Best Hybrid Mattress – Reviews And Awards 2021 UK

Hmm. You need the support of a pocket sprung mattress. But years of sleeping on an ancient bed with coils digging into your back has done nothing to improve your mood towards those metal horrors.

Some people are also wary of a mattress with memory foam and nothing else. They fear that it might dent too easily or offer no support at all. That is why a hybrid mattress is a perfect choice in this case – it offers the best of both worlds.

There is more good news. The beds we chose for this list do not contain sub-standard coils or foam (you know the type that tortures your back and dents after a week). We picked only the best and the most durable beds.

Best Hybrid Mattress

If you are on the hunt for the best hybrid mattresses, then this could also be your one-stop read. We already did all the searching, we compared the different brands, and read the reviews. To make sure that this article is as helpful as possible, we also chose only the most comfortable mattresses, some of which come with fantastic free trials, guarantees, and awards. (You can also look at the best beds that are available on the market today, including the highest-quality foam or pocket sprung mattresses).

Please note that all prices were correct at the time of writing and that we show the “double” size mattress without the base. Ready to meet those mattresses? Let’s go and say hello.

1. The Simba Hybrid Mattress By Simba – £538.30 Which Also Includes A 10-Year Warranty

At the moment, Simba can say one thing that no other brand can. Let’s give you a little clue. Have you always dreamt about getting a new mattress from the bed manufacturer with the most 5-star reviews in the world? Then this is your guy. That being said, buyers want more than just a well-polished brand name.

Needless to say, what they need even more is a mattress that can provide quality sleep and relaxation. For this reason, we chose what could very well be Simba’s best hybrid mattress.


This is also the cheapest mattress on our list. So if you rather feel like rifling through the best budget buys, then you can hop on over to our review of the best and cheapest mattresses. And yes, the prices might be low, but the beds have all the comfort and quality that these top brands have to offer.

Meet The Mattress

Sure, sure. Being called the Simba Hybrid Mattress might not be the most glorious name on the planet. But apparently, the feel of this mattress is heavenly. There are five layers of memory foam and pocket springs that work together to give sleepers a perfect blend of support and comfort. Indeed, they are perfect for all types of sleepers, including those who primarily sleep on their sides, backs, or stomachs. Let’s see what those layers are all about.

  1. The top cover is a luxurious sheet but it is not just for thrills. This layer is also designed to circulate air and to keep sleepers cool during summer nights or when you might have a fever.
  2. The second layer consists of something called open-cell memory foam. This spacious wonder magnifies the benefits that the top cover has to offer. Besides adding more support and comfort, this sheet also makes the mattress more breathable which helps to remove stale and hot air.
  3. This layer holds 2,500 titanium Aerocoil pocket springs. They also push warm air from the mattress but there is a second perk, The pocket springs also intuitively adjust to sleepers as they turn or get into bed, removing pressure points and creating a cloud-like feel that many with sensitive bodies and aches might appreciate.
  4. The fourth layer is memory foam. This high-density memory foam also creates pressure relief and body support.
  5. The base layer has special support zones for hips and shoulders. It also acts as strong support for the rest of the hybrid mattress.

Is this mattress soft, medium or firm? The bed is rated as medium-firm which is a great middle-ground that suits the needs of most sleepers. You can also look at the best firm mattress for you from other brands. We found all the best soft mattresses for those addicted to plush (who isn’t?). You can also pick the best medium-firmness mattress or a sturdier firm bed.

The Sleep Trial And Guarantee

Wow, that’s a ton of support and comfort. But what about a home test and guarantee? Are they worth it? Simba offers a decent service on both accounts. A 100-night trial sounds good but Simba doubled that offer, allowing sleepers to test this mattress at home by giving them a 200-night trial. You can also look forward to a 10-year warranty should you decide that this is the best hybrid bed for you. Simba is not a difficult customer, either. Should your mattress perish for some reason and your guarantee is still active, the brand will replace the bed with a new mattress.

Oh, did we mention that this is a bed-in-a-box? So say goodbye to strong-arming a full-size mattress up the stairs to the master bedroom. Just tuck that box under your arm and up you go.

Awards And Reviews

Incredibly, the Simba Hybrid Mattress has won 9 industry awards. Peek and be impressed. We certainly were.

  1. In 2018, Expert Reviews named it as their Mattress of the Year.
  2. In 2019, the Good Housekeeping Institute placed their stamp of approval on the bed.
  3. Another award in 2019 – Men’sHealth UK also gave it a thumbs up.
  4. In June 2020, the hybrid mattress was given a Which? Best Buy award.
  5. The Consumer Survey of Product Innovation named it the Product of the Year in 2020.
  6. Ideal Home also approved the mattress.
  7. Real Homes gave the mattress their Real Home Loves seal.
  8. T3 gave it a great “Best Buy” review.
  9. Another site, Trusted Reviews, also highly recommends the mattress.

Are you interested in the brand? You can read our complete Simba mattress review for more information.

2. The Luxury Hybrid Mattress By DreamCloud – £699 And A Forever Warranty

The DreamCloud bed brand is having huge success with just one mattress in their stable. Their Luxury Hybrid Mattress is medium-firm. This makes the hybrid suitable for most sleepers and the bed is also available in several sizes. But one of the best features is the fact that it has five layers of memory foam and pocket springs.

Each sheet adds something good to this mattress. Do you want to have a closer look at the layers and their benefits? Then here they are.

Best Luxury Hybrid Mattress

Meet The Mattress

  1. The upper layer is perfect for those who seek to snuggle into something luxurious (that makes all of us). But besides being ultra-comfy, the top fabric also consists of materials that work to actively keep your body heat stable. This ability was designed to provide the best sleep by regulating temperature to avoid overheating or feeling too cold.
  2. The second sheet is one of those layers of foam that should be in every mattress. Why? Well, the foam is decadent, breathable, and provides pressure relief for the hips and shoulders. It does not matter how you sleep or how often you turn, the memory foam adjusts to your body and gives extra support and comfort where you need it most (with those pesky pressure points).
  3. This memory foam is both a support and a comfort layer. It basically boosts the benefits of the previous layer but also adds its own firm foam to the deal. This helps to cradle the body, giving sleepers the opportunity to sleep without being woken by a lack of pressure relief.
  4. Alrighty. This is a hybrid mattress, so let’s look at those pocket springs. In this case, the springs have a lovely height, which is roughly 15 cm each. They have something baked into their design and it is called ActivEdge™ technology. This feature ensures that a pocket sprung mattress provides full support across the entire bed – especially the edges that are often guilty of dipping. Besides giving sleepers a firm and safe edge around the mattress, the springs also add something that should be in all the best pocket sprung mattresses. They remove that annoying motion transfer between partners. (In case you or a partner is having trouble sleeping through the night, there is hope. The Sleep Council has a great article on how to snooze quicker, longer, and better).
  5. The base layer also removes unwanted movements between sleepers and also stabilizes the entire mattress. This adds years to its life.

Do you want only memory foam in your new bed? No problem. For your convenience, we have already found the best memory foam beds and latex foam mattresses.

The Sleep Trial And Guarantee

What DreamCloud offers in this regard put the brand on the map as one of the best. While other brands might dust it in other areas, nobody (except another mattress brand called Nectar Sleep) can match their amazing sleep trial period and guarantee. You can forget about a 100-night trial period. When you choose the Dreamcloud Hybrid Mattress, you get a 365-night deal.

No, you read that right – customers can test this mattress for a full year. While a 10-year warranty is also a good offer, the lifetime warranty that comes with this mattress will always stay a consumer favourite – and with good reason. Sleepers appreciate a brand that goes the whole way in order to provide them with great services and consumer protection. We love such brands too.

A 365-night trial period is fantastic. Nobody is arguing that point. But other brands also offer home tests and if you want to shop around, there are plenty of other great free trials. There is no need to waste any time finding these offers. We already combed through all the top manufacturers and their best mattresses. For your convenience, we only chose those with the greatest free home trials.

Should you choose this hybrid mattress, it will be delivered at your door as a bed-in-a-box. It is also one of the best mattresses if you are looking for something that is hypoallergenic. The bed is also perfect or any sleeping position but especially side sleepers who will find that their hips and shoulders are perfectly supported. (We also compiled the best mattress-in-a-box beds if you are looking for the ultimate boxed mattresses from different brands).

Awards And Reviews

The hybrid mattress has not yet won any awards. However, safety-conscious individuals might like the fact that it is CertiPUR® certified. That means that the memory foam does not contain heavy metals, carcinogenic chemicals, nor phthalates. As a bonus, the mattress also releases low levels of VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds). Not only is this good news for you but passing these safety tests also provides peace of mind if you want to purchase this bed for your child. This product is truly family-safe.

Speaking of kids, are you looking for the best tips to keep Junior’s nursery at the safest temperature? The Lullaby Trust explains why this is so important for an infant’s health. The Trust also gives tips and advice about how to keep a child’s room at the right temperature.

Over at Trustpilot, the hybrid mattress and the brand received over 744 reviews. The combined opinions of buyers gave DreamCloud a rating of 4.2 out of 5, which definitely shows a great level of consumer trust and support.

Are you interested in the brand? You can read our full DreamCloud mattress review to learn more about their awards, special deals, and their best features.

3. The Lux Mattress By Brook And Wilde – £749 And A 10-Year Warranty

The bed brand Brook and Wilde build a successful brand with just two hybrid mattresses. If you love the environment, here’s a green fact that might make you hug the brand as well. For every mattress they sell, Brook and Wilde plants a tree.

Needless to say, they might have planted a small forest or two by now. But for this review, we chose their Lux Mattress for its good price and wonderful layers of foam and pocket springs.

Lux Mattress By Brook And Wilde

In case you seriously love pocket springs and want to learn more about these coily cool kids, the Better Sleep Council has a very interesting and informative article that explains the benefits of pocket springs and more.

Meet The Mattress

As one of the best hybrid mattresses on the market, the Lux has six layers of pocket springs, materials, and memory foam. Together they provide a medium-firm mattress that provides a good night’s sleep for side sleepers who struggle with pressure against their head, hips, and shoulders.

But other types of sleepers need not feel left out. This is also one of the most supportive mattresses for back sleepers and even tummy snoozers. Have you ever wondered how a sleeping position affects the health of your spine? Wonder no more, Oh Curious Mind. Coastal Orthopedics has an illustrated guide that explains what happens to your back when you sleep in different ways. They also offer advice on the best ways to sleep correctly to guard your spine.

Whichever way you like curl up and snore, the layers are designed to give you several benefits to improve sleep and rest. Let’s see what they have to offer.

  1. The top layer of the mattress is soft (we need that snug feeling, don’t we?). It is also very durable and breathable. In other words, this comfy feature will both protect your mattress and circulate air for a long time to come.
  2. Under the top layer is a sheet of cooling memory foam. As the name implies, the memory foam removes hot air from the mattress and also eliminates motion transfer between couples. Another benefit that this memory foam layer offers is the ability to perfectly support and comfort for the entire body.
  3. The third layer consists of 2,000 pocket springs. This vast number of coils create a firm mattress, reduces motion transfer between partners, brings pressure relief to all sleeping positions, and they also create a comfort layer in the sense that it adjusts instantly to support your body when you change position.
  4. This memory foam layer is denser than most other types of foam. The reason behind this is is to add more support to the bed. But more importantly, to ensure correct spinal alignment.
  5. The fifth layer is also the second layer of pocket springs in this mattress. This time, they number roughly 1,000 springs but their reduced population does not equal zero benefits. Their job is to add firm support and bounce, creating a comfort layer that is both sensitive to your movements and better sleep.
  6. All of the best mattresses have a good support base like this one. It keeps the entire mattress steady and durable, prolonging the bed’s years of service.

As we mentioned above, this hybrid bed is perfect for all sleeping positions. But if you want to look at other brands and their best beds for certain positions, then we have got you covered. Just scoot over to the page of the position that you prefer to see all the best hybrid, foam, and coil beds for you.

The Sleep Trial And Guarantee

Despite having quality springs and memory foam, mattresses should also preferably have a home trial and also a long guarantee. Brook and Wilde do not offer something as long as a year or a lifetime warranty but their policies are not bad. They are pretty standard and should provide enough time to help a customer make the right decision.

So what’s the deal? The brand offers a 100-night trial. This trial includes an unusual twist you do not see with most other brands – and it is a rather good one. Should something about the Lux mattress falls short of your expectations, then you are welcome to try their other hybrid mattress for the duration of the sleep trial period. If you are interested in what Brook and Wilde’s second hybrid mattress is like, you will meet that bed shortly. But here is a delicious clue – it has an amazing amount of foam and coils. Cannot wait? Then jump to number six on this list.

But let’s say that you have tested the Lux Mattress and enjoyed the best night’s sleep. Should you decide to keep the bed, then your new mattress will be covered by a 10-year warranty. A decade is a standard guarantee these days. Indeed, 10 years of cover is what you can expect from most brands. If you are interested but want to read more about their rules and regulations regarding the 10-year guarantee, then you can find all the details on their warranty page.

This bed-in-a-box can also be delivered to the room of your choice and Brook And Wilde will even remove your old mattress if you want. Alternatively, if you currently have a mattress that you want to get rid of, you can also check out our detailed advice page on how to dispose of a bed (Here is a good spoiler for nature lovers. Our article focuses on disposal methods that are environmentally safe).

Awards And Reviews

It does not really matter what type of bed you are looking at. But at the end of the day, the best hybrids, pocket sprung mattresses, and memory foam mattresses must have won at least one award. If not, they must belong to an acclaimed brand. In this case, the Lux mattress can claim a foot in both worlds. The hybrid mattress won a Which? Best Buy award in 2019. It was also named by Real Homes as being one of the best boxed mattresses on the market.

As a brand, Brook and Wilde have received approval from Grand Designs Magazine while Country & Town House added Brook & Wilde to the Great British Brands directory which also includes famous names like Rolls-Royce and Harrods. As far as reviews and ratings are concerned, the brand looks healthy. Over at Trustpilot, the brand’s rating is currently listed as 4.3 or “Excellent.”

Are you interested in the brand? You can read our full Brook and Wilde mattress review to learn more about their two beds, their special deals, achievements and greatest benefits.

4. The Pure Hybrid Bamboo And Charcoal Mattress By Otty – £699.99 Which Includes A 10-Year Guarantee

The Otty bed company is a relatively young brand. The bed company was created in 2016. The founder had two main goals in mind. The first was to reduce bed prices. Secondly, he also wanted to design and sell mattresses that provided such incredible rest and relaxation that sleepers would always feel energized the next morning. It would seem that Otty’s hard work and dedication is paying off. Despite being so young, the brand is up there and competing with the best older and established brands. That is why we picked Otty for our list of top hybrid mattresses.

Pure Hybrid Bamboo And Charcoal Mattress By Otty

Speaking of beds, we chose one of their mattresses that has an interesting feature. Indeed, it is a first for the industry. Curious? Let’s dive right into it.

Meet The Mattress

The feature we just mentioned is charcoal-infused memory foam (we will explain its importance in a moment). Together with the pocket springs, the foam creates a medium to firm mattress that is also very supportive, especially for side sleepers or those with arthritis. (You can also choose a great mattress for arthritis from the our list of top picks that include only the best beds that support the condition).

The Pure Hybrid Bamboo And Charcoal Mattress has six layers.

  1. The top layer is not just a comfy sheet. The memory foam is also infused with charcoal. The choice to add charcoal to a bed sounds unusual but it is actually borderline genius. Charcoal makes the memory foam antibacterial. It also helps to banish moisture. These two traits ensure that your bed stays fresh and clean.
  2. Under the top layer is bamboo memory foam. Also filled with charcoal, the bamboo foam allows the hybrid mattress to adjust to the best temperature for snoozing in all seasons.
  3. The third layer is a firm foam that also adds a measure of bounce. This provides both comfort and support during sleep.
  4. As far as the number of springs is concerned, this Otty hybrid mattress has one layer and a hearty amount of coils. The 2,000 pocket springs are responsible for the medium-firm feel of the mattress. They also add comfort and reduce motion transfer between couples.
  5. The fifth layer is not something that you see in mattresses every day. This layer consists of side supports that strengthen the edges of the bed and also allows air to flow better throughout the entire mattress. So no more dippy sides and hot nights!
  6. The final layer is a sturdy base that is crafted from high-definition foam. As we mentioned before, this feature is often found in the best mattresses that last for a long time. Because it supports the rest of the bed, each layer resists wear and tear for longer and thus add years to the lifetime of the mattress.

Charcoal helps to keep a bed clean and fresh. But what else can you do to ensure that your mattress stays hygienic and crisp? Read our best tips that offer the best ways to clean a mattress. Our guide will be useful no matter if you need advice for hybrid mattresses or wool-stuffed beds.

The Sleep Trial And Guarantee

Otty stands out for many things. They are super young. They are super promising and appear to have a great future ahead of them. Indeed, the brand is designing mattresses with features that nobody has even thought of. We salute that. However, their sleep trial and guarantee – while not being substandard – are also not the longest. Instead, both follow the standard of the industry.

That being said, both are fine offers. Otty allows customers to test their hybrid mattresses at home for 100 nights. That is more than three months if we must get technical! But whether you choose this Otty mattress or another brand’s pocket sprung mattress, 100 nights is certainly more than enough time to make friends (or enemies) with a bed. Anyway, customers who decide to purchase any mattress from Otty will also be covered by a 10-year guarantee.

Awards And Reviews

At the time of writing, the Pure Hybrid Bamboo And Charcoal Mattress has not (yet) won any awards. Some of the best accolades, however, have already been given to Otty and some of its other mattresses. One of the top awards given to the mattress brand was an award from the National Bed Federation in 2018/2019. This is particularly noteworthy because it made Otty the first and only brand with boxed beds to hold this honour.

Are you interested in the brand? You can read our full Otty mattress review.

5. The Premium Hybrid Mattress By Eve Sleep – £978 And A 10-Year Guarantee

The Eve bed company is a brand with stylish and quality mattresses. They use both memory foam and pocket springs to craft their beds. Today we will look at one of their combos (aka hybrid). We picked a prize-winner with an amazing tally of 7 layers.

Ready to sleep on this luxurious sandwich? Let’s see what the night holds.

Premium Hybrid Mattress By Eve Sleep

Meet The Mattress

The Premium Hybrid Mattress has a silver lining. Nope, we are not being beautifully metaphorical. This hybrid bed contains actual silver, like the precious metal. Curious? Let’s peek at those hybrid layers – and of course, we will look at the silver stuff first!

  1. The upper layer has a quilted surface. While this adds comfort, the fabric also contains silver threads to make the top sheet antimicrobial and antibacterial, two qualities that silver is famous for. (Science Daily has a good article that explains how silver gets rid off bacteria). The soft medium layer also contains graphite. While not as fabulous as a precious metal, the graphite is in charge of an important job. It kicks overheating out the bed once and for all.
  2. There is also more graphite in the second layer. As a bonus, this memory foam layer was also designed to be so airy that many sleepers have experienced a wonderful floaty feeling. Indeed, that explains the name of the memory foam – Floatfoam.
  3. Another layer of memory foam adds even more softness and firm support.
  4. Not firm enough for you yet? No worries. This layer of stiff memory foam ensures that the mattress supports the spine. A well-rested spine reduces back pain. In turn, having less pain leads to better sleep which incidentally also helps to reduce aches and pains.
  5. This foam casing has two jobs. It protects the springs and provides edge support. The latter is a welcome feature if you hate your old mattress that dipped so badly near the edge that you almost rolled out of bed.
  6. Speaking of springs, this layer consists of 1,500 coils. They help to keep the mattress firm, reduce motion transfer, and the springs also create enough space and movement to circulate air throughout the mattress. Besides cooling the bed down, they also remove pressure from the hips and shoulders so side sleepers can enjoy more comfort and uninterrupted sleep.
  7. The final layer is not just a support base that anchors the entire mattress. With its non-slip coating, it also keeps the mattress from edging off the frame.

The Sleep Trial And Guarantee

Let’s say you might want to sleep on 7 layers of luxurious foam and springs. Is there a free home trial? Yes. You can test this mattress in the comfort of your own home. Eve Sleep allows customers to test their mattresses for 100 nights. The mattress is also easy to maintain as it requires no flipping. One only needs to rotate it every few weeks or so. Should the 100-night test be successful, you can look forward to a 10-year warranty for your new hybrid mattress.

Awards And Reviews

The Premium Hybrid Mattress won a Which? Best Buy award in 2019. Eve Sleep also openly shows its Trustpilot reviews from customers (the good and the bad reviews). Some people gave the mattress five-star reviews and great comments. The brand itself is rated by customers as 4.5 which is also “Excellent.”

Are you interested in the brand? You can read our full Eve Sleep mattress review.

6. The Elite Mattress By Brook And Wilde – £1099 Which Includes A 10-Year Guarantee

We decided to include the other mattress from Brook and Wilde as well. Because let’s face it, the thing has got 8 layers.

That is just amazing. These sheets include the best practical fabrics for maintenance, memory foam and springs. If you want to look at what each layer does, here they are.

Elite Mattress By Brook And Wilde

Meet The Mattress

According to Brooke and Wilde, the Elite Mattress has more quality and springs than any other bed-in-a-box from the UK. The hybrid mattress is also available in a variety of tensions including soft, medium, firm, and extra firm. But we are straying after wonderful facts about this mattress. Let’s get back to those layers.

  1. The top layer can be unzipped and washed. But apart from being easy to clean, the fabric also breathes to circulate air.
  2. This layer is basically a guardian spirit. It protects the memory foam (the third layer) from the top layer’s movements and chaffing. It also allows the first sheet to move without interference from the memory foam.
  3. The well-protected memory foam also looks after you. The dense foam regulates temperature, providing an environment that provides snugness without being too hot or cold. The open-cell structure also removes pressure points for side sleepers, gets rid of stale air and also removes moisture.
  4. The fourth layer consists of 2,500 mini springs. They provide support, pressure relief, and keeps the hybrid mattress firm and yet sensitive to the body’s movements.
  5. This layer of memory foam is also a rare feature in hybrid mattresses (or memory foam mattresses, for that matter). The foam is a specialist material that curves in the shape of a wave. This design allows the mattress to provide the best support and comfort to the natural shape of the spine and your shoulders.
  6. It seems that the brand wasn’t kidding about all those coils. They added another layer of springs. These are larger than the micro-coils and number 1,000 springs.
  7. The support base not only keeps the entire mattress firm but it provides extra back-up for the 1,000 coils to prolong their life.
  8. The final layer is a non-slip cover that also keeps the hybrid mattress on the bed frame. No more midnight walkies for your bed.

The Sleep Trial And Guarantee

Brook and Wilde offer the same deals for both their hybrid mattresses. For this reason, you can also test the Elite Mattress during a 100-night trial. If you feel that this hybrid mattress offers the best comfort for you, then the brand will also cover the mattress for a decade.

Awards And Reviews

Of the two mattresses, the Elite Mattress has the most awards. The hybrid bed was approved by the Good Housekeeping Institute in 2020, Real Homes also named it as one of the best mattress-in-a-box offers, and Good Homes Magazine had this to say about the Elite mattress, that it was “One of the best mattresses we have ever tested.”

Are you interested in the brand? You can read our full Brook and Wilde mattress review for more information.

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Hybrid mattresses are perfect for side sleepers. But the truth is that anyone can benefit from these mattresses. Most of them are also available in the tension of your choice offering a soft, medium, or firm mattress. Indeed, as far as comfort and choices are concerned, the world of the hybrid mattress is very customer-friendly.

But sometimes too much of a good thing can be frustrating. Look around on the Internet for a few minutes and you will realize that there are seemingly countless hybrid foam beds. How do you pick the right mattress that is firm enough and amazingly comfortable? The right way to choose a new mattress does involve a checklist. To take the effort out of creating your own, we wrote a comprehensive guide to help you pick a hybrid mattress with the best foam, springs, and comfort level. In fact, our guide on how to choose a mattress can help you pick any type of bed. Not just a hybrid.

Are you undecided about what size mattress you want or need? Not sure what the measurements are of a cot mattress or an Emperor bed? No biggie. We explain the size and name of every mattress on the market in this guide to bed sizes. Happy mattress hunting!

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