Best Mattress For Side Sleepers – Reviews And Awards 2021 UK

The main issue that side sleepers struggle with is pressure. Areas such as the shoulders and hips can push – sometimes painfully – against the mattress. Pressure points are also aggravated by medical conditions like arthritis or back pain. The best mattress for side sleepers should preferably be a medium-firm bed with a good focus on pressure relief.

We researched the best mattresses for side sleepers – those that are value for money and also leaves you rejuvenated in the morning. We threw in some free home trials, great guarantees, and more. Please note that the price range is for the “double” bed size and that the prices were correct at the time of writing.

Let’s go soothe some hips and shoulders.

Mattress For Side Sleepers

1. The Nectar Memory Foam Mattress By Nectar – The Best Mattress For A Side Sleeper Overall (£549)

The Nectar brand whipped up a great collection of bedding and bedroom products. Ironically, the brand only has a single mattress. Truth be told, they do not need more than one. This award-winning bed is a long-standing favourite with countless customers.

The quality materials and medium-firm feel make the Nectar Memory Foam Mattress one of the best mattresses side sleepers can wish for.

Memory Foam Mattress By Nectar Sleep

The Benefits Of This Mattress

The mattress contains several layers of high-grade foam that supports the hips and shoulders. Besides bringing pressure relief, this mattress also has a top layer that keeps your temperature cosy. Other benefits that you can expect from this mattress for side sleepers include:

  • Moisture control for dry and comfortable nights.
  • No motion transfer between partners.
  • Seven zones of body support for ultimate comfort.
  • Non-slide material keeps the mattress anchored to the bed frame.
  • There are five sizes to choose from.
  • The mattress is delivered as a bed-in-a-box.

If foam is your favourite ingredient in delicious mattresses, then read our review of the best memory foam beds. Are you looking for more foam? Most boxed mattresses also contain this wonderful material. We handpicked all the best bed-in-a-box mattresses.

How Long Is The Home Trial And Guarantee?

Nectar is not just a sweet treat for memory foam fans. The brand also offers its customers the best deals when it comes to a free home trial and warranty. This is not a sales pitch. No other brand (except for one other company, which we will look at next), can match the incredible trust that Nectar has in its mattress. That trust reflects in the conviction that consumers won’t return it after the home trial – and that is why they offer the longest home test in the field.

So what do you get? A 365-night home trial and a lifetime guarantee.

Did the free trial bug just bite? Then you can also visit our review of the top beds with the longest free trials. The beds are handpicked for great features and hail from the top brands.

Awards And Reviews

Ideal Home placed its seal of approval on this memory foam mattress for side sleepers. The Good Housekeeping Institute also recognized the bed’s quality in 2020. Another award in 2020 came from The Sleep Foundation which gave the Nectar Mattress the rather prestigious Mattress Of The Year award.

Are you interested in the brand? Read our complete Nectar Sleep mattress review.

2. The Luxury Hybrid Mattress By DreamCloud – Best Mattress For Side Sleepers With Lower Back Pain (£699)

The Luxury Hybrid Mattress By DreamCloud has five layers. The memory foam and pocket springs are blended in a certain order to help side sleepers catch more Zzz’s. Truth be told, this mattress is universal enough to be enjoyed by anyone, regardless of the sleeping position that they prefer. But the mattress’s focus on spinal alignment and pressure relief make it a great choice for any type of back pain.

But if you suffer specifically from lower back pain, it does not have to interfere with your quality of sleep. There are things that you can do. Healthline offers advice on the best sleeping positions and spinal alignment tips for lower back pain at night.

Best Luxury Hybrid Mattress

The Benefits Of This Mattress

Besides being the best mattress for side sleepers with back pain, you can also look forward to other benefits. Is the mattress firmness “side sleeper friendly?” Oh, yes. The sturdy medium-firm mattress is perfect for pressure points, comfort, and more.

  • The memory foam makes the mattress luxurious and soft.
  • The foam is also strong enough to provide proper support for your back and body.
  • The memory foam breathes to keep you cool during hot nights. It is also ideal for side sleepers who tend to sweat at night.
  • The pocket springs adjust to movements to take the discomfort out of pressure points. It also keeps the spine aligned and cradles the body to combat back pain.
  • The hybrid mattress is also one of the best mattresses for side sleepers with allergies. The mattress is hypoallergenic.
  • The top layer is a sumptuous quilted cover.
  • The mattress is also delivered as a bed-in-a-box. You can easily carry it upstairs by yourself and through a door without a problem.

How Long Is The Home Trial And Guarantee?

Remember the second brand that we mentioned? The only other mattress company that can match the wonderful home trial and warranty of Nectar Sleep? DreamCloud is the one. Sleeping on your side has never felt better – especially when you get to take home a mattress and try it out for a full year. And yes, you also get a lifetime guarantee when you purchase this mattress. With such peace of mind, you can sleep throughout the night without worrying about starting to look at mattresses again in a few years. That is good news if you hate mattress shopping.

If you prefer hybrid mattresses, then here is the top collection of hybrid beds from the best brands. We discuss their best features, awards, and special deals.

Awards And Reviews

The Luxury Hybrid mattress has not yet won any awards. But this is an ideal mattress for side sleepers who are safety-conscious. The mattress is CertiPUR® certified. This means that the foam used in this bed is free of chemicals, phthalates, and carcinogens.

Are you interested in the brand? Read our complete DreamCloud mattress review.

3. The Lux Mattress By Brook and Wilde – Best Soft Mattress For Side Sleepers (£749)

Here’s a rule that is pretty solid. Sleeping on your side is more comfortable when a mattress has a tension level of “medium-firm.” But there are always exceptions to any rule. Indeed, some sleepers need a medium-soft or soft mattress that can still offer the type of support that is required for side sleeping.

Say hello to the Lux Mattress by Brook and Wilde. This mattress is available in soft, medium, and firm mattresses – all of which can be tested at home before you buy.

Lux Mattress By Brook And Wilde

The Benefits Of This Mattress

The Lux Mattress is a hybrid bed. Its layers of memory foam and pocket coils are designed to bring side sleepers ultimate comfort (hey, other sleeping positions are welcome too). But this mattress has special features that keep the shoulders and hips in a comfy position while sleeping on your side. Here are the best highlights.

  • The mattress contains a special layer of memory foam. Shaped like a wave or a speed bump, it is located below the sleeper’s upper body. This placement and shape of the foam provide extra support to the shoulders. Perhaps more importantly, it fosters healthy spinal alignment for side sleeping individuals.
  • The medium-soft feel is also ideal for side sleepers who struggle with medium or medium-firm mattresses.
  • There are two layers of pocket springs. Together, they number 3,000 coils. With such a level of sensitivity and adjustment, this bed is one of the best for side sleepers who suffer from troublesome pressure points.
  • The number of springs also makes this a great bed for side sleepers who combine side sleeping with other sleeping positions.
  • The foam breathes to keep sleepers cool and fresh.
  • The shoulders and hips are well-supported.
  • The firmness of the support base keeps the mattress in top shape for years.

How Long Is The Home Trial And Guarantee?

The best type of mattress for side sleepers is the one that also comes with a decent customer service. Ergo, a great home trial and warranty. Seeing that we have already named the only two mattress brands with a year-long trial and lifetime guarantee, you have probably already guessed that Brook and Wilde will not offer a deal that epic. That being said, their policies are satisfying and slightly above the industry standard. Should you pick any of the brand’s mattresses for side sleepers, you can test it at home for 100 nights and expect a 10-year guarantee.

Awards And Reviews

In 2020, the Lux Mattress earned a Which? Best Buy award. Expert Reviews also set their volunteers to work to test the bed for comfort and support. At the end of the day, the mattress earned a great rating of 4 out of 5 stars.

Are you interested in the brand? Read our complete Brook and Wilde mattress review for more information.

4. The Premium Hybrid Mattress By Eve Sleep – Best Mattress For Side Sleeper With Allergies (£978)

The best mattresses for side sleepers must also be hygienic and hypoallergenic. If you get the sniffles due to allergies or suffer from something more serious like allergen-triggered asthma, then a clean and hypoallergenic mattress is a must. Unfortunately, a mattress that gathers allergens like dust, bacteria, and dust-mites can worsen allergies or trigger asthma attacks. That is why it is crucial to choose the right mattress when you are trying to allergen-proof your home.

Premium Hybrid Mattress By Eve Sleep

The Premium Hybrid Mattress by Eve Sleep could be the answer to the question, “What is the best mattress for side sleepers with allergies?” Here’s why.

The Benefits Of This Mattress

For side sleepers, best mattress features must include great support, comfort and spinal alignment. You will get all that plus features that fight allergens and overheating.

  • The upper layer contains real silver thread. The precious metal is naturally anti-microbial and anti-bacterial.
  • Two of the memory foam layers contain graphite. This substance is a welcome feature if you are a side sleeper who gets too hot at night. Graphite is excellent at getting rid of extra heat during summer, sweating, or a fever.
  • The bed’s foam has enough firmness to support pressure points like the hips and shoulders. However, it is also airy enough to circulate fresh air (a good air cycle can also fight allergens).
  • The medium-firm mattress is comfortable for side sleeping.
  • Side sleepers with back problems will also get all the support that they need.
  • The mattress is hypoallergenic.
  • Side sleepers who are also light sleepers will benefit from the bed’s large number of pocket springs. The 1,500 coils prevent a person’s movements from disturbing his or her partner. This is a great perk if your partner tosses and turns in their sleep.
  • The pocket springs also maintain the firmness and support of the mattress.
  • The mattress has a strong support base that adds firmness and years to the life of the mattress.

How Long Is The Home Trial And Guarantee?

Why is this the best mattress for side sleepers? UK customers can look forward to flexible delivery slots and no-hassle returns. But let’s start at the beginning. If you want to test the Premium Hybrid Mattress, then you can curl up on its trademark white-and-yellow surface for a period of 100 nights. Should you feel that this is one of the greatest mattresses for side sleeping and then you decide to keep the bed, Eve Sleep will cover it with a 10-year warranty.

Awards And Reviews

The Premium Hybrid mattress is another Which? Best Buy award winner (2019). At the time of writing, Trustpilot reviews also rate this bed as 4.5 out of 5 stars or “Excellent.”

Are you interested in the brand? Read our complete Eve Sleep mattress review.

5. The 5G Mattress By Ergoflex – Best For Side Sleepers Who Love Orthopaedic Support (£444)

Spine and back problems are on the rise. For that reason, it should come as no surprise that for plenty of side sleepers, best mattress features should include orthopaedic support. The 5G Mattress by Ergoflex has a medium firmness that can support your side, back, and spine. The bed’s comforting surface also nurtures deep sleep. The latter helps to reduce backaches and pains.

You can also look at the best mattresses for back health. Here are the top beds for back pain and orthopaedic beds.

Ergoflex 5G Mattress By Ergoflex

The Benefits Of This Mattress

  • The mattress contains three layers of memory foam. All three sheets are designed to provide ultimate back support.
  • The upper layer of memory foam eliminates motion transfer between partners as well as pressure points.
  • The firmness of this layer also helps to cradle the entire body in the correct posture for side sleepers.
  • Mattresses that keep sleepers supported and free of pressure also ensure that you sleep deeply and for longer, meaning that you will be better rested and more energized in the morning.
  • The middle layer of memory foam is all about temperature. Side sleepers who cannot stand mattresses that are too hot or cold can now relax. This foam practises thermoregulation; keeping you at the right temperature through all the seasons. It also breathes to keep the mattress fresh and hygienic.
  • The final foam layer is a sturdy support base. This feature prolongs the life of the mattress and also provides extra support to side sleepers who need firmness.
  • The top sheet is also removable and washable.

How Long Is The Home Trial And Guarantee?

The home trial is not the best one that we have seen. That being said, 30 nights should be sufficient to say whether the 5G Mattress meets your needs (think along the lines of proper support, firmness, pressure relief, and comfort). Should the foam introduce you to sleep-heaven and you decide to keep it, then Ergoflex will offer a 10-year guarantee. Here are the terms and conditions.

Awards And Reviews

The 5G is another one of the industry’s award-winning mattresses. In 2016, the mattress was given the Gold Trusted Merchant Award from Feefo. The 5G Mattress also won a Which? Best Buy award in 2020. As far as ratings go, this is also one of the mattresses for side sleepers that is popular among consumers. Over at Feefo, 1767 reviews gave the brand a 5-star status (they only sell this mattress so inherently, the 5G earned those stars). At Trustpilot, the 5G Mattress also has an “Excellent” rating of 4.7.

Are you interested in the brand? Read our complete Ergoflex mattress review.

6. The Mirapocket 1000 Geltex Pillow Top Mattress By Silentnight – Best For Side Sleepers Who Are Also Stomach Sleepers (£729)

Sleepers rarely stay in the same position all night long. Hard-core side sleepers turn over and continue to sleep on their other side. But some side sleepers roll over onto their stomachs and kip like that for the next few hours.

If that sounds familiar, then the Mirapocket 1000 Geltex Pillow Top Mattress By Silentnight could be the comfiest mattress for you.

Mirapocket 1000 Geltex Pillow Top Mattress By Silentnight

The Benefits Of This Mattress

To be fair, most mattresses today have a combination of firmness and support that makes them suitable for at least two of the three major groups of sleepers (side, front, and back). But in this case, the mattress is more suited to side and stomach sleepers. Here are more benefits that you can expect.

  • The mattress has a medium firmness.
  • It has a pillow top layer for extra support and comfort.
  • Pocket springs provide the following perks – no motion transfer, pressure relief, intuitive support that shifts and adjusts as you move, full-body support, and back pain relief.
  • The gel memory foam is ultra-comfy and breathable.
  • The mattress also aligns the spine (both side sleepers and stomach sleepers).
  • One of the best features is the bed’s temperature-regulating ability. You will stay at the right snug temperature throughout the changing seasons.
  • This is also the best mattress if you hate turning beds over every few weeks. This mattress for side sleepers needs no turning. Ever.
  • A stylish-looking mattress.

Are you looking for more mattresses to suit your favourite side? To take the pressure off you, we did the homework. We found the best foam, hybrid, and pocket sprung mattresses that make the best beds for stomach sleepers and the best beds for back sleepers.

How Long Is The Home Trial And Guarantee?

Okay, let’s start at a low point. Silentnight only covers this mattress for 5 years (here are the terms and conditions). The brand does have an interesting home trial and it allows you a second chance to find the perfect mattress for you. The full stretch of the home test is 60 days. But if you find something wrong with the bed’s support or firmness during the first 28 days, then you can exchange it for any of the brand’s other mattresses and continue with the rest of the trial.

Awards And Reviews

Unfortunately, there are no awards in the trophy case of this mattress. But all Silentnight mattresses comply with British standards of quality. Who knows, maybe one day this pillow top mattress will earn a great award. It is certainly one of the best and most comfortable mattresses for stomach and side sleepers.

Are you interested in the brand? Read our complete Silentnight mattress review.

Two Free Guides To Help You Choose The Best Mattress As A Side Sleeper

A mattress for side sleepers must have certain qualities. Pressure relief and the right firmness are crucial. Luckily, side sleepers are more common than most other types of sleepers. The mattress industry took this into account when they designed their products. That is the good news – there are plenty of mattresses for side sleepers. From foam, hybrid foam, to pocket sprung, the choices are endless.

But how do you choose the mattress with the right amount of firmness and pressure relief? Which is best, foam or springs? Our guide on how to choose a bed helps buyers to navigate the maze of mattresses and arrive at something that they are happy with. It is not specific to any particular sleeping position but it will help you to identify your needs, the right firmness, pressure support, whether you are better off with memory foam or a pocket sprung mattress, and more. Not sure what size mattress you need? Then grab our guide that explains everything about different mattress sizes.

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