Best Mattress For Heavy People – Reviews And Awards 2021 UK

The best mattresses for heavy people require a bunch of luxuries. Why not? Everybody deserves a wonderful night’s sleep. We scoured the planet for beds that provide comfort, extra support, and style. There is something for everyone. We included memory foam, pocket sprung, and hybrid beds so you can pick your favourite design.

In each case, we showcase the “double” size bed. Also, please note that the prices were also correct at the time of writing. Boring financial statements aside, here are just some of the fun stuff you can expect. We highlight the best benefits of each mattress, provide more information on their free home trials and guarantees, and awards. Let’s go shake hands with the best foam, coils and trophies.

Best Mattress For Heavy People

If you want a quick detour, you can also find the best cheap mattresses that we reviewed for outstanding quality and value for money.

1. The Octaspring 5500 Memory Foam Mattress By Dormeo – A Firm Bed At £949

The Dormeo bed brand has a nifty feature called Octaspring. Several of their mattresses contain the award-winning Octaspring technology.

One of them is the 5500 Memory Foam Mattress.This bed is more stuffed with goodies than a lucky packet. If only the best features and beds make you happy, then hop on over to our review that scrutinized the best mattresses on the market today.

Octaspring 5500 Memory Foam Mattress

Meet The Mattress

This bed contains several layers of springs and memory foam. Both materials are designed to comfort and support a heavy person. But since this is a double-sized item, it could also be the best mattress for overweight people like a couple. Here are the top benefits of this mattress.

  • The firmness provides extra support for heavy sleepers.
  • There is no motion transfer between partners.
  • A mattress with good air circulation keeps you cool and comfortable. Thanks to the Octasprings (we will meet those in a moment) and the special Ecocell memory foam, this mattress is 8 times more breathable than other beds.
  • The springs are not metal coils. Octasprings are 3-D foam springs that almost resemble thick cogs (think of those pointy wheels you get inside a watch). Their design allows them to provide incredibly sensitive comfort and support.
  • Supports both side sleepers and stomach sleepers.
  • The best mattresses for heavy people must also have a luxurious cover. This mattress has a soft surface that is perfect for snuggling.
  • This cover is also removable and washable.
  • Large people with allergies might also benefit from the bed’s hypoallergenic properties.
  • We all hate flipping mattresses. This bed only needs to be rotated on the same side, so that is one chore made easier!
  • Turning is also made easy by the mattress handles. Once you are done, the handles can be discreetly hidden away for a neater appearance.

Find the best hybrid mattresses for your lifestyle.

The Home Trial And Guarantee

Dormeo only gives a free home trial to selected mattresses. If you like this one, then you are in luck. This is among their beds for heavy people that can be tested at home. But for how long, you ask? You get 60 nights to make up your mind. Let’s say that you love the memory foam and decide to purchase the mattress. Dormeo will then make sure that your new mattress is protected by a 20-year warranty. With a few exceptions, this is one of the longest guarantees in the bed industry

Awards And Reviews

The Octaspring mattress range has won several awards. Its Octaspring technology won the Crystal Cabin Award in 2017. The range was also chosen as a finalist during the Apex Awards in 2017. It also won the iF Design Award in 2009. At the time of writing, there were no reviews for this mattress on Dormeo’s web site. But the brand is performing well at Trustpilot. More than 100,000 reviews rate Dormeo as “Excellent.” It currently has 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Are you interested in the brand? You can read our complete Dormeo mattress review for more information.

2. The Austin Mattress By Sealy – A Firm Mattress At £1,200

The Sealy bed brand is the biggest mattress company in the world. They offer something for everyone. They also have some of the best mattresses for heavy people.

In this case, we picked the Austin Mattress. Sealy designed this bed to offer plenty of benefits to a heavy person. Let’s look at the highlights of the Austin Mattress.

Austin Mattress By Sealy

Meet The Mattress

  • The type of mattress is a hybrid. If you love the combination of memory foam and pocket springs, then this could be the best mattress for you.
  • The firm rating makes this a great choice if you are looking for heavy-duty mattresses.
  • There are 1,000 pocket springs. To provide the best pressure relief for heavier sleepers, the coils are designed to adust intuitively to your every move. Side sleepers and stomach sleepers can look forward to the same great support.
  • The memory foam is infused with a special gel. This combination offers you three benefits. No matter your weight, the memory foam mattress is all about pressure relief, body support, and breathability to keep you fresh and cool.
  • The mattress is 26 cm deep.
  • The mattress is also treated with friendly probiotics. This also makes it the right mattress for heavy sleepers with allergies. (Read our article that offers practical tips on how to keep a bed clean).
  • The mattress is also created with ultra-luxurious Tencel fibres. These fibres are also great in another way (other than making your new mattress very comfy). They also absorb moisture and keeps you cool and dry.

The Home Trial And Guarantee

Sealy may be the biggest mattress brand but their home trial is not too user-friendly. If you live in the UK, that is. The brand offers a 100-night free home trial but only to customers living in the US. If you are shopping for the best mattress for overweight couple, UK customers must look to the generosity of local Sealy retailers. One of them, Bensons For Beds, is kind enough to give their clients a home trial of 40 nights. Should you decide to buy the best mattress for heavy person, UK buyers will get a 5-year guarantee from Sealy itself.

Awards And Reviews

There seem to be no reviews on the Austin mattress, either. The bed also has not yet won any awards. When that happens, we like to share the brand’s achievements. Sealy has a stunning track record. The brand won the Best Bed Manufacturer of 2018 from Interiors Monthly for seven years in a row. That is a record that remains unbeaten to this day. It was also the first UK mattress maker to be BSI certified.

Are you interested in the brand? You can read our full Sealy mattress review to see their other awards.

3. The Natural Pocket 1400 Mattress By Silentnight – A Firm Mattress At £679

The Silentnight bed brand is an award-winning superbrand. They also have a wide selection of beds, including hybrids, memory foam, and pocket sprung wonders. But when it comes to which bed is the best mattress for heavy people, Silentnight has a firm candidate. Literally.

This solid and supportive mattress is also very comfortable. Let’s go and say hello to the Natural Pocket 1400 Mattress.

Natural Pocket 1400 Mattress

Meet The Mattress

Do you love a stylish mattress with an old-school plush look? Then this could be your new mattress. But let’s dive into the specifics. What makes this mattress so luxurious? Why is this a great choice for heavier people? Here are the reasons and highlights.

  • This mattress is best for heavy sleepers who do not like memory foam mattresses.
  • The mattress is suitable for any sleeping position, including side sleepers and stomach sleepers.
  • The firm comfort level makes this the best mattress for heavy people.
  • The mattress depth is 33 cm.
  • For those who are looking for stylish bits – the border is hand-stitched and the mattress has a hand-tufted luxury Damask cover.
  • Type of mattress – pocket sprung. The bed contains 1,400 pocket springs. They provide excellent pressure relief, eliminates motion transfer, supports weight, and makes the bed feel comfortable.
  • The mattress contains naturally-sourced wool, silk, and cashmere.
  • Heavier sleepers who struggle with hot nights might also appreciate the cooling abilities of this mattress.
  • Evenly distributes weight.
  • This is also one of the best mattresses for heavier people who struggle with allergies. The hypoallergenic mattress also repels dust mites.

Do you want to look more options for side sleepers? Here are the best mattresses for side sleepers, the best beds for stomach sleepers, and the top mattresses for back sleepers.

The Home Trial And Guarantee

Silentnight has a night trial for mattresses. If you want to see whether this is the right mattress for you, the brand allows you to sleep on this bed for 60 nights. Let’s say your lower back pain is gone and the edge support is divine, what guarantee can you expect now that you want to purchase the mattress? The mattress is covered by a 5-year guarantee.

Awards And Reviews

No awards thus far. However, the bed seems to be popular with Amazon customers. At the moment, over 200 reviews have rated the mattress as 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Are you interested in the brand? You can read our full Silentnight mattress review. Not only will you learn more about their amazing awards but there are plenty more choices for heavier sleepers.

4. The Sensation Supreme Mattress By Tempur – A Very Firm Mattress At £1,499

The Tempur bed brand holds a unique honour. It is the only mattress company with beds and pillows that are certified by NASA for quality. All Tempur memory foam mattresses contain a material that was originally designed by the space agency to create comfortable seats for astronauts. Tempur memory foam, however, is apparently an improved version – and its creation process is a closely guarded secret. Let’s see what the Sensation Supreme Mattress has to offer to heavier people.

Sensation Supreme Mattress By Tempur

Meet The Mattress

This mattress belongs to Tempur’s Sensation mattress range. This is their firmest beds. As such, you can expect plenty of pressure relief and a comfortable bed, no matter your weight. Here are more benefits.

  • The ultra-firmness makes this a top mattress for heavy people looking for extra support at night. (We also found the best firm mattresses from different brands).
  • The memory foam mattress is a great choice for heavier sleepers who hate springs (there are no coils).
  • But if you love the “bounce” of coils, the memory foam is springy enough to satisfy that feeling.
  • The memory foam also provides great support for pressure points, support for weight, and even lower back pain.
  • The bed is perfect for any sleeping position.
  • This is also a suitable mattress for heavy people because it has great edge support.
  • The mattress is also easy to maintain. You do not have to turn it over and the cover can be removed and washed.
  • The memory foam is 21 cm deep.
  • A soft quilted cover.

The Home Trial And Guarantee

We are happy to present to you a decent home trial and warranty. Thank you, Tempur. Alright, what can you expect should you decide to try or buy this bed? The free home trial is very generous. You can snuggle against the quilted cover and plush memory foam for 100 nights. If you decide that this is not the best mattress for weight support, no biggie. The brand will arrange to collect the bed. But if this turns out to be one of the most comfortable mattresses that you have ever experienced, Tempur will cover your new purchase with a 10-year warranty.

Awards And Reviews

On Tempur’s product page for the Sensation Supreme Mattress, people can leave reviews. At the time of writing, there were 17 reviews that rated the mattress as 4.7 out of 5 stars. That is pretty sparkly. Fifteen of these customers gave the mattress 5 stars, citing benefits such as great support for their weight, dreamy memory foam, and better sleep. Unfortunately, while customers are clearly happy with this mattress for heavy people, the mattress has no awards yet.

Are you interested in the brand? You can read our full Tempur mattress review to learn more about their incredible relationship with NASA’s memory foam and their other bed collections.

5. The Classic Memory Foam Mattress By Dormeo – A Medium/Firm Bed At £199

The Brook and Wilde bed company sell bedding like pillows, duvets, and linen. But they only sell two mattresses. Truth be told, both mattresses are pretty amazing.

The one that we chose for today is the Elite Mattress and it has an amazing 8 layers.

Elite Mattress By Brook And Wilde

Meet The Mattress

This bed could be the ultimate plush bed for the heavier person. The 8 layers contain pocket coils, memory foam, and fabrics designed to keep the bed clean and functional. Let’s have a look at each layer and the wonderful benefits this mattress has to support the needs of heavy people.

Layer 1

The top cover of this mattress is a stylish affair. But apart from being a handsome guy, it’s also designed to make maintenance easy. There is nothing worse than a mattress with a top cover that cannot be removed and washed. The Elite Mattress, luckily, has a cover that is simple to remove – you merely use the zip, pull it off, and plonk the cover in the wash. Of course, the surface feels very nice too!

Layer 2

Next in line is the memory foam protector. This sheet removes any friction and snags between the top cover and the third layer (which is foam). The protector ensures that the memory foam remains undamaged and that the top cover can move freely to accommodate the movements of a person.

Layer 3

The best memory foam mattresses do not only give edge support, comfy dreams, and pressure relief. They must also keep the spine aligned and the person at the right temperature. This layer is thermo-regulating. This means that the foam works hard to keep people at the right cosy temperature so that they can fall asleep – and stay asleep. It also provides the correct level of firm support to keep the spine in the right position.

Layer 4

This layer consists of an amazing 2,400 mini pocket springs. The sheer number of coils means that a person will experience sensitive support for each movement they make, reducing painful pressure points and aches. This is important if you are one of those people who wake up easily. The thousands of pocket coils in this layer offer such support that you could turn in your sleep and experience none of the pressure or discomfort that usually wakes you up.

Read our review on the best pocket sprung beds on the market today.

Layer 5

Want some more foam and spine support? Then this layer is your sweetheart. Brooke and Wilde took speciality foam and shaped it like a wave. The shape adds extra support to the shoulders as well as the spine. As a bonus, the foam also softens pressure. As you can see, many of the layers in this mattress is specifically added to reduce pressure points and weight, making this a great mattress for heavy people.

Layer 6

Why not add 1,000 extra pocket springs? That is exactly what Brook and Wilde did and those with heavy needs thank them. You can only imagine the great support and comfort that these coils, which are larger than the first layer of springs, offer those who require extra plushness. The brand claims that this extra bounce in your mattress will surely give you more energy in the morning!

Layer 7

The best mattresses also have a support base. Frankly, without a support base, a bed will not last long. The Elite Mattress has an excellent base that provides support to all the other layers and thus lengthening the life of the mattress. It was also specifically designed to lengthen the lifespan of the 1,000 pocket coils.

Layer 8

This is another type of base. Not as thick as the previous layer, this base nevertheless serves an important purpose. It is non-slip. We all know and hate those mattresses that just won’t stay put. They shift over the edge of the bed frame, which not only interferes with the edge support of the mattress but it can also potentially damage the inner layers of the mattress. This non-slip base keeps your mattress securely on the frame.

The Home Trial And Guarantee

Brook and Wilde offers the same home trial and guarantee for both their mattresses. The home trial gives you 100 nights. If, for some reason, the mattress does not provide the correct weight support, you get a choice. Either you can switch the Elite Mattress for their Lux Mattress and continue the trial – or you can say, “No, thank you. Neither mattress is the bed for me.” Then Brook and Wilde will give you a full refund. Both mattresses are also covered by a 10-year guarantee.

Awards And Reviews

The Elite Mattress has won its own awards and also share accolades with the Lux Mattress. In 2020, the Good Housekeeping Institute placed their seal of approval on the Elite Mattress. Good Homes Magazine also gave it an excellent comment when the staff said the bed was “One of the best mattresses we have ever tested.” Together with the Lux Mattress, the Elite was also praised by Real Homes as being among the best bed-in-a-box mattresses.

Are you interested in the brand? You can read our full Brook and Wilde mattress review for more mattress choices for heavy people needing great weight support.

6. The Lux Mattress By Brook And Wilde – A Firm Mattress At £749

Perhaps the Elite Mattress is just a tad too firm. Perhaps it’s also not within the budget limits that some people have set for themselves. But if you love the brand, then their other bed, the Lux Mattress, could be the alternative that you are looking for.

Unlike the Elite, the Lux does not have an “extra firm” option. However, the sturdiest option, the “firm” level is more than enough to provide a heavy person with all the weight support that they need.

Lux Mattress By Brook And Wilde

Meet The Mattress

Whereas the Elite Mattress has 8 layers, the Lux has 6. This is still more than most other mattresses on the market. Here is a quick overview of each layer and how they might benefit heavy people.

Layer 1

The top layer is also a sumptuous sheet. While it provides a lovely surface that encourages comfort, it is also breathable to keep you cool. It also wraps around the entire mattress, keeping everything tidy and clean.

Layer 2

If staying cool is important to you, then here’s some more ice. This layer of memory foam brings support to your entire body but it also breathes, circulating fresh air through the mattress and pushing hot air out. As a bonus, this foam layer also keeps your partner’s movements on their own side. You can look forward to sleeping without being disturbed by their heavy tossing and turning. (Here are the best double-sized beds for singles and couples).

Layer 3

This sheet consists of 2,000 mini pocket springs. Sure, they are small. But their spiral designs, individual pockets, and vast numbers provide several benefits. They provide excellent support to any movements, weight, and pressure points.

Layer 4

Do you remember that unusual wave-shaped foam in the Elite Mattress that supports your shoulders and aligns the spine? Yep. The Lux has it too. Looking for a better bed to help with back pain? We found the best mattresses for a bad back.

Layer 5

This layer is the second sheet of pocket springs. They are also larger than the micro-coils and fewer in number. But the 1,000 pocket springs add extra weight support, comfort, pressure point reduction, and also edge support.

Layer 6

The Lux Mattress also has a sturdy support base. Similar to its sister mattress, the functions of this base include keeping the mattress steady, protecting the other layers, and also to prolong the life of the mattress.

The Home Trial And Guarantee

Brook and Wilde mattresses all come with a 10-year guarantee and 100-night free home trial. Remember, if you are not happy with the weight support during the trial, you can switch the Lux Mattress for the firmer Elite Mattress.

Awards And Reviews

In 2019, the Lux Mattress won a Which? Best Buy award. Only the best products and mattresses are given this award. It was also included in the honours when Real Homes named Brook and Wilde mattresses as among the best bed-in-a-box mattresses. At Trustpilot, the mattresses also scored an “Excellent” rating or 4.3 out of 5 stars after hundreds of reviews commented on the comfort, weight support, and benefits for people regardless of their weight.

Are you interested in the brand? You can read our full Brook and Wilde mattress review for more information.

7. The 5G Mattress By Ergoflex – A Medium/Firm To Firm Mattress At £444

The 5G Mattress By Ergoflex might have a more “medium” feel comfort level. But countless people have vouched for its ability to deal with the body’s weight like few other mattresses can. Indeed, plenty of happy customers have reported feeling weightless on their 5G mattress.

This is great news for people who need relief from weight-related issues, including painful pressure points. This could also be the best mattress for you for other reasons.

Ergoflex 5G Mattress By Ergoflex

Meet The Mattress

This is another great option for people who prefer a memory foam mattress. The bed consists of five layers, the first two are fabrics that protect the sleeper and the mattress. The remaining three foam sheets each bring something good to the table.

  • The first layer is a 9 cm thick visco-elastic memory foam. This is the stuff that hugs your body and prevents the movements of a sleeping couple from disturbing each other.
  • The middle layer is a 5 cm thick sheet of cooling foam. This part looks like a bunch of pointy mountain peaks. The gaps between them allow air to flow more freely through the mattress. It also pushes hot air out when weight and movements move the mattress. This feature is good news for people who tend to be hot sleepers.
  • The bottom layer is also 9 cm thick. Made from exceptionally sturdy foam, it acts like a base (which, as we mentioned earlier, should be in the best mattresses).

The mattress, as a whole, provides that famous weightless feeling. This amazing sensation is due to the full-body support, regardless of weight. You can truly look forward to curling up in our favourite sleeping position and getting some quality Zzz’s.

The Home Trial And Guarantee

Let’s say that you have looked at several mattresses and came to the conclusion that the 5G is your ticket to Snooze Heaven. What’s the deal with the home trial and warranty? Ergoflex allows people to kip on their mattress for 30 nights. This might not be the longest grace period that we have seen but a month should give you a basic idea whether you want to keep a mattress or not. Here are the terms and conditions of the home trial. If you decide to keep the mattress, then Ergoflex will cover your bed with a 10-year guarantee.

If this home trial is just too short, why not read our review on the best free mattress home trials?

Awards And Reviews

The 5G mattress won a Which? Best Buy award in 2020. Since this is also the only bed that Ergoflex manufactures, one can be forgiven for believing that the mattress had something to do with the brand’s great awards and reviews. Feefo gave Ergoflex the Gold Trusted Merchant Award in 2016 and a 5-star status based on almost 2,000 reviews. The Review Center also gave the brand a rating of 4.8 after hundreds of positive reviews.

Are you interested in the brand? You can read our full Ergoflex mattress review to learn more about the brand’s great ratings.

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There is no doubt about it. The best mattress for heavier individuals must provide only the greatest comfort and support. The good news is that today’s market is packed with choices. There are literally countless beds to pick from. But how do you pick the right mattress that you are satisfied with for the next ten to twenty years? It can be hard to choose a winner when the salesman only pitches the benefits or you do not really know what to look for in a great and durable bed.

That’s why we wrote two free guides to help you find and assess the best bed for you. Find them below!

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