Best Cot Bed Mattress – Reviews And Awards 2021 UK

Your little one deserves the best. That includes the best cot mattress. Baby beds are not only about comfort. They must also be ultra-safe and easy to maintain. For this reason, we chose 5 of the best cot bed mattresses.

They comply with high safety standards and have a washable cover. They also show both great value for money and support for growing babies.

Please note that all prices were correct at the time of writing. Before you purchase a mattress for babies (crib or bunk, it does not really matter), it is important to know what kind of guarantee covers the bed and if there is a free home trial. This article includes everything you need to know about that as well.

Best Cot Bed Mattress

1. The Twist Natural Cot Bed Mattress By The Little Green Sheep – One Size For Babies And Toddlers (£179)

The Little Green Sheep is not just a cute name. This bed brand sells the UK’s best-selling mattress for cots. The Twist Natural Cot Bed Mattress is an award-winning bed for several reasons. But let’s start with a juicy fact. Babies grow fast. Okay, that is not really the fact – here it is. One of the reasons why this could be the best mattress for a baby is the single size. That means that you do not have to replace the mattress plainly because your offspring gets bigger.

Twist Natural Cot Bed Mattress

The one side is firm. A firm bed is recommended by health experts for newborns and infants. But as Junior unfolds into a toddler, you simply “twist” the bed (hence the name) to adjust it. Basically, all that means is to turn the cot bed over. The other side provides medium-level support, making sure that your toddler is comfy.

We also reviewed the best firmness for beds for the whole family. Do you like a soft mattress? We found the best soft beds, the greatest medium-firm mattresses and also the top firm beds.

Size And Materials

The Twist (let’s just call it that) measures 70cm x 140cm x10cm. But let’s look at the remarkable mix of materials that make up this bed. The Little Green Sheep took the finest natural materials available. Apart from picking stuff to make the mattress more luxurious, the brand also chose ingredients that make the cot bed mattress anti-allergy and resistant to dust mites. So, what’s inside? The heart of this mattress holds a blend of coconut fibre and latex. This combination has the bounce and support of a pocket sprung mattress.

On the one side, the cot bed mattress is padded with a layer of natural latex. This acts like memory foam and is the side that should be used for toddlers. The other side contains a sheet of wool. The fleece provides the firmness that babies need but it also regulates their temperature. That is critical since newborns cannot regulate their own body heat until they are about 3 or 4 months old. You guessed it – this side is for babies.

The entire mattress is also protected by a cotton cover. Beautifully stylish with a herringbone design, it can be wiped clean. However, The Little Green Sheep brand recommends that you use it with a protective cover (which is sold separately) that is removable and washable. You can download their full care guide here.

Curious about how to clean your bed? You can read our informative article that gives the best tips on how to care for your bed.

How Safe Is This Cot Bed Mattress?

The best mattresses for cot beds must be ultra-safe. This is non-negotiable considering how precious that little one is. The Twist mattress passes both BS 7177 and BS 16890 regulations. What does this mean? That the bed is up to date with the latest safety standards regarding fires, chemicals, and structure. In case you want to root through the details of these regulations, here they are.

  1. The Consumer And Retail Services lists the BS EN 16890 requirements.

In case you don’t want to read the above regulations, those digits – at the barest – means that the foam is fire-retardant and chemical-free. You can rest assured that The Little Green Sheep cot mattresses are fully natural and safe for children.

Home Trial And Guarantee

The brand does not seem to offer a home trial. To be fair, this is not unusual for cot bed mattresses. Home trials, for some reason, is more a feature of adult mattresses. That being said, some brands want to make sure that parents are happy before they buy the best cot bed mattress for their child. As you will see later on, there are indeed baby beds that come with home trials – so perk up! (You can also enjoy the best free home trials from different brands).

What about the guarantee for this best-selling bed? The Twist mattress is covered by a 5-year guarantee.

Awards And Reviews

This mattress has won the “silver ribbon” during the Made For Mums Awards in 2019. At the time of writing, around 122 verified customer reviews rated the cot mattress as 4.8 out of 5 stars.

Are you interested in the brand? You can visit The Little Green Sheep website for more information, beds, and prices.

2. The Cot Mattress By Eve Sleep – Two Sizes For Newborn To Age 6 (£149 And £169)

Who chose this bed from the Eve bed brand for several reasons. One of the main features that we love is the fact that Eve’s mattresses can stay with your child until they turn 6 years old. If everything goes well, you can use just 2 mattresses from birth and that is very cost-effective (as opposed to replacing it a few times as Junior grows up). After not putting much thought into naming it, Eve called it the Cot Mattress.

Cot Mattresses By Eve Sleep

Size And Materials

The Cot Mattress is available in the following sizes: 60cm x120cm and 70cm x 140cm. Let’s meet the layers that make bedtime a luxury experience for Baby. Yay!

  1. The mattress cover is removable. After you wash and dry this stylish cloud-patterned cover, you simply slide the mattress back inside and use the zipper to close it securely. The material is also anti-allergy and keeps dust mites at bay.
  2. Next is that all-important waterproof protector. The material covers the entire inner core of memory foam and pocket spring layers.
  3. The luxury starts here. The high-grade memory foam adds support and comfort. The foam also protects the pocket spring layer.
  4. As pocket sprung mattresses, the beds will keep baby cool by circulating air and also intuitively adjust to their movements to remove pressure points.

How Safe Is This Cot Bed Mattress?

Do Eve mattresses meet any safety qualifications? Yep. Parents can rest assured that they are choosing one of the safest cot bed mattresses. Both cot bed mattresses comply with all UK safety and regulatory requirements. The quality of the foam also meets the requirements of British nursery standards and is also Certi-PUR certified (the foam of the cot bed mattresses are chemical-free). The mattresses also comply with BS 1877-10:2011+A1:2012 and BS 7177-2008+A1:2011 regulations.

Home Trial And Guarantee

The best cot bed mattress has no-fuss policies and that is what you can expect from Eve. You can test either one of these cot bed mattresses for 30 nights. Should you decide that one of them is the best cot bed mattress for your snookums, then you will get a 5-year guarantee as protection.

Awards And Reviews

Eve’s cot bed mattresses have not won anything to date. But customers are happy with these products. At the time of writing, the Eve Cot Bed was rated 4.8 out of 5 stars at Trustpilot. That is an exceptionally good score.

Are you interested in the brand? You can read our full Eve Sleep mattress review.

3. The Safe Nights Luxury Pocket Cot Bed Mattress By Silentnight – One Size For Babies (£149)

In case you like the idea of a pocket spring design, the Safe Nights bed collection is another good option. This is also the best cot bed mattress if you prefer not to use a mattress with foam. Indeed, this is not a hybrid mix of foam and springs.

The Safe Nights cot mattress is just coils and fabric that combine their best features to bring your baby all the support and comfort that they need.

Safe Nights Luxury Mattress By Silentnight

Size And Materials

You have probably already noticed that the best mattress for cot sizes is this one – 70cm x 140cm. The Safe Nights bed is no different. The mattress contains mini pocket springs. These coils provide support when your baby sleeps or moves. They work so gently that a foam buffer is unnecessary inside this cot mattress. A mesh cover also helps the mattress to breathe, keeping baby cool and fresh. The Silentnight bed brand also treats all their cot bed mattresses with Purotex, a friendly strain of probiotics that gives the beds an anti-allergy ability. Purotex also allows the cot mattresses to absorb moisture and repel mites. The cot mattresses also include a waterproof panel and a removable cover that you can easily pop into the wash.

How Safe Is This Cot Bed Mattress?

As per Silentnight, their cot mattresses are chemical-free and comply with the highest UK standards for safety.

Home Trial And Guarantee

Silentnight offers something called a 60-night comfort exchange. It counts for all their mattresses. You can test their cot mattresses at home for 60 nights but should you feel that this is not the best baby mattress (for cot dimensions or whatever reason), you can exchange it for another. Make sure to read the rules and regulations of this home trial as there is only a certain window during which this switch can happen. You can find out more by reading their home trial rules.

Silentnight does not offer the longest guarantee for cot mattresses that we have ever seen. But if you decide that you like the mattress and your baby slept like, well, a baby, during those 60 nights, then you can expect a 3-year warranty. If you are hooked on details, then you can also read about what they cover and also how to register the guarantee in order to activate it.

Awards And Reviews

There does not seem to be any reviews for this cot mattress. Silentnight has a special page reserved for customer reviews but at the time of writing, nobody has written comments about this cot bed yet.

You might be wondering why the heck we chose this cot mattress then. Well, the brand has won so many awards that it made our eyes water. Several of their other mattresses have also won Which? Best Buy awards. By 2004, Silentnight was recognized as a superbrand.

Alright, we are being sneaky. Pretending that the bed never won any accolades and all that. Are you ready for the truth? The Safe Nights baby range earned three noteworthy achievements. LovedByParents gave the mattresses the first prize in the Best Family Brand 2018 category. The range was also shortlisted for the Mother & Baby Awards in 2019. A year earlier, in 2018, the brand’s baby beds and accessories also received “silver” status by Mumii UK for Best Baby and Toddler Gear.

Are you interested in the brand for your baby? You can read our full Silentnight mattress review to see if the brand suits your child’s needs.

4. The Freshtec Starter Cot Foam Mattress By Happy Beds – Two Sizes For Baby And Toddler (£64.99 And £69.99)

Looking for the best cot mattress prices? Few can beat the Happy Beds brand. The brand is dedicated to keeping prices low and that includes their best cot mattress ranges. This cot mattress is also for parents who love foam beds and want to provide their baby with the comfort and support of a foam cot bed mattress.

Freshtec Starter Cot Foam Mattress

Size And Materials

If you want a cot bed mattress for a baby, the Freshtec Starter Bed has a perfect size – a mattress measuring 60cm x 120cm. If you want the best cot mattress for your toddler, there is a bigger mattress. You guessed it – the popular 70cm x 140cm.

To support hygiene, Happy Beds made the cot bed mattress both hypoallergenic and included a removable cover. If the baby had an accident, just wash, dry and use the cover again. The mattress is also medium-firm which experts also agree is a great sweet spot for growing kids. If the best cot mattress, in your opinion, is also a mattress that includes the finest handcraft, then this product will also be very pleasing.

But what about the foam? Freshtec foam is almost just like memory foam. It gives the cot mattress several important qualities including support, temperature control, comfort, and a steady foam base. The cot bed mattress also has a depth of 10 cm.

How Safe Is This Cot Bed Mattress?

When it comes to this cot mattress, Happy Beds has no comments regarding safety other than calling it “child-friendly.” Before that makes you run away screaming, there is hope. Happy Beds is a member of the National Bed Federation (NBF). This is significant if you insist on a baby cot mattress that is safe. All NBF members are audited on a regular basis by an independent company to ensure that they follow all the rules and regulations regarding safe products, trade and supply, hygiene, and honesty.

Home Trial And Guarantee

Happy Beds have many positive qualities. There are just as many reasons why a parent should consider buying a cot mattress from this brand. However, if you want a home trial then this is another brand that might disappoint you. For all its user-friendliness and customer-orientated policies, Happy Beds does not offer a home trial. That being said, it comes with a decent warranty for a cot mattress. What can you expect? A lovely 5-year guarantee.

Awards And Reviews

This cot mattress has not earned any trophies (yet). When that happens, we look at reviews. Customer opinions matter because they tell it straight, show how a cot mattress performed under real conditions, and they also reveal the good along with the bad. Unfortunately, none are specific to this cot mattress so we cannot truly say how consumers experienced the bed at home. However, at Feefo, over 7,000 customers graded the brand. At the time of writing, Happy Beds has a customer brand rating of 4.6 out of 5. Needless to say, that is a bunch of happy parents.

Are you interested in the mattress brand? You can read our full Happy Beds mattress review.

5. The Emma Cot Bed Mattress By Emma – Two Sizes (£159 And £179)

Unfortunately the Emma Cot Mattress is no longer available.

The Emma bed brand makes the UK’s best-selling adult mattress. If you want to peek at that one, here she is – the Emma Original mattress.

Parents who look to this quality-driven company can rest assured that all Emma’s mattresses for babies are also supportive and safe. Without further ado, let’s meet their best cot bed.

Emma Original Mattresses

Size And Materials

The Emma Cot Mattress is available in two sizes. The first cot mattress measures 60cm x 120 cm (for newborns and babies) while the other measures 70cm x 140cm (for toddlers).

The best mattresses for cots should also focus on hygiene. After all, young children sometimes can have an accident. While that is pretty normal, it can cause a mattress to mould and smell if proper cleaning is not an option. With the Emma Cot bed mattresses, there are two features that keep the foam dry and clean. The outer cover is removable and washable. A second waterproof layer also covers the entire inner core of memory foam. This layer absorbs moisture in order to keep kids as dry as possible when there is an oopsy.

Speaking of memory foam, you might be happy to know that the bed’s foam provides several benefits for your child. These perks include:

  • An anti-bacterial sleeping environment.
  • A firm surface that supports their spine and growing body.
  • The foam is breathable. This airiness keeps babies cool and comfortable.
  • You also do not need a pocket sprung bed to ensure that this mattress stays durable. The high quality of the foam will make the mattress last for a long time.
  • Free from antimony and other bleaching agents.

How Safe Is This Cot Bed Mattress?

This could also be the best mattress for baby cot safety. Indeed, it is fully certified, meeting the requirements of all UK laws regarding safety and regulations, including BS EN 16890 and BS 7177. OEKO-Tex also approved both cot bed mattresses as being safe for young babies and toddlers.

Home Trial And Guarantee

These two cot bed mattresses provide a good option if you insist on having a home trial. Both can be tested at home for 45 nights. Delivery and returns are both free. But let’s say you love the mattress for the comfort and giving the best value for money. Once you decide to keep it, Emma will protect your child’s bed with a 5-year guarantee.

Awards And Reviews

Once upon a time, Emma gave the mattresses to Mumsnet. A lot of parents took them home and tested the beds in a real family environment with real kids. The mattresses faced accidents, the onslaught of toddlers, and much more. Incredibly, 97 percent of Moms and Dads were so happy with the cot bed mattresses that they said they would fully recommend it to other parents.

Are you interested in the brand? You can read our full Emma mattress review.

Grab Our Free Guides On How To Pick The Perfect Cot Mattress

Choosing a mattress for a cot is not always easy. Indeed, baby mattresses must have certain qualities. One must make sure that they are safe, provide proper support for a growing baby, and a cot mattress must also be value for money. The five beds on this list are among the top brands and products for kids. However, feel free to have a look around at other cot mattress brands.

With all the variety out there, it could be overwhelming to choose a mattress for your child. For this reason, we wrote an article that provides the best tips to pick the perfect cot mattress – or the right bed for yourself. We also have a size chart if you need more information about which size mattresses are the best for your family.

Happy bed hunting!

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