Best Mattress Topper – Reviews And Awards 2021 UK

Sometimes a bed does not provide enough comfort. The best mattress topper can fix that problem. This layer of comfort can add a plush feel to good beds too. Either way, toppers are available in an amazing variety of materials – from wool to gel-infused memory foam. They are also available in different sizes, starting small with a single bed and go up to a super-king-size.

So what mattress topper is the best?

Wonder no more. We handpicked the best of the bunch. They hail from top brands and some have even won prestigious accolades. You will also learn more about their materials and their benefits (seriously, after reading this, you might also be convinced that toppers are slices of heaven).

Best Mattress Topper

Please note that all prices were correct at the time of writing.

1. The Organic Latex Mattress Topper By Latex Sense – The Single-Size Costs £342

The Latex Sense mattress brand loves using natural materials in their products. This topper contains only organic wool, cotton, and latex. What benefits can you expect from the aptly-named Organic Latex Mattress Topper?

Organic Latex Mattress Topper By Latex Sense
  • The depth of the mattress is 9 cm. This is more than what most other brands and toppers offer to sleepers. Needless to say, the thick topper adds a plush layer of comfort to any mattress.
  • The cover (which is the wool and cotton part) is easy to remove and also washable.
  • It will add more comfort to a firm mattress that is a little too hard. (But if you adore firm mattresses, then you are welcome to read our article about the best sturdy beds from different brands).
  • Intense pressure relief and support for joints.
  • The good quality materials used in this product ensures that your new mattress topper will endure for years.
  • Just like many of the best mattress toppers, this one is also hypo-allergenic (goodbye dust mites) and anti-bacterial.
  • This is a soft/medium-firm mattress topper. Best for those who want deep softness with the support.
  • The latex mattress topper is flame-retardant and chemical-free.

This memory foam mattress top is protected by a 10-year warranty. Latex Sense also makes them in all the usual sizes but if you want a custom-made mattress topper best suited to your own specifications, then the brand will gladly do that for you as well. At Trustpilot, customers name this product as one of the best toppers for mattresses. The brand is also rated as 4.8 out of 5 stars or “Excellent.”

In case you like this topper, remember to read the care instructions regarding the wool. If washed incorrectly, wool can shrink and alter the original purpose and usefulness of a product.

2. The Panda Memory Foam Bamboo Mattress Topper By Happy Beds – The King-Size Costs £159.95

The Happy Beds brand is all about low prices. As you can see above, this time we chose a king-size topper and the price tag is not bad at all. Being budget-friendly does not mean that the benefits are few. That’s right, this topper has the rights reserved to call itself cheap and useful. Here are the best treats that you can look forward to with this comfy guy.

Panda Memory Foam Mattress By Happy Beds
  • The Panda Memory Foam Mattress is made from gel-infused memory foam. This material removes pressure points and gives comfort and support throughout the night.
  • For those who want the best mattress topper with ethical origins, you might be glad to know that the Panda is 100 percent vegan and the bamboo cover’s creation uses 70 percent less water than other materials.
  • One of the best mattress toppers to banish dust mites.
  • The mattress is also hypo-allergenic and anti-bacterial.
  • Looking for the best mattresses toppers that prevent overheating? This one keeps you cool during the hottest summer nights.
  • The anti-slip cover keeps the topper firmly anchored to the mattress.
  • The removable cover can be placed in a washing machine.

The memory foam topper has a 5-year guarantee. Besides also being chemical-safe and easy to care for, reviews at Feefo rated the brand and its products as 4.8 out of 5 stars, which is really fantastic.

3. The Octaspring Body Zone Mattress Topper By Dormeo – The Double-Size Costs £199

From the Dormeo bed brand, we chose one of the best mattress memory foam toppers. What makes this comfy layer so special?

Well, for starters, it contains award-winning technology and was also approved by the Good Housekeeping Institute in 2020. Let’s see what the Octaspring mattress topper has to offer.

Octaspring Mattress Topper By Dormeo
  • The best memory foam mattress toppers must add enough extra comfort to a bed. The 7 cm depth of this foam mattress topper is medium-firm, gives great support, and is thick enough to turn every night into a cosy experience.
  • The topper has one layer of memory foam. This material is designed to cradle the body with 5 support zones, cradling the shoulders, hips, ankles, spine, and head.
  • The award-winning Octaspring® technology makes this one of the best mattress toppers – if you want a comfort layer that circulates air, keeping things fresh and cool. Why is this material so special? It’s 8 times more breathable than normal memory foam. It also consists of hundreds of three-dimensional foam wheels that give unparalleled support and comfort.
  • The mattress topper is an excellent choice when you want to rejuvenate your bed instead of buying a new mattress.
  • The best mattress toppers are also easy to store. You can simply roll this topper into a… Well, a roll. Then pack it away or move it over to another mattress.

This memory foam topper can be tested at home. Yay! You can plonk it down on a mattress and snooze on its plush foam for 60 nights. Should you decide that this is the best mattress topper for you and keep it, then Dormeo will cover the topper with a 5-year guarantee.

For nature lovers, this could also be one of the best mattress toppers. The production of the Octaspring memory foam layer uses 50 percent less material than normal memory foam. Every thread and piece of foam that goes into this topper is also recyclable.

On Dormeo’s page for the Octaspring mattress topper, over 200 customers have rated this product. At the time of writing, the topper stands at 4.3 out of 5. Not bad.

You can also read our article about the best beds from different brands.

4. The Mattress Topper By Eve Sleep – The Super-King Size Costs £309

The Eve Sleep company is a leading memory foam brand. One would expect nothing but excellence from their only mattress topper. To start with, their Eve Mattress Topper is very stylish. It carries the brand’s trademark white body and sunny yellow lines.

When we say that this is one of the best mattress toppers that we have ever seen, we are not kidding. But see for yourself. Here are all the highlights that we loved.

Mattress Topper By Eve Sleep
  • Only the best memory foam is used in Eve mattress toppers. (You can also look at the best memory foam mattress choices from elite brands).
  • Hate a hot mattress? With topper technology exclusive to Eve, this support layer is 30 times more breathable than a normal memory foam topper. This cools both you and your bed down, banishing those humid sheets forever.
  • The best mattress toppers are also secure. Since mattress toppers tend to be lighter than the rest of the bed, they often slip and slide about. Such fiddly bedding can become increasingly annoying and prevent you from falling asleep. Things might even reach the point where the shifting disrupts your sleep. The Eve foam mattress topper has special straps to keep the topper in place.
  • This is a great choice if you want a mattress topper best suited for an old bed. You can even use it on a mattress that is nearing the end of its life. The foam can provide enough comfort to avoid shelling out extra to replace the bed entirely.
  • The memory foam mattress topper has a cover that is quick to remove and also machine washable.
  • This knitted cover is also hypo-allergenic, breathable, and free from harmful chemicals.
  • The best mattress topper must also remove moisture. The Eve topper wicks away droplets, leaving the mattress and the topper more dry and hygienic.
  • The cover is also naturally flame-retardant (no, you still not allowed to smoke in bed).
  • The mattress topper has two memory foam layers. The first consists of 2 cm thick open-cell memory foam. It provides pressure relief and is followed by 3 cm thick ultra-sturdy reflex memory foam. The latter makes the bed more durable but not at the expense of its comforting qualities.

Does Eve’s best mattress topper include a guarantee and trial period? Yes on both accounts. Let’s say you like the fact that the topper is machine washable, from a trusted brand, and consists of the best memory foam. But you want to make sure that this is the right purchase for your home. That is where a sleep trial comes in handy.

Eve Sleep gives you 30 nights to try the foam mattress topper. Should you purchase it, you can look forward to a 3-year guarantee without hassles. Eve Sleep will replace your topper if something goes wrong. No questions, no funny “rules” that might prevent a replacement. You can read more about this offer on their warranty page.

What about awards and reviews? The mattress topper was given an IndyBest ‘Best Buy’ from The Independent. Over at Trustpilot, over 1,500 people gave their opinion on Eve’s topper. At the time of writing, the topper has an excellent rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars.

Looking to match this king-size topper with the best mattress? We have reviewed the best king-sized beds. They include several memory foam mattress choices as well as hybrids.

5. The Impress Memory Foam Mattress Topper By Silentnight – The King-Size Costs £140

Silentnight is an award-winning superbrand. From their stable of mattress toppers, we picked the Impress Memory Foam Mattress Topper. This memory foam mattress topper is a good choice if you are looking for a stylish topper with several benefits that include a reasonable guarantee.

Look at the plush perks below to see if this is the best mattress topper for you.

Impress Memory Foam Mattress Topper
  • The high quality of the topper is not only beneficial for your body and sleep. It also helps to prolong the life of your mattress.
  • As a memory foam mattress topper, it contains a special reflex foam. This material cradles the body to reduce pressure points and to make sleep easier for those who suffer from conditions like a bad back or arthritis.
  • This is also one of the best mattress toppers to soothe body aches.
  • The topper is 5 cm thick and sturdy as it is comfortable.
  • The cover can be removed. For your convenience, it is also machine washable.
  • The mattress topper supports all body shapes and sleeping positions.
  • Do you suffer from allergies? Then this hypo-allergenic mattress topper can help you to fight the sniffles.
  • The materials that are used to create the mattress topper are also allergen-free.
  • The mattress topper is also rolled into a small and easy-to-manage package.
  • It can be easily removed and transferred to a new mattress.
  • The topper is available in three popular sizes; single, double, and king-size.

These are great-sounding benefits. But for customers, perks only count as one half of a satisfying experience with a product. You also need to know that your new topper has a guarantee and possibly even a home trial. So what does Silentnight offer consumers who want to take the next step? Can they test this mattress topper at home and how long is the warranty?

Silentnight offers a great home night trial for their mattress toppers. It is called the 60-Night Comfort Exchange. You probably already guessed that you get 60 nights to snooze on the Impress topper before you say “Yes” or “No, thank you.” But here is the welcome twist. Should something about the Impress fail to impress (sorry, we could not resist the pun), then you have the rights reserved to exchange it for something else. Silentnight has plenty of other mattress toppers so you are spoilt for choice with this brand. If you are interested, be sure to read the rules about this home trial here. Silentnight also covers this mattress topper with a 2-year guarantee.

While this mattress topper has not yet won anything, Silentnight has so many accolades that it hurts. Some of the greatest awards include winning the UK Furniture (Beds) category during the 2014-2015 World Branding Awards and also owning several mattresses with Which? Best Buy awards. Over at Trustpilot, more than 4,000 customers have rated the brand, its beds, and mattress toppers. At the time of writing, Silentnight has a “great” status of 4.2 out of 5 stars.

6. The Simbra Hybrid Topper By Simba – The Single-Size Costs £199

At the time of writing, the Simba mattress brand holds a pretty remarkable honour. Among bed makers, the brand has the most 5-star reviews in the world. Think somewhere in the vicinity of 100,000 and you are getting warm. Simba also focuses on a few quality products instead of flogging a wide range of low-grade products. Among their well-designed bedding is the Simba Hybrid Topper. This layer of support also holds the distinction of being the only pocket-sprung topper on our list. Ready to meet its coils and foam? Here they are.

Simbra Hybrid Topper By Simba
  • Simba claims that this mattress topper can spruce up “even the most tired mattress,” making it the perfect solution for an unexpected guest facing your old spare bed. (Is your mattress just too exhausted? Read our informative article to find out how often you should change your mattress).
  • The topper is available in five sizes, ranging from single to super-king-size.
  • The foam has an open-cell design to promote airflow. This keeps the mattress fresh and hygiene as well as cool in the summer.
  • This mattress topper has two features to secure it in place. First, a non-slip base keeps it from moving around on the mattress or bedsheet. Secondly, the wriggle-free straps fasten the topper to the bed.
  • The surface of this mattress topper brings nothing but snug feelings. The surface is gentle enough to be luxurious while the fabric is breathable to prevent overheating and stuffiness.
  • Underneath the top cover is the memory foam. This sheet is designed for ultra-comfort, support, and also to cool sleepers down. (The Sleep Council wrote a quick-read article that is full of excellent tips on how to cool down on a particularly hot night).
  • The next layer of this mattress topper consists of a grand total of 2,500 pocket springs. With so many coils, this is surely among the best mattress toppers as far as intuitive support for pressure points and movements are concerned.
  • The coils are also shaped like cones. Imagine an ice-cream cone that is upside down with the pointy part at the top. This shape and placement make the coils more reactive. In other words, when they sense weight, they quickly turn towards it and relieve pressure on the body.
  • Underneath the pocket springs is a sturdy layer of support foam. This provides support for sleepers as well as the entire topper.
  • The foam used in the mattress topper is high-grade synthetic latex.
  • This product also stops annoying motion transfer between partners.

Do you like a long home trial and guarantee for your new mattress topper? Then you might want to look away for a moment. While this is a great product (we will see plenty of happy consumer opinions in a moment), Simba does not offer a lot when it comes to home tests and warranties. The home trial seems to be non-existent while the guarantee is only a year long. (Disappointed by the no-show of this product’s home trial? We found all the best mattresses with a free trial).

That being said, Simba is a popular choice when buyers look for a mattress (or a topper). The ratings speak for themselves. On the brand’s page for their hybrid topper, over 220 people have shared their feelings after they bought and tried the topper. At the moment, the Simba topper holds an excellent score of 4.8 out of 5 stars. Most people commented on the snugness and how the product gave new life to an old mattress.

The Simba Hybrid mattress topper has also won an award. In 2020, the Independent gave the topper an IndyBest ‘Best Buy’ award. In this sense, the guarantee might not be the best but public opinion is good and unlike most other toppers, at least the Simba Hybrid has an award on the shelf.

Grab Your Two Free Guides To Choose The Perfect Mattress Topper For You

Sure, a bed can go without a topper. But adding this layer of comfort eliminates problems such as hard mattresses, beds that are near the end of their lives, or just to give ourselves more luxury at night. Indeed, the best mattress topper will not only feel physically good but can also help with increased mental alertness, energy, and improved health that comes with better sleep.

But a topper must also be practical and easy to maintain. With so many mattress toppers, which ones are machine washable, covered by decent warranties, and are quick to roll up and move? The topper best suited to your lifestyle must answer such questions and more specifically, add quality to your life and not more chores.

You do not have to dig through all the countless mattress toppers that are available (and there are plenty out there). Perhaps you already like some of the ones we have just discussed. But in case you want to shop around, why not look at our guide that explains how you can quickly and accurately choose a mattress? While it is geared towards mattresses, the same principles apply to toppers. We also included a size chart so that you can choose the perfect size topper. Get those guides below!

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