Best Pocket Sprung Mattress – Reviews And Awards 2021 UK

Pocket sprung mattresses have many benefits. As the name implies, they are filled with springs that are kept in separate pockets. The pockets protect the coils and allow them to work independently (and yet together as well). This design then moulds to all body shapes to provide immense support and it also stops your partner’s movements from disturbing your dreams. As a rule, a pocket sprung bed also tends to last longer than a standard memory foam mattress.

Interested? Below are the 7 best pocket sprung mattresses on the market today. You will learn more about the benefits they offer, what other customers thought about them, awards given to the mattresses or brands, and whether you can test one of these beds at home.

Best Pocket Sprung Mattress

In each case, we chose to showcase the “double” mattress size, as this is one of the most popular choices for consumers today. While we do try to keep things as accurate as possible, please note that at the time of writing, the price of each mattress was also correct.

In case you do not really mind what’s inside your bed (as long as its quality materials) and your main desire is to track down the best mattress that is budget-friendly, then look no further. We already did all the homework. You can find our top picks for the cheapest mattresses. Their prices might be low but their quality is great.

1. The Royal Comfort Sovereign Mattress By Hypnos – Choose A Soft, Medium or Firm Bed (£4,945)

The Hypnos bed brand was started in 1904 and the same family is still running the business (five generations later, wow). Famous for making hand-crafted pocket sprung mattresses, stuffed with only the best natural fillings, Hypnos provides quality products made from sustainable sources. If you want your new mattress to be environmentally friendly, then that is a big plus point. Do you want another green perk? Then here is some more good news – all Hypnos mattresses are also fully recyclable.

Royal Comfort Sovereign Mattress By Hypnos

Additionally, should you desire a bigger size mattress than the double, like for instance a super king-size, then Hypnos will make one just for you. The company will even stitch the tension you want into every layer – whether it is a soft or a medium-firm mattress.

If you want to explore other brands but choose a new bed according to the type of tension, you can look at the best soft mattresses and a whole range of supportive medium-firm beds. Do you love those stiff and ultra-supportive mattresses? We found all the best firm beds too.

Meet The Mattress

The Royal Comfort Sovereign Mattress is a woolly wonder. The top layer is a blend of lambswool, bonded hair, and wool-infused Belgian Damask. That is enough to give anyone the Luxury Shivers. But what about those coils? The pocket sprung mattress itself contains lambswool and teased hair. These natural fillings are wrapped around the springs, which, interestingly, have a very unique shape (each one looks like an hourglass). This combination provides all the best comfort and good support that a new bed owner can hope for.

The mattress, which measures 30 cm deep (nice), is also strengthened by three rows of hand side-stitching. This ensures edge-to-edge support to keep you comfortable no matter where on the bed you are. People with back issues or anyone looking for a stable mattress can definitely benefit from the Sovereign bed.

Love the idea of natural and sustainable wool beds? We have researched them all and found the best. You can read all about the top woolly mattresses on the market today.

The Night Trial And Guarantee

As a brand, Hypnos does not offer a night trial. However, many of its pocket sprung mattresses are sold through retailers. Some of these stores, like Reading Bedding, offer a 100-night trial on all their beds, whether its a hybrid mattress, pocket spring mattress, or a mattress with memory foam. That being said, Hypnos does offer a 10-year guarantee. Make sure to read the terms and conditions of their warranty as Hypnos does not provide full cover for the entire decade.

We understand that some customers insist on having a night trial for mattresses. That is why we wrote another article about the best mattresses (springs and memory foam) that include some of the best home trials on offer today.

Awards And Reviews

While this particular pocket sprung mattress has not won any awards, it belongs to a highly-acclaimed brand. Ever since 1929, Hypnos has received several Royal Warrants. This accolade is given by the Royal Household to businesses that provide excellent services to HM The Queen, HRH The Duke of Edinburgh, and HRH The Prince of Wales. Hypnos also holds an enviable record. It is the only bed maker that has won three “Bed Manufacturer of the Year” awards from the National Bed Federation. In 2017 and 2020 respectively, the brand also received the Queen’s Award for Enterprise for International Trade and the Queen’s Award for Sustainable Development.

Are you interested in the brand? You can read our complete Hypnos mattress review.

2. The Teramo 1400 Latex Mattress By Sealy – A Medium Firm Mattress (£1,200)

Sealy is the biggest bed brand in the world and manufactures different kinds of mattresses. Besides hosting an excellent sprung pocket mattress range, they also make memory foam beds and hybrid mattresses.

As comfy as their mattresses are, we must sadly skip talking about layers of foam and turn our attention to the Teramo’s award-winning springs.

1550 Gel Pillowtop Mattress By Sealy

Meet The Mattress

The Teramo 1400 Latex Mattress has over a thousand springs. The name kind of gives it away! But anyway, with 1400 pocket springs, this mattress will intuitively adjust to your body and movements. In other words, it does not matter what shape one’s body is, how you sleep, or how often you turn over at night. The springs will adjust and the comfort will stay. This is a good feature for those who suffer from spinal discomfort or arthritis. If you want to look at the best beds for arthritis, then you can visit our article that was written especially to showcase these mattresses.

The medium-firm mattress is also has a top layer of latex. While it adds extra comfort, this is not its only purpose. The latex sheet was also added to fight the snoot sniffles, seeing that latex is naturally hypoallergenic and breathable. The entire pocket sprung mattress is also treated with Purotex® probiotics. These friendly goobers are always hard at work to keep your sleeping environment fresh and clean.

There is nothing more comforting and sleep-inducing than a clean mattress. We did the homework to bring you the best tips to clean a bed.

The Night Trial And Guarantee

Sealy offers a 5-year guarantee on all their mattresses, no matter if it’s a single size or super king. But this was not the original deal. For some reason, they halved their warranty which used to be a decade long. But what about their night trial period? At the time of writing, we could not find any clear information on whether Sealy itself offers anything to UK customers. The brand does allow people from the United States to test the pocket sprung bed for a 100-night period. But if you are from the UK, take heart. Several retailers that sell Sealy beds offer their own night trial period. One example is Bensons For Beds which sells mattresses from all brands along with a night trial period of 40 days.

Awards And Reviews

Way at the beginning of this piece, we mentioned that the Teramo 1400 Latex Mattress is stuffed with award-winning pocket springs. True story. Actually, it is a remarkable story. A lot of mattresses in the industry have won a Which? Best Buy award. This prize is given to the best products on the market – but only those that are high quality and improve a customer’s daily life. Winning one or two Which? Best Buy awards are hard enough. But the Teramo 1400 won its first in 2015 and raked in the prize every year after that. It’s now 2020 and doing the math will give you five Which? Best Buy awards. On Amazon, the pocket spring mattress is also rated 4.5 out of 5.

You can also look at the best mattress from each of the top bed brands available today. We wrote this full article about the best mattresses, their price, and included plenty of choices for memory foam lovers, hybrid huggers, and those who prefer pocket springs.

Are you interested in the brand? You can read our complete Sealy mattress review.

3. The Studio Eco Mattress By Silentnight – A Medium-Firm Tension Bed (£389)

When we researched which brands to include on our list, we chose the Silentnight bed brand for several reasons. They offer a good price and their box mattresses include a free delivery. The brand is also doing their best for the environment by turning millions of plastic bottles into micro-fibres. These tiny strings are then used inside their mattresses. But before you cringe at the idea of having hundreds of soda bottles inside your bed, these recycled fibres are actually incredibly soft and feels luxurious. You can read more about this unusual, planet-saving feat to see the genius of this idea.

Studio Eco Hybrid Mattress By Silentnight

Meet The Mattress

The Studio Eco Mattress is a very stylish bed – but that is just one of the benefits an owner can look forward to. For starters, it contains the micro-fibres which are both fully recycled and recyclable. While one might not consider these to be natural fillings, the plastic is kept out of landfills. This not only removes a huge pollutant from the environment but it also gives old plastic something useful to do. As a bonus, these fibres also let the mattress breathe. You will stay cool during summer and cosy during the colder nights of winter.

Do you want to get rid of an old mattress but worry about what effect it might have on nature? Then you can read our article on how to dispose of a bed safely and without harming the environment.

This bed-in-a-box mattress also contains a thousand pocket springs. Needless to say, this creates a mattress that is very sensitive to movements. While the recycled fillings already make the mattress very snug, the springs add support in their own way – especially to soothe back problems or to prevent those dreaded back pain flare-ups. Despite containing all these materials, the pocket sprung mattress is compressed, vacuum-packed, and delivered as a convenient box. You can simply open the box and wait for the bed to inflate.

The Night Trial And Guarantee

Let’s peek at the trial period and guarantee. Some of Silentnight’s memory foam mattresses are only covered for three years. Here’s the good news. This pocket sprung mattress is protected by a 5-year guarantee. We must admit; that is not the longest warranty that we have come across in the mattress industry.

Sadly, you will also not find a 100-night trial on offer here. Silentnight gives customers 60 days to test a mattress at home, whether it is a memory foam mattress or pocket springs. The sleep trial also allows customers to try a second bed should they feel unsatisfied with the first mattress that they have chosen. However, the brand will only switch the test bed for another should a client make such a request within the first 28 days of the trial.

Awards And Reviews

Thus far, the Studio Eco Mattress has not earned any awards. But who knows, maybe one day this bed-in-a-box will join the ranks of the best mattresses. After all, it has a good pedigree. Indeed, Silentnight is home to several of the best award-winning mattresses (both pocket springs and memory foam). The brand also made a name for itself after it won prestigious honours like the Furniture Makers Company Sustainability Award (2017). coming first in the World Branding Awards category 2014-2015 UK Furniture (Beds), and being named the Best Family Brand 2018 by LovedByParents.

Silentnight also has a great rating at Trustpilot where consumers have reviewed all their products and given the brand a ranking of 4.2 out of 5, or “Great.”

Are you interested in the brand? You can read our complete Silentnight mattress review to meet their mattress collections, see their best features, special deals, and authentic customer experiences.

4. The Simba Hybrid Pro By Simba – A Medium-Firm Tension Bed (£751.80)

The Simba bed brand only makes a few mattresses. Considering that their entire range number only four or five beds, the following statements is a remarkable feat for Simba. The brand currently has the most 5-star reviews on the planet.

More than 100,000 to be exact. The manufacture has earned all these stars by creating high-quality beds filled with natural stuffing like wool which makes all their mattresses ultra-comfy. But wait a minute, what’s this…?


Meet The Mattress

If you are a sharp-eyed eagle, then you might have noticed that the mattress is a hybrid. So how did we make such a horrible mistake by allowing a hybrid mattress with plenty of memory foam to end up on a list about the best pocket springs? No mistake here, Dear Sleepers. To be fair, yes, this is technically a hybrid mattress. But this beauty also has 5,000 titanium pocket springs – and that is why we decided to include the Simba Hybrid Pro. Our eyes watered when we saw that amount and what they can do.

But to truly get a feel for this remarkable hybrid mattress, we need to look at its design. The bed has 7 layers. The top layer is a cover that both breathes and provides a luxurious sleeping surface. Underneath the top layer is that fluffy wool that we spoke of earlier. This natural product adds support and softness to the hybrid mattress. As a bonus, it also regulates temperature and brings a natural hypoallergenic touch to the bed. The following layer is an open-cell memory foam sheet. It keeps the mattress cool and fresh.

The next two layers consist of springs. Every one of the 5,000 pocket springs measures 25 mm high, is forged from a titanium alloy, and the springs are also individually wrapped in a pocket of 100 percent polyester. The layer under the pocket springs is what is called “high definition” foam. This HD-type ranks among the best mattress memory foam materials that are available today. Besides giving the mattress a firm feel, it also ensures that you enjoy side-support all around. Indeed, you will never again experience a bed with a sagging side (so, no more rolling off your bed when you dare too close to the edge). The last layer consists of a strong support base. It strengthens each side of the mattress even more and perhaps more importantly, it also prolongs the life of the entire hybrid mattress.

Speaking of which, how often should you change your mattress? Different beds have different lifespans but you can learn everything you need to know with our article that explains when it is time to say goodbye to a mattress. Get your guide on how often to change a mattress.

Intrigued by the memory foam bits? If you also want to look at the best memory foam beds of our day. We have scoured all the greatest mattress brands and picked only the best beds made with cutting-edge memory foam. You will learn more about their great prices and even better home trials and guarantees.

The Night Trial And Guarantee

A wonderful sleeping trial starts with a free delivery. Looking for a 100-night trial? Simba is more generous than that. Instead of giving customers 100 nights (which is already ample time), you can test the bed in your own home for 200 days. Should you decide against the hybrid mattress, then Simba will also collect the bed free of charge and refund you the full price.

Simba also has a 10-year warranty for all their products, including hybrid mattresses, their bed-in-a-box offers as well as their memory foam mattress range. A 10-year guarantee is a good warranty for a new mattress but in this case, there is a silver lining. This is not a partial warranty. Should something go wrong with your hybrid mattress (while it is still covered by the 10-year warranty), then Simba will replace it with a new one. As simple as that. You can read more about the brand’s rules and regulations on their guarantee page.

Awards And Reviews

On the product page of the Hybrid Pro, customers shared their experience with the mattress and apparently, they love it. More specifically, a lot of people with back problems claimed that the hybrid mattress soothed their condition. We also noticed that plenty of reviews were written by side sleepers who appreciated the support and comfort.

Thousands of reviews and purchases make this hybrid mattress Simba’s most popular product. Indeed, it is rated as 4.8 out of 5. The mattress itself has not won any prizes. However, it is based on the award-winning Simba Hybrid Original. However, the hybrid we discussed today is considered by Simba as their most advanced mattress.

The Original hybrid mattress has won 9 awards, including a Which? Best Buy in 2020, Mattress of the Year in 2020 by Expert Reviews, and in 2019 it was also approved by the Good Housekeeping Institute.

Are you interested in the brand? You can read our complete Simba mattress review to learn more about their fantastic memory foam designs, special offers, and awards.

5. The Travelodge Dreamer Mattress By Sleepeezee – A Medium-firm Tension Mattress (£549)

Sleepeezee is an unusual mattress manufacturer. In what sense, you ask? Well, they handcraft the best mattresses for people and their pets. If you want to order a new mattress for your pooch (and have their name embroidered on the basket), you can view their canine beds and the price range.The brand also makes some of the best pocket sprung mattresses this side of heaven and high-quality hybrid mattresses. But for this Best Pocket Spring Mattress list, we chose a special bed.

Travelodge Dreamer Mattress By Sleepeezee

It is certainly capable of helping with painful conditions by giving you a better night’s sleep. But should you need the best mattress to soothe a bad back, then stick around. We have searched the top brands to find the most effective beds with great support for back pain and enough comfort to give you quality and healing sleep. Here are the best mattresses for bad backs.

Meet The Mattress

As the name implies, the Travelodge Dreamer Mattress spoils millions of tourists in over 570 Travelodge hotels. So many people loved these beds after they spend a night at Travelodge that they wanted to know where they could buy their own. The mattress is now available to the public and remains a popular product at Sleepeezee.

With roughly 950 pocket springs, this is the best mattress for those who want a bed with excellent comfort and support sewn into every stitch. The springs, specifically, are designed to follow the contours of the body, supporting sleepers perfectly, no matter their shape or size. Some more perks include free delivery, great comfort for people with back problems, and being suitable for all positions whether you snooze on your side or back.

This is not the only mattress used in hotels that are available to the public. Another sought-after hotel mattress is used in Premier Inn hotels. Created by the bed brand Hypnos, you can read our full article explaining why this mattress is so popular and how to get your own Premier Inn mattress.

The Night Trial And Guarantee

Sleepeezee does not give a sleeping trial for their dog mattresses. That is fair enough, considering what dogs sometimes do inside their beds. But regrettably, the brand does not seem to offer a home trial for their human customers. The lack of a home trial could be rough on those who want to first “try before they buy.” However, if you can live with that, then you are probably interested in the warranty period of this pocket sprung mattress. Sleepeezee provides a 5-year guarantee. This is, admittingly, a short warranty as well.

Awards And Reviews

To be fair, let’s have a look at what customers had to say. At Trustpilot, almost 600 reviews complimented the support, comfort, good sleep, and even the friendly delivery guys! At the time of writing, it was also rated as 4.7 or “Excellent.” In 2020, The Good Housekeeping Institute also approved the Travelodge Dreamer mattress. The brand itself has also won a few noteworthy awards, the best of which include the Harvey Norman Bedding Product of the Year award, a Which? Best Buy award in 2019, and several Royal Warrants.

Are you interested in the brand? You an read our complete Sleepeezee mattress review for more information.

6. The Baronet Superb Mattress By Vispring – Choose Between A Soft, Medium, Firm And Extra Firm Mattress (£1449)

The Vispring bed brand is another mattress manufacturer with a proud tradition of handcrafting the best mattresses. In fact, they have been doing so for over a century. The brand’s mattresses are known for modern quality, old-school durability, pocket springs, and natural fillings.Since each mattress is made by hand, the price range is higher than most. However, with that being said, Vispring truly offers good deals. Not just with their pocket spring mattress range but also with their guarantee as we will shortly see.

Baronet Superb Mattress By Vispring

Meet The Mattress

The Baronet Superb is a classic Vispring mattress. It is available in four sizes, starting with the single size and leading up to a super king. The bed combines simplicity and luxury, comfort and support, to bring sleepers a well-rounded mattress. The Baronet has – wait for this – a whopping 1,326 pocket springs. Each of these coils is wrapped in calico fabric for individual protection and breathability.

With such a ginormous amount of springs, you can rest assured that you will get all the support you need to deal with those pesky pressure points and back pain issues. The mattress is not just supportive, it is also cosy. At the heart of the mattress, the softness comes from cotton and fleece wool, and materials made with a combination of wool and cotton. There is also little danger of the mattress falling apart. Each side is strengthened by two rows of hand side-stitching. At the end of the day, this is one of the best mattresses if you are looking for durability, sensitive springs, support, luxury, and stability.

The Night Trial And Guarantee

Let’s say you want to buy the super king version of this mattress. What kind of guarantee and home trial are available to you? Vispring sells its mattresses through retailers. Due to this, the brand itself does not offer a home trial. You might find something from a store in the way of a sleeping trial, but as far as we can see, there does not appear to be any testing period other than going to a showroom and testing a bed for a couple of minutes in-store.

There is some good news. Earlier we mentioned a decent multi-year warranty. More precisely, this pocket spring mattress is covered with a 20-year warranty. Before it can offer the mattress any protection, the client must activate the guarantee (you basically just register the guarantee on the Vispring website).

Awards And Reviews

At the time of writing, the Baronet Superb Mattress has not won any awards. However, like most other examples of the best mattresses, it belongs to a brand with stellar accolades. In this case, Vispring has one award. Sure, “one” may seem a little underwhelming but this award is of the highest calibre. In 2012, the brand earned the Queen’s Award for Enterprise. For those who are interested, this award recognizes the best brands and services in fields like the sustainable sourcing of materials, caring for the environment, innovation, and international trade.

Are you interested in the brand? You can read our complete Vispring mattress review to see their best beds, ranges, and customer reviews.

7. The Pocket 3000 Orthopaedic Rolled Mattress By Happy Beds – A Medium-Firm Choice (£214.99)

Happy Beds is one brand that offers plenty of mattresses. From box mattresses to memory foam deals, Happy Beds has something for everyone at a good price. This variety is probably why the manufacturer is the fastest growing mattress brand in the UK.

Happy Beds also sell plenty of bedroom accessories that are worth looking into but today we are going to highlight one of their pocket sprung mattresses – the Pocket 3000 Orthopaedic Rolled Mattress.

Pocket 3000 Orthopaedic Rolled Mattress

These days, some of the best mattress brands vacuum-pack their beds. This makes delivery a breeze and also allow most individuals to simply carry their new mattress to the room of their choice, even if that means going upstairs. Gone are the days when several delivery guys (or family members) struggled to get a single bed up those steps. So if you are thinking about getting one of these small wonders, why not look for the best bed-in-a-box from different brands? There is no need to comb through them all. We chose the best boxed beds and put them all into one article.

Meet The Mattress

This bed-in-a-box has a whopping 3,000 individual pocket springs. This way, the mattress gives incredible support to all sleeping positions. Side sleepers especially might find great relief from pressure points and those with spinal issues can also enjoy solid back support. The pocket springs also erase movements between sleeping partners, keeping you well-rested even though your significant other tossed and turned the entire night.

But let’s be honest. Sometimes you are the one who tosses and turns at night. While a pocket sprung mattress will prevent your partner from being disturbed, sometimes we need a little extra help (other than a comfy mattress) to get back to sleep. Healthline has practical tips to help you snooze better at night and more importantly, how to fall asleep quicker.

The pocket spring mattress is also topped with a luxurious layer of memory foam (which would technically make this a hybrid mattress but Happy Beds classifies this mattress under their pocket sprung mattress collection). Other perks also include a quilted top that can be removed and washed while you also never have to turn this mattress over. You simply rotate this orthopaedic mattress once in a while and you are set to go. From its easy packaging to the simple maintenance, this mattress is a safe choice for those who cannot lift heavy objects.

The Night Trial And Guarantee

We like Happy Beds for their immense variety and low-price policy. However, we are sad to say that things are not looking too fresh on the home trial and guarantee fronts. For some reason, Happy Beds offer no home trial for their bed-in-a-box. Or any of their mattresses, for that matter. They are certainly not the only brand that does not give a home trial but it is pretty standard these days to offer some kind of test period for a mattress.

Indeed, considering that some beds constitute a hefty financial investment, consumers want to be sure that they are making the right purchase based on how they physically experienced the mattress. If no home trial is available, it could feel like you are buying blind. Which is certainly not a comfortable feeling for most.

But back to that guarantee – Happy Beds only gives a 5-year warranty on their mattresses. If you are interested or want to comb through the finer details of the warranty, you can read the brand guarantee terms and conditions.

Awards And Reviews

Okay. The pocket sprung mattress does not come with a 100-night test attached to it but customers seem satisfied. Those who have purchased the Pocket 3000 Orthopaedic Rolled Mattress left reviews at Feefo. Admittingly, 35 reviews are not a lot but so far, they are looking good. Together, they rate this hybrid mattress as roughly 4.7 out of 5. In Feefo-speak, this means “We really like this product.” Most of these were side sleepers who found the mattress perfect for their sleeping position’s challengers (like dealing with the pressure points at the hips and shoulders). While the mattress has not won anything yet, it is approved by the well-respected NBF (National Bed Federation).

Let’s boomerang back for a second to something that we just mentioned. Those side sleepers. It is indeed very important to find a mattress that gives the perfect support to make your favourite sleeping position as comfy as possible.

If you want to look at the best position-supporting mattresses from different brands (and also look at different beds like hybrids, pocket springs, and memory foam beds), then here is your chance. We compiled the top mattresses for side snoozers, back sleepers can get all the back support they need with the best mattresses for back sleepers. Here are also the top beds for stomach sleepers.

Are you interested in the brand? You can read our complete Happy Beds mattress review to meet their incredible selection of beds that offer most sizes, materials, and some of the best prices you are bound to see.

What To Look For When You Buy A Pocket Spring Mattress (And A Free Guide)

Mattresses with springs have their place in the home. Some people do not like them and that is perfectly fine. But these mattresses are exceptionally suited to heavier folks, those with back issues, and side snoozers who hate that bruising feeling of a bad mattress – especially against their shoulders and hips. Pocket springs instantly change with your movements, cradling every line and edge of your body for tailor-made support night after night.

Looking for the top mattress for heavy people? Get all the back and side support from the best beds that we chose for heavier individuals (and only from the best brands known for their quality and deals).

The best mattress for you, whether it is a hybrid mattress or something with pocket springs, is a bed that suits your needs. Indeed, the best mattress should not only support your back and provide a dreamy sleeping experience, but it should also come at a good price and have a decent warranty. A 10-year warranty is the rough standard of the mattress industry today although some excellent brands (for mysterious reasons) sometimes offer a 5-year warranty.

In the same way, most of the best mattress brands offer a standard 100 nights as a free sleep trial. But similar to the guarantee, there are brands that make the best mattresses but for some reason decide to give less than 100 nights or nothing at all. It is not a deal-breaker but if it’s important to you to test a pocket spring mattress first for support and comfort, then rather pick the brands that offer a test period.

Looking for more tips on how to buy your dream pocket sprung mattress? Grab our free guide that explains in detail how to choose the perfect mattress for you.

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