Best Bed In A Box Mattress – Reviews And Awards 2021 UK

Sure. It sounds strange to squish a bed into a box. Does that not damage the pocket springs and memory foam?

Nope. The bed-in-a-box industry is refined and studded with awards from respected institutions. This is also one of the fastest-growing sectors in the mattress sales sector.

People also prefer these boxy wonders because they are easy to handle. Remember the old days when a group of delivery guys had to fight a mattress upstairs? No more. One or two people can easily carry these mattresses anywhere.

Best Bed In A Box Mattresses

We picked the best boxies for you – the ones that have won awards, hail from the best brands, and offer great home trials and guarantees. Ready to open a few cardboard containers? Here they are.

Please note that we showcase the “double” size without the base and that all prices were correct at the time of writing.

1. The Classic Memory Foam Mattress By Dormeo – A Medium/Firm Bed At £199

The Classic Memory Foam Mattress sold millions after it said hello to viewers on TV. However, its best-seller status is not solely due to good advertising. Dormeo went all the way to create a quality mattress that sleepers love to talk about.

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Dormeo Classic Memory Foam Mattresses

Meet The Mattress

Alright, we know that this mattress is vacuum-packed for easy handling. But what else can you expect once you open that box and place the mattress on the bed base?

The layers of foam and the stitched cover are sourced from Italy. Dormeo only uses the best Florentine foam and materials for their beds. Let’s look at each layer and the rest of the benefits from this bed-in-a-box.

There are two layers of foam. The one is made from memory foam. This is one of the bed’s materials that comfort and support the body. Layer number two consists of Ecocell foam. This perennially elastic foam was designed with a 3-D open-cell look to help the mattress breathe. Ecocell foam also supports sleepers by giving them excellent pressure relief. Both types of foam also remember their shape. This prevents the mattress from developing those dreaded hollows. The mattress is also a great choice for those who prefer a medium or firm bed.

This bed-in-a-box is all about hygiene too. The mattress is treated against dust mites and is also anti-fungal and anti-bacterial. Besides getting rid of allergens and keeping the bed fresh, Dormeo added another treat. The mattress is enriched with carbon fibres and that is good news if you hate dust and other small particles. The fibres create an anti-static barrier that repels such goobers.

The mattress also contains extra air vents and only needs to be rotated once in a while. Read our tips on how to clean and care for a bed.

The Home Trial And Guarantee

Dormeo offers a trial period for this mattress. You are allowed to test the bed at home for 60 nights. There are longer trial offers in the bed industry but two months is enough time to know if you love or hate a mattress. The best mattresses also have a great guarantee and Dormeo certainly does not disappoint. This bed-in-a-box is covered for 15 years.

Awards And Reviews

The Classic Memory Foam Mattress received a few ratings from customers. On the bed’s page at Dormeo, it’s rated as 4 out of 5 stars. While the mattress has not won awards to date, let’s not forget that this bed-in-a-box has sold millions of units. Dormeo itself holds prestigious awards, including the aviation industry’s Crystal Cabin Award and the German Design Award.

Are you interested in the brand? You can read our full Dormeo review.

2. The Emma Original Mattress By Emma – A Medium/Firm Bed At £529

The Emma brand created the UK’s best-selling and most-awarded mattress. The Emma Original Mattress was also designed to include only the finest memory foam layers.

As such, this mattress is a good choice for sleepers who desire the best bed that does not contain elements like pocket springs or wool.

Original Emma Mattresses

Meet The Mattress

This bed-in-a-box has three memory foam sheets. The top layer consists of Airgocell foam. This type of memory foam is airy and tough at the same time. It holds several benefits that lead to better sleep. The foam layer creates a zone that is full of comfort and support. It also removes moisture and regulates body temperature by keeping things cool and snug.

Layer number two is visco-elastic memory foam. This sheet makes the Emma Original Mattress a great choice for those who need pressure relief and support no matter what sleeping position they favour. Layer number three consists of firm support foam called HRX foam. This layer prevents motion transfer between partners and provides a night’s sleep for those with cranky backs. The HRX foam is designed to keep your spine aligned in a healthy manner, fostering more rest and fewer aches in the morning.

You can also look at other brands to find the best beds for back pain.

Other perks include a non-skid base material that keeps the bed on the frame, an elastic cover that also regulates body temperature and allows air to circulate through the mattress, and a medium-firm feel.

We also found and reviewed the top medium-firm beds from different brands. You can also look at the plushest soft beds and the best firm mattresses.

The Home Trial And Guarantee

A lot of mattresses from other brands come with lovely 100-night trial period. But Emma is so confident that this mattress will never leave your home that they doubled the offer. That’s right. If you want to test the Original Mattress, the brand will give you a home trial of 200 nights. Should you decide that the Original Mattress will indeed never leave your bedroom, then Emma will provide a 10-year warranty as well. It may be less than what Dormeo offers but we feel that 10 years is a reasonable guarantee.

Awards And Reviews

The Emma Original mattress has a stellar track record. Here are some of the best this bed-in-a-box has won over the years.

  1. In 2020, Which? Best Buy stated it was “One of the highest-scoring mattresses we’ve tested in years”.
  2. Ideal Home, in 2020, approved the mattress for all sleeping positions.
  3. Real Homes praised the mattress for its body support and pressure relief.
  4. T3 gave its Platinum Award to the bed in 2020. The year before, T3 also gave memory foam bed their Best Mattress Award.
  5. In 2020, The Independent showcased the mattress, pointing out the easy maintenance and support for all sleeping positions.
  6. In 2020, The Good Housekeeping Institute also gave the thumbs up when they tested the mattress for air circulation, comfort, and support.
  7. In 2020, The Mattress Guide tested and gave the mattress a near-perfect score in all of their nine categories. They called it “The UK’s leading mattress.”
  8. The bed-in-a-box also took the Best Mattress Overall prize in the BMUK Awards 2020.
  9. In 2020, Expert Reviews also recommended the mattress as one of of the top bed-in-a-box mattresses.
  10. The Mattress Guide also named it the winner of the Best Mattress Reviewed Award during the 2020 TMG Awards.

At Trustpilot, the mattress also has an excellent score of 4.75 out of 5 stars.

Are you interested in the brand? You can read our full Emma review.

3. The Premium Hybrid Mattress By Eve Sleep – A Medium/Firm Bed At £978

The Eve mattress brand is known for its stylish colour scheme of grey-white mattresses traced with yellow lines. The Premium Hybrid Mattress also reflects this simple and beautiful colour scheme. But style is just the beginning of what this bed-in-a-box has to offer.

Evesleep premium hybrid mattress

Meet The Mattress

The top layer alone has many benefits. These include being removable and washable, a soft-medium surface with a quilted pattern, and real strands of silver. The precious metal makes the fabric anti-microbial and anti-bacterial. Let’s look at the other layers of this mattress.

The next layer is a wonderfully plush material called Floatfoam memory foam. This material makes Eve mattresses plush with comfort and support. Many consumers have remarked on the weightlessness that they have experienced with this foam (which kind of fits the name, doesn’t it?).

Layer number three is also memory foam. It provides support and regulates body temperature. The next sheet is a firmer memory foam to support and keep the spine in the best shape. Next up – two foam layers that protect the bed’s pocket springs which is also the next layer. The pocket springs, numbering more than 1,500 coils, provides intuitive support to make movements very comfortable. It also prevents motion transfer between partners. That last one is priceless if you have a partner who tosses and turns and stops you from getting a proper night’s sleep. The base of the mattress is non-slip to keep it on the frame.

The hybrid mattress is perfect for all sleeping positions, has a breathable design, and is available in three medium-firm sizes. You can also look at the best single mattresses and the top Emperor beds.

The Home Trial And Guarantee

What can you expect from the Premium Hybrid Mattress’s trial period? 100 nights. Eve wants to make this experience as hassle-free for customers as possible. Should you reach the end of the trial period, 100 nights later, and decide that this is not the best mattress for you, then Eve will arrange to collect the bed-in-a-box and give you a full refund. No questions and no hassles. But what if there was a different ending to the trial period? 100 nights of great support convinced you that this is one of the best mattresses that you have ever slept on. Eve will give you a 10-year warranty upon purchase.

If you are curious about this bed-in-a-box or perhaps you are considering to get one of Eve’s other mattresses, then you can read more about their 100-night trial period here and their 10-year guarantee.

Awards And Reviews

The Premium Hybrid Mattress won a Which? Best Buy award in 2019. The bed-in-a-box also received the best 5-star rating from Expert Reviews. The best mattresses are also safe. This bed is chemical-free, flame-retardant, and goes through several quality checks from start to finish.

Are you interested in the brand? Pour a cup of tea, grab a biscuit and read our full Eve Sleep review.

4. The Nectar Memory Foam Mattress By Nectar Sleep – A Medium/Firm Bed At £449

The Nectar mattress brand also created a very special bed-in-a-box. The Nectar Memory Foam Mattress has not only won several prestigious acknowledgements. It also offers the longest trial period in the business.

How long is the trial period? 100 days? 200? Nope. You will get something longer than that. But first…


Meet The Mattress

  1. The top layer is a soft-medium cover with sewn sections for extra comfort. This part of the mattress is also designed to regulate body temperature. With each move you make, it draws excessive heat away from your body. This cooling effect leads to better rest.
  2. The next sheet is memory foam. It also pulls warmth away from you – as well as moisture. You can say goodbye to those humid, stuffy sheets.
  3. The next layer of memory foam works to remove pressure and adds support, a combination that will bring anyone a good night’s sleep.
  4. The supportive base has a 7-zone design aimed at adding more support but specifically to the neck, shoulders, hips and spine.
  5. This final layer is a non-slip material that anchors the bed to the base.

The bed-in-a-box has additional perks. The mattress eliminates motion transfer between couples, encourages a non-stop flow of air throughout the entire mattress, and it also fits on most bases for mattresses.

The Home Trial And Guarantee

Ah, that home trial period that we teased you with. So what is better than a 100-night trial? Or even 200 nights? Should you decide to try this bed-in-a-box from Nectar, the brand will offer you a night trial period of 365 nights. That is right – a full year. This is a mind-blowing trial period (100 or 200 nights is the longest most other brands are willing to give customers). Let’s say that you love the supportive memory foam of this bed-in-a-box. What kind of guarantee waits in the wings, 10 years? Nope. Nectar Sleep also knocks most mattress brands aside with an excellent lifetime warranty. Guarantees for mattresses do not get better than this one.

Awards And Reviews

Excellent night trial. Check. Lifetime cover. Check. With such pedigree, one would expect this mattress to also win the best awards. The Nectar Memory Foam Mattress is indeed a multiple award-winner.

  1. In 2018, Internet Retailer (known today as Digital Commerce 360) recognized the rapid sales of Nectar Sleep mattresses and named the brand as the fastest growing e-commerce business in North America.
  2. According to Climate Partner, the bed-in-a-box is a 100 percent climate-neutral mattress.
  3. In 2018, the mattress also helped Nectar to win the Transatlantic Growth Award from British American Business.
  4. Ideal Home put their stamp of approval of the mattress.
  5. Expert Reviews also recommends this bed-in-a-box.
  6. In both 2018 and 2020, Nectar was given the seal of approval from The Good Housekeeping Institute.
  7. In 2020, The Independent listed the mattress as one of the best beds of the year.
  8. Finally, The Sleep Foundation also named bed-in-a-box as the Best Overall Mattress of 2020.

At the time of writing, the Nectar mattress also had an excellent rating of 4.3 at Trustpilot.

Are you interested in the brand? Put your feet up and read our full Nectar Sleep review.

5. The Otty Hybrid Mattress By Otty – A Medium/Firm Bed at £449.99

The Otty brand is dedicated to selling quality mattresses at low prices. For today’s list of the best bed-in-a-box mattresses, we chose their award-winning hybrid. Let’s see why this Otty mattress could be the best choice for you.

Otty Hybrid Mattress

Meet The Mattress

This well-heeled mattress has five layers of luxury and practical materials. Let’s look at them and see why this bed-in-a-box remains one of Otty’s most popular mattresses.

  1. The hybrid mattress has a top cover that is both removable and washable. The surface presents a luxurious knitted design for that special plush feeling. For your convenience, Otty designed the cover of this bed-in-a-box to withstand machine washing.
  2. The first sheet of memory foam wants to keep you cosy at night. Among the best features you can expect from this layer is warmth in winter and coolness in summer.
  3. Another sheet of memory foam – a little tougher this time – creates enough tension to support your body, provide pressure relief and to keep you comfy.
  4. As a hybrid, this bed-in-a-box contains 2,000 pocket springs. They have an amazing height of 16 cm each. The sheer number and size of the coils in this mattress ensure that you will remain unaware when your partner moves, that all pressure points will get sensitive support, and that you can find intense relaxation and comfort no matter which sleeping position you prefer.
  5. The mattress contains airflow technology that both keep the bed fresh and provide that all-important edge support to eliminate the dreaded “rolling off the edge” feeling.
  6. The best mattresses must have a solid support base. This bed-in-a-box has a stiff layer of memory foam that protects all the previous layers of the hybrid mattress and also prolongs the bed’s life.

The Home Trial And Guarantee

The Otty Hybrid mattress can be tested at home. The night trial runs for 100 nights. If you experienced good dreams and reduced backaches during those 100 nights, and decide to keep the mattress, you can look forward to a guarantee of 10 years. As a note of interest, if you like small courtesies, Otty can also take your new bed-in-a-box to the room that you prefer and they can also remove your old mattress.

Awards And Reviews

This bed-in-a-box has won several noteworthy awards. Here they are.

  • In 2019, Expert Reviews gave the mattress two accolades. First, they named the bed-in-a-box as the Mattress Of The Year. A short while later, after competing against other brands and products, the hybrid mattress was also named as the Product Of The Year.
  • Real Homes performed their own review of the mattress and gave it 5 stars (full marks).
  • In 2019, The Good Housekeeping Institute placed its seal of approval on the mattress, citing incredible support and the best comfort.

As a brand, Otty also seems to hold the trust of consumers. Thousands of people have left reviews, rating their experience with this hybrid mattress and Otty’s other products. At the time of writing the brand had an excellent Trustpilot rating of 4.6.

Are you interested in the brand? Wrap yourself up in a comfy duvet and read our full Otty review.

6. The Studio Memory Mattress By Silentnight – A Medium/Firm Mattress At £439

The Silentnight bed brand has a great variety of mattresses. The brand’s Studio mattress range holds its bed-in-a-box mattresses. We chose the Studio Memory Mattress for the bed’s cosy comfort and vast number of pocket coils.

Studio Memory Mattress

Meet The Mattress

The box mattress is well-designed and focuses on style, comfort, and hygiene. The box mattress contains Silentnight’s best memory foam that is designed to cradle the body but apart from providing pressure relief and support, the foam also gives sleepers a “sink-in” feeling that is both comforting and luxurious.

The pocket coils in this box mattress number 1,000 coils. A large number of springs provide a sensitive and intuitive mattress that not only tackles pressure points but also immediately adjusts when you turn over. You can say goodbye to those annoying nights when you turned over in your sleep and woke up a couple of minutes later because your arm fell asleep against a non-supportive mattress.

The hybrid mattress also contains a special fabric. The high-tech material is woven with a three-dimensional cross-structure to make the fabric tough and breathable. How does this help you? Whenever you move, the pressure of your body and the airiness of this material work together to push hot air from the mattress and to circulate fresh air. This helps to keep you cool during summer, hot nights, or whenever you have a fever.

The Home Trial And Guarantee

Are you thinking that this might be the best box mattress for you? Let’s see what you can expect regarding the bed’s home test and warranty. Silentnight has an interesting home trial period. They call it the “60 Night Comfort Exchange.” Well, you guessed it. You can test this box mattress for a trial period of 60 nights.

But what is the exchange all about? Silentnight wants customers to get a second opportunity to find the best bed for them. Should the first attempt end in disappointment for some reason, then you can request to exchange the mattress for another one for the duration of the test. If this grabbed your interest, just be aware that the window for this exchange is limited to the first 28 days of the trial period. Should you decide that you do not like the mattress on Day 29, for instance, Silentnight will not consider the 60 Night Comfort Exchange as active anymore.

Silentnight’s guarantee is also less than the industry standard of 10 years. You can read more about their rules and regulations on their warranty page but shortly, all mattresses from the Studio range are covered for 5 years. Like most other mattress guarantees, the warranty only covers factory faults and workmanship mistakes.

Awards And Reviews

At the time of writing, the Studio Memory Mattress has not yet won any awards. However, there is hope that a trophy or two might come its way someday. Several other mattresses from Silentnight are Which? Best Buy award holders and the brand itself has highly-acclaimed accolades.

Some of the best include the 2004 recognition that Silentnight is a superbrand, that it is also the UK’s number one brand since the 1980s, the Furniture Makers Company Sustainability Award (2017), and the World Branding Awards named Silentnight as the winner in the category 2014-2015 UK Furniture (Beds). At Trustpilot, the brand also has a great rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars.

Are you interested in the brand? You can read our full Silentnight review to learn more about its history, mattresses, awards, and authentic reviews.

7. The Elite Mattress By Brook And Wilde – A Soft, Medium Or Firm Bed At £1099

The mattress brand Brook and Wilde is having great success with only two mattresses. Both are sold as boxed beds. We chose their best mattress (the other one is fantastic too but this mattress has eight layers!).

Elite Mattress By Brook And Wilde

Meet The Mattress

The Elite Mattress is a hybrid with features that support hygiene, comfort, luxury, and quality sleep. Here is a quick run-down of the bed’s eight-layered design.

  1. The best mattresses have a removable cover that can be washed, keeping things fresh. This bed-in-a-box has a cover that can be unzipped, easily washed and replaced. The cover is also breathable to allow air to circulate through the mattress.
  2. Protective material nestles between the cover and the first sheet of memory foam. This prevents the fabric and foam from quarrelling. The protector allows both to do their job without friction or snags from the other.
  3. The first sheet of memory foam regulates temperature and makes things ultra-comfy. This foam also removes moisture and helps the mattress to breathe.
  4. Next up? A grand amount of 2,400 mini pocket coils. They may be small but they pack a punch. Okay, they won’t punch your kidney but instead, bring support where you need it most.
  5. The second sheet of memory foam that is shaped like waves. Brook and Wilde uses a specialist foam that builds towards the upper-body part area of the mattress. This bulge aligns the spine and provides extra support for the shoulders.
  6. How about 1,000 more pocket springs? These coils are larger than the micro-coils and provide sleepers with more bounce, cloud-like relief, and more energy in the morning.
  7. The box bed is kept steady and protected by a sturdy base.
  8. Annoyed by beds that shuffle around on the frame? This bottom base keeps the mattress in place so that the frame also provides the bed (and your body) with sufficient alignment.

The Home Trial And Guarantee

If you like this bed-in-a-box, here’s what you’ll get. Brook and Wilde covers the mattress 10 years. You can read more about their 10-year warranty’s rules and regulations to find out more about what type of damage the brand covers and which oopsies they consider as the owner’s problem.

What about the home trial? Similar to Silentnight, Brook and Wilde will also allow you to exchange your bed-in-a-box for another one if you are unhappy with the Elite Mattress. But instead of 60 nights, you can snooze on the Elite (or the brand’s other bed, the Lux mattress) for 100 nights. There is no mention of having only a certain amount of days to do the swap, however, so it seems that you can exchange the Elite for the Lux at any time of the 100-night trial.

You can also pick and choose between the best free home trials from different brands.

Awards And Reviews

Both beds have won recognitions. But since we are discussing the Elite box mattress, here are the bed’s awards.

Are you interested in the brand? You can read our full Brook and Wilde to meet beds, real reviews and get the best discounts.

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The first is a comprehensive guide that explains how to choose a bed. It is full of practical advice and tips. The second guide is all about demystifying bed sizes so that you can settle on a size that is perfect for you. Get them below!

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