Best Emperor Bed Mattress – Reviews And Awards 2021 UK

Emperor-size mattresses measure 200 cm x 200cm or 215 cm by 215 cm. The jury is still out on that one. Needless to say, both sizes create a big slice of heaven for those who are looking for a bed that is larger than the king-size or super-king. But these beds must also do more than simply provide the luxury of space.

We chose the best Emperor-size mattresses for their value, the ability to accommodate any sleeping position and those that bring sleepers quality sleep. Please note that all prices were correct at the time of writing.

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Best Emperor Bed Mattress

1. The Otty Hybrid Mattress By Otty – A Medium/Firm Bed (£594.99)

Otty took their award-winning Otty Hybrid Mattress and made it available in the sumptuous Emperor mattress size. The mattress is stuffed to the gills with memory foam and pocket springs, all designed to bring you a great night’s sleep.

Let’s see why this could be the perfect Emperor bed for you.

Otty Hybrid Mattresses By Otty

The Benefits Of This Emperor Mattress

  • It is available in several sizes, including the king-size and super-king.
  • The bed measures 200cm x 200cm x 25cm.
  • There are six layers of materials designed to support deep rest and comfort.
  • The mattress protector is removable and washable. (You can grab our guide on how to clean a bed to keep your mattress hygienic and fresh).
  • There are several layers of memory foam. Their benefits include thing like regulating your temperature through the night while also comforting and supporting the whole body.
  • To make sure that the Emperor mattress also eliminates motion transfer and pressure points, the designers added 2,000 pocket springs.
  • The pocket sprung network measures 16 cm high.
  • The mattress has a medium/firm feel. (Here are the best medium-firm mattresses that we reviewed for quality, luxury, and elite brands).
  • The best Emperor-size mattresses also have edge-to-edge support. You can expect this plus a sturdy support base that keeps the whole bed in great shape for years.

We have also found and reviewed the greatest pocket sprung mattresses if you cannot live without coils.

How Long Is The Sleep Trial And Guarantee?

All Otty’s Emperor mattresses can be tested at home for 100 nights. This is more than enough time to make sure that this is the right mattress size for you. If you love the feel of this bed but it’s a tad too large, remember that the Otty Hybrid is also available in the slightly smaller (and yet huge) super-king mattress. But whatever size you settle on, Otty offers a 10-year guarantee. Not bad at all.

Awards And Reviews

Do you only want to sleep on the best Emperor mattress – you know, one that is weighed down with awards and stuff? Then the Otty Hybrid might indeed be the Emperor bed for you. In 2019, the mattress won the Mattress Of The Year and Product Of The Year from Expert Reviews. The Good Housekeeping Institute and Real Homes also placed their seals of approval on the mattress. If you only want to consider Emperor mattresses that earned the best customer reviews, then here’s the good news. Over 6,000 reviews at Trustpilot gave the pocket sprung mattress a great rating of 4.5.

Are you interested in the brand? You can read our complete Otty mattress review for more information about the brand’s mattresses.

2. The Thornton British Wool Mattress By Harrison Spinks – Four Split Tensions (£2,050)

Harrison Spinks has something interesting to offer to couples who have different comfort needs. The Thornton British Wool Mattress offers four split tensions. You can choose between gentle, medium, firm, and extra-firm tension for your side of the Emperor mattress. But what else can you look forward to?

After all, Emperor mattresses must deliver the goodies in other areas too. Let’s have a look at the best features of this pocket sprung mattress.

Thornton British Wool Mattress

The Benefits Of This Emperor Mattress

  • Couples who enjoy the same comfort level can also forgo the split tension option and purchase an Emperor bed with a single tension level.
  • The Emperor mattress is also available as a zip-and-link bed.
  • The mattress is filled with natural materials, including 100 percent British wool and cotton.
  • The Emperor size measures 200cm x 200cm.
  • The mattress is available in 6 other sizes, including super-king-size mattresses.
  • The mattress is handcrafted for sumptuous support and comfort.
  • Emperor mattresses are too heavy to turn around. The happy news is that this is a no-turn bed.
  • The pocket spring count is 5,000.
  • The pocket springs serve a dual purpose (each coil is basically two wrapped into one). The outer coil of the pocket spring provides support to your body contours while the inner pocket spring supports pressure areas like the shoulders and hips.
  • This Emperor mattress has 2 rows of hand-stitched borders to give it ultimate edge-to-edge support.

Are you looking for more mattresses with natural materials? We reviewed the best wool beds and latex beds.

How Long Is The Sleep Trial And Guarantee?

Harrison Spinks sells its Emperor mattresses through different retailers. For this reason, one must rather see what a store has to offer rather than the brand itself. Most stores seem to offer a 7-year guarantee on all Harrison Spinks mattresses but few retailers seem to offer a free home trial for this brand’s beds. You can use the Find A Retailer feature on any of the feature pages for the brand’s collections to search for a retailer.

If you feel a little disappointed by the no-show of a home trial, no worries. We hunted down the longest free home trials on the market today. Here’s tasty bait to lure you in (sorry). Two of the free home tests run for a full year. True story.

Awards And Reviews

At the time of writing, the woolly Emperor mattress has not yet won any awards. The mattress also does not have reviews anywhere but the brand itself is rated as 3.0 at Trustpilot and 4.5 out of 5 at Feefo.

Are you interested in the brand? You can read our complete Harrison Spinks mattress review for more information about their other mattresses.

3. The Synergy 2000 Emperor Pocket Sprung Mattress By Robinsons – A Firm Bed (£1,215)

Robinsons is a family company that makes and sells several great Emperor mattresses. The one we chose for today’s list is the Synergy 2000 Mattress. This is a solid choice for those who are looking for pocket sprung Emperor mattresses that also contain memory foam and other comfy features.

If you would rather look at dreamy memory foam beds, then we have found the most snooze-worthy memory foam mattresses for you.

Synergy 2000 Emperor Pocket Sprung Mattress

The Benefits Of This Emperor Mattress

  • The Emperor size of this mattress measures 200cm x 200cm x 26cm.
  • The Emperor mattress is suitable for all sleeping positions. This makes it a perfect choice for couples who sleep differently or for individuals who have several different positions.
  • The mattress is also handmade to ensure that only the highest quality Emperor size mattresses reach customers.
  • The memory foam breathes to keep you cool and comfortable while you sleep. It also moulds to the body for perfect support where you need it most.
  • A mattress protector will keep the Emperor mattress in better shape for longer.
  • All the brand’s Emperor mattresses are designed to align the spine.
  • The firm comfort level of this Emperor size bed is perfect for those who need extra support due to medical conditions or body weight.
  • The Emperor mattress contains 2.000 pocket springs. They reduce pressure, motion transfer, and aches.
  • If you are looking for Emperor mattresses that help fight allergies, then this could be a wise choice. The bed has a dust-free protective layer to keep allergens away.
  • You can also sleep easy knowing that the mattress complies with safety and fire regulations.
  • The Emperor mattress also regulates your temperature throughout the night and seasons.
  • The mattress has a luxuriously plush feel.

If you are looking for beds that give you the best sleep for your favourite snoozing position, we found them all. Here are the top mattresses for side sleepers, beds for back sleepers, and the greatest beds for stomach sleepers.

How Long Is The Sleep Trial And Guarantee?

Robinsons does not allow customers to test Emperor-size mattresses at home. But all is not lost. The company has a showroom that is open from Monday to Saturday every week. You can make an appointment to test an Emperor mattress or if you want something smaller, why not hop onto one of their super king-size mattresses? Whatever floats your dream boat. The good news is that Robinsons offers a decent warranty on all their mattresses. Should you decide to take the Emperor size, you can look forward to a 10-year guarantee.

Awards And Reviews

The Synergy 2000 Emperor Pocket Sprung Mattress has not yet won any accolades. We could not dig up any reviews that are specific to the mattress either but the brand has a Facebook review page. At the time of writing, about 18 people commented on their experiences with the brand and thus far it’s looking good. Robinsons has a rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars.

Are you interested in the company? You can visit the Robinsons bed firm to see their super-king and other size mattresses.

4. The Axminster Supreme Mattress by Vispring And John Lewis – A Medium Bed (£4,879.20)

Vispring partnered with John Lewis to bring sleepers some of the best Emperor size mattresses on the market today. From this pool of great mattresses, we chose the Axminster Supreme Mattress for its looks, value for money, and plush benefits.

Axminster Supreme Mattress by Vispring And John Lewis

The Benefits Of This Emperor Mattress

  • The medium tension is the perfect comfort level for most sleepers and sleeping positions.
  • A stylish Emperor size bed that will fit with any bedroom’s decor.
  • The upholstery includes the finest natural fibres. The mattress also contains wool from New Zealand, cashmere, and silk.
  • The natural materials also remove humidity for a more comfortable sleeping experience. They also keep the Emperor mattress more hygienic.
  • The Emperor mattress was handmade in Plymouth for top quality and comfort.
  • The bed is also naturally flame-retardant. No chemicals had been used to treat it against fires.
  • The hand-placed pocket springs are placed in a honeycomb pattern. This ensures that the Emperor mattress gives tailor-made support to each and every part of your body. You can also look forward to no motion transfer between partners and a weightless feeling when you sleep.
  • The 2,500 springs also keep the mattress in shape for years.
  • A mattress protector will also add years to its lifespan.

How Long Is The Sleep Trial And Guarantee?

Vispring itself does not allow a home trial for customers who are interested in an Emperor-size mattress. Neither does John Lewis. However, John Lewis also has showrooms all over the UK and customers are more than welcome to contact the retailer to find out where the Axminster Supreme Mattress is on display. A store staff member will then discuss the benefits of this Emperor mattress with the potential buyer. But what about the warranty? Should you decide to purchase an Emperor-size from John Lewis, the store will give you a 30-year guarantee.

Awards And Reviews

The Axminster emperor mattress does not yet have any rewards. John Lewis also allows customers to rate any mattress on the product’s page on their online store but there are no reviews for this Emperor mattress at the moment.

Are you interested in the brand? You can read our complete Vispring mattress review for more information about their other products.

5. The J. Marshall Pillowtop Mattress By Vispring And John Lewis – A Medium Mattress (£1,639)

We picked the J. Marshall Pillowtop Mattress from the same Vispring-John Lewis partnership because the bed is just so incredibly sumptuous.

This Emperor-size mattress is not just handsome but it comes with a boat-load of perks for sleepers who need a little extra comfort and support. Let’s check out the highlights of this plush mattress.

J. Marshall Pillowtop Mattress By Vispring

The Benefits Of This Emperor Mattress

  • The medium firmness of the mattress is the sweet spot for most sleepers and should also cater to your favourite sleeping position.
  • The Emperor-size measures 20 cm x 20 cm x 23 cm.
  • The mattress is the J. Marshall collection’s most luxurious and responsive bed. So hello comfort, goodbye aches and pains.
  • The pillow top is filled with silk, cashmere, bamboo and alpaca fleece. The fillings were added by hand to ensure that they are in the best position to provide sleepers with ultra-softness and comfort, while the top’s cotton-blend fabric also gives a smooth feel.
  • The mattress also contains other natural fillings, including thick layers of wool and cotton. Both materials make the mattress more breathable, hygienic, comfortable, and humidity-resistant.
  • This emperor-size bed does not need to be turned over. You just have to rotate it on its base once in a while to keep the mattress in working order.
  • There are 1,600 pocket coils. They are also arranged in a honeycomb formation to provide sleepers with accurate pressure relief, no motion transfer, comfort, and deep sleep that leaves them feeling rejuvenated in the morning.
  • The bed’s comfort level helps to reduce tossing and turning.
  • The mattress is side-stitched to last longer and maintain its integrity.

How Long Is The Sleep Trial And Guarantee?

Similar to the previous bed we discussed from Vispring and John Lewis, customers who are interested in the J. Marshall Pillowtop Mattress must visit one of the store’s showrooms for a viewing and informative conversation about the bed. Should you decide that this is the Emperor-size bed for you, then John Lewis will protect your new purchase with a 10-year guarantee.

Awards And Reviews

The J. Marshall Pillowtop walked away with a grand prize. Every year, the National Bed Federation hosts awards for those in the mattress industry. It is kind of the “Oscar Awards” of the bed world. In 2019, the J. Marshall Pillowtop was announced as the overall winner of the NBF’s Bed Of The Year.

Are you interested in the brand? You can read our complete Vispring mattress review for more information on their other beds, bedding, and interesting history.

Two Free Guides To Find The Perfect Emperor Mattress

Finding the right bed can sometimes start as an adventure but end with a nightmare. Think along the lines of buyer’s regret, and the hassles of returns and refund – or a mattress company that does not want to take your bed back. To save yourself a lot of trouble and possibly a financial setback, it is important to plan bed buying carefully from the start. This does not mean that you have to take all the excitement and expectation out buying a new bed!

To help buyers retain a good experience – especially one that ends with a satisfying purchase – we have created two free guides. One explains everything you need to know about how to choose a bed. While it is not specific to choosing a certain sized bed, it can certainly help you to pick out the perfect Emperor mattress that suits your needs and also adds style to the bedroom! In case you feel like shopping around when it comes to other sizes, then head on over to our guide that explains the different mattress sizes and grab your free copy.

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