Best Mattress – Brand Reviews, Awards And Discounts UK 2021

The time has come to say goodbye to your old bed. Perhaps a wayward coil has mutated your once-heavenly mattress into a medieval rack and you are tired of being robbed of a good night’s sleep. Maybe your 15-year-old mattress is fine. But you want to upgrade to something modern. Where to start? Which mattresses are the best?

Such questions are normal when a buyer is faced with the dizzying amount of beds on offer. There is no need to launch a frustrating search through each brand’s website. It could take days or even weeks to track down the best beds. A good idea is to look at compilations, like our Best Mattress 2020, which showcases the top beds of the year.

Best Mattresses

Speaking of which, we handpicked each company to ensure that only quality and style made our list. You will meet the best “double” size mattress from each brand. For most people, this size is the most popular choice when they buy a mattress. Please note that the prices were correct at the time of writing and that they exclude the bed base.

1. The Luxury Hybrid Mattress By DreamCloud – £699 Which Includes A Forever Warranty

The DreamCloud bed brand has a single mattress. Called the DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid Mattress, it offers a good night’s sleep on four different sizes, each of which is comfort-packed with five layers of foam and pocket springs.

If you prefer medium or firm, then the bed’s medium-firmness is a winner. Indeed, when buying a mattress, this is the most popular tension that customers prefer. It’s perfect for side sleepers, back snoozers, or those who dream on their stomachs.

Best Luxury Hybrid Mattress

If you are one of those side sleepers who struggle with pressure points, you probably want a mattress that suits your favourite sleeping position. Look no further. You can find the best beds for side sleepers, the most supportive beds for back sleepers and also the best mattresses for stomach sleepers.

But back to the star of the moment.

This hybrid mattress has two delicious features – the warranty and the night trial period. It’s always a good idea to pick a brand that allows you to first test a new mattress before you take that final step. But DreamCloud does not offer the standard party line when it comes to these two services. It’s more like Christmas. Why? It does not matter whether you pick a single or a king-size mattress, all of their beds have a 365-night trial. Your warranty is forever. Besides the quality of the mattress, these incredible offers placed the Luxury Hybrid on our Best Mattress 2020 list.

Each layer of memory foam is designed to encourage better sleep. The foam makes the bed luxurious, supportive, comfortable, and breathable. In other words, a cool patch of heaven. This is also a pocket sprung mattress. The coils cradle your movements and remove pressure points to make sure that back ailments get the support they need.

If you are allergic to dust and mites, read on. A mattress is the one piece of furniture in your home that fosters better health (sleep is critical to our well-being after all). But a bed is also among the worst culprits for harbouring allergens. The good news is that the DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid Mattress is hypoallergenic.

If you or someone in your family suffer from allergies, the National Sleep Foundation has a good article on how to keep the entire bedroom allergy-free.

The mattress is vacuum-packed and delivered to your home as a “bed-in-a-box.” A box mattress has several benefits, including being easy to handle by one or two persons. It can also be carried to an upstairs bedroom without costing somebody’s back or an accident.

DreamCloud also made our list for their efforts to make sure that delivery is a positive experience for customers. What do we mean by that? Well, delivery is not only offered as a premium service but it is also free. Their friendly delivery guys will even take the box mattress to the room of your choice.

At the time of writing, Dreamcloud has not won any major awards. That being said, the brand remains a hot favourite and produces quality mattresses. The brand is also safe and is CertiPUR® certified.

Our Favourite Feature: The top layer is a luxury feature. Designed for comfort and appearance, the quilted layer is exceptionally soft. The premium materials also regulate temperature to bring you the perfect sleeping environment.

2. The Nectar Memory Foam Mattress By Nectar Sleep – £549 And Another Lifetime Warranty

Why did Nectar Sleep make our Best Mattress 2020 parade? Because, in so many ways, the brand shares excellent habits with DreamCloud. The Nectar bed brand also spends all their time and energy on one mattress. The Nectar Memory Foam mattress, is also covered by the best night trial and guarantee in the business. That’s right, you can snuggle against that Nectar mattress and enjoy a 365-night trial period in the comfort of your own home. The bed is also the only mattress, besides the one being offered by DreamCloud, to carry a lifetime warranty.

Memory Foam Mattress By Nectar Sleep

But there are differences. Let’s say you love everything about the DreamCloud bed but dislike pocket sprung mattresses (or even hybrid mattresses). In this case, the Nectar mattress might be the better choice for you. The bed is made exclusively from cutting-edge foam.

Just a quick word. If you would rather look at the top memory foam beds of the year, then hop along and enjoy our complete article that explains their benefits and also showcase the best memory foam mattresses.

But if you want to read more about the layers of foam (and what they can do for you), then here is a quick overview.

  1. The top layer is an intuitive creature. With every move you make the foam draws heat away from your body. At the same time, it circulates air to cool things down. Take that, summer.
  2. Underneath the top layer is a thicker type of foam. It supports the previous layer, banishes body heat and regulates the sleeper’s temperature. This layer of memory foam also gets rid of moisture.
  3. The next layer growls at pressure points. Designed to support and comfort the body, anyone, from side sleepers to tummy kippers can rest assured that they will sleep for longer and better (no more shifting around to get rid of those pesky pressure points).
  4. This layer of memory foam has seven zones for body support, just to make a good night’s sleep even more possible.
  5. The last layer consists of a special material that keeps your mattress from shifting around on the base. Nobody likes it when their bed edges away from the centre all by itself, so this is a very useful feature. Stay. Good boy.

Another difference is that the Nectar mattress comes in five sizes, while DreamCloud has four. The surface also rates medium to firm, which is perfect for most. If you like a vacuum-packed bed in a box, then smile. Not only is this another easy-to-handle mattress but delivery is also free.

If you want your new mattress to own a boatload of awards, then listen up. The Nectar bed has won several prestigious accolades, including a stamp of approval from Ideal Home, The Good Housekeeping Institute recognized the brand’s quality in both 2018 and 2020, and it also won the Best Mattress 2020 award from The Sleep Foundation – to name just a few.

Our Favourite Feature: We’ll admit. It was hard to pick a favourite. This is one of the best mattresses on the market with a ton of fantastic features. But in the end, we went with the motion transfer. There is nothing more annoying than those ripples that invade your side of the bed whenever your partner moves in their sleep. The design of the mattress prevents movement from spreading.

3. The Emma Original Mattress By Emma – £529 Plus A Comfy 10-Year Guarantee

Are you looking for the best of mattress awards and sales? Then look no further. The Emma bed brand created something truly special. The quality is so genuine that consumers and industry experts have repeatedly shown their support for the brand. Indeed, not only is the Emma Original bed the best-selling mattress in the UK but also the most awarded. In 2020, Which? Best Buy declared the Emma Original mattress as one of the best memory foam mattresses that they have ever tested. While they have won other accolades too, here are just some of the top awards.

Original Emma Mattresses
  1. The Good Housekeeping Institute praised the bed for its support and cooling foam layers.
  2. The Emma Original mattress achieved a near-perfect score in nine categories when The Mattress Guide tested the bed in 2020.
  3. The mattress also took the first prize in the Best Mattress 2020 BMUK Awards, which was largely won by the high standard it set for the bed-in-a-box industry.
  4. The bed was named as the Best Mattress Reviewed winner during the 2020 TMG Awards hosted by The Mattress Guide.

One might be forgiven for assuming that the bed has a complex design. Not true. The mattress has three layers of memory foam. However, they are efficient (which is clear from all the awards and admiration!). The top layer consists of Airgocell foam. This stuff breathes to keep you cool, while also whisking away any moisture and stale air. The middle sheet is a layer of visco-elastic memory foam. This part offers deep support for side sleepers and other positions. The base is HRX foam which cradles the spine and keeps it straight. This makes the Emma Original one of the best mattresses for cranky backs and pain-free sleep overall.

If you do suffer from back problems or other chronic painful conditions, Spine-Health offers 5 great tips to deal with pain. The Harvard Medical School also gives some welcome sleep advice to catch those Zzz’s when you have chronic aches and pains.

You can also test this best mattress at home. Emma’s offer in this regard is also very good. While not as long as the previous two mattresses, the brand still has one of the longest trial periods in the industry. Suspense too much? The trial period lasts for 200 days. The bed will be delivered free of charge and should you decide against it, Emma will also collect it for free. But if you keep the mattress, the brand will give you a 10-year warranty.

Are you looking for the best mattress home trials? Grab our article on the top free sleeping trials for mattresses.

Our Favourite Feature: While a bed-in-a-box has many perks, there is the one really annoying thing about them. These vacuum-packed memory foam mattresses are so tightly squished into their containers that they take hours to inflate to a size that you can actually use. The Emma mattress is different. The entire unpacking process, from opening the box to inflating the mattress is so user-friendly we almost cried. You simply open the box, cut the plastic cover around the mattress, place it on the base and within a short time, the bed will be ready for you to sleep on.

4. The PURE Hybrid Bamboo & Charcoal Mattress By Otty – £699.99 Including A 10-Year Guarantee

The previous bed was for the memory foam lovers. The PURE Hybrid Bamboo & Charcoal Mattress was handpicked for those who enjoy the best springs with their foam. The bed holds six layers of memory foam and pocket springs.

Besides having more layers than most, this is also the first mattress in the UK with charcoal-infused bamboo foam. What the heck does charcoal do for your sleep, anyway?

Both charcoal and bamboo have properties that are naturally antibacterial. Needless to say, this boosts hygiene and cleanliness.But on its own, charcoal has two extra qualities that make it one of the best “ingredients” for mattresses that we have ever seen.

Pure Hybrid Bamboo And Charcoal Mattress By Otty

Charcoal regulates temperature and eliminates odours. At the end of the day, this stuff helps to keep your bed, whether it’s a double or a king-size, clean and cool. Both materials are taken from sustainable sources and as a bonus also make the mattress naturally hypoallergenic.

We were not kidding when we claimed earlier that the Otty Hybrid mattress is a coily treat. The layers of foam account for only about 36 percent of the mattress. The remaining 64 percent holds pocket springs. As far as pocket sprung mattresses go, this bed holds some of the biggest springs on the market. They measure 16 cm high and number roughly 2,000 springs. This is not just for show. The tall springs allow air to circulate through the mattress more easily. Besides eliminating the risk of overheating, the pocket springs also support all sleeping positions and comfort those with health issues.

Bitten by the hybrid bug? We have scoured all the best brands and collected the top beds in a single article. Settle in, grab your tea, and look at the best hybrid beds.

You can also test this award-winning mattress at home. The brand offers a 100-night trial on all their pocket sprung mattresses. This is a pretty decent offer. After 100 nights, you will definitely know whether a mattress suits your body type or needs to be returned. The 10-year guarantee also offers the best mattress protection and peace of mind.

But what about the firmness and what sizes are available? This Otty mattress rates a medium to firm mattress. You can also choose between four beds (single, double, king size, and super king). One of the top features of this mattress is the ability to fit almost all bases. Whether you place it on a divan, slatted base, or the floor, you can expect a good night’s sleep. (What is all the fuss about? Medical News Today has the scoop on why it is very important to get enough sleep).

Otty also delivers this mattress as a bed-in-a-box. While it does not inflate as quickly as the Emma Original, Otty is the only bed-in-a-box brand that has won anything from the National Bed Federation. In this case, they awarded the company the first prize in the Small Online Bed Retailer category. The hybrid mattress also won the Mattress Of The Year award from Expert Reviews in 2019.

Our Favourite Feature: As much as we love support, comfort, and luxury, we picked a safety feature this time. The best mattresses are not just comfy. They should also not cause health problems. Unfortunately, some memory foam mattresses could release toxins while you sleep. These nasties radiate from the chemicals that make a mattress fire-resistant. OTTY PURE Hybrid Bamboo & Charcoal Mattress is CertiPUR® certified. This means that the memory foam contains no chemicals that are harmful. Lacking flame retardant chemicals does not make the bed a fire risk. Despite not being treated with traditional methods, it still complies with all UK fire regulations.

5. The Octaspring Hybrid Mattress By Dormeo – £1,299.99 Including A Sturdy 20-Year Warranty

Are you looking for another excellent hybrid mattress? We added the Octaspring Hybrid Mattress to our Best Mattress 2020 list for several plush reasons. Let’s start on the outside. Dormeo’s award-winning Superstretch™ fabric is not just a top layer – it has the ability to stretch up to 50 percent more than other materials. This makes it one of the most comfortable surfaces a person can dream on. Even better, it’s removable and washable. (How often should you clean sheets and other bedding? The Good Housekeeping Institute has all the answers. Read their tips to keep your bed clean).

Octaspring Hybrid Mattresses By Dormeo

At the heart of the mattress, like with any other hybrid, there are layers of memory foam and pocket springs. The foam layers consist of two kinds. There is the super-comfortable sheet of visco-elastic memory foam, which offers support without losing form (like some mattresses tend to do after a couple of months). When you get up in the morning, the foam remembers its shape and inflates again. The second type of foam is actually springs. The so-called Octaspring coils are up to eight times more breathable than other memory foam. The coils also shift in a three-dimensional kind of way for unparalleled support and comfiness.

As a pocket sprung mattress, the Octaspring Hybrid has more benefits. The metal springs are housed in individual pockets, which prolongs their life and also helps to reduce motion transfer between sleeping partners. The pocket springs also add more support.

Hooked by pocket sprung mattresses? Here are the best pocket sprung beds.

The best mattress must also be hypoallergenic and antibacterial. Dormeo succeeded in this regard but they avoided the harsh chemical route. Instead, they chose materials that naturally fight dust mites and sinus bombs. Other features include handles that can be discreetly hidden after use and three body zones that add specific support to the legs, upper body, and head.

This medium-firm mattress is backed by a 20-year warranty. Sure, this is not a lifetime warranty but two decades is a decent stretch. But while other brands offer a year or 100 nights to test their mattresses, things are a bit shorter with Dormeo. You can test the bed’s support and springs for 60 days. To be fair, a trial period of two months is sufficient to suss out a mattress, so it’s not a dealbreaker in our opinion. You can read more about their guarantee on their warranty page or find out more about their trail period.

If you like Dormeo but prefer a soft-medium mattress, then you can peek at their Octaspring 9500 Latex Memory Foam Mattress (£1,999.99).

Dormeo’s winning streak is impressive. The brand won the prestigious Crystal Cabin Award from the aviation industry in 2017 (aeroplanes use the Octaspring technology for their passenger seats). In 2009, the Dormeo won the iF Design Award, nods from the Good Housekeeping Institute (2018) and Which? Best Buy (2016 and 2017). The Octaspring mattress range was also nominated for the German Design Award (2011) and was an Apex Awards finalist (2017).

Our Favourite Feature: Few people love the chore of flipping a mattress over on a regular basis. Unfortunately, a lot of mattresses must be turned over to prevent serious dipping or to allow a new bed’s fillings to settle evenly. But hybrid mattresses can be heavy – especially the bigger beds like a king-size or Emperor. This is a real issue for those with back problems and physical ailments. But this Dormeo mattress is easy to handle, needing only rotation once in a while. There’s no flipping the thing over. Just pull out those discreet handles, shift the pocket sprung mattress into a new position and you’re done. We chose this as our favourite feature because it makes a difficult chore safe and user-friendly.

6. The Hybrid Luxe Mattress By Tempur – £3,099 Which Also Includes A 10-Year Warranty

Tempur also sells hybrid mattresses that do not require flipping. One of their best is the Hybrid Luxe Mattress. Something else that makes their mattresses more maintenance-friendly is a removable cover that is washable. But let’s look at what you can expect in terms of support, the design of this pocket sprung mattress, and what kind of trial period is up for grabs.

So is this mattress soft, medium or firm? They Hybrid Luxe is medium-firm, a Goldilocks zone that is perfect for most individuals.

Hybrid Luxe Mattresses By Tempur

You get all the support and comfort without the bed being too soft or hard. There are five layers of pocket springs and memory foam. This is Tempur’s deepest mattress. Indeed, if you fancy the thought of hibernating on a mattress with a delectable depth of 30 cm, then this could be your new mattress.

Interested in the five layers, their depth, and treats? Here they are.

  1. The top layer is a special kind of foam called TEMPUR® Material. It started out as memory foam that was invented by NASA but Tempur added a few improvements and created their own material. What is so special about this memory foam? It provides such excellent support that customers claim to experience a sense of weightlessness. Depth: 4 cm.
  2. The second layer is also memory foam. This sheet adds even more support. Depth: 3 cm.
  3. A layer of micro pocket springs. Each of the springs is wrapped in their own pocket. They create the medium-firm feel of the mattress, eliminate motion transfer, and give more support. Depth: 10 cm.
  4. Another layer of micro pocket springs. Depth: 10 cm.
  5. The base acts as a stabilizer and a strengthening feature to the rest of the mattress. Depth: 3 cm.

One can also sleep soundly knowing that all mattresses from Tempur carry a 10-year warranty. Potential buyers can also test the best mattress of their choice at home, thanks to the brand’s 100-night trial (here are the terms of their home test for a mattress). While 100 nights count as a decent trial period, what happens when you decide against the mattress? If Tempur cannot resolve the reason why you are unhappy, then the brand will collect the mattress and give you a full refund.

When it comes to accolades, Tempur is unique. To this day, it remains the only mattress brand that is recognized by NASA (the space agency certified all the brand’s mattresses and pillows for superior quality and making a difference in the lives of customers).

Our Favourite Feature: We went for decadence and luxury this time! Sure there are plenty of useful features but once in a while, one must pick those feel-good things too. In this case, our favourite is the quilted cover. The best mattress is a combination of purpose and amazing sensations. With its sturdy layers, floaty TEMPUR® Material and dreamy cover, the Hybrid Luxe is a pocket sprung mattress worthy of its name.

7. The Premium Hybrid Mattress By Eve Sleep – £978 Plus A Snug 10-Year Warranty

The Premium Hybrid Mattress from Eve Sleep was awarded a Which? Best Buy award in 2019. That’s right, we hit the ground running with this mattress. But there are plenty of other reasons why the Premium Hybrid made our 10 Best Mattresses List.Most of these reasons are geared towards improving the quality of sleep, easy maintenance, and offering great customer service.

Being number 7 on our list and also having 7 layers… that has to be lucky. But before we get too superstitious,

Premium Hybrid Mattress By Eve Sleep

we will leave you to make up your own mind about whether the pocket springs and memory foam are magical or miserable. Here they are!

  1. The upper layer is no ordinary quilted blankie. Nope. It contains real silver to make the material antimicrobial and antibacterial. It also contains graphite to get rid of extra heat during hot nights.
  2. This layer is so important for good sleep. The memory foam removes pressure from the body. With a name like Floatfoam®, you can imagine how airy this sheet is. There’s also a sprinkling of graphite here.
  3. The next sheet is also memory foam. Its job is to add more comfort and softness.
  4. The fourth layer consists of firmer memory foam to keep your spine aligned and healthy. No more morning back ouchies. (But if you do have a cranky back and want to look at the top beds that soothes the spine, you can check out our article about the best mattresses for a bad back).
  5. This foam casing protects the pocket springs (they’ll follow shortly) and also serves another important function. Have you ever had a mattress with such weak edges that it feels like you’re rolling off the bed? This foam sheet kills that irritation by providing excellent edge support.
  6. The pocket springs number over 1,500 coils and stand 12 cm tall. The springs bring the usual delights like extra support, no motion transfer, and circulating air for a cooler mattress.
  7. The base of the mattress is coated with non-slip material, preventing the bed from shifting around on the frame.

This bed-in-a-box also rates as a medium-firm mattress and once unrolled, you can snooze on it for over three months to make up your mind. More specifically, the mattress comes with a 100-night trial period and also a 10-year guarantee. It also does not need to be flipped over, just rotated every once in a while.

Find the best bed-in-a-box specials from top brands.

Our Favourite Feature: The best mattress must also not look like something that the cat coughed up. Eve Sleep focuses on a minimalistic appearance, which mostly consists of a white product with yellow lines. The Premium Hybrid mattress looks neat and refreshing at the same time. We would have to say that our favourite feature here was simple good looks.

8. The Cool Foam Mattress By Simba – £199 and 10-Year Protection

Simba ranks among the best brands for a special reason. This is the mattress company with the most 5-star reviews in the worlds. Wow, now that is a lot of stars. As the best mattress, we chose the award-winning Simba Cool Foam mattress. Indeed, in 2019, the sleek-looking bed was given a Which? Best Buy award.

You might have noticed that the price tag is the lowest on our Best Mattress list. This is not a typo (yay!). Simba reduced the materials to create a budget-friendly bed.

Cool Foam Mattress By Simba

But you can rest assured that they did not flush the quality down the drain when they did this. Only the best mattresses get a Which? Best Buy award.

Simba is not the only brand with budget-friendly beds. We scoured all the brands and found the best cheap mattresses.

Made with Simbatex memory foam, the mattress is known for holding its shape, supporting the body, eliminating stuffy heat inside the foam, and providing a luxury sleeping experience. Should you decide to try this good-sounding mattress, Simba will do you one better than 100 nights. What is better than a 100-night no-strings-attached snooze on a brand new foam mattress? Well, 200 nights of course. It also comes with a 10-year guarantee.

Our Favourite Feature: The mattress carries the word “Cool” in its name for a reason – and we chose its heat-zapping ability as our favourite thing. The bed’s memory foam has an open-cell pocket structure that provides comfort and support but they also invite airflow. At the same time, the cells push hot air out of the mattress. This fresh-air-in and hot-air-out is called “breathability” in the industry. The Cool Foam Mattress was specifically designed to be an effective breather to create a cool sleeping environment.

The American Sleep Apnea Association wrote a great article on how to fall asleep during a heatwave when there is no AC to speak of.

9. The Ergoflex 5G Mattress By Ergoflex – £444 Which Also Includes A 10-Year Warranty

The Ergoflex bed brand also achieved success with a single mattress. The Ergoflex 5G Mattress has five levels, three of which are memory foam. From top to bottom, let’s peel back the layers to see what this mattress has to offer.

Ergoflex 5G Mattress By Ergoflex
  1. Right at the top, the soft Tencel cover breathes so you can sleep in cool comfort and luxury.
  2. The inner cover wraps around the entire mattress. This design protects the mattress and adds more stability to the shape of the bed.
  3. The first layer of memory foam is very dense. The thickness supports those with back pain and also blocks your partner’s movements from disturbing your sleep.
  4. The middle layer of memory foam is responsible for breathing and keeping your body temperature cosy.
  5. This thick base is a resilient piece of work. The tough memory foam stabilizes the rest of the layers and this lengthens the lifespan of the mattress.

This is a winning combination. Literally. In 2020, the mattress won a Which? Best Buy award. A couple of years earlier, in 2016, the mattress also won the Gold Trusted Merchant Award from Feefo. Ergoflex has also achieved a milestone that wrought a big change in the industry – they started selling the first bed-in-a-box mattresses. Many other companies soon followed suit.

The warranty offers a decade of protection, which is the standard cover of the best mattress brands. No complaints there. But Ergoflex has one of the shortest sleep trials in the industry. If you want to try this award-winning foam mattress, the limit is 30 nights. Let’s be fair. Yes, this is also the shortest sleep trial on our list. However, some brands offer no sleep trials for their mattresses – which is a bit icky. Compared to that, a month is sufficient. You have several weeks to curl into your favourite sleep position and decide whether this is the best mattress for you.

Other perks for this mattress include a removable top cover (the Tencel sheet), the memory foam is naturally hypoallergenic, there are 6 mattress sizes to choose from, and a stylish look.

You can learn about the sizes of mattresses in our free guide. But in case the Tencel just caught your eye, you can discover more about this environmentally-friendly fabric. Tencel’s website explains why this material is a nature-friendly product.

Our Favourite Feature: The Ergoflex 5G Mattress contains high-density memory foam. The denser the memory foam, the more a mattress can support the body during sleep. The Ergoflex mattress has earned the highest rating (in its price class) for true high-density memory foam. You can read more about this and other great features on the brand’s informative FAQ page.

10. The Elite Mattress By Brook & Wilde – £1099 Covered By A 10-Year Guarantee

From the Brook and Wilde brand, we chose this amazing 8-layered mattress. That’s right, you can look forward to a lot of foam and pocket springs.

Not sure if this is the best mattress for you? A little more information might help. Check out our summary on the highlights of each layer below.

Elite Mattress By Brook And Wilde
  1. The top cover is breathable (oh yay, cooler summers) and removable (oh no, laundry day).
  2. The foam protector allows the top cover to move. However, moving parts can cause friction. The protector also removes the friction between the first layer and the third.
  3. This foam layer is a little overactive. In other words, it does a lot! But nobody’s complaining because the benefits are great. These include perfect support for the spine and pressure points, high breathability, moisture removal, and comfort.
  4. Your first layer of pocket springs. The mini coils number 2,500. This amazing tally means that no matter where you turn or what position you prefer, there will always be pocket springs to cradle your pressure points.
  5. The fifth layer is not something that you see every day with mattresses. The foam is curved in a way that lends extra care to the shoulders and shape of the spine.
  6. Some more pocket coils! But unlike the mini pocket springs, this layer consists of larger coils. They push back against body weight, making the mattress more stable and supportive. Since there are 1,000 of these pocket coils, they add a big slice of the best comfort that this mattress provides.
  7. The support base strengthens the bottom layer of pocket coils and also steadies the bed. As a bonus, it also prolongs the life of the mattress.
  8. The bottom is a non-slip cover. This will never be one of those mattresses that slowly edges off the frame.

Brooke and Wilde has won several awards. At the time of writing, two of these were given to the Elite mattress. The Good Housekeeping Institute placed its seal of approval on the mattress in 2020. Good Homes Magazine also prodded at the pocket springs and gazed at the foam. When they were done, the magazine proclaimed the Elite mattress as “One of the best mattresses we have ever tested.”

Eight layers and great awards. Check. But what about the home trial and warranty? They both look good. The warranty also spans a decade and you can read more about this deal on their guarantee page. You can also test-snuggle this mattress for 100 nights. Should you not feel 100 percent satisfied with your new mattress Brooke and Wilde has an interesting policy. You can either try another mattress, which will be exchanged for the old one at no extra costs. Or you can decide not to purchase anything from Brook and Wilde and they will collect the bed and give you a full refund.

Our Favourite Feature: Most of the mattresses on our list have a pre-chosen firmness. But Brooke and Wilde does things a little differently. When you choose their Elite mattress, you can choose between different levels of firmness. The three available options are suitable for most sleepers. If you are looking for comfort with extra cosiness, a soft mattress can be a downright treat. A medium-firm choice is best for those who enjoy softness but with added resistance. The firm mattresses are geared towards sleepers who want the best support a luxury brand has to offer.

But why stick to one brand? Why search the Internet for hours looking for your perfect match? Whether you want soft, medium, or firm, our scribes have already found and written about the best mattresses.

A Final Word And Free Guide

When buying a mattress, a smart move is to look at the best mattresses on the market. They offer quality and comfort that can last for years, sometimes even a lifetime. But with so many brands, mattresses, and pages of fine print, it can be hard to find out which best mattress is right for you.

That is why we tried to take the guesswork out of it. Our Best Mattress 2020 highlighted the year’s top hybrids, mattresses with pocket springs, and those wonderfully plush creatures crafted from memory foam. Indeed, we included a little something for everyone. You can also read our guide that explains how to pick the perfect mattress, in case you want to take that next step. Enjoy the practical tips and happy bed hunting!

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