About The Sleepy Duckling

Sleepy Duckling was created by myself, Tom Harding. My journey into the world of sleep came about through living in several properties over my lifetime and always seeming to have the worst luck with neighbors. All but one have been extremely noisy and very inconsiderate.

What this made me realize early on, was that the little sleep my neighbors allowed me to get needed to be of great quality. So I started to learn all about sleep, and what helps people get the best quality sleep possible.

Whilst doing this research it dawned on me that I wouldn’t be the only one who was suffering from a lack of quality sleep. Not necessarily for the same reason I used to have, but for many other reasons. To the end, I decided to create this website which will hopefully help many people get a better and more peaceful night’s sleep.

Publishing Principles
Whilst I was doing my research there seems to have been a lot of conflicting information on the more generic websites that are about sleep. What I have done to combat this and find out the truth, is actually read through white papers and studies to ensure that tests have been performed so we can move forward using factual data. Any references I have used will be linked to throughout the website, so you can double check all the evidence that has been provided.

Along with helpful tips and tricks to ensure you have the most peaceful nights sleep possible, I do review products. Naturally, this is so you know what we suggest will give you a fantastic nights sleep. Please note that these reviews are independent based on factual research. If you visit a link within the content from Sleepy Duckling we may receive a small commission from your purchases. However, please note that I will never be swayed by money to write a positive review of a product.

Contact Sleepy Duckling
If you have any questions, concerns or just want to say hi. You can reach me at tomharding@sleepyduckling.com

For press and media enquiries, you can reach me at press@sleepyduckling.com

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