Best Mattress For Bad Back – Reviews And Awards 2021 UK

People with cranky backs know the following issue too well. Painful back problems can make life a living hell. Not only does it interfere with daily activities but it also prevents a good night’s sleep.

Since sleep is nature’s most powerful healing force, this could worsen any existing medical problem. A specialist mattress, designed to soothe the spine and remove those aches, can restart the cycle back to complete health or at least to bring back pain under control.

So what’s the best mattress for lower back pain? The best mattress for sciatica? We found all the dreamy beds that can answer those questions and more. We also took our spades and dug up more information, so you can see at a glance what their guarantees and best features are all about.

Best Mattress For Bad Back

Please note that we showcase the “double” size mattress and that the prices were correct at the time of writing.

1. The Nectar Memory Foam Mattress By Nectar Sleep – £549 And A Lifetime Guarantee

Do you love great comfort and support but hate those pocket springs? Then the Nectar Memory Foam Mattress By Nectar Sleep could be the one for you.

Treating back pain does not always mean that you must only sleep on a firmer mattress. Besides support, your new mattress must also keep you at the right temperature and more. Let’s see why this memory foam mattress is great for bad backs (and quality sleep).

Memory Foam Mattress By Nectar Sleep

Meet The Mattress

As one of the best mattresses for bad backs, the Nectar bed contains five layers of memory foam. Each one is designed to optimize sleep and thus help with back issues. If you can get a good night’s sleep, then back problems and other health conditions can get a dose of nature’s best medicine. Here are the five layers and their benefits that fight back pain.

The top cover has a lovely quilted look. But this is not just a cute face. The first layer of any good mattress should also breathe. This allows air to move freely through the mattress and the cover, keeping you cool even during summer.

The second layer is memory foam. This sheet also banishes heat. As a bonus, it also gets rid of moisture. The third layer’s memory foam has a different purpose. This sheet is all about comfort and support. It gives relief to pressure points that can aggravate back pain. Even better, the fourth sheet (also memory foam), has seven zones that support the major regions of the body and the back. These include the hips, shoulders, spine, ankles, and head. As such, one can even view it as the best orthopedic mattress for any sleeping position. The final layer is a non-slip base that will keep your mattress in place on the bed frame.

The Home Trial And Guarantee

This is not just the best mattress for back pain. The bed is also good news if you are looking for the best home trial and guarantee in the business. Except for one other bed brand (see number two on this list), nobody can beat Nectar Sleep’s policies.

When you decide that this memory foam mattress looks like the best mattress for bad back pain, then you can test it for 365 nights. No, you read that right. A whole year. Nectar believes that this is such a good mattress that their customers will rarely return it after the home trial. Those who agree that this is indeed a great bed for their back and decide to keep their new mattress can look forward to more sugar. The mattress is covered by a lifetime warranty.

Awards And Reviews

This medium-firm mattress is a regular in the winner’s circle. In 2020, both The Independent and The Sleep Foundation named the Nectar Memory Foam Mattress as the best mattress for the year. It also helped the brand to win the approval of The Good Housekeeping Institute in 2018 and 2020. At Trustpilot, consumers have also rated the brand and this mattress highly. At the moment, after thousands of reviews, Nectar is rated as 4.3 out of 5 stars (or “Excellent”).

Are you interested in the brand? You can read our complete Nectar mattress review to see if this is the best bed for your back.

2. The Luxury Hybrid Mattress By DreamCloud – £699 And A Lifetime Warranty

We kind of spoiled the surprise, didn’t we? Yep, this is the only other mattress in the industry to give customers the wonderful benefit of a lifetime warranty and a year-long sleep trial.

Let’s go ahead and see what the Luxury Hybrid Mattress offers as one of the best beds for back pain.

Best Luxury Hybrid Mattress

Meet The Mattress

The best mattress for a bad back must also combat things like motion transfer. You can look forward to this perk and more. But let’s start at the beginning. The hybrid bed has five layers. They were certainly not added willy-nilly. On their own – and together – the layers work to soothe the spine and reduce back pain. Mattresses with a pocket sprung element, in particular, are great for lower back pain.

Mattresses with a quilted surface are always divine. That is this bed’s first layer. But besides providing sleepy people with a luxurious place to snuggle and comfort your back, this top sheet is also like a thermometer. The materials of this layer suck in freshness and push out hot air with every movement you make.

All the best mattresses contain the next layer. This memory foam not only gives support to the top sheet (the foam also breathes) but it also removes pressure points, motion transfer, and aligns the spine to avoid future aches. These benefits are suitable to any sleeping position but side sleepers might appreciate the support the most.

The third layer is a firm memory foam that adds even more support. The pocket springs make up the next sheet. The coils are 15 cm high which is a good height for a pocket sprung mattress. The pocket springs soothe back problems in several ways. They create even support across the entire mattress, eliminating the dreaded dips that so often contribute to bad backs. They also keep the edges of the bed strong and ensure that partners do not disturb each other when they move.

The final layer is a support base. This tough foam also brings support, not just to people but also the entire mattress to lengthen its lifespan.

Awards And Reviews

The DreamCloud mattress is CertiPUR® certified for safety. It still has not won any major awards but seeing that the bed is quite popular, who knows? Maybe one day. At Trustpilot, hundreds of customers also rated the brand and its only mattress with 4.2 stars or “Excellent.”

Are you interested in the brand? You can read our full DreamCloud mattress review.

Finding the best support from a bed for your favourite sleeping position is important – especially when you have a bad back. That’s why we researched the best mattresses for side sleepers, the top beds for back sleepers, and the best mattresses for stomach sleepers.

3. The Lux Mattress By Brook And Wilde – £749 And A 10-Year Warranty

The Brook and Wilde bed company is doing an amazing job with just two hybrid mattresses. Both of these luxurious medium-firm mattresses have more layers of memory foam and pocket springs than other beds.

This makes them suitable for lower back pain and for people with other bad back issues too. We decided to include both on our “Best Mattresses For Bad Backs.” Let’s start with the mattress with the fewer layers. But don’t be fooled. The Lux Mattress has an amazing combination of six layers.

Lux Mattress By Brook And Wilde

Meet The Mattress

Why could this be the right mattress for your back ouchies? Like we mentioned earlier, it does not matter if you have persistent lower back pain or a bad back overall, the Lux mattress is designed to support your spine during sleep. It does this by removing the pressure from the shoulders and hips, cradling the body with special memory foam and adjusting this support the second you move into a new position. These features are particularly useful for side sleepers.

You can look at each layer to get a better understanding of why this could be the right mattress for you. The top sheet is a sumptuous cover. This comfy sheet provides people with a soft sleeping surface. It also does double-duty on something else. One, the material is breathable. This airy ability keeps you cool during hot nights. Secondly, the cover also envelopes the entire mattress. It keeps the other layers clean and tidy.

Hybrid mattresses should have only the best functional memory foam. Brook and Wilde certainly follow this rule. The second sheet consists of high-quality foam that supports sleep (and thus spine health) in several ways. It cradles the entire body in the correct position, breathes to keep you cool, and also eliminates motion transfer between partners.

This mattress for bad backs also has an amazing pocket sprung design. The third layer contains 2,000 mini pocket coils. Thanks to their sensitive design and sheer numbers, the mattress comes with great support for side sleepers, the spine, and back pain. The pocket sprung design also adds more oomph to the ability of the mattress to absorb your partner’s movements and to allow air to circulate between the space around the springs.

The fourth layer is what makes this a particularly good mattress for spine health. Consisting of speciality memory foam, the sheet is shaped like a wave. This provides extra support to the shoulders and spine. Most other mattresses do not include such a beneficial design. But kudos to the people who created this layer because it specifically nurtures a bad back.

The fifth layer is another forest of pocket coils. They only number 1,000 this time but that is still a lot! They are larger, however, which means that the layer is more airy and capable of pushing hot air from the mattress to cool you down during sleep. Needless to say, it also enhances the support and comfort the bed provides.

The final layer is a must for all mattresses (although a lot of beds do not have this feature). This support base adds extra, well, support! Besides keeping your body and spine comfortable during sleep, the base also prolongs the time of the other layers – and thus, the lengthens the lifespan of the mattress.

The Home Trial And Guarantee

Brook and Wilde offers a decent policy on both accounts. Too many times, one encounters a great brand but their home trials and guarantees kind of suck. Not the case here, good people of Dreamland (that’s you). Brook and Wilde is so confident that consumers will love the luxury of their mattresses that you can try this bed at home, for free, thanks to a 100-night trial. The perks go beyond having a night trial period of more than three months. If you are not satisfied with the Lux Mattress, for some reason, then you can exchange it for the Elite Mattress and continue the trial. Let’s say you love this medium-firm bed. Should you decide to keep it, Brook and Wilde will cover your buy with a 10-year guarantee.

Awards And Reviews

The Lux Mattress might be the “little sister” in the Brook and Wilde family but she’s holding her own against other mattresses. Indeed, you are looking at an award-winning mattress. In 2019, it won the sought-after Which? Best Buy award. The bed was also named when Real Homes called Brook and Wilde mattresses among the best bed-in-a-box mattresses. At Trustpilot, both mattresses also rank highly. At the moment, they are rated as 4.3 or “Excellent.”

Are you interested in the brand? You can read our full Brook and Wilde mattress review.

4. The Elite Mattress By Brook And Wilde – £1099 And A Guarantee Of 10 Years

Alrighty. You have already met the brand and their 6-layered wonderland. Next up is the Elite Mattress. We loved this design so much that we came to the conclusion that the only reason this bed can possibly be the wrong mattress for anyone is if that person hates 8 layers of plush luxury. For some inexplicable reason. But that is exactly what sleepers can look forward to. Those looking to purchase the best mattress for a bad back will get plenty of benefits as well. Let’s see what the layers have to offer in terms of design, materials, and spine health.

Elite Mattress By Brook And Wilde

Meet The Mattress

The mattress is a hybrid stuffed with the best memory foam and coils. Its comfort level rates as medium-firm. If you like this bed but have always bought firm mattresses, then never fear. Brook and Wilde offers this particular mattress in several tensions including firm and extra firm. Alright, buckle up people. We are about to look at the eight layers of this beauty and the ride is wild. Sorry, we just love mattresses. Clearly.

It does not matter if you like the medium or firmer mattress, they all have the same design. The first layer is an attractive cover. The surface is a tender invitation to just get drowsy and keel over. But besides being comfy enough to lull you into sleep, the cover also breathes to avoid those dreaded hot spots. Finally, you can also look forward to enhanced cleanliness because this cover can be zipped open, removed, and washed.

Between the cover and the next layer is the memory foam protector. This layer acts as a bodyguard between the first and third layers – because they get a little cranky with each other. Without this protector, the top cover might not move as easily to accommodate movements from a sleeper and the memory foam layer might snag as well. Well, we gave it away. The third layer is memory foam.

Are you looking for the ultimate memory foam mattress? We researched and gathered the best memory foam mattresses.

This mattress comes with thermo-regulating memory foam. That is just a snazzy way of saying that the foam is engineered to get rid of extra heat and to also keep you at the perfect temperature for sleep. People can look forward to a warm bed in winter and a cooler mattress during summer. As a bonus, it also provides spine support, strengthens the borders of the mattress, and a load of comfiness.

This is also the right mattress for you if plenty of coils make you happy. The Elite Mattress has two layers of pocket springs. This is the first and it consists of 2,400 mini coils. They battle evils such as motion transfer between people, pressure points, bad back pain caused the wrong mattress and interrupted sleep. The fifth layer is the speciality memory foam shaped like a wave. If you remember from our earlier description of the Lux Mattress, this wavey wonder provides extra shoulder support and keeps the spine in the correct position. This makes the Elite a solid choice if you are looking for the best mattress for a bad back.

The sixth layer is made up of another bunch of pocket coils. This time, they are bigger and number 1,000. They help to circulate fresh air throughout the mattress and boost the bed’s sensitivity to movements and keeping back pain at bay. The final two layers are both bases. The first is the solid type that keeps the other layers in working order for years. The final layer has a non-skid surface to prevent the mattress from moving around on the bed frame.

The Home Trial And Guarantee

The best mattress for a bad back must also have a good home trial and guarantee. Luckily, Brook and Wilde gives the same deals for all their mattresses. Due to this, you can look forward to a 100-night trial to test the Elite. Remember, if the 100-night test does not satisfy you, for some reason, then Brook and Wilde will allow you to exchange it for the Lux Mattress to continue the rest of the 100-night trial period. Just to recap, if you experience good sleep on any of the brand’s mattresses, one can expect a 10-year guarantee.

Awards And Reviews

The Elite Mattress is also an award-winning bed. Besides the Real Homes review that called both Brook and Wilde mattresses as some of the best boxed beds, the Elite also received a seal of approval from the Good Housekeeping Institute in 2020. Good Homes Magazine also called it “One of the best mattresses we have ever tested.”

Are you interested in the brand? You can read our full Brook and Wilde mattress review.

5. The Royal Backcare 2000 By Sleepeezee – £919 Which Includes A 5-Year Warranty

The Sleepeezee mattress brand created the Royal Backcare 2000 Mattress specifically for those who need extra support during sleep due to back pain or back issues.

If you love to support companies that also ethically source their materials, then you might be glad to know that Sleepeezee is forest-friendly. Let’s see what best mattress features makes this one a great mattress for bad backs.

Royal Backcare 2000 By Sleepeezee

Meet The Mattress

For some individuals, a firmer mattress is required to deal with back pain. The comfort level of this bed rates as “extra firm” which might be the right mattress for those who have experienced relief in the past from this level of firm mattresses. Besides being a sturdy and trusted companion, one can look forward to more benefits that encourage good sleep and back health. Let’s look at those for a moment.

  • The materials used for this mattress, both inside and out, are only from the best stock and fillings. For example, the outer cover is soft and snuggly. It is also stylish.
  • The mattress is a good choice for those who do not want a memory foam mattress.
  • The natural fillings include British wool and cashmere. This makes the mattress breathable, hygienic, and very supportive.
  • Suffering from back pain at night is bad enough. But allergies too? Those who have both back pain and the sniffles can benefit from this mattress. It is packed with special fibres that not only make the bed more comfortable and bouncy – but also incredibly hypoallergenic.
  • As one of the best beds for back pain, the mattress contains a generous 2,000 pocket springs. They move individually to contour perfectly to your body, no matter your size or shape. This makes the mattress a good choice for those who struggle to find a mattress to suit their body type.
  • The springs are also specifically designed to give sleep partners their own zones. If one tosses and turns, the sleep of the other won’t be disturbed.
  • The mattress is also designed to help those who toss and turn. The bed spreads your weight more evenly across the surface, reducing the need to shift into a more comfortable position.
  • The mattress is specifically suited to individuals with back pain who sleep mostly on their back or stomach.

Whether you suffer from back pain or not, your mattress must be suitable to your favourite sleeping position. For this reason, we decided to make things as easy as possible for you to find the top beds for each position. We already did all of the research and comparing. Here are the best beds for side sleepers, the best mattresses for stomach sleepers, and the best beds for back sleepers.

The Home Trial And Guarantee

Are you looking for a clear-cut answer about Sleepeezy’s home trial? Let us sprinkle some disappointment on your pudding (sorry). The truth is that their mattresses certainly can help with back issues. That is the good news. But unfortunately, the brand does not offer a home trial itself. Sleepeezee sells their mattresses through different retailers and the length of the home trial you get (if any) depends on these stores’ own policies. Some of the stores include Dreams, Furniture Village, and Land of Beds.

Should you feel that you might like to give one of their mattresses a try, you can find out more about which stores sell Sleepeezee mattresses by using the brand’s Find A Retailer feature. Sleepeezee does offer a guarantee, no matter where you buy the mattress from. They offer different warranties for their products but in this case, you are looking at a 5-year guarantee.

Awards And Reviews

The Royal Backcare 2000 has not yet won any awards. But several other Sleepeezee mattresses have won prestigious awards. The brand itself is a holder of several Royal Warrant awards and also received the Harvey Norman Bedding Product of the Year award in 2018.

Are you interested in the brand? You can read our full Sleepeezee mattress review to find out more about their award-winning mattresses for dogs!

6. The Ambassador Orthopaedic Mattress By Happy Beds – £369.99 And A 5-Year Guarantee

Happy Beds is the fastest-growing mattress maker and seller in the UK. Among the reasons for their success is a wide variety of mattresses.

Sure enough, they have a big collection of orthopaedic mattresses that can soothe not just your back pain but also encourage better sleep every night. The mattress we chose today is the Ambassador Orthopaedic Mattress.

Ambassador Orthopaedic Mattress By Happy Beds

Meet The Mattress

The comfort rating for this bed is medium-firm. This is the sweet spot for most people. But let’s look at the highlights of why this could be the best bed for back pain.

  • The mattress is 25 cm deep, providing ample depth to soothe the back.
  • If you love the plush support of natural fillings, then you are in for a treat. The Ambassador bed is stuffed with luxuries such as cashmere and cotton.
  • The bed is designed to support your whole body, including your back.
  • The individual pocket springs help with back pain by cradling the body, distributing your weight more evenly, and also adjusting automatically when you move to keep your comfort levels uninterrupted (that’s very important when you’re already asleep!).
  • Uninterrupted sleep is a potent remedy for back pain. The pocket coils help with longer periods of sleep by keeping your partner’s movements limited to their side of the bed.
  • To add more comfort for your back, the top of the bed is padded. The stuffing includes cotton and linen.
  • The bed is also hand-crafted to ensure great comfort, better sleep, and less back pain.

The Home Trial And Guarantee

Do you want to spoil your back with this bed? Then let’s talk about what you can expect with this brand’s home trial and guarantee. Happy Beds has attractive qualities. Their enormous variety of mattresses and accessories, for instance, is a wonderland for those shopping for the bedroom. But despite all the brand’s customer-friendly prices and policies, they do not offer a free home trial. Nor a paid home trial. There is just nothing. But without sounding too much in favour of the brand, we cannot help but think that customers do not really seem to mind. Otherwise Happy Beds would not be the UK’s fastest-growing bed store. But back to that mattress guarantee. You can expect your new bed to enjoy five years of cover.

Awards And Reviews

While neither the bed nor the brand has won any awards, the reviews are looking pretty handsome. Over at Trustpilot, around 62 percent of all the reviews gave Happy Beds a 5-star rating. There were some unhappy souls too and that is why the overall rating for the brand stands at 3.1 or “Average.” It is worthwhile to mention that most complaints were not about the quality of the beds. Customers’ main complaints revolved around service and delivery issues.

Are you interested in the brand? You can read our full Happy Beds mattress review for more information about their beds for back pain and more.

Two Free Guides To Help You Find The Right Mattress For Back Pain

Medical conditions that interfere with sleep can make a person’s life difficult. You have less energy in the morning, feel more crabby, and sometimes cannot even think straight. One of the worst offenders is back pain or other sensitive back issues. The first step in fighting back problems is obviously to get a medical professional’s advice but also to get the best bed for back issues. One cannot stress enough the benefits that flow from a supportive mattress and quality sleep.

But how do you choose the right bed? To help you find a mattress that will keep your back happy, we suggest that you read our two free guides. The one packed with practical tips about how to go about when you choose a mattress to suits your needs. The second one explains everything you always wanted to know about the different mattress sizes.

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