Best Mattress Free Trials – Brand Reviews And Awards UK 2021

Some things belong together. Doughnuts and sprinkles. Mattress shopping and free trials. Indeed, testing a bed at home is a step in the right direction to protect yourself from a bad buy.

How does a home trial work? Simple. A mattress lands in your home, you sleep on it (both physically and metaphorically), and then decide. If you choose to keep the bed, it stays and life goes on. But when you shake your head in disappointment, the mattress goes back to the store and you get a full refund.

Ready? Here are the 10 best free trials.

Best Mattress Free Trial

1. The Memory Foam Mattress By Nectar Sleep – £549 Which Includes A Year-Long Night Trial

Quick small print jabber: We chose to work with the “double” size for all our chosen mattresses. The price does not include the base and at the time of writing, all prices were correct.

Nectar only has one bed – but the product is hugely successful. The Nectar Memory Foam Mattress includes the latest memory foam technology that eliminates motion transfer, supports the body, and banishes that dreaded “summer night mattress” that gets hotter and hotter. Instead, the mattress promotes airflow for cooler evenings. (Healthline has an interesting article about why our bodies need coolness to fall asleep).

Memory Foam Mattress By Nectar Sleep

You read correctly, Dear Madam/Sir. The home trial is 365 nights long. No, Nectar has not lost its marbles. The brand simply trusts its own quality and this trust reflects in the home trial. They are convinced that few – if any – people would experience such a horrible night’s sleep on their mattress that it would warrant a return. (You can also look at the top memory foam mattress deals).

Want some sprinkles on that doughnut? The brand-new mattress comes with a lifetime guarantee. It’s most recent awards, all in 2020, included being named The Best Overall Mattress by The Sleep Foundation, a stamp of approval from The Good Housekeeping Institute, and The Independent also showcased the bed as one of the best mattresses of the year.

Interested in the brand? Read our full Nectar Sleep review.

2. The Luxury Hybrid Mattress By DreamCloud – £699 And Another Great 365 Night Trial

DreamCloud is the only other bed company that can match Nectar’s free trial. The similarities do not end there. DreamCloud also sells only one mattress – the Luxury Hybrid Mattress. The brand also gives buying customers a lifetime guarantee.

A fantastic free trial is wonderful and all, but is the mattress worth it? The bed certainly has characteristics that appeal to many. It’s medium-firm, which is the sweet spot for most sleepers. The mattress is also naturally hypoallergenic and flame-retardant.

Best Luxury Hybrid Mattress

The layers of pocket springs and memory foam are also crafted with the best materials and top designs.

Interested in the mattress brand? Read our full DreamCloud review.

3. The Responsive Memory Foam Rolled Mattress By Silent Night – £435 Plus A 60 Night Snooze Trial

Got the sniffles? Sinus issues and allergies can interfere with sleep. A hypoallergenic mattress helps to banish some of the allergens that keep you awake. The Responsive Memory Foam bed from Silent Night is one such mattress. But don’t just take our word for it. The British Allergy Foundation approved of the mattress as well.

At first glance, their 60-night home trial offer might not seem like the best mattress free trial.

But 60 nights (two months, really) are sufficient to get to know your new mattress. Their guarantee also swings between 3 years and 5 years, depending on the mattresses sold. For more info on that, you can check their Guarantee & Warranty page.

The brand is a serial award-winner. Some of the best include the first prize in the World Branding Awards (2014/2015), and several Which? Best Buy awards.

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4. The Lighter Mattress By Eve Sleep – £429 Including a Hearty 100 Night Trial

Eve Sleep is a well-known brand that sells mattresses-in-a-box. We chose their Lighter Mattress for its quality and medium-firm feel. Without sacrificing the brand’s famous comfort, the mattress only has two layers of memory foam (this is Eve’s attempt to sell a budget-friendly bed). What else can you expect besides pressure support and getting a good night’s sleep in any position? Let’s have a look at the free trial and warranty.

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Lighter Mattress By Eve Sleep

The mattress trial offers a 100-night home trial. Should you decide that the bed is not for you and that you want to continue your mattress shopping somewhere else, Eve will give you a full refund. There are no hidden charges or strings. But should the 100-night trial convince you to keep the mattress, your new bed will be protected by a 5-year bed warranty.

Besides offering a great free trial of 100 nights, the Lighter Mattress has a special treat for those who prefer hybrid mattresses. It’s coily version, the Lighter Hybrid mattress, is a Which? Best Buy winner – one of four mattresses from Eve Sleep to hold this prestigious honour.

Interested in the mattress brand? Read our full Eve Sleep review.

5. The Emma Original Mattress By Emma – £529 Plus A Heartier 200 Night Trial

This is Emma’s best-selling mattress. The Emma Original mattress is also the UK’s most awarded bed, it also regulates temperature during a hot night, mattress foams of the highest quality also cradle your body perfectly during sleep and the surface is suitable for any sleeping position. But since we’re here to talk about free stuff, let’s get into it.

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Original Emma Mattresses

Like all Emma’s mattresses, the Emma Original used to have a free trial of 100 nights. But then Emma graciously extended the free trial to 200 nights (bed huggers everywhere thank them). At the end of the day, they are confident that their mattresses will go into a customer’s home but never leave. If you like this mattress trial, then the guarantee might please you even more. Emma mattresses are covered by a 10-year warranty.

One of the Emma Original’s most recent accolades is a Which? Best Buy award. The recognition was given to the mattress in June 2020 for being chosen as one of the month’s best mattresses.

Read our full Emma review.

6. The Hybrid Mattress By Simba – £569.06 And Another 200 Night Trial

Simba currently has the bragging rights as the bed brand with the most 5-star reviews. They sell two mattresses but we chose their original hybrid this time. Consisting of five layers of memory foam and pocket springs, Simba designed this mattress to be a universal bed for everyone. Specifically, they created it to provide sleepers with “gravity-defying comfort.” Already itching to try the free trial? Here’s what you will get.

Simba is another brand that doubled the 100-night trial. Let’s say you don’t want to let go of your bed after a wonderful 200-night mattress trial.


Simba will cover your new purchase for a 10-year period. The good news is that the brand is not finicky. Should your mattress give up the ghost during its 10-year guarantee offer, Simba will replace it with a new mattress. (After purchasing a bed, what to do with that old and dented mattress you’ve had for 20 years? Here are the t0p tips to dispose of an old bed).

The mattress won a Which? Best Buy award in 2020. After doing their own version of a Best Mattress Free Trial review, the Good Housekeeping Institute, Ideal Home, Real Homes, and Men’sHealth UK gave their seals of approval to the bed.

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7. The Lux Mattress By Brook & Wilde – £749 Which Includes 100 Free Nights

Brook & Wilde also crafts a small number of quality mattresses. We chose to dazzle you with their Lux Mattress. Six layers of pocket coils and memory foam offers great support, luxurious comfort, cooler sleep, and a well-supported spine.

This is truly one of those mattresses that are comfy and healthy at the same time. (Find all the top beds for bad backs and orthopaedic mattresses).

Lux Mattress By Brook And Wilde

You can look forward to a very accommodating 100-night free trial. The Lux Mattress comes in soft, medium, and firm. It does not matter which one you choose – if it feels uncomfortable, Brook & Wilde will exchange it for another firmness that you can test for the duration of your 100-night trial. If all else fails, they will give you a full refund. But should you keep the mattress, the 10-year guarantee offers a decade’s worth of peace of mind.

The Lux Mattress is also a prize winner. In 2019, Which? Best Buy tested mattresses and chose this bed as their ultimate choice for the month of June.

Are you interested in the mattress brand? Read our full Brook & Wilde review.

8. The Otty Hybrid Mattress By Otty – £449.99 Including A Cuddly 100 Night Trial

We picked this Hybrid Mattress from Otty, not only for its decent mattress trial but also because it regulates temperature. In summer, it will keep you comfortably cool and during winter, snug and cosy. With top-notch memory foam and 2,000 pocket springs, it also provides support and comfortable sleep. (Find all the greatest deals on pocket sprung beds).

The 100-night mattress trial is also free. Should the trial not deliver anything but good dreams, you can return the mattress and know that you are actually helping someone less fortunate.

When mattresses are returned after a free mattress trial, Otty will never give it to the next customer (you can rest assured that the mattress you get for the trial is brand new). Instead, they thoroughly clean the mattresses and donate them to charities. But if the sleep trial earned a satisfied customer, Otty covers the mattress for a full decade. You can read more about their warranty and free trial here.

As far as those trophies are concerned, the Otty Hybrid mattress has won the Mattress Of The Year 2019 and Product Of The Year 2019 from Expert Reviews. The mattress also received happy nods from The Good Housekeeping Institute and Real Homes.

Read our full Otty review.

9. The Cloud Supreme Mattress By Tempur – £2,149 Including A 100 Night Trial Offer

Tempur is famous for space foam. True story. They took the original memory foam NASA designed for space missions and made their own (some say better) adjustments. Every one of their mattresses contains this supportive and floaty-feeling material – including the Cloud Supreme. We chose this mattress especially for those of you who adore soft mattresses. If you like medium-firm or firm, the brand has beds in those categories too. Looking for the perfect tension from other brands? You can view our top pics for soft beds, medium-firm mattresses, and firm beds.

Cloud Supreme Mattress By Tempur

The free mattress trial allows you to sleep on this handsome bed for 100 nights. The trial is a little different than most. Tempur policy requests that a customer must continue the mattress trial for at least 60 days before saying “No, thank you.” The guarantee also runs for 10 years and you can read the warranty’s terms and conditions.

At the time of writing, the Cloud Supreme has not won any awards or accolades. However, customers seem pretty happy with this soft mattress. On its product page, roughly 31 reviews from Trustpilot have given the bed a combined rating of 4.5 out of 5. Who knows, with such excellent ratings, the Cloud Supreme might one day be awarded a couple of prizes.

Read our full Tempur review.

10. The Ergoflex 5G Mattress By Ergoflex – £444 Plus A Zippy 30 Night Trial

Sure. Sure. This free trial is the shortest on our list. No typo. So what is it doing with mattresses that have way longer trials? We decided to chuck another excellent bed into the mix. Indeed, the Ergoflex 5G Mattress is such a best-selling mattress that Ergoflex does not make any other mattresses.

There are five layers of Tencel and memory foam. This combination regulates temperature, eliminates motion transfer, and bring all the dreamy support and comfort a person needs.

Ergoflex 5G Mattress By Ergoflex

Thirty days may seem like a short time but a month-long home trial should give you an idea of whether you love or hate a mattress. At least the mattress warranty is not the shortest on our list! The Ergoflex 5G carries a 10-year guarantee.

In 2020, the mattress also won a Which? Best Buy award. A few years earlier, in 2016, Feefo also deemed the brand worthy of the Trusted Merchant Award.

Are you interested in the brand? Read our full Ergoflex review.

Take Our Free Guide To Pick The Perfect Bed

Well, there you have it. The top 10 free bed trials that are available today. If a particular deal seemed appealing but you are not sure whether it’s the right choice for you, then grab our free guide on how to choose a mattress. You will get all the practical tips you need on how to pick a mattress that suits your needs. Happy bed hunting!

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