Best Medium Firm Mattress – Reviews And Awards 2021 UK

The world of mattresses has its own lingo. The term “medium-firm” simply means that the surface of a bed feels neither too hard nor too soft. This comfort level is the Goldilocks point for most sleepers. The good news is that the bed industry answered this need and churns out fantastic options that include both pocket sprung mattresses and beds with memory foam.

You don’t have to run around to find the best mattress. We have already compared the brands, beds, and all the special offers. This article brings you the best medium-firm mattresses. We showcase the “double” size in each case and also discuss their best features, free home trials, and more!

Best Medium Firm Mattress

1. The Nectar Memory Foam Mattress By Nectar – A 365-Night Trial (£549)

Let’s start this list with fireworks. And what better than a home trial that is a year long. But home trials are not really worth it if the mattress sucks. Seriously, who wants to suffer on a back-killer for 12 months? But hang on.

This bed made our Best List after all and even the Nectar brand is so confident that the mattress will please most of their customers that the brand is willing to give the Nectar Memory Foam Mattress a lifetime guarantee. True story.

Memory Foam Mattress By Nectar Sleep

The Benefits Of This Memory Foam Mattress

Do you love a mattress with memory foam? Then this could be your best new mattress. The bed has five layers of memory foam and each one is designed to bring sleepers nothing but comfort and support (maybe even good dreams). But before we look at the layers, it is also worthwhile to mention a few other treats.

  • This mattress is delivered as a vacuum-packed box mattress. The compact size makes it easy to carry your new mattress – all by yourself – to your apartment on the ninth floor.
  • It is available in 5 sizes.
  • The memory foam mattress fits most bed bases, even those that are adjustable.
  • Needless to say, the bed also has a comfort level of medium-firm.

For sleepers who prefer soft-medium, you can visit our review of the best soft mattresses. Some of them are total softies but there are also a few of the best soft-medium choices in there as well.

The Five Layers Of This Mattress

Are you ready for so much foam that it might make you weep? With joy, of course. Well, without any more time-wasting, here are the sheets and their treats.

  1. Say goodbye to those awfully hot nights. Yes, even during summer. The top layer pulls heat away from your body with every movement that you make. This top layer also breathes and circulates air to keep things at their coolest.
  2. Seriously, say goodbye. Underneath the top layer is a thick sheet of memory foam that both kicks hot air out of the bed and also regulates your temperature. That way, you will always stay at the right toasty temperature. As a bonus, it also wicks away moisture to keep you dry.
  3. This layer is the best thing ever for pressure points. The memory foam supports the body where you need it most, instantly adjusting as you move and sleep. If you struggle to fall asleep because pressure points prevent you from settling, then this will definitely help you to rest better and fall asleep faster.
  4. This sheet adds more firmness that supports the entire body. It has seven zones that also deal with areas that need extra support and firmness, like the shoulders, hips, head, and legs.
  5. This one is not included in the layers of foam (because it’s not memory foam). However, that does not mean it serves no purpose. When a mattress is wrongly positioned on the bed frame, it can shorten its lifespan and cause damage that most warranties will not cover. This layer is a non-slide bottom that keeps your new mattress firmly in place.

Speaking of bed bases, you can find the best mattresses for adjustable beds. We chose the top beds from elite brands and discuss their best features, guarantees, and free trials.

How Long Is The Trial Period And Year Warranty?

Well, we already gave that surprise away. But let’s elaborate. Nectar is one of two brands that offer the longest home trial period (a full year) and guarantee (a lifetime warranty). You can read the terms and conditions of the free test as well as the rules and regulations of the guarantee.

Awards And Reviews

The best mattresses must have at least one award and good reviews. Nectar’s memory foam mattress earned several accolades in 2020. The Good Housekeeping Institute approved the bed-in-a-box. The Independent listed the bed as one of the best mattresses of the year while The Sleep Foundation gave it the Best Overall Mattress Of The Year award. At Trustpilot, customers also gave the brand 4.3 out of 5 stars.

You can read all about the brand. Here is our complete Nectar mattress review.

2. The Pure Bamboo And Charcoal Hybrid Mattress By Otty – A 100-Night Trial (£699.99)

The Otty brand places a strong focus on pocket sprung mattresses that also contains the best layers of foam.

If you want an ultra-hygienic mattress, it might be a good idea to read our top pick from Otty – the Bamboo and Charcoal Hybrid Mattress.

Pure Hybrid Bamboo And Charcoal Mattress By Otty

The Benefits Of This Hybrid Mattress

Otty is a good choice when buying a mattress that is specifically designed to leave you more energized in the morning. This is something that the brand’s designers baked into every one of their mattresses. But if you want the additional perks of hygiene and cooling properties, then the Bamboo and Charcoal bed could be the best mattress type for you.

This hybrid mattress is also suitable for those who like both medium or firm mattresses. Its firmness is still rated as medium but it is more on the firm side. Alright, we are done with firmness for now. Let’s look at the 6 layers of memory foam, luxury fabrics, and pocket springs.

The Six Layers Of This Mattress

Stand closer, worshipers of hybrids. We present to you a well-designed mattress that is ready to spoil your medium-firm needs.

  1. The first layer is made of memory foam. It is the plush type that makes you want to crawl into bed, curl up, and sleep. But the foam pocket design is not the only perk here. Nope. The memory foam is also infused with charcoal. Why? Charcoal is naturally anti-bacterial, fights odours, regulates body temperature, and also keeps mattresses hygienic. (Don’t worry, the charcoal is not the black powdery stuff that will besmirch your best linen).
  2. This layer is made with an unusual material – bamboo memory foam. The choice is actually neat. Bamboo is also naturally anti-bacterial. To make sure that this hybrid mattress gives you the best clean environment, the designers also infused the bamboo memory foam with charcoal.
  3. All great mattresses must have a support sheet. In this bed, the memory foam stuck with this job is the third layer. It is stronger, thicker, and very supportive. It provides plenty of firmness and the type of intuition that allows you to turn over or get into bed without being bothered by pressure points.
  4. The pocket springs make up the majority of the mattress. If you are a stickler for details, here’s a fun fact – 64 percent of the bed consists of the coily curls. The higher the number of springs, the more support and pressure relief you can expect from a mattress. The Bamboo and Charcoal mattress has a hearty amount of 2,000 pocket springs. They eliminate motion transfer between partners and contribute the most towards the medium-firm tension. This makes it one of the best mattresses if you want a pocket sprung mattress.
  5. The designers found an interesting way to keep the mattress firm. Well, its edges. If you have ever owned a mattress with dipping edges, then you know the horror of rolling over in the night and coming close to rolling off the bed. This layer gives extra support to the borders of your hybrid mattress. As a bonus, the angular beams help to promote airflow that keeps the mattress fresh and hygienic.
  6. The support base provides enough firmness to keep the other layers in shape and your hybrid mattress in working order for a very long time.

Do you have a hankering for the best mattresses with hybrid features? Make sure to read our review of the best hybrid beds that are available today.

How Long Is The Trial Period And Year Warranty?

If you want to snuggle up against the oddly comforting combination of charcoal and bamboo, then you get a great opportunity to do so. Otty gives one of the best mattress home trials. You can hug your charboo mattress (sorry, we could not resist the cute blend) for 100 nights. Should your 100-night trial turn out to be everything that you had hoped for, then Otty will cover the mattress with a 10-year warranty.

Awards And Reviews

The mattress owns one award. But it’s a goodie. In 2019, Expert Reviews gave it the Mattress Of The Year award. It is worth mentioning that the brand, Otty, holds a unique honour. It remains the only bed-in-a-box brand that has won anything from the National Bed Federation. Otty won first place in the Small Online Bed Retailer category for 2018/2019.

You can find out more about Otty’s other pocket sprung mattresses and bed-in-a-box deals. Read our complete Otty mattress review.

3. The Elite Mattress By Brook And Wilde – A 100-Night Home Test (£1099)

Here is something special. Well, for those who love heaps of pocket springs (and great memory foam too). Indeed, the Elite Mattress by Brook and Wilde is perfect if you love the comfort of foam and all the benefits that come with the best pocket sprung mattress.

Elite Mattress By Brook And Wilde

The Benefits Of This Pocket Sprung Mattress

Before we get to the layers, there are other treats and choices that are worth mentioning. This mattress was designed to be as universal as possible. As such, customers can choose between all the different firmness levels including soft, medium, firm, and extra firm. Despite having eight layers of memory foam and pocket coils, it is also vacuum packed and conveniently delivered as a bed-in-a-box.

The Eight Layers Of The Mattress

  1. The top layer makes it easy to keep your sleeping environment clean and fresh. While it is also very snug and comfortable, the wrapping can be zipped off, removed and popped into the wash.
  2. Have you ever seen memory foam with a snag? That little booger starts small but over time, the damage grows. That is why the designers of this best mattress included the second layer, aptly called the memory foam protector. It prevents snags from happening between the top sheet and the first sheet of foam.
  3. Say hello to the aforementioned memory foam. It is special for several reasons. The minute foam pocket design helps to regulate your temperature while the memory foam is also firm enough to provide the type of support that eliminates pressure points. This sheet also gets rid of moisture and stale air.
  4. A good night’s sleep is almost guaranteed thanks to this layer. Consisting of 2,500 mini pocket springs, you can look forward to the best mattress for support, no motion transfer, pressure relief, and comfort. The coils also keep the mattress firm and steady.
  5. The fifth layer is useful for those who care about their spines or currently suffer from back pain and arthritis. The best way to keep back problems at bay (or to manage such problems naturally) is to sleep with an aligned spine. This foam is shaped like a wave. The design provides support for the shoulders and also keeps the back in the best position all night long. It is particularly good for side sleepers.
  6. This medium-firm mattress has a second layer of pocket springs. This time they are bigger and number 1,000 pocket springs. They add more support, air circulation, pressure relief, and just extra of everything. The sheer number of coils makes this the best mattress choice if you want thousands of pocket springs at your beck and call (sounds comfy).
  7. The strong support base keeps this bed-in-a-box in working order for years after you unroll it and place it on the frame.
  8. The non-slip base ensures that your pocket sprung mattress stays on the frame.

If you are looking for the best mattress with pocket springs, we found the top pocket sprung mattresses from the highest-rated brands.

How Long Is The Trial Period And Year Warranty?

The answer is a good one (although it is not a 365-night deal, sorry). Brook and Wilde offers the same deals for all their mattresses. If you like this one, you can sleep on your decision for 100 nights. Two things can happen here. If you decide that this mattress is your soul type and you want to keep it, then Brook and Wilde will give you a 10-year warranty. You can read the terms and conditions to see what you can expect from this 10-year deal. The second option happens when you do not like the Elite Mattress for some reason. Then Brook and Wilde will allow you to exchange mattresses and continue the trial.

Awards And Reviews

In 2020, the Good Housekeeping Institute approved the bed-in-a-box, giving the mattress its sought-after GHI seal. A Good Homes Magazine review also said it was one of the best mattress models that they have ever tested.

You can see more mattresses from Brook and Wilde and other comfy bedding. Read our complete Brook and Wilde mattress review.

4. The Original Mattress By Emma – A 200-Night Home Test (£529)

The Emma brand is currently the home of the UK’s best-selling and most-awarded bed. The Original Mattress is a fine all-rounder, meaning that it suits nearly every type of sleeper. That being said, this is the best mattress for those who suffer from back pain or arthritis.

Original Emma Mattresses

The Benefits Of This Mattress

This is also one of the best mattresses for those who prefer the type of bed that only includes memory foam. The medium-firm feel, support, and simple yet effective design also make this a very popular mattress. So, how many layers should logically go into the UK’s best-selling mattress? More than eight? Ten?

Three. No, that is not a typo. Emma really did manage to craft a remarkable memory foam mattress with just three layers. Let’s look at each one and the benefits that they offer.

The Triple Layer Mattress

  1. The top sheet is Airgocell foam. As the name implies, the best mattress features you can expect with this layer is breathability, the removal of stale air, circulation of fresh air, removal of moisture, and cooling properties.
  2. Visco-elastic memory foam makes up the middle slice. This is the stuff that eliminates pressure points and hugs the entire body for ultimate support and comfort. It also provides intuitive adjustment when you move or change position. This is also the best mattress if you have different sleeping positions. While some people sleep mostly on their sides or stomach, this mattress will keep you comfortable no matter how you sleep and how often you change position. It is particularly useful if you are an “active” sleeper (one that tosses and turns a lot).
  3. The bottom layer is HRX foam. This sturdy foam is all about correct spinal alignment, support, and enough comfort to give you a good night’s sleep. As a bonus, the stiff foam also protects the other layers and lengthens the lifespan of the mattress.

Do you love memory foam but want to look at something more natural? Latex foam is naturally hypoallergenic and their sumptuousness makes them some of the best mattresses for back pain and uninterrupted sleep. Here are the best latex mattresses for you.

How Long Is The Night Trial And Year Guarantee?

Perhaps you want to try the UK’s best mattress. What can you expect from Emma’s home test and warranty? Luckily, Emma allows customers to try this mattress at home. The brand is one of few mattress companies that also offer a lengthy 200-night test. Which is pretty amazing. Sure, this is not a year long but it comes! Emma is that confident that consumers will keep their mattresses. You can read the home test’s terms and conditions if you want as well. If you complete the test and decide that this is indeed the best mattress in the known universe, then you can look forward to a 10-year guarantee. Here are the rules and regulations.

Awards And Reviews

Just some of the awards given to the mattress include a Which? Best Buy award in 2020. During a review, Real Homes praised the ability of the mattress to bring relief to those with arthritis and back problems. The Good Housekeeping Institute also approved of the support and cooling abilities of the Original Mattress. But one of the best results came from The Mattress Guide. When it tested the Original mattress in 2020, the bed achieved a near-perfect score in all TMG’s nine categories. It was also named as the best mattress of 2020 during the BMUK Awards.

Emma has its own awards as a brand and plenty of other wonderful mattresses for adults and children. Read our complete Emma mattress review for more information.

5. The Premium Hybrid Mattress By Eve Sleep -A 100-Night Trial (£782)

This is another best mattress if your arthritis responds well to a medium-firm mattress. We chose a hybrid mattress this time from a great company called Eve Sleep.

Its Premium Hybrid Mattress is another prize-winning mattress and it comes with more benefits than just spoiling those aching joints.

Premium Hybrid Mattress By Eve Sleep

The Benefits Of This Hybrid Mattress

This mattress is also suitable for those who just want to experience great sleep night after night. It is exceptionally comfortable and durable. Eve also designs their mattresses in such a way that maintenance is not a chore. As a bonus, it does not hurt that this is also one of their most stylish mattresses. Let’s see what the bed’s layers have to offer to those hunting good dreams.

The Seven Layers Of The Mattress

As one of their top mattresses, Eve invested a great deal of innovation and luxury designs in this product. The seven layers make this hybrid something that all mattresses should be – easy to maintain, sumptuous, and ultra-comfortable. Let’s meet the Fantastic Seven.

  1. The upper layer is both luxurious and practical. The surface resembles a quilted blanket but the soft top or padded variety. But here is the fun fact of the day. This layer also contains real silver threads because silver is naturally antimicrobial and antibacterial. The layer also contains graphite to cool you down.
  2. The second layer of the mattress is not called Float Foam® for no reason. Nope. It eliminates pressure so effectively that customers who have bought Eve mattresses claim to feel all floaty. This makes it one of the best mattresses for those with painful conditions that need ultimate pressure point relief. This layer also contains graphite to get rid of extra heat and moisture.
  3. Another layer of memory foam adds more comfort and plushness to the mattress.
  4. A firmer sheet of foam is also present to keep the spine aligned and the back healthy. This is perhaps the core of what makes this hybrid mattress very effective against back pain.
  5. The fifth layer has two jobs. It provides excellent edge support to the bed’s borders while also protecting the pocket coils in the next layer. This ensures that they work in optimal conditions for years.
  6. The pocket coils measure 12 cm tall and altogether, number 1,500 springs. What do they add to the mattress? The usual perks that no sleeper should be without. These include no motion transfer, plush support, relief, and a fresh mattress due to the springs’ ability to circulate air throughout the mattress.
  7. The final layer is present in all the great mattresses. You guessed it. Eve’s hybrid mattress is also wrapped with non-slip material to ensure that the mattress stays on the frame where it belongs.

How Long Is The Home Test And Guarantee?

If you love mattresses with a 100-night test period, then start celebrating. Okay, keep the party for when you finish the trial and perhaps discover that there is no better mattress than the Eve hybrid bed. Once that happens, the brand will provide a decent guarantee as well (a 10-year warranty). Are you always pouncing on the small print? Then here are the rules and regulations of the free trial and the terms and conditions of the warranty.

Awards And Reviews

In 2019, the Premium Hybrid Mattress won a Which? Best Buy award. The mattress is also maintaining a 5-star rating at Expert Reviews. Show-off.

Eve Sleep has more award-winning mattresses and bedding. You can also read more about the brand’s own awards and special deals. Read our complete Eve Sleep mattress review for more information.

6. The Ocean Gel Memory Foam Mattress By Happy Beds – No Home Test (£194.99)

The Happy Beds brand is known for two things. They do not mess around with variety. The brand has a lot of different types of mattresses – there is literally something for every member of the family. Even for your picky teenager. Secondly,

Happy Beds is also the fastest-growing mattress store in the UK. Today, we picked their medium-firm bed called the Ocean Gel Memory Foam Mattress.

Ocean Gel Memory Foam Mattress By Happy Beds

The Benefits Of This Mattress

Here’s your checklist of all things comfy and plush with this mattress.

  • The cover is removable and washable to keep your mattress clean.
  • It fits all mattress frames.
  • The mattress is heat-sensitive. It regulates your temperature, especially during the summer months.
  • The memory foam is highly supportive. It provides full-body comfort.
  • The memory foam is also dip-resistant. Happy Beds claim that the mattress will never lose its shape.
  • The mattress is also hypoallergenic and specifically offer protection against conditions like asthma and allergies.
  • The mattress is 21 cm thick for ultimate comfort.
  • You do not need to turn this mattress over. This is good news if you hate this chore or suffer from back problems that make turning a mattress a painful experience.
  • The mattress is delivered to your door as a manageable bed-in-a-box.
  • The fabric that wraps around it has a crisp and stylish appearance.
  • The mattress is available in 9 sizes.
  • It also has orthopaedic qualities to soothe back pain and conditions like arthritis.

How Long Is The Home Test And Guarantee?

Happy Beds clearly have a lot of customers and sales (otherwise they would not be the fastest-growing mattress store in the UK). Whatever attracts people in such vast flocks is certainly not the home test (there is none to speak of). Happy Beds is indeed among the few brands that do not allow clients to snooze for free on their mattresses at home. What about the guarantee? Those who pick their dream mattress from the brand’s seemingly endless beds can look forward to 5 years of protection. Here are the terms and conditions of the warranty.

Awards And Reviews

The Ocean Gel Memory Foam Mattress has not yet won any accolades. But it might be worth mentioning that Happy Beds is a member of the National Bed Federation (NBF). The NBF employs independent auditors to check that each member follows stringent guidelines to manufacture products that are safe, high-quality, and without false pretences. Over at Feefo, 51 reviews also gave this mattress a great score of 4.8 out of 5 stars.

You can also read our complete Happy Beds mattress review for more information about the brand.

Grab Your Two Free Guides To Find The Top Medium-Firm Mattress For You

Due to the popularity of medium-firm beds, buyers are spoiled for choice. There are literally countless mattresses with different features and perks. How do you choose the right one without regretting it a few months down the line? While a home test is a good first step to test compatibility, you can also read our free guide on how to choose a bed. The guide is full of practical tips to identify the things you are looking for in a great mattress and how to avoid a bad buy. If you are uncertain about which size is the best fit for you, then grab our guide that explains the different mattress sizes.

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