Best Cheap Mattress – Reviews, Awards And Discounts UK 2021

Let’s take the bug spray and spritz a common misconception to death. You know, the one that claims that the cheapest mattress cannot be a quality product. Undoubtedly, some mattresses with a low price will fall apart after a short period of time.

Without fail, most of these disasters hail from manufacturers without any prestigious awards or great customer reviews.

The decision to walk past all cheap mattresses can cost buyers the deal of a lifetime. Some of the best brands are proud to offer you a budget-friendly bed that reflects the same quality as their more expensive mattresses.

Best Cheap Mattress

We hear you say, “Which mattresses are the best? I don’t have the time to comb through all these brands.” Never fear. We took our spades and dug through all the different makes, models, price range, and night trials. Once done, we rounded things off to 10 of the cheapest mattresses which impressed us with their quality and price. Since everyone has their own preference when it comes to materials, we included hybrids, memory foam beds and a pocket sprung mattress or three.

Please note that we chose to showcase the cheapest double mattress in each case. At the time of writing, the price of mattresses was also correct.

1. The Deluxe Memory Spring Rolled Mattress By Happy Beds – £109.99 (A Hybrid Pocket Spring Bed)

Happy Beds is a company that offers a great budget mattress range. We chose the Deluxe Memory Spring Rolled Mattress. This bed is a hybrid creature of open coil pocket springs and memory foam. Measuring a delicious 18 cm deep, the mattress has several noteworthy perks.

Besides being orthopaedic, the maintenance of this mattress includes being rotated once in a while. In other words, no more flipping that heavy bed over. (Looking for more maintenance tips?

Deluxe Memory Mattress By Happy Beds

Grab our article on how to clean a mattress so well that it glitters – well, sort of). If you want a new mattress from Happy Beds that is also hypoallergenic, suitable for all bases and delivered as a bed-in-a-box, then this could be the mattress for you.

Some of the best mattresses also allow for a home trial and carry a warranty to protect your purchase for several years. In this case, the Happy Beds mattress is covered by a 5-year guarantee. But we are sad to say that Happy Beds do not offer a trial period for any of their mattresses (although they do make great beds). But don’t worry. You can also look at mattresses that offer the industry’s best home trials.

At the time of writing, the hybrid mattress has not yet won any awards. That being said, plenty of customers apparently love the Deluxe Memory Spring Rolled Mattress. Reviews at Feefo gave this bed 4.5 out of 5 stars. (You can also view all the best, award-winning beds from different brands).

Are you interested in this mattress brand? You can read our full Happy Beds review for more information on their amazing variety of mattresses, prices, and deals.

2. The Lighter Mattress By Eve Sleep – £429 (A Memory Foam Bed)

Eve Sleep memory foam mattresses are among the most popular beds today. Due to this and the quality of their products, the brand’s price range is also not what most people might consider as dirt cheap. However, the brand has one budget mattress that deserves a special nod here. The Lighter Mattress not only has a good price but the mattress also provides a medium-firm tension is also perfect for lower back comfort and even full-body support. Despite having only two layers of memory foam, Eve succeeded in our opinion. This is among the best mattresses for those who seek all the quality of a proven brand in a budget-friendly bed.

Lighter Mattress By Eve Sleep

Peek at all the top memory foam beds and brands.

There is a yummy night trial available if you want to test this bed. You can snooze on this double mattress (or the king-size, if you prefer something bigger) for 100 nights. Love match? Eve Sleep will cover your new memory foam mattress with a 10-year warranty. Thumbs up to that. You can check out the details regarding their home trial and guarantee rules.

The hybrid mattress version, the Lighter Hybrid has won a Which? Best Buy award. The memory foam mattress itself is not faring too badly with consumer reviews either. In fact, it is doing rather well. On Trustpilot, the mattress has accumulated an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

Are you interested in the mattress brand? You can read our full Eve Sleep review.

3. The Emma Original Mattress By Emma – £529 (A Memory Foam Bed)

Emma is famous for one thing – the brand created the UK’s most awarded and best-selling mattress. Besides these amazing accolades, the bed also made our list for being among the best mattresses under £600. But we won’t keep you in suspense any longer. Let’s meet this popular kid.

The Emma Original mattress consists of three layers of memory foam. The mattress has noteworthy features that include temperature control, spine support, and offering top-notch comfort for all sleeping positions.

Original Emma Mattresses

You can also view the best beds from different brands designed to support your favourite sleeping posture. We searched the best brands and found the top mattresses for side sleepers, the most supportive beds for back sleepers, and also the greatest mattresses for stomach sleepers.

The night trial is a delicious 200 nights long. You can also look forward to a 10-year guarantee for this cheap mattress. But besides a good price, warranty and home trial, how did consumers rate this mattress after they purchased it?

On Emma’s own web site, customers have rated this as one of the best mattresses overall (4.74 out of 5). As we mentioned a little earlier, this mattress cleaned out the awards vault. Some of the top accolades include several Which? Best Buy awards, the Best Mattress Award from T3, and other high-level recognitions from The Good Housekeeping Institute, The Independent, The Mattress Guide, and Expert Reviews.

Are you interested in the mattress brand? You can read our full Emma review.

4. The Mattress-Now Comfortable Mattress By Silent Night- £169 (A Memory Foam Bed)

Silent Night has a smorgasbord packed with different beds, including a pocket sprung mattress range and beautiful memory foam mattresses. For our “what’s best mattress” list, we picked an interesting bed. The Mattress-Now Comfortable Mattress is a soft-medium memory foam mattress. But what makes it so special besides the low price? The cover is a luxurious sheet, the mattress is hypoallergenic, about 18 cm deep, and conveniently delivered as a bed-in-a-box.

Here are the best bed-in-a-box beds from different brands.

Mattress-Now Comfortable Mattress By Silent Night

The night trial is an odd fish (but not a bad kipper). The unusualness lies in the fact that, while you get a 60-night trial, you can only exchange the mattress for another during the first 28 days. In other words, if there is something you do not like about your double mattress – or you decide you would rather try a king-size before you buy – then one must inform Silent Night of this decision within the first 28 days of your 60-night trial. Then they will gladly exchange it for a new bed and the trial continues. The soft-medium mattress also has a 10-year guarantee. Here are the small print regarding the home trial and the bed’s guarantee.

This cheap mattress has not yet won any awards, but there is always hope. Another mattress in its range, the Silentnight Mattress-Now 3 Zone Memory Mattress has won a Which? Best Buy award (see number 8 on this list). Several other mattresses from Silent Night have also won the same award and the brand itself has won prestigious accolades like the Furniture Makers Company Sustainability Award in 2017 and first place in the World Branding Awards category 2014-2015 UK Furniture (Beds). Reviews on the Silent Night web site also gave the Mattress-Now Comfortable Mattress 4 out of 5 stars.

Are you interested in the mattress brand? You can read our full Silent Night review.

5. The Hybrid Mattress By Otty – £449.99 (Hybrid Pocket Spring Bed)

If you are looking for a cheap pocket sprung mattress that is also an award-winning buy, then this could be the one for you. The Otty brand claims that every bed should be a budget mattress and as we will see a bit later on, they impressed a couple of judges with that philosophy.

The Hybrid Mattress is essentially a pocket sprung mattress. The pocket springs measure 16 cm high. The open coil design allows air to move freely throughout the bed, which effectively cools down any sleeping area, whether it is a single mattress or a king-size bed.

Otty Hybrid Mattresses By Otty

The memory foam also regulates temperature. But all these features were not just designed to keep things frosty during summer. When the time comes and winter swings by, this is one of the best cheap mattresses to keep you cosy.

Are you looking for all the best hybrid beds and brands? Well, look no further. We have already found them and wrote an article just for hybrid lovers.

The sleep trial is just as snug. Whether you pick this double mattress or something bigger (like a king-size), one can always look forward to 100 nights of free springs and foam. Should you love this hybrid combination so much that you decide that this is the best mattress for you, then Otty will cover the Hybrid Mattress for a 10-year period.

At Trustpilot, the reviews of customers rated the mattress as 4.6 out of 5 or “Excellent.” But let’s look at those awards and the impressed judges whom we mentioned a little earlier. The National Bed Federation named Otty as the winner in the Small Online Bed Retailer category for 2018/2019. One of the reasons the judges decided to give Otty this prestigious award was the brand’s low price range. The Hybrid Mattress itself won the Mattress Of The Year award and Product Of The Year from Expert Reviews in 2019. Real Homes and The Good Housekeeping Institute also gave the mattress top marks.

Are you interested in the mattress brand? You can read our full Otty review.

6. The Simba Hybrid Mattress By Simba – £569.06 (A Hybrid Pocket Spring Bed)

Simba claims that the inspiration behind the creation of this pocket sprung mattress was the fact that the perfect one did not exist. The Simba Hybrid mattress certainly has what it takes to be the dream bed for many folks – and not just because it is a budget mattress.

It contains something that is unique to the brand. Simba included a layer of its patented titanium Aerocoil® springs. This open coil layer adds airiness and coolness while the memory foam brings extra support and comfort.


If you agree that the best cheap mattresses should have a long trial, then you might like this one. You can bounce on those pocket springs and snuggle into that memory foam for up to 200 nights. Let’s say things work out, what kind of protection does Simba offer? Most of their beds, including this medium-firm mattress, has a 10-year guarantee. Needless to say, that is another great perk to look forward to.

On the product page for this pocket sprung mattress, the reviews are happy creatures. Not just one or two, or two hundred, either. At the time of writing, about 52,602 consumers rated their cheap mattresses from Simba. The combined result for the Simba Hybrid mattress is 4.8 out of 5. Not bad. Understatement, right? Right.

The bed has also won several accolades, including a few Which? Best Buy awards. Then it added glitter to its already shiny name after it was also voted as Product of the Year and was named as the 2020 winner by the Consumer Survey of Product Innovation. It was also the Mattress of the Year in 2018 (Expert Reviews). These are just some of the prizes and awards that were given to this mattress in the last couple of years. Considering all the trust and value that the bed has inspired in the industry’s experts, it is amazing to see that Simba decided to keep the price range low. After all, too many companies start asking high prices once their products earn awards.

Are you interested in the mattress brand? You can read our full review on Simba.

7. The Ergoflex 5G Mattress By Ergoflex – £444 (A Memory Foam Bed)

Ergoflex has a best-selling mattress called the Ergoflex 5G Mattress. The brand does not make any other cheap mattresses (or any other mattresses at all for that sake). The Ergoflex 5G is very popular for two reasons – the affordable price range and the multiple layers of high-quality memory foam. The foam is topped with a Tencel sheet which helps to regulate body temperature in all kinds of weather. But the memory foam mattress itself is comfortable, supportive, and prevents the movements of a person from disturbing their partner.

Ergoflex 5G Mattress By Ergoflex

This is another mattress with a 10-year guarantee. If you want to and have some time to spare, you can read more about their warranty’s terms and conditions. The memory foam mattress has a shorter-than-most sleep trial, but the time period is still sufficient. The 30-day grace period should give you an idea of whether this is your dream bed or that you should rather look at other mattresses.

We looked at several review sites to get a handle on why this mattress is so popular. As it turned out, consumers rated it very highly. At Trustpilot, the Ergoflex 5G is rated as 4.7, which is “Excellent.” At the time of writing, there were 304 reviews and 91 percent of people were so satisfied that they gave the mattress a 5-star rating. At Feefo, 1767 reviews came together to give the brand a 5-star status. At other sites, like Yotpo, the Ergoflex mattress is also scored very highly.

Are you interested in the mattress brand? You can read our full Ergoflex mattress review.

8. The Mattress-Now 3 Zone Memory Mattress By Silent Night – £209 (A Memory Foam Bed)

We chose a second Silent Night bed for our cheap mattresses list. The Mattress-Now 3 Zone Memory Mattress is a medium-firm mattress. But as the name suggests, the 3-zone design supports the major pressure points of the body during sleep (or a Netflix binge). The memory foam mattress is exceptionally comfy. Its ability to mould to the precise shape of each person means that you will get tailor-made relief from pressure points and discomfort. The mattress is also treated to remove moisture (so no sweaty summer nights) and also to zap allergens like dust mites. Not only is this a cheap mattress but it is also very comfortable, supportive, and hygienic.

Mattress-Now 3 Memory Mattress

Remember Silent Night’s odd trial where you get 60 days but you can only exchange it for another mattress after 28 days? Yep, that exchange policy also counts for the Mattress-Now 3 Zone Memory Mattress. The good news is that Silent Night has a large range of cheap mattresses to choose from. If, for some reason, the two beds on this list do not resonate with your needs then you can rest assured that the brand has a deep well to draw from. All their mattresses are also covered by a 10-year guarantee.

As we mentioned earlier (when we talked about the first Silent Night mattress on this list) this particular bed has won a Which? Best Buy award. But what about customer reviews? On the bed’s product page, the reviews are not limited to a rating of 1 to 5. For some reason, customers can rate the product on a scale of 1 to 10. At the time of writing, we are happy to say that this cheap mattress seems to be the darling of many (in other words, after 522 reviews, it rates as 8.6 out of 10). Some of the things that consumers appreciated were the immense comfort, fewer bouts of insomnia, and the low price of the foam mattress.

Are you interested in the brand? You can read our full Silent Night review.

9. The Octasmart Hybrid Plus Mattress By Dormeo – £699 (A Hybrid Pocket Spring Bed)

Dormeo designed a mattress with unusual pocket springs. The Octasmart Hybrid Plus Mattress has traditional pocket springs and memory foam – but then it has a layer that is effectively a blend of the two materials. These “Octasprings” are made from foam. While the foam makes them ultra-comfortable, they also resemble springs. Or rows of foam cogs, for that matter. Their shape was designed to resemble springs to give the mattress even more support. Together with the traditional metal springs, the Octaspring foam layer also makes the bed more breathable and cooler than normal open coil mattresses.

Octasmart Hybrid Plus Mattress By Dormeo

This cheap mattress has other plus points too. For starters, it offers a medium-firm tension which is the “feel” that is preferred by most sleepers. The bed has another unusual feature you don’t see every day. The top layer, called the “smart performance cover,” is riddled with hundreds of tiny pockets. Their duties include two important things. First off, the pockets create a luxurious softness. They also encourage the top cover to breathe so that you can keep cool during the hottest nights. (Like an extra layer of plush? Here are the best pillowtop mattresses).

The mattress is also specifically designed for couples. Moreover, it prevents any movements (like getting in and out of bed, tossing and turning) from disturbing the other partner. This makes the bed a good choice for couples who work different shifts or those who live with active sleepers.

Dormeo is another mattress brand with one of the shorter home trials on the market. Mind you, there are shorter sleeping trials than this one, which is 60 days long. After a period of two months, it should be clear whether you should switch Dormeo for another brand or not. You can read more about their home trial rules and regulations. But what about Dormeo’s guarantee? The good news is that the brand offers a great warranty. You can look forward to up to 20 years of cover when you buy this cheap mattress or other selected mattresses from Dormeo. Two decades is a fantastic run. In case you want to, here are the guarantee’s terms and conditions.

Meanwhile, over at Trustpilot, the springs and foam are proving to be a winning combination. Most customers that left reviews were happy with the brand and this mattress. At the time of writing, around 46 people commented on their experience and all together, their reviews gave the mattress an excellent rating of 4.7 out of 5. Having under 100 reviews is still early days for a mattress but so far it is looking very promising.

If you need a little bit more convincing, then how about an award? In 2020, it was awarded the Sleep Expert Top Pick. Its seal is currently on the bed’s home page if you want to peek at it here. The mattress also contains Octaspring technology (which includes designs for both the pocket springs and foam). The technology played a major role when the aviation industry gave Dormeo the coveted Crystal Cabin Award in 2017. The Octaspring mattress range also won the iF Design Award in 2009.

Are you interested in the mattress brand? You can read our full Dormeo review.

10. The Lux Mattress By Brook And Wilde – £749 (A Hybrid Pocket Springs Bed)

Brook and Wilde not only plant a tree for every mattress they sell, but they also craft quality beds. Their Lux Mattress is a hot favourite with customers and industry experts alike – but we will get to them shortly. The mattress has six layers.

Two of the layers are springs. Need a number? The mattress has 3,000 pocket springs. Needless to say, the support and intuitive adjustments the springs provide to your body’s movements are hyper-sensitive.

Lux Mattress By Brook And Wilde

You can also view all the best mattresses with pocket springs.

But let’s not forget the foam. The different layers of foam are designed to keep you cool while cradling the body. More specifically, the foam is also shaped to support the spine in the best position thus keeping it well-rested, healthy, and pain-free.

If you love the idea of floating on 3,000 springs, then here is some good news. Brook and Wilde allow customers to take the Lux Mattress home and test it for 100 nights. This is more than three months and ample time to make up your mind. The standard guarantee for all Brook and Wilde mattresses also span a decade. You can also brush up on their warranty’s terms and conditions.

Expert Reviews asked testers to bounce wildly around on the springs (okay, we’re just kidding). But at the end of the day, the review site called it “competitively priced” and gave it 4 out of 5 stars. You can see the full review in case you are interested. In June 2020, the bed also won a Which? Best Buy award.

Are you also interested in the mattress brand? You can read our full Brook and Wilde review.

Wrapping Things up And A Free Guide!

A cheap mattress does not have to be a disaster (you know, the type that breaks after a week). As we have just shown, some of the lowest-priced mattresses are designed by leaders in the field. They use top technology to make these mattresses comfortable and long-lasting.

We included mattresses for everyone – the latest pocket springs, foam, and hybrids, all at the best price. What is the next step? Once you decide to buy a budget bed, be careful of the wrong decision. It is important to pick the right mattress from the start, something that comforts your body type, health conditions, and other needs. We always try to make things easier for our readers. In this case, we know how hard it can be to riffle through all the mattresses out there before you settle on a final decision. We wrote a detailed guide to help you choose the best mattress.

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