Best Pillow Top Mattress – Reviews And Awards 2021 UK

What is a pillow top mattress? This type of bed is a special treat. In essence, the mattress has a pillow-like layer at the top of the bed. Here’s another way to look at it – a pillow top is a non-removable mattress topper. Either way, they add luxurious comfort, reduce motion transfer between partners, and give extra support for conditions like arthritis and back pain.

We chose 7 of the best brands and beds for our review. What can you expect? Well, you can look forward to meeting the highlights, guarantees, awards, and free home trials. Please note that all prices were correct at the time of writing. We also showcase the “double” pillow top mattress in each case.

Best Pillow Top Mattress

1. The Melody Pillow Top Mattress By Hypnos – The Bed Has A Medium Firmness (£1,369)

Started in 1904, the Hypnos brand combines old-world quality (think painstaking handcraft with a needle and thread) with modern style. The brand’s collections have won countless fans and several prestigious awards. Indeed, Hypnos has some of the best pillow top mattresses on the market.

After looking at a few of their beds, we settled on the Melody mattress.

Melody Pillow Top Mattress By Hypnos

Meet The Mattress

Do you want to get lost in a storm of benefits? This pillow-topped mattress has plenty.

  • The wrapped coils are dedicated to correct spinal alignment, motion isolation, and pressure relief.
  • The innerspring mattress also breathes. This has a cooling effect on the entire mattress and your body, ensuring that you will never lose sleep during hot summer nights.
  • Ah, that pillow top. Filled with sumptuous wool, you can rest assured that the top layer of this mattress will bring you intense comfort. The pillow top also contains Solotex fibres. This “ingredient” helps the top to stay plush.
  • A medium-firm mattress.
  • Some of the best pillow top mattresses contain latex. The Melody’s layer of latex gives the mattress the ability to provide full support to side sleepers. Latex is also one of the best mattress materials for those who suffer from allergies (latex is naturally hypoallergenic and anti-microbial). Latex also removes heat and moisture while drawing air throughout the mattress.
  • A layer of wool brings warmth in winter and coolness in summer.
  • Among the materials is a breathable sheet of cotton that also adds bounce to the bed. A Belgian Damask cover provides a touch of luxury.
  • Thanks to the 37.5 technology feature, your core warmth is kept at the perfect temperature to induce sleep and to stay asleep.
  • For stability and style, the mattress is also hand-tufted and has three rows of hand-side stitching.
  • There are handles for easy rotation (you do not need to turn this mattress over – yay!).

Good maintenance can help you keep a bed in good condition for years. Rotating or flipping a mattress over is just the start. You are also welcome to read our free guide that is packed with more tips to keep a bed clean.

The Home Trial And Guarantee

Customers who love the look of this pillow top mattress might wonder, “What kind of home trial and protection can I expect if I decide to buy this bed?”

Let’s weep into a cushion first. The sad truth is that neither Hypnos nor most of its retailers offer a home trial. However, not all is lost if you have your heart set on a Hypnos bed.Some retailers swing the other way. Reading Bedding stocks Hypnos mattresses and might have the Melody available on occasion. If they do, then that is good news for those who want this bed but also want to try the mattress for free first. Reading Bedding offers a 100-night sleep trial on all the beds of the brands that they stock, whether it is Hypnos or Sealy.

Should you decide that this is the best mattress for you, then Hypnos will activate a guarantee that provides 10 years of cover. Be sure to read their guarantee page for the full details and rules. But what if you rather want to support a brand that offers the best free home trial? You know, that one that allows you to test a bed for periods ranging from a couple of months to a year? In that case, you can look forward to several great offers. Read our review of the best beds that you can try at home thanks to their fantastic free home trials.

Are you still craving that wool layer that Hypnos is known for? Then spoil yourself and choose your next mattress from the best wool beds that are available today.

Awards And Reviews

Regrettably, there is no award ribbon sewn into this mattress pillow topper. But at Land of Beds, the Melody is rated as 4.8 out of 5 stars by customers who bought the mattress. As we mentioned earlier, Hypnos has a stellar track record when it comes to accolades. They have won a Royal Warrant several times and became the first mattress maker to win three “Bed Manufacturer of the Year” awards from the National Bed Federation (NBF). Hypnos also won two Queen’s Awards for Enterprise (2017) and Sustainable Development (2020).

Are you interested in the brand? Get comfy and read our full Hypnos mattress review. You will meet their luxurious beds, awards, and reviews.

2. The Advantage 1550 Gel Pillowtop Mattress By Sealy – A Medium Firm Mattress (£1,199)

Based in Northern Cumbria, the Sealy bed brand is now the largest mattress company in the world. The brand has several ranges, including memory foam mattresses and innerspring mattress models.

But for this list, we chose a bed from their mattresses with pillow top treats. Do you like the idea of gel foam and a bed approved by the British Allergy Foundation? Then read on!

1550 Gel Pillowtop Mattress By Sealy

Meet The Mattress

The Advantage 1550 Gel Pillowtop Mattress is all about comfort, the best sleeping technology, and hygiene. Here are the bed’s best features and materials.

  • The pillow top contains a layer of memory foam. This is no ordinary memory foam, mind you. Called Geltex, the foam is infused with gel to make it more breathable and airy, to provide perfect spinal alignment and also pressure relief.
  • The pillow top mattress also has pocketed coils. The springs are strong to add years to the bed’s service. However, they are also sensitive enough to provide comfort and support, distribute weight evenly, ease pressure points for side sleepers, and to assist with motion isolation between partners sharing a bed.
  • A 4-sided Edge-Guard system is responsible for excellent edge support. You can rest assured that the entire surface of the mattress is useable and that the sides cannot dip or buckle.
  • The gel memory foam mattress has a medium firmness.
  • The entire mattress contains Tencel fibres and is also treated with Purotex probiotics. These materials keep pillow tops and foam (and the rest of the bed) dry, at a cosy temperature, and dust mite and allergen-free.
  • The pillow top layer also has a luxurious knit surface for extra comfort.
  • Sealy also offers pillow top mattresses king size (if you want something bigger than the “double”). See all the best king-size beds from different brands over here.

You can also find the perfect support for your body and spine from other brands. We found the best soft beds for you. You can also choose a stronger surface if you prefer medium-firm mattresses or firm beds.

The Home Trial And Guarantee

Sucked in by the comfy gel memory foam? Let’s talk business. In other words, as a consumer, you need to know what guarantee protects your purchase and if this pillow top mattress can be tested at home. If you are a US customer, Sealy offers a 100-night home trial but there is no mention of this courtesy for UK citizens. All is not lost, however. Several retailers of the Sealy brand provide a decent night trial. One of them is Bensons For Beds which allows consumers to snooze on the best mattress with pillow top added luxury for 40 nights. Sealy also used to cover all their mattresses for 10 years. But in recent years, this was reduced to a 5-year warranty.

Awards And Reviews

To date, the gel foam mattress has not won any awards. It is also hard to find a pillow top mattress review for this bed. However, Sealy itself has earned several prestigious accolades. In 1986, the brand was the first mattress maker in the UK to be BSI certified. When Sealy also won the Best Bed Manufacturer of 2018 from Interiors Monthly, it marked an unprecedented 7-year streak of receiving the same award.

Are you interested in the brand? You can read our full Sealy mattress review to get the full scoop on their best offers.

3. The Anti-Bed Bug Latex Pillow Top Mattress By Happy Beds – A Medium To Firm Mattress (£379.99)

The Happy Beds brand is known for affordable prices and a range of quality mattresses. They also have innovative ideas, like using milk proteins in a bed. Moo.

But today we are discussing one of their other smart designs. This time, the brand provides a practical solution to something that bugs most of us – literally. Let’s see what Happy Beds has to offer to assist sleepers who battle bed bugs.

Anti-Bed Bug Mattress By Happy Beds

Clue: prevention is better than a cure. That is so cliche (we know) and yet so true, especially when it comes to bed crawlies. One can quickly fix the problem by getting rid of a bed with bugs and to start fresh with a mattress that is designed to repel these goobers. You might never have a pest problem again.

Meet The Mattress

The Anti-Bed Bug Latex Pillow Top Mattress is not just for creepies that bother us at night. Here are the best benefits and materials that you can expect from this bed.

  • A remarkable network of materials works together to keep pests at bay. These include special latex memory foam, individually wrapped pocketed coils, and quilted panels.
  • The pocketed coils also reduce motion transfer between couples and provide intuitive support and pressure relief for side sleepers.
  • The pillow top foam mattress has a firmness level of medium to firm.
  • The design of the mattress has quality handcrafted aspects that makes it a luxurious choice for the bedroom.
  • The mattress provides exquisite comfort thanks to satin pads and a cushion-like foam pillow top.
  • Mattresses with pillow tops and latex can be heavy. But another great feature of this mattress is that you never have to turn it over. You can merely rotate it once every 6 weeks.
  • The pillow top mattress also contains a layer of plush reflex foam.
  • The latex memory foam also provides excellent comfort and support.
  • All the materials are sourced in the UK.
  • The mattress is 33 cm thick.

The Home Trial And Guarantee

While Happy Beds do not offer a home trial, this does not seem to worry their customers in the slightest. In fact, Happy Brands is the fastest growing mattress manufacturer in the UK. What about a guarantee? Should you decide to purchase one of their foam-filled pillow tops, then Happy Beds will cover your new mattress with a 5-year guarantee. If you are interested, then you can read more about their rules and regulations on their warranty page.

Are you looking for the top latex beds and brands? We reviewed the best latex mattresses for quality, awards, and the best value for money.

Awards And Reviews

Over at Feefo, the Anti-Bed Bug Latex Foam Pillow Top Mattress has a good score. At the time of writing, it was rated as 4.8 out of 5 stars. Nope, no prizes at the moment but the design and bed-bug idea is sound. So we are hopeful that one day this mattress might receive an acknowledgement or two. However, if it stands for anything, the memory foam used in their kids’ range is Certipur US certified. Read more about what Certipur certification means.

Are you interested in the brand? You can read our full Happy Beds mattress review.

4. The Mirapocket 1000 Geltex Pillow Top Mattress By Silentnight – The Mattress Has A Medium Firmness Level (£729)

Silentnight is a superbrand buckling under too many awards (we love that). They are also known for their wide variety of memory foam, hybrids, pocket sprung beds – and plenty of pillow tops.

For this occasion, we chose another gel foam beauty called the Mirapocket 1000 Geltex Pillow Top Mattress.

Geltex Pillow Top Mattress By Silentnight

Meet The Mattress

What is so special about this pillow top? For mattress lovers, the 4 cm deep top offers great relief from pressure points. But that is only the beginning. Here are several more great benefits and materials.

  • The individually wrapped coils also provide the following perks – immense pressure relief, edge support, intuitive support and comfort that soothes back pain.
  • The springs also provide full-body support.
  • The gel foam is breathable, provides side sleepers and stomach sleepers with intense comfort, and not to mention that it makes the top layer of the mattress a wonderful surface to snuggle against.
  • The materials also work together to provide firmness to align the spine and regulate body temperature.
  • The mattress also has edge support to prevent that “rolling out of bed” sensation.
  • The mattress has a medium firmness.
  • The bed is stylish and also does not need to be turned over.

The Home Trial And Guarantee

Should you decide that this is the best pillow top mattress for you, Silentnight offers a 5-year guarantee. Most brands offer a longer 10-year warranty. So this is also not the longest cover that we have seen. But if you are interested in the fine print, then you can read more about the rules and regulations of their guarantee on the brand’s warranty page.

Silentnight does offer a sleep trial that is 60 nights long. Interestingly, they call this sleep trial the “60-night comfort exchange” deal. Basically, you get the opportunity to exchange pillow tops if you are not pleased with the first mattress. The exchange can only happen within the first 28 days of the sleep trial but we still feel that this is a good attempt from the brand to provide a customer with two chances to find a suitable mattress.

Awards And Reviews

While the gel foam pillow top mattress lacks accolades, we can list a few things in its favour. All Silentnight mattresses, including their pillow tops, are tested to comply (and exceed) all the best British standards of quality. Some of the brand’s other mattresses have won Which? Best Buy awards. Besides receiving recognition as the UK’s leading mattress company in the 1980s and achieving superbrand status in 2004, Silentnight also took the first prize in the category 2014-2015 UK Furniture (Beds) during the World Branding Awards.

Are you interested in the brand? Kick off your shoes, pour some tea and read our full Silentnight mattress review.

5. The Wool Supreme 2400 Pillow Top Mattress By Sleepeezee – The Mattress Has A Medium Firmness (£899)

The Sleepeezee bed company is a clever brand. They found countless more customers where other mattress companies never bothered to look. What on Earth are we talking about? Sleepeezee makes the finest handcrafted mattresses for their human customers – but they also make some of the best pet beds on the market today. As much as we love their designer cushions for dogs and cats, for today’s list, we chose the Wool Supreme 2400 Pillow Top Mattress (you know, for homo sapiens).

Pillow Top Mattress By Sleepeezee

Meet The Mattress

This pillow top mattress is a part of Sleepeezee’s Campaign For Wool range. This top initiative encourages the use of British wool. Every mattress in this collection, including the pillow tops, have Platinum Wool status. If you are interested what this means, then you can read a good article from FarmingUK. It explains the campaign’s grading system very well.

Anyway, “platinum” status means that the product contains only British wool and not just a percentage. Here are some more great benefits and materials from this lovely pillow top mattress.

  • The best mattresses have natural fillings. With this pillow top bed, you can look forward to snoozing on the finest British fleece, cotton, and a chemical-free Damask cover.
  • The bed contains a dual-layer of individually wrapped coils provide comfort against pressure points, back pain, movements, and weight. The coils provide a firmness that is perfect to support any body shape and sleeping position.
  • The pillow top mattress is also easy to maintain. You do not need to turn it over.
  • The top layer (the actual pillow top) is a sumptuous and soft layer. It gives you that extra snugness that makes this bed so luxurious.
  • This is also one of the brand’s most stylish mattresses.

People often find that they sleep better when a bed caters to their favourite sleeping positions. You can look at all the top beds for side sleepers. If you prefer other sleeping positions, then here are the best beds for back sleepers and the best mattresses for stomach sleepers.

The Home Trial And Guarantee

Sleepeezee sells their mattresses through several top retailers. Most offer a 60-night home trial. One of these retailers, Leekes, also allows customers to exchange pillow tops during the trial. Heck, you can exchange it for any other Sleepeezee mattress, perhaps one with different materials like memory foam or a bed that is Certipur-US foam certified. How about the guarantee? You might not get the more standard 10-year warranty with Sleepeezee pillow top mattresses but you will get something better than most brands’ 5-year warranty.

Alright, enough faffing around. Should you pick one of their pillow top mattresses, you can expect a 7-year warranty. Please note that you must register your guarantee before it can be activated. If you are interested but want to find out more, head on over to Sleepeezee’s guarantee page. It explains the brand’s warranty policies and also provides the registration portal.

Awards And Reviews

The Wool Supreme 2400 Pillow Top Mattress belongs to the collection that was awarded Platinum Wool status. At the time of writing, Trustpilot reviews also gave the brand 4.4 out of 5 stars or “Excellent.”

Are you interested in the brand? You can read our full Sleepeezee mattress review for the best deals, mattresses, and authentic customer reviews.

6. The Layezee Calm Pillow Top Mattress By Silentnight – The Mattress Has A Medium To Firm Level Of Firmness (£339)

Our second pillow top mattress from the Silentnight bed brand is a simpler affair. The mattress perfect for anyone looking to purchase a quality pillow top bed with great memory foam and other materials, support and comfort – but at a lower price.

Pillow top mattresses tend to drift into a higher price layer but there are also plenty of budget choices from trusted brands – like this mattress.

Layezee Calm Pillow Top Mattress

Silentnight is not the only brand that offers low prices. You can find more top beds with low prices from other elite brands with all the support and luxury of more expensive mattresses.

Meet The Mattress

The Layezee Calm Pillow Top Mattress have a simpler appearance and design, but you can look forward to plenty of perks. For starters, the pillow top bed is hypoallergenic. This is a welcome trait for those who like pillow top mattresses but also suffer from allergies. In the same way, the bed also prevents dust mites from turning into a problem. Here are more comfy things and materials you can expect from this pillow top.

  • Many springs are pocketed these days. But if you still prefer the old way when mattresses had open coils, then this could be the pillow top mattress for you. The system of coils is advanced so you will lose none of the support that pocket sprung beds are known for.
  • The coils provide intuitive comfort and support, firmness, and a layer of intuitive adjustment that senses your movements and removes pressure from your body’s contact points with the mattress.
  • The mattress is also a good choice for those who like their mattresses on the firm side but not too hard. The support level of this pillow top bed is rated as medium to firm.
  • The depth of the mattress is 21 cm.
  • The pillow top is a delectable memory foam that adds even more support and comfort. More specifically, the memory foam adds a luxurious touch that invites better and longer sleep.
  • Do you want even more comfort and support? The knitted cover adds even more quality to your Zzz’s.
  • If you hate flipping mattresses, then no worries. This pillow top bed only needs to be rotated once in a while.

The Home Trial And Guarantee

Silentnight offers a 60-night comfort exchange deal. Just a quick recap – if you decide to try a pillow top mattress at home, you get 60 nights and within the first 28 days of the home trial you are allowed to switch the mattress for something else if you are not satisfied (like a memory foam or latex bed from Silentnight if you discover that pillow tops are not really your thing). But should you pick this pillow top bed, then you can expect a 5-year warranty that covers factory and workmanship issues.

Awards And Reviews

The Layezee Calm Pillow Top Bed was crafted by an award-winning brand. If you recall our earlier foray into Silentnight’s awards, you will remember that among its many accolades are several memory foam mattresses with Which? Best Buy awards. Silentnight has also been the UK’s leading mattress company since the 1980s and won superbrand status in 2004,

Are you interested in the brand? You can read our full Silentnight mattress review.

7. The Amethyst Crystal Pillow Top Bed By Happy Beds – The Bed Has A Soft To Medium Level Of Firmness (£479.99)

Do you also remember when we mentioned that Happy Beds have unusual mattresses? Here is another peculiar mattress from this brand that we could not resist.

The Amethyst Crystal Pillow Top Bed is crafted with genuine amethyst quarts. Let’s see the top benefits and traits of this mattress.

Amethyst Crystal Pillow Top By Happy Beds

Meet The Mattress

  • As one of Happy Beds’ thickest mattresses, you can expect 33 cm of comfort and support.
  • This bed is also a top choice for sleepers who like the support of a soft to medium firmness.
  • The pillow top layer has a beautiful quilted appearance and contains soft and breathable materials like foam.
  • The fabrics used to craft this mattress is high-quality and finished with attractive white and grey colours.
  • Mattresses with plenty of pocket springs offer top support – and this bed has 2,500 coils that work individually and yet as a unit to limit motion transfer and to make sleep and movements an airy experience.
  • The bed contains a layer of high-grade memory foam.
  • Happy Beds design all their mattresses to be exceptionally durable and breathable.
  • You also do not have to worry that a layer somewhere inside might collapse if you don’t flip the bed over. You simply have to rotate Happy Beds mattresses every six weeks.
  • The bed has handles for easy rotation.
  • The mattress also contains a layer of reflex foam for extra bounce and support.

The Home Trial And Guarantee

As we (sadly) mentioned with the first Happy Beds mattress that we chose; this brand does not offer a home trial to customers. Mind you, people do not seem to worry over this too much (the public continues to support the brand, which remains the top growing bed brand in the UK). Happy Beds also does not offer a 10-year warranty. It does not really matter if you buy a pillow top, latex, latex hybrid or a pocket sprung bed from this brand. The best you can hope for is a 5-year guarantee.

Awards And Reviews

Over at Feefo, the Amethyst Crystal mattress currently has a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars. Besides this top score, the mattress has not yet been given any accolades.

Are you interested in the brand? You can read our full Happy Beds mattress review to discover their best beds, prices, and customer experiences.

Take Your Two Free Guides To Choose The Perfect Pillow Top Bed

The best pillow top bed should tick several boxes. It should have the right firmness for you, luxurious foam, enough support, and must also be Certipur US certified. Choice is always a good thing. But when you do not have hours or days to lose to assess and choose the right level of firmness, support, or a brand, then the exciting hunt for a new pillow top bed can soon turn into a chore.

We wrote a complete guide on how to choose the right mattress for you, whether it is a pillow top, a latex foam bed, or a hybrid. There is also a comprehensive size chart in case you want more clarity on the centimetres and names of the different sized mattresses on the market today. Both guides are available below!

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