Best Soft Mattress – Reviews And Awards 2021 UK

Who can benefit from a soft bed? These dreamy clouds are designed to cushion side sleepers really well and also to bring relief in certain cases of back pain. A softer mattress is also recommended for lightweight individuals since a medium or firm bed might be too hard for them. If you have a net ready in your hand to catch the softest mattress out there, relax.

We did all the netting and captured the top softies. You will learn all about their plush features, the terms of their guarantees and home trials, and more. We show the “double” size mattress in each case without the base. Please note that all the prices were correct at the time of writing.

Best Soft Mattress

Eek! Are you looking at the wrong tension beds? Never fear. We also chose the top medium-firm mattresses and firm mattresses from the best brands on the market today.

1. The S Plus Memory Foam Mattress By Dormeo – Comes With A 60-Night Trial (£399)

Here is an unusual horse. When Dormeo created the S Plus Memory Foam Mattress, they made it a split-tension mattress. This is a great bed for those who cannot decide between medium/soft mattresses. Those who like a soft feel can sleep on one side of the bed. But if for some reason, you need a little extra support, then you can simply flip the bed over for more firmness. Couples also get their own level of support on their own side and they also have the choice to pick bigger mattresses, including the king size and super king size.

S Plus Memory Foam Mattress By Dormeo

The Benefits of This Softer Mattress

This bed is a good choice if you love memory foam but would not mind the support of pocket springs. The problem? Maybe you hate coils in all shapes and sizes. The good news is that you do not need pocket springs to appreciate the support and bounce of this bed.

Most of Dormeo’s memory foam mattresses contain a layer of memory foam “wheels” that perform the same duties as coils. This award-winning Octaspring technology provides the best intuitive support, comfort, and a soft feel.

But is this the best soft mattress for you? Let’s see if you like the additional benefits below.

  • The medium/soft mattress is 20 cm deep.
  • It has 30+ comfort combinations.
  • There are two layers of foam. One is regular memory foam. The second is the unique S-shaped Octaspring material.
  • The mattress supports correct spinal alignment and back health. This makes it an excellent choice for those who care about their backs or already suffer from backaches.
  • The memory foam remembers your shape but returns to its original form night after night. That means your new mattress will not develop those annoying dips and valleys that never leave.
  • The Octaspring memory foam springs are 8 times more breathable than usual foam. If you need cool comfort during Summer, this mattress is airy enough to keep you at the best temperature.
  • The cover is also designed to wick away moisture and keep you cool and dry.
  • The mattress is actually two single mattresses in one. They can be bought in different tensions like soft/medium for her and for him. Should a couple decide to switch sides because they prefer different sides of the room, then the halves can be quickly separated, exchanged, and linked back together again.
  • Three body zones support the head, shoulders, torso, and legs.
  • The mattress is hygienic. Thanks to several special treatments, it is anti-bacterial, anti-dust mite, and anti-fungal.
  • This is also one of Dormeo’s top rolled memory foam mattresses. It will be delivered to your home as an easy-to-carry boxed bed.
  • The mattress also has handles that make a rotation of the bed a quick task.

How Long Is The Guarantee And Home Trial?

Dormeo is a good brand to pick if you want to test a mattress at home. They offer potential clients the opportunity to snooze on this medium/soft memory foam mattress for 60 nights. While not the longest in the industry, this home trial is sufficient to find out if the bed suits your pack pain, comfort levels, and what pressure-relieving perks you experience. Should you decide that you like the soft/medium split bed, then Dormeo will cover it for 15 years.

Okay, while foamy Octaspring wheels sound great, maybe you do not really hate springs. In that case, why not look at the best pocket sprung beds or the top hybrid mattresses that are available these days?

Awards And Reviews

Real Homes gave the S Plus Memory Foam Mattress four stars and the following review, “The idea is absolute genius. If you and your partner have been locked in battle over the perfect mattress, I would definitely recommend that you give it a go.”

You can learn more about the award-winning brand and its other mattresses. Read our full Dormeo mattress review.

2. The Mattress-Now Comfortable Mattress By Silentnight – Comes With A 60-Night Trial (£169)

Some of the best soft mattresses are also budget-friendly. This is why we chose the Mattress-Now Comfortable Mattress By Silentnight. But there is more to this mattress than just being affordable.

It also rates as soft/medium and also offers larger choices if you want a mattress that is bigger than the king-size or super king. Here are the other benefits you can look forward to with this memory foam bed.

Mattress-Now Comfortable Mattress By Silent Night

Silentnight is not the only elite brand that offers budget beds made with the best quality materials and designs. If you are interested in a lower price range but are looking for prize-winning mattresses, then you are welcome to read our review of the best and cheapest mattresses.

The Benefits of This Softer Mattress

  • The mattress measures 14 cm thick.
  • The main material is high-density Miratex foam designed to provide extra support.
  • This is also the best option if you are looking for the softest mattress with edge-to-edge support. This firmness prevents that dismaying dippy edges.
  • The mattress also has a soft cover that is hypoallergenic.
  • Another inviting use for this soft mattress is that it can be used as a bunk bed.
  • The mattress is treated with Purotex. This fascinating treatment consists of fusing materials with friendly probiotics that fights moisture and allergens like dust mites. This leaves the mattress fresher, drier, and more allergen-free than untreated mattresses.
  • The best soft mattresses are also delivered as easy-to-handle boxed beds. This one is no different. Yay! (See the best beds-in-a-box from top-rated brands).
  • A simple and stylish-looking bed.

How Long Is The Guarantee And Home Trial?

Silentnight also offers a 60-night trial. One perk is that you can exchange this bed for any of their other mattresses during the trial should the bed not offer the soft feel, pressure relief, and a great night’s sleep that you have hoped for. The brand also covers this mattress with a 3-year guarantee.

Awards And Reviews

The Mattress-Now Comfortable Mattress has not won any trophies (yet). But the customer reviews are not looking too bad. On the product’s page at Silentnight, around 80 people who have purchased this soft mattress have left remarks about how good or bad their experience was with this bed. At the moment, the bed has a great rating of 4 out of 5 stars.

You can read more about the brand’s own remarkable winning-streak and riffle through its other mattresses too. Read our complete Silentnight mattress review.

3. The Cloud Supreme Mattress By Tempur – Comes With A 100-Night Trial (£2,149)

What a good name. This softie is indeed as plush as a supreme cloud. You can thank Tempur’s own special memory foam that they adapted from NASA’s original memory foam. Is mattress size variety your thing? Then this might make you happy. The Cloud Supreme Mattress By Tempur is available in 10 sizes, including the king size and super king mattresses. There are also 3 depths to choose from but since you will find that under the benefits section, let’s go over there and check it out.

Cloud Supreme Mattress By Tempur

The Benefits of This Softer Mattress

  • Sleepers can pick between 3 depts – 21 cm, 25 cm, and 30 cm. Just be aware that the deeper the mattress, the more it pushes the price up. For this article, we chose the 21 cm depth.
  • The soft mattress also provides enough support to reduce pressure points and create a feeling of luxurious comfort.
  • The layers of memory foam also adapt to your movements to bring instant pressure relief when you turn over or get into bed.
  • The mattress spreads body weight evenly across the bed. That’s where the cloud-like feeling probably comes from!
  • Side sleepers can look forward to healthy spinal alignment.
  • Back sleepers might even find relief from back pain and pressure points.
  • The exceptional comfort of this mattress encourages fewer “wake up” moments during the night.
  • The cover can be removed and washed to maintain a hygienic sleeping surface. (Grab our practical tips on how to clean a mattress).
  • If you hate turning or flipping mattresses, then this could be the right soft bed for you. You never need to rotate or turn over this mattress.

How Long Is The Guarantee And Home Trial?

Tempur has a great home trial. Should you decide to try one of their soft mattresses at home, you will get a 100-night trial. Let’s say that you have tried it and decided that this is the best soft mattress for you. What kind of guarantee can you expect? The good news is that Tempur protects all its mattress products with a 10-year warranty. If you want, you can read the terms and conditions of their guarantee.

Awards And Reviews

Over at Trustpilot, around 31 reviews rated this soft mattress as 5 out of 5 stars. That is heartening if you are disappointed by the fact that this bed has not yet won anything. Hey, customer experience is gold and if other sleepers loved the comfort and support, then the mattress is great. Specific awards aside, one must keep in mind that all Tempur mattresses and cushions are certified for quality by NASA. To this day, Tempur is the only brand that holds this honour.

You can read more about Tempur’s interesting relationship with NASA and meet their other mattresses too. Read our complete Tempur mattress review.

4. The Maestro Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress By Happy Beds – Comes With No Sleep Trial (£169.99)

The Maestro Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress By Happy Beds is a good choice for those who like open coils with their memory foam. There are plenty more to look forward to than just a comfy and soft hybrid mattress.

Your size choices include 6 different mattresses, including the king size. Rated as a soft/medium bed, this is also a firmer mattress in case you love soft beds but need just a tiny bit more firmness.

Maestro Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress By Happy Beds

The Benefits of This Softer Mattress

  • If you like a deeper bed, then this might be the right mattress for you. It measures 25 cm thick.
  • As one of the best soft mattresses, there are extra luxuries like double jersey fabric and hand-tufted materials. (Want some more natural fillings? You can read all about the best wool beds).
  • The soft/medium-firm mattress gets some of its tension from the open coil system, which is designed to be sturdy, to eliminate pressure points for both side sleepers and back sleepers, and to maintain correct spinal alignment. (Grab the best mattress for a bad back).
  • This is also a good choice if you want your soft mattress to stay cool during summer. The fillings of this bed are breathable and the mattress also contains special air vents. Both help to give you a great night’s sleep by keeping you cosy.
  • A hefty slice of memory foam brings pressure relief, support, firmness, and comfort.
  • The mattress is handcrafted.
  • It also only needs to be rotated on its base every six weeks. The mattress comes with handles to make this task easy-peasy.

How Long Is The Guarantee And Home Trial?

Happy Beds is an exceptionally user-friendly brand, especially when it comes to the sheer variety of their mattresses. They literally have something for everyone in the family. They are also among the most affordable mattress brands. All of this explains why Happy Beds is the fastest-growing mattress store in the UK. But here it comes. Despite all their customer-friendly ways, the brand does not offer a free home trial. That being said, should you decide to purchase this bed or perhaps a firmer mattress from the brand, then Happy Beds will give you a 5-year warranty. You can read the terms and conditions.

Put away your tissues. There is no reason to sniffle because the home trial is non-existent. We found the best home trials for mattresses that are both popular and created by top brands.

Awards And Reviews

The Maestro Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress has not yet won any accolades. But the reviews are looking fine. Over at Feefo, a site where consumers also rate products, this soft/medium-firm mattress was rated by 74 people. Their combined rating gave the mattress a stellar 4.8 out of 5 stars.

You can learn more about Happy Beds and their jaw-dropping variety of mattresses. They also have a large collection of both soft mattresses and medium/soft if you need more firmness. Read our complete Happy Beds mattress review.

5. The Lux Mattress By Brook And Wilde – Comes With A 100-Night Trial (£749)

Brook and Wilde has two mattresses and because they are both so amazing and come in a variety of firmness levels, we decided to include both in our article. The Lux Mattress has firmness levels of soft, medium, and firm.

But since we are discussing soft mattresses today, let’s see why this could be the best mattress for you.

Lux Mattress By Brook And Wilde

The Benefits of This Softer Mattress

The best soft mattresses have several layers that are designed to comfort and support the body during rest or sleep. The Lux Mattress has six layers of amazing stuff all thrown in there to help you snooze better. This type of expertly combined materials is not seen every day. Instead of a bullet list this time, we list each of the layers and their benefits.

  1. Regardless of firmness, the best mattresses all have a sumptuous top cover. The Lux Mattress has a silky sleeping surface. This cover also breathes to circulate air and keep sleepers cool, while it wraps around the entire mattress to keep it clean.
  2. This layer of pressure-relieving memory foam tackles pressure points, supports the spine, and also breathes to keep the soft mattress fresh and hygienic.
  3. Enter the pocket springs. Pressure points do not stand a chance against the sheer number of pocket coils in this layer. The 2,000 coils are great for side sleepers who move a lot. The springs instantly adjust their firmness to give the right amount of comfort and support where you need it most.
  4. The fourth layer is a speciality type memory foam shaped like a wave. This unusual design gives extra support to the shoulders and spine.
  5. This might be a soft mattress but there is no lack of support. Indeed, this level contains another 1,000 pocket springs to bring more pressure relief and comfort. The coils also help with air circulation, ensuring that the bed does not go stale or turn too warm.
  6. This feature is a trademark of the best soft mattresses. Actually, firmness does not even matter. What is it? A solid support base. Without a support base, many mattresses do not have a long lifespan. The job of a support base is to provide stability to the other layers and keep them in top shape.

How Long Is The Guarantee And Home Trial?

The best soft mattress offers great services to potential customers. This usually includes the home test and mattress warranty. What can you expect from Brook and Wilde in this regard? Well, it does not matter if you purchase one of the soft mattresses or something with extra firmness, you get the same home trial and guarantee.

Customers can take the Lux Mattress home and test it for 100 nights. If they decide that this is indeed the best soft mattress for them, then Brook and Wilde will give the customer a 10-year warranty. Here are the terms and conditions of the guarantee. However, if someone is not satisfied with the comfort or type of firmness, then they can exchange the mattress for the brand’s other bed – the Elite Mattress. The latter can then be home-tested for the remainder of the trial.

Awards And Reviews

Brook and Wilde mattresses might also be the best choice if you only sleep on prize-winners. Both mattresses have won their own awards and several prizes as a team. The Lux Mattress won a Which? Best Buy award in 2019, an accolade that is given only to products that provide customers with the best benefits and value for money. Real Homes also named the Brook and Wilde mattresses as being among the top boxed beds on the market. Both beds also currently hold an excellent rating of 4.3 at Trustpilot.

You can stare in amazement at the brand’s other prizes and accomplishments. Read our complete Brook and Wilde review for more information.

6. The Elite Mattress By Brook And Wilde – Comes With A 100-Night Sleep Test (£1099)

If you fell in love with the Lux Mattress, then the Elite Mattress might interfere with that love affair. Why? It’s bigger and more sumptuous. But let’s be fair. The Lux Mattress is an amazing bed on its own with great support and softness. However, the Elite has two more layers. That is right. This soft mattress has an incredible eight-layered design that is tough to beat. Besides being a soft mattress, the Elite also offers an extra tension option and that is extra firm. But just like the Lux, it is only available in four sizes, from the single mattress to super king.

Elite Mattress By Brook And Wilde

The Benefits of This Softer Mattress

Needless to say, side sleepers can get a lot of support from both products. But this soft mattress is suitable for any sleeping position thanks to its 8 tiers of luxury fillings and materials. Let’s peek at each layer and see what benefits they offer to sleepers who require ultimate support and comfort.

  1. The top cover is a soft wraparound sheet that provides a plush sleeping surface. It can also be unzipped and removed to be washed. This is suitable for those who must clean their mattress regularly to keep allergens under control.
  2. The memory foam protector is a layer that brings peace between the top cover and the memory foam in the third layer. The protector basically prevents the cover from snagging on the foam which can damage both.
  3. This layer is high-density foam. Even so, it remains soft for those who need a lighter mattress. The foam has other benefits too. It breathes to keep the mattress airy and fresh, and sleepers cool. It also reduces pressure points and wicks away moisture for ultimate comfort and support.
  4. The fourth sheet consists of 2,400 mini pocket springs. Talk about great support! The coils enhance the plush feeling of the soft mattress while keeping your back supported in all sleeping positions.
  5. This sheet of memory foam is the same wave-shaped stuff we discussed earlier in the Lux mattress. In case you need a reminder, its unique shape gives additional support to the shoulders, neck, and spine.
  6. The next layer is packed with 1,000 pocket coils. Sure. Their numbers may be less but they are also larger than the mini pocket springs. But anyway, both layers serve to support your entire body, eliminate aches and pains, and keeping you in ultimate comfort whether you move or sleep.
  7. Next up is that all-important support base that keeps all the other layers healthy and adds years to the lifespan of this soft mattress.
  8. The bottom sheet is a non-skid type of material. This feature was added to prevent the mattress from moving around on the bed frame. So if your old bed goes for unauthorized walks over the edge of the frame, then this could be the new soft mattress for you!

How Long Is The Guarantee And Home Trial?

Alright, you probably remember this part. But here is a refresher anyway. Brook and Wilde lets their customers test their beds at home for a free trial period of 100 nights. Which is pretty sweet. Should you decide to keep this particular soft mattress then it will receive a 10-year warranty. But remember, in case you do not like the Elite, you can exchange it for the Lux Mattress and continue the home trial.

Awards And Reviews

In 2020, The Good Housekeeping Institute placed its seal of approval on the Elite Mattress. Good Homes Magazine also had this to say about the soft mattress, “One of the best mattresses we have ever tested. Truly outstanding.” If you recall, together with the Lux Mattress, it was named by Real Homes as one of the best mattress-in-a-box and both beds share a rating of 4.3 at Trustpilot.

You can also check in with the brand if you have not yet read our complete Brook and Wilde mattress review.

7. The Star Spring Quilted Fabric Mattress By Happy Beds – Comes With No Home Trial (£114.99)

We picked another soft mattress from Happy Beds and this time it is the Star Spring Quilted Fabric Mattress. This is another one of their budget-friendly mattress offers but let’s investigate the highlights of what makes this soft mattress a good choice overall.

Star Spring Quilted Fabric Mattress By Happy Beds

The Benefits of This Softer Mattress

  • This stylish soft mattress is available in 6 sizes, from single beds to super king-size wonders.
  • The bed is adorned with luxury Damask fabric and has a quilted appearance.
  • The coils in this soft bed are traditional open coils and they are designed to work together as a durable unit.
  • The mattress is 20 cm thick.
  • It is rated as soft with a touch of medium firmness.
  • The handcrafted bed is filled with materials like satin and polyester, both of which are very durable.
  • The soft mattress requires flipping and rotation only once every six weeks.
  • The thick padded panels (which gives the quilted look) appear on both sides of the bed.

How Long Is The Guarantee And Home Trial?

We mentioned a sorry fact earlier. Happy Beds do not offer a free home trial to customers who are interested in their beds. However, should you take this soft mattress then you can look forward to a guarantee of 5 years.

Awards And Reviews

This bed has not earned any awards to date. But there are 21 happy reviews at Feefo. At the time of writing, the Star Spring Quilted Fabric Mattress had a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars.

You can read about the brand, its bedding products, and more. Read our complete Happy Beds mattress review.

Two Free Guides To Help You Find The Best Soft Mattress

The right support level of a bed is crucial to sleep hygiene. If a bed is too soft or hard, then you will not rest well and this lack of quality sleep will show in the morning. All of us had experienced a bad night’s sleep and struggled with energy levels and mental clarity. But to sleep on a mattress that remains uncomfortable night after night can severely affect your health and happiness.

If you are not sure what tension is right for you, then it might be best to test a mattress before you buy. You can do that either on the showroom floor or take a bed home and participate in a free sleep trial. But even if you are certain that a soft bed is the right snooze spot for you, there are also other things one must look for in a bed to ensure years of quality sleep.

Hey, time is precious and kudos if you have read this far. But to help you find the perfect mattress that suits your sleeping needs, your pocket, style, and more, we wrote two free guides. The first is packed with practical tips on how to choose a mattress. The other is very helpful for those who are undecided about how big or small they want to go when they buy their dream bed. This guide demystifies the different mattress sizes.

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