on the market, this bed also has a soft top cover of Damask material. The mattress is also double-sided (yes, you, unfortunately, have to flip and rotate this bed).

Another perk you can expect from wool mattresses is seasonal comfort. This is where the mattress got its name from too. Indeed, it will keep you snug during those snowy days and cool during summer nights. The mattress is also anti-bacterial, absorbent, and mildew-resistant.

The Home Trial And Guarantee

The Flaxby Collection from Harrison Spinks is sold exclusively at Dreams. The retailer offers a home trial of 40 nights on all their mattresses, regardless of brand. Not the longest in the business but good news for those who are unhappy with the fact that many wool mattresses have no trial period to speak of. The mattress also comes with a 5-year guarantee.

Awards And Reviews

The Flaxby Season Mattress has not won any awards yet. On its product page at Dreams, there are also only two reviews by verified buyers. But both gave this bed full marks. That’s right, five out of five stars each time. We know that two reviews do not make the mattress but this is certainly an encouraging start to what customers have experienced with the mattress.

You can also learn more about the incredible awards given to the brand and their green policies that save the planet. Read our complete Harrison Spinks mattress review.

Your Two Free Guides To Choosing The Perfect Wool Mattress

Wool mattresses are great for sleepers who do not like memory foam. Many of these beds combine wool with coils and luxury fillings, are handcrafted to an exceptional degree and their brands walk away with Royal Warrants and Queen’s Awards (Who won the latter? Harrison Spinks is just one example).

But with so many great choices, how do you choose the best wool bed? Every person has different tastes, so nobody likes the same things. Mattresses are no different. To help speed things along, we created two free guides to help you identify the most important things in a new bed and how to pick one without buyer’s regret hitting you a week later. Get our guide to choose the perfect mattress. If you are not sure what size is best for you, then grab our guide that explains all the different mattress sizes.

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