Best Mattress For Arthritis – Reviews And Awards 2021 UK

Arthritis is a condition where swelling affects the joints. The most commonly afflicted areas are the hands, hips, spine, and knees. The disease is characterized by pain and stiffness. According to the Mayo Clinic, the condition is not reversible and the main course of treatment is to ease the symptoms of arthritis in order to improve the quality of daily life. This includes sleeping on the right bed.

We chose the best mattresses to soothe those aches and pains. You will learn all the benefits to be had from these beds as well as their guarantees and prices. Please note that the prices were correct at the time of writing and that each mattress we discuss is the “double” size without the bed base. Are you ready to fight the stiffs and instead get more energy in the morning? Fantastic stuff. Here we go.

Best Mattress For Arthritis

1. The Memory Plus Mattress By Dormeo – One Of The Best Mattresses For Arthritis Overall (£249.99)

The Dormeo bed brand is a great place to start in one’s quest to pick the best mattress for arthritis. UK customers can also look forward to free delivery and great guarantees. But let’s start at the beginning.

The mattress we chose for the occasion is the Memory Plus Mattress. This award-winning and stylish mattress have several benefits for arthritis sufferers. In fact, we are happy to say that the bed is comfy enough for all types of arthritis.

Memory Plus Mattress By Dormeo

The memory foam mattress is medium-firm and consists of two types of foam to diminish aches and pains. Dormeo uses only the finest Italian memory foam and in this case, you can rest on visco-elastic foam that brings great support to the entire body. This makes the mattress suitable for all sleeping positions. However, side sleepers might benefit more from the pressure relief against their shoulders and hips. The other foam is Ecocell. This material almost acts like pocket coils. The foam has a 3-D design that lends support, removes pressure, and also making the mattress more breathable.

Would you rather ease your aches on a mattress with coils? There are plenty of incredible pocket sprung mattresses that are suitable for people with arthritis, back problems, and even insomnia.

This bed is also a good choice if you have additional concerns with your health or suffer from allergies. Dormeo treats all their memory foam mattresses to make them anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and anti-dust mite. Keeping a bed clean is also important, whether you have allergies or no medical condition at all. Luckily, this is not rocket science. You can read our informative article to find practical tips on how to clean a bed that will keep your mattress clean, crips, and make caring for it less of a chore.

Memory foam is without a doubt a valuable material for people with arthritis. The good news is that there are countless beds crafted from this amazing stuff and we found the best of the bunch. If you like the idea of spoiling your joints with foam, here are the best memory foam mattresses.

The Home Trial And Mattress Guarantee

You can sleep on this mattress at home for 60 nights. The free night trial is not the longest in the business but two months are sufficient to see if this mattress eases your symptoms. Let’s say that you enjoyed great relief and better sleep. Should you decide to purchase the Memory Plus Mattress, then Dormeo will protect your bed with a 15-year warranty.

In case you want to try the best free home trials, then you are in for a treat. We researched and collected the most luxurious mattresses that come with the longest free trials in the business.

Awards And Reviews

The Memory Plus Mattress received a Which? Best Buy award in 2019. The review had this to say about the bed, “Good body support, stable, breathable, stands the test of time. A great all-rounder. Whatever your size or sleeping position.” The Daily Mail also named the Memory Plus Bed as their choice for the “Best Budget Mattress.” On the product’s page at Dormeo, customers can also rate their experience with this mattress. Over 300 reviewers left their opinion, 81 percent of which said that they would recommend the bed. At the moment, it also rates as 4.4 out of 5. Many commented on the amazing comfort.

You can read more about the brand. Pour yourself a cup of tea and dive into our full Dormeo mattress review.

2. The Original Mattress By Emma – Best Mattress For Arthritis Hips (£529)

The Emma bed brand can be forgiven if they ever put a chip on their shoulder. Indeed, this company designed the best-selling and most-awarded mattress in the UK. Throw some tinsel at them. But before we look at all the sparkly prizes (or hurl anything at them), let’s see what the Original Mattress can offer to those who suffer from arthritis.

The memory foam mattress is designed with several zones. These regions offer support to the entire body. But side sleepers with hip problems will be glad to know that the Original Mattress is also specifically designed to remove pressure from the hips, shoulders, and also to encourage spinal alignment.

Original Emma Mattresses

That last one could even make this the best mattress for arthritis in lower back and joint pain overall. Either way, this mattress keeps things straight and in place, allowing your body to rest comfortably and fall into a deep, undisturbed sleep that will leave you feeling more energized in the morning.

Besides offering great support to arthritis sufferers, this medium-firm mattress can also make sure that you stay cool during those hot nights, relieve the pressure points from any sleeping position, and prevents the movements between partners from disturbing each other’s sleep. Indeed, sleeping badly because something constantly wakes you up is a good way to set back most medical conditions.

Experts agree that the best firmness level for those who have arthritis is medium-firm. In some cases, individuals might also find comfort and support from a firmer mattress. To give you more choices, we went bed hunting and gathered the top collections from the best brand for each of these two firmness levels. Here are the top medium-firm beds and firm mattresses.

The Home trial And Mattress Guarantee

The Emma brand certainly has a great candidate for the best mattress for arthritis sufferers. UK customers can also enjoy free delivery and two amazing offers with the home trial and guarantee. Most brands offer a 100-night trial. Want a better deal? Done. Emma doubled the usual time and now allows customers to try their mattresses at home for 200 nights. Did your joint pain vanish after a few weeks or at least feel more manageable? Yay! Should you decide that this is the best mattress for your cranky hips and shoulders, then the bed brand will cover your purchase with a 10-year warranty. You can read more about Emma’s mattress guarantee if you are interested in getting one of their mattresses.

Pillow-top mattresses can provide the extra plushness that you need to comfort chronic aches. If you like the sound of that, you can read our review of the greatest pillow-top mattresses from the top brands

Awards And Reviews

You can view the complete list of Emma’s awards but these are some of the accolades given to the Original Mattress. The bed won a Which? Best Buy award in 2020 and walked away with this fantastic description from the review board, “One of the highest-scoring mattresses we’ve tested in years”. Real Homes noted the bed’s ability to bring pressure relief to those who suffer from arthritis and other conditions, while The Good Housekeeping Institute gave the mattress its seal of approval for great air circulation, comfort, and support. These are just some of the accolades given to this mattress but they all support the notion that the Emma Original is one of the best mattresses for arthritis and spinal alignment.

You can read more about the brand. Here is our full Emma mattress review.

3. The Premium Hybrid Mattress By Eve Sleep – The Best Mattress For Osteoarthritis (£782)

Osteoarthritis cannot be reversed. The best course of action is to learn more about this disease and then to make the necessary life adjustments to take the pressure off the affected joints. The right mattress can certainly help but before we discuss Eve Sleep and their Premium Hybrid Mattress, hop on over to the Mayo Clinic to see their advice on how to manage osteoarthritis at home and what therapies are available.

Premium Hybrid Mattress By Eve Sleep

Why is this a good mattress for this condition? Eve Sleep designed the bed using the latest cutting-edge foams and pocket springs. Needless to say, this makes the mattress hypersensitive when it comes to giving enough support in all the right places. Find more best hybrid mattresses from the top brands.

You get to sleep on a luxurious quilted cover. Underneath this dreamy surface are three layers of memory foam. Together, they bring a lot of benefits that can comfort arthritis. The sheets of memory foam are designed to keep you cool, support and comfort your entire body, and create such pressure relief that you feel like you are floating. Well, that is the claim of several customers anyway! But one thing is certain. For a particularly distressing and painful condition like osteoarthritis, such weightlessness is certainly a welcome feature.

The hybrid mattress also contains 1,500 pocket springs. It is their job to provide fluid support all the time. They adjust to your body as you move, turn over, or get in and out of bed. The coils add value to the bed’s design since they specifically reduce the pain that comes from pressure. As you can see, this mattress is all about giving the body ultimate support. This might even be the best mattress for rheumatoid arthritis!

The medium-firm mattress is also hypoallergenic and a good choice for side sleepers. Although, in all fairness, with this level of support and comfort, everyone’s sleeping positions can find some sugar with this memory foam hybrid.

You can also read our review on the top orthopaedic mattresses if you require more support.

The Home Trial And Mattress Guarantee

Let’s say that you feel that this could be the best mattress for rheumatoid arthritis. UK customers can look forward to a decent free home trial as well as a proper mattress guarantee. The home trial is a 100-night deal which is more than three months to snooze on this mattress and see if the pressure relief is enough for your shoulders and hips. If they vanish, along with other pressure points, then one might consider the 100-night trial a success. What about the guarantee? en you go ahead and buy the bed, then Eve Sleep will give you a 10-year warranty.

Awards And Reviews

The Premium Hybrid Mattress won a Which? Best Buy award in 2019. It is one of the four Which? Best Buy awards given to the brand’s mattresses. Over at Expert Reviews, the mattress is currently doing exceptionally well with a 5-star rating.

You can learn more about the brand and other Eve mattresses. Read our full Eve Sleep mattress review.

4 The Nectar Memory Foam Mattress By Nectar Sleep – The Best Mattress For Joint Pain And Pressure (£424)

The Nectar Sleep bed brand only has one bed. But the Nectar Memory Foam Mattress is a winner with thousands of sleepers. But this medium-firm mattress has a basket-full of perks if arthritis gives you trouble. In particular, the memory foam is designed to reduce pressure points and weight, both of which are often behind joint pain.

(If arthritis is affecting your hands, Healthline suggests these hand exercises to soothe the pain).

Memory Foam Mattress By Nectar Sleep

The best mattresses do not only comfort and support sleepers. They must also keep you at the right temperature and encourage a good stretch of uninterrupted sleep. These are just two of the benefits that you can expect from the Nectar Memory Foam Mattress. The upper layer is a soft quilt-resembling surface that might just comfort you enough to feel drowsy! But it also draws heat away from you with every move you make. This keeps you cool and fresh. The first memory foam layer also works to support your body and keep you at a snug temperature, no matter the season.

Does the idea of winter make you shriek? It’s understandable since arthritis often flares up during the colder months of the year. But there are ways to survive winter without too many aches and limited physical motion. The Kokilaben Hospital not only explains why arthritis and winter are not buddies but the institute also gives advice on how to reduce arthritis pain during winter.

The third layer of this mattress is memory foam. The stuff is specifically designed to tackle pressure points and give sleepers an airy feeling. This foam is at the heart of the bed’s ability to soothe arthritis and to support those who need a good night’s sleep without the pain caused by their body’s pressure against the mattress. The memory foam is followed by a base with seven zones that support specific areas like the hips, shoulders, ankles, neck, and also to keep the spine in a healthy position throughout the night (or nap). The bottom cover is a non-slip affair to keep your mattress steady on the bed frame.

The Home Trial And Mattress Guarantee

Alright, everybody agrees that this is the best mattress for joint pain. UK buyers can look forward to a free gift as well. At the moment, for every Nectar Memory Foam Bed they sell, the brand gives the buyer two free Premium Pillows (this will normally cost £70). But that is nothing compared to the free home trial and the mattress guarantee.

Most mattresses on the market today offer a 10-year warranty and a night trial that swings between one to three months (if any). But Nectar has the best policies for customers who want to test a mattress at home. You get 365 days – a full year. Wait. It gets better. Should you decide that you love the mattress for its pressure-relieving abilities and the jaw-dropping home trial, then Nectar will give you a lifetime guarantee. Talk about peace of mind! Wants some more peace of mind? The Arthritis Foundation suggests different types of meditation that can help manage the condition.

Awards And Reviews

In 2020, The Sleep Foundation called the memory foam bed the Best Overall Mattress of the year. This is a pretty solid thumbs up for those who suffer from arthritis and want to purchase a mattress that is backed up by a respected foundation in the field of better sleep. Nectar itself has won a boat-load of awards and accolades, some undoubted thanks to this mattress.

You can read more about Nectar’s awards from our full Nectar Sleep mattress review.

5. The Studio Original Mattress By Silentnight – The Top Mattress For Arthritis Comfort And Support (£599)

Silentnight is another brand with mattresses that win prizes left, right, and centre. One of these winners is the Studio Original Mattress. The bed made our top list of mattresses for painful arthritis for several reasons. Indeed, this is our top pick for those who want the best pressure relief, comfort and support.

To start with, the mattress is medium-firm. For most sleepers, this is just the right firmness without being too hard or soft. The materials used in this bed consist mainly of memory foam and gel.

Studio Original Mattress By Silentnight

Both of these “ingredients” are used by bed makers when they want to add luxurious comfort to a mattress. Having both in the same mattress, well, hello heavenly feelings. They also work together to support every inch of your body, constantly adjusting to add comfort wherever and however it is needed.

Who does not love snacks? You probably already know that the right types of snacks can sometimes ease the symptoms of arthritis. If you don’t know where to start nibbling, however, then no worries. Everyday Health has 10 great ideas for healthy munchies. These are particularly useful if you have rheumatoid arthritis.

The Home Trial And Mattress Guarantee

Silentnight really wants its customers to find a mattress that they love. That is why they came up with the 60-Night Comfort Exchange home trial. The basic idea is that you get to test, say, the Studio Original Mattress for 60 nights. If for some reason, you do not get the comfort and support that you desire from this bed, then you can exchange it for any of their other mattresses and continue with the remainder of the home trial. But if you choose one of their mattresses, then you can look forward to a 5-year guarantee. This is not exactly a 10-year warranty but maybe the next section will make up for that.

You can also look at our top picks of the cheapest mattresses from top brands or the best mattresses that are available on the market today.

Awards And Reviews

This mattress won a Which? Best Buy award in 2020. On the brand’s product page for the Studio Original, about 256 reviews have rated this mattress as 4.5 out of 5 stars – which is pretty good. If you want to read more about the brand’s amazing trophy case full of prizes, then you can read our full Silentnight mattress review for more information.

Two Free guides To Help You Find The Top Mattress For Arthritis

There are many mattresses on the market today that are designed to help with medical conditions. In particular, there is a high demand for mattresses that give enough comfort and support to help people with arthritis manage their condition better by getting quality sleep. This is good news if you are currently searching to buy the top bed for arthritis. You really do not have to worry that you are stuck with a few bad choices. There are plenty of fantastic mattresses – but how to choose the right one?

Every person is different. Their body, physical and emotional needs, weight, shape, and arthritis form a unique combination that requires some thinking before settling on a particular mattress. We know that time is precious these days and you probably do not want to search for hours or days to find these mattresses.

That is why we chose the top five mattresses that provide the best support and comfort. But we want to end things off by giving you two free guides to help you find the right bed and the right size mattress to suit your particular body and needs. So without any further waffle, here is our comprehensive and practical guide on how to choose a mattress and if you need to pick the right size, then you are welcome to read our complete guide to different mattress sizes.

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